90 Trippy questions about reality

By: Naveen B

Have you ever been asked any trippy questions about reality that seemed to have no answer? I mean, sure, the person asking it had an answer in mind, but the question itself was so vague you didn’t even know where to begin.

Many of these questions are impossible to answer precisely and have no right or wrong response. So why do people ask them? They’re designed to make us think. These types of questions can make you feel like your brain just needs a tune-up.

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We perceive reality in terms of the things and events that are most important to us.

Our brains are highly selective in what they pay attention to and remember.That’s why a group of people will witness the same event, but later give different accounts of what happened.

Because we can’t be aware of everything at once, our minds tend to focus on certain aspects of reality rather than others. But there are many other parts of reality — many other ways of perceiving things — that we may not even be aware of, or that we tend to forget about.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the deeper implications of reality, then this list is for you.

Each of these questions offers something different, allowing you to explore certain aspects and implications of this mysterious existence we call life. 

The next time you find yourself pondering the deeper meanings or your own experience, don’t be surprised if one of these bizarre trippy questions about reality pops into your head.

90 Trippy questions about reality

trippy questions about reality to ask someone 90 Trippy questions about reality

1. Am I The Only One Who Sees Me As I See Myself?

Brief answer: There are two possible ways to answer this question. The first is that nobody else sees the world as you do, because everyone sees things through their own brain.

Everyone perceives colors, shapes and sounds differently, so it stands to reason that we each have our own unique perspective on the world around us.

But then again, we all share the same world, so there’s a chance that everyone else sees you as you see yourself. We’ll never know for sure.

2. Do I Exist In Your Reality As You Exist In Mine?

Brief Answer: If you think about it, it’s entirely possible that you don’t exist in anyone else’s reality but your own. That’s right — to them, you’re a figment of their imagination.

Or maybe they’re a figment of yours? Either way, we can’t prove one way or the other whether or not others think of us at all, so we have no choice but to assume that they do indeed exist in our realities and vice versa. There’s nothing crazy about that… right?

3. Is existence just an illusion appearing to be a reality?

Brief answer: Our sense of a stable, solid world is actually an elaborate construction of the mind. The brain takes sensory information from our eyes and ears and combines it with memories and expectations.

We’ll look at how and why the brain creates this illusion, what happens when it breaks down, and interesting ways we can trick the brain into producing new illusions.

4. What If reality of life is an Illusion?

Brief Answer: Our reality appears to be an illusion because our physical senses can only perceive a fraction of the energy that exists in our universe.

Our eyes can only see a tiny portion of the entire light spectrum, and our ears can only hear a small range of sound frequencies. If you could “see” all the energy in the universe, it would look like a giant mass of vibrating strings (think string theory).

The shape and size of these strings would determine the physical properties of matter. When you zoom in on the strings, however, they disappear and all you are left with is pure energy. This explains how everything in our universe is just different concentrations of energy.

5. What is “real”? Does anything exist outside of our own minds? 

6. Are we trapped inside the brain of a giant space alien or a baby god or something else just as weird (or weirder)?

7. If everything that exists is an illusion — or at least a construct of our own minds — then what does that mean for the nature of reality itself?

8. Do you think when we die, we know that we’re dead? Or does our brain just turn off and we don’t realize anything happened?

9. Are we really here or are we just a figment of our own imagination?

10. Could it be possible that this world and everything in it is just a figment of your imagination?

11. Are you actually alive or are you just dreaming that you’re alive?

12. What If I Am Just A Character In Someone Else’s Story?

13. What If We Are All Part Of A Dream?

14. Is This Life Real Or Are We Just Living In Someone Else’s Nightmare?

15. Does it matter who wrote your life story? (God, the Universe or something else)

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16. What If Every Action You Take Gives You A Déjà Vu Feeling Because You’ve Done This Before, In Another Universe?

17. What If We Live In A World That Was Created By Your Thoughts?

18. What If Its All About Control? What If Its All About God Or The Universe Controlling Our Thoughts And Actions And Nothing Is Up To Us?

19. What If We Are Being Controlled By Something Else, Like A Computer Programmer For A Computer Game??

20. Why Can We Remember Some Dreams And Not Others?

21. If the entire human race was wiped out and another life form took over planet earth, would we then be the aliens?

22. If you could travel back in time, what would be the first thing you would do?

23. How much of your life do you think is predetermined by nature and how much by nurture?

24. What do we live for if not for happiness?

25. If I think I’m dead am I alive or am I dead?

26. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

27. If you could live forever would you and why?

28. Can you solve your own murder?

29. What happens to us when we die? Do we go to heaven and hell?

30. How many times have we lived before this life?

31. Is it possible to travel back in time?

32. Is there a God, who is he, where did he come from, what does he look like and what are his plans for us!

33. We can see a rainbow because of refraction of light in water droplets but does it mean that there are no rainbows on other planets because they don’t have water?

