125 Trippy questions to ask your friend

Consciousness is without a doubt, the most profound of all mysteries. The quote from Susan Blackmore sums it up well: “It’s an extremely odd experience for me to reflect on my own existence, and I find it very difficult to understand what I am and how I came to be here.”

Thus, we must ask, 

How did that origins of ‘here’ come to be?

Why are there physical laws in the universe leading to our existence?

How can a multiverse exist when we only see four dimensions?

How can consciousness create matter?

And is the universe ultimately a simulation?

We’ll never have the answers, I’m sure, but life’s much more interesting that way.

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Questioning is such a fundamental human drive, it can be exploited in a fascinating way: by making your friends experience self-doubt and expose their character flaws. But don’t worry; we’re not being cruel. 

Trippy questions are just as fun for us as they are for you to ask your friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Beyond answering simple questions, questioning can also elicit all sorts of answers that you may never have thought of — and it’s all down to the context. If you want people to ask more questions, it may be as easy as appearing less sure about everything.

So, consider these trippy questions to ask your friend.

125 Trippy questions to ask your friend

trippy questions to ask a friend 125 Trippy questions to ask your friend

1. Can We Perceive Something We Haven’t Seen?

We are constantly surrounded by different things and images all around us, but as soon as we turn away, it all fades away. Our eyes take in images, and our brain processes them, but what happens when we look away? Do we still perceive these unseen images?

2. Do We Only See What We Think Is Relevant To Us?

Our brains are the most complex thing known to man; they process a vast amount of information every day, from the mundane to the important and everything in between. But what if our brains didn’t have enough room to store every small detail about everything we see, so we only hold onto what is relevant or what matters to us?

3. Am I The Only One Who Sees Me As I See Myself?

We all see ourselves in a certain way; we are aware of our own appearance and our own mannerisms. But have you ever stopped to think that perhaps no one else sees you the way you do? They only see their own version of you, based on how they see themselves. Does that mean that I am the only person who sees me as I imagine?

4. Why Are Some Things Invisible To Us?

If you close your eyes and try touching your face or head, chances are you will be able to do so without much difficulty. This is because your brain has a sense of where these body parts are without having to look at them. If you were to attempt this with another person though, I can guarantee that you will fail miserably.

5. Does Our Perception Create Reality?

This one is similar to the first question in the sense that it employs an idea about perception we don’t normally consider. Most of us believe what we perceive to be true, but does our perception actually create reality?

6. Can You Guess Your Age Based On Your Personality?

7. What If Your Memories Are From A Different Life?

8. Do you talk to your soul when you are high?

9. What If Everything You Experience Is Just A Dream Of Another Person?

10. If people have different thoughts, then what is the reason for the same behavior?

11. Are you still so high that you are thinking about this stuff or are you still high because you are thinking about this stuff?

12. Do you talk to your soul when you are high?

13. Are you just a brain controlling your body?

14. What would happen if every human on earth was suddenly transported to another place, leaving the earth uninhabited for 50 years?

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15. Why do we remember the past and dream about the future but live in the present?

16. How would our life be different if birds didn’t exist?

17. If you had complete control of your mind, would you control it?

18. Do you think that you can do whatever you want or there are some limitations to what you can do?

19. Is Reality Real Even When Nobody’s Watching It?

20. Does My Mind Exist Somewhere Outside Of My Body?

21. Do I Have To Be Awake In Order To Dream?

22. What Is The Exact Speed Of Darkness?

23. If ‘God’ is a personification of the universe, could we be ‘gods’ too?

24. Is there any other way to think than to think with your head?

25. How is it we never run out of problems?

26. Would you ever consider suicide if life became unbearable for you?

27. If all the birds in the world suddenly fell dead, what would happen to the rest of living beings?

28. What if you woke up one day and found out everything you believed was wrong?

29. What if we are just a simulation of the real thing?

30. Who is really in control of your brain?

31. Did you just make up your life or did you just remember it?

32. Is there a parallel universe where we always make good choices?

33. Do ghosts actually exist in your mind or are they just projections from someone else’s mind?

34. What if we’re all dead and dreaming in our own little universe?

35. Could God exist in our world?

36. Would time have a beginning if there were no Big Bang?

37. Would our existence be possible in an empty universe?

38. What would the universe look like if you saw it from different angles at the same time? 

39. What if you are not you? What if you are someone else, living in a computer simulation?

40. If dreams are not simulations and you’re sure of that, what if you’re also sure they can’t exist without your mind? So, who’s to say that your physical existence isn’t the dream?

41. What if everyone around you is an actor in some cosmic play put on by God or aliens or whatever you believe in?

42. How would you feel if I told you that every single person on Earth was going to die tomorrow?

43. Why does time move forward for us and not backward?

44. Why do we die even though we don’t want to?

45. What if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us, just a stranger on a bus trying to make his way home?

