What is it called when you love someone but they don’t love you back?

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By: Naveen B

If you love someone but they don’t love you back, what do you do?

It’s one of the most difficult situations in life because loving someone who doesn’t love you back is like taking steps forward but never getting closer to your goal. 

Have you ever felt that feeling where someone really loves you but you don’t feel the same?

It can be confusing, hurtful, and depressing, especially if the person who doesn’t feel the same way about you wants to be in your life on some level or if they are already in your life but not in the way that you would like them to be.


What is it called when you love someone but they don’t love you back?

When you love someone but they don’t love you back it is called Unrequited Love. If you experience unrequited love then often you feel like there is no end in sight and that your pain will never go away.

 Unrequited love can be heartbreaking, confusing, and devastating.

But it’s also real, and even if you aren’t in a place where you feel like you can express your feelings openly, that doesn’t mean that your feelings are any less valid than anyone else’s. 

As long as what you’re feeling feels true to yourself, then what matters most is how well you understand what’s going on inside of your heart.

The majority of people who experience unrequited love at some point ask themselves what is it called when you love someone but they don’t love you back? This question comes from an emotional place of hurt and despair.

Unrequited love is a real emotion, and even if your feelings aren’t returned, that doesn’t make them any less valid or important.

The person who doesn’t feel about you in a way that they’re comfortable expressing to you isn’t betraying your feelings by not returning them—they’re simply not interested in doing so. 

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In many cases, it has nothing to do with anything about you or anything that’s wrong with how you express yourself