34. Why is it that only humans can speak and communicate verbally, unlike other animals?

35. Is there something beyond the universe or the universe itself is all that exists?

36. Do you think our perception of reality is real or completely different from reality as it is in true sense?

37. Does the hot water ever feel like it’s burning you when you take a shower?

38. What if you woke up as the opposite gender one day?

39. What if everything outside of your house was fake and someone just created a world in order to make you happy?

40. Imagine how weird it would be if this was all a dream and you woke up to find out that your life was completely different from what you believe it is today.

41. If our reality is in fact a simulation, does that make it any less real?

42. What if we are all living in a dream right now and when we die, we wake up to the real world?

43. Is it possible that our whole reality is made up by us and not by some God or higher power, but by our own minds and subconsciousness?

44. Is it possible that the whole world itself is nothing more than a dream; that everything that you think you experience is nothing more than a dream-state; and that when you die, you actually wake up into reality?

45. What is the difference between dreaming & waking up?

46. Why do we experience time as linear when it’s not?

47. How did the universe begin?

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48. How is everything composed of nothing?

49. How does the brain translate electrical impulses into thoughts, feelings and perceptions?

50. What is the nature of mind, consciousness & awareness?

51. Does free will exist or are we just slaves to biological urges?

52. Are we alone in the universe or do thousands of other intelligent species exist out there somewhere?

53. What is my purpose in life and why are we here on Earth anyway?

54. If we were to discover that everything in the universe is artificial, would that render life meaningless or give it more value?

55. If time doesn’t exist and is merely a construct of the brain, does it matter what we do with our lives?

56. Would you still be able to trust your own senses if everything you experience was a hallucination?

57. Can we prove anything beyond reasonable doubt?

58. How is it possible for an individual human to have any meaningful impact in such a vast universe?

59. In what sense can we call ourselves independent individuals if all of our cells are unthinking servants who exist only to serve us?

60. Is there any objective truth in the world, or are all ideas and concepts merely subjective constructs in the minds of different people?

61. Do you think free will exists or is everything predetermined? How do you know which one is true?

62. Are we all a part of the same consciousness or are we separate beings living separate lives?

63. Are you the same person you were five minutes ago?

Brief Answer: According to some philosophers, “you” are not a static thing, but a collection of experiences and memories which change over time. If this is true, then who were “you” five minutes ago? And who will you be in five minutes time?

 After all, every cell in your body has been replaced since then, and even your thoughts have changed. Does this mean that you’re a different person? Surely there’s more to a person than just their body.

64. If God exists, what is he like?

65. Why do people seem to be immune to snake bites?

66. What was the ‘monster’ that was seen in Haverhill, Massachusetts?

67. Can people really bend spoons with their minds?

68. What’s the mystery behind the ‘black-eyed children’?

69. What were the strange events surrounding the Dyatlov Pass incident?

70. Who were the ‘men in black’?

71. Is there a connection between UFO sightings and cattle mutilations?

72. Is there a God? How do we know if God exists or not? Is there any proof of God’s existence or non-existence?

73. Is there a difference between real life and the dream world?

74. What is the meaning of life?

75. Do humans really have free will?

76. Is everything in life based on chance?

77. If someone from the 1950s suddenly appeared today, what would be the most difficult thing to explain to them about life today?

78. What’s something that no one can change their mind about once they’ve already thought it?

79. Do you know what’s real and what’s not?

80. Why is there something instead of nothing?

81. Are there other universes beyond our own?

82. What secrets are hidden inside black holes?

83. Why does time flow forward instead of backward?

84. Could parallel universes solve the mystery of dark matter and dark energy?

85. What is consciousness, and what makes us human?

86. If we can’t distinguish between hallucinations and perceived external stimuli, then how do we know our perceptions are accurate?

87. How do we know that what we’re experiencing now isn’t just a dream or hallucination?

88. Is the real world an illusion?

89. What if everything is an illusion and nothing can be proved?

90. Would you mind if someone controls your physical body?

Final thoughts:

Maybe we should accept that there are things even the greatest minds can’t comprehend. And in the end, there are still some things in the world that just can not be explained by science.

Of course, the world would be boring without a little mystery behind everything. But it would also be really difficult to live in a world where everything was so readily predictable.

So after reading these trippy questions about reality, you may consider some of them made no sense and ridiculous.

Keep in mind that some of the greatest achievements in society have come as a result of scientific inquiry. Where would we be without the Hubble space telescope? Or aviation? Or antibiotics?

The scientific process has not revealed everything about how our universe works, but it has given us so much.

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