46. What would it be like to be blind and deaf?

47. When you eat food, does it disappear or change into something else?

48. Is touching yourself the same as touching someone else?

49. What would happen if you gave birth to yourself?

50. Would you rather be conscious and not exist, or not conscious but exist?

51. Would you know if your mind was being controlled by an outside force?

52. Is the idea of nonexistence frightening to you? Why or why not?

53. Do you believe in free will, or is everything predetermined? And if so, what does that mean for your life choices?

54. How do we know our entire lives haven’t been a dream right now, and we’re just waking up from a long dream right now?

55. How can someone understand what is love if they haven’t loved before?

56. What is the right way to walk in circles?

57. Why do we get up each day if we just fall back down at night?

58. Does time have a taste?

59. Do you like driving with your hands or feet more?

60. Would you rather be scared or be scary?

61. In which direction does a ceiling fan rotate in space?

62. How many holes are in the Swiss cheese?

63. How many fingers do I have if I take off my nail polish?

64. If you push a car that is out of gas, will it eventually come to a stop or will it run forever?

65. Is this cat old or young? Draw a line through the middle.

66. Why is the ocean salty but tears aren’t?

67. Who says nothing is impossible when I have already done the impossible by waking up early on Monday morning?

68. What’s the difference between an owl and a barn owl?

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69. The more you take away from me, the bigger I become! What am I?

70. How Come Waking Up Is Easier Than Falling Asleep?

71. Can You See Things That Aren’t There?

72. Do You Really Exist?

73. How Do You Know You’re Not A Robot?

74. Do We Know What It’s Like To Be Dead?

75. What Is The Meaning Of Life?

76. Where Does Time Go When It Goes Away?

77. Do You Exist If No One Else Exists?

78. Why Are You Here?

79. Where Does The Past Go When It Is No Longer The Present Or Future?

80. How Do We Know What A Dog Is Thinking?

81. Do Kids Think Adults Have All The Answers?

82. How Much Space Does An Idea Take Up?

83. Are Trees Conscious Of Their Existence?

84. What Would A World Without Lies Look Like?

85. If People Disappeared From The Face Of The Earth, How Long Would It Take For Nature To Take Over Everything We’ve Built?

86. Why Do We Put Things In Categories?

87. When You Die, Will You Know That You’re Dead?

88. Does Your Dog Ever Look At You And Think “Why Do You Keep Moving Your Mouth And Making Weird Noises”

89. Is It Possible To Hear Colors?

90. Is There A Question That No One Has Ever Answered?

91. Is Your life just a dream of the future?

92. Are you aware of what you don’t know?

93. Why Do We Stop Thinking About Things When We Go To Sleep?

94. Why Do We Keep Making Mistakes?

95. What if our lives are pre-written and we are all just actors in a stage play?

96. Is it possible to misremember something that never happened to begin with?

97. If A Man Says Something In The Woods And There Are No Women There, Is He Still Wrong?

98. What would you do all your life, if no one existed in this universe?

99. What do you think when you are in the middle of your dreams while sleeping?

100. If someone you love dies and you want to bring them back to life by donating part of your body, which part of your body would you donate to give back his/her life?

101. Every day you eat a bowl of food, but the bowl never gets empty. Don’t believe it! How?!

102. What if there was a fire and all exits were closed, what would be your last wish for the world?

103. Is there a point where we can say that we have had enough with money?

104. If somebody asks me that I have ten seconds left to live, what will be my last word?

105. What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?

106. If at the age of 50, you could become 20 again for just 5 days, what would you do?

107. Which is better — to be liked by everyone or to be liked by someone who is special?

108. When does a person realise that he/she has fallen in love?

109. Would you prefer a life where everything was decided for you or a life where everything you did was random?

110. If today were your last day alive and nobody knew it, how would you spend it?

111. If today were your last day alive, would you change anything about how you lived yesterday?

112. You can only save one family member or one stranger from death. What will be your choice? Why?

113. What is more important to tell — words or actions?

114. Will Time Ever Come To An End?

115. Is There A Limit To How Much Humans Can Understand The World?

116. Are Things As They Appear To Be?

117. Do We All See The Same Colors In The Same Way?

118. Is Everything In Our Reality Just A Simulation, And If So Who Is Simulating It?

119. What If Every Time You Blinked, Someone You Knew Was Killed?

120. If Tomorrow Never Comes, Will Today Still Have Been As Beautiful As It Is Right Now?

121. What If You Woke Up One Day And Didn’t Know Your Own Name?

122. Can You Imagine A World Without Language?

123. Is There Life Before Birth And After Death?

124. Can Anyone Ever Be Really Sure Of Anything At All?

125. 29. How Many Times Have You Been Born? 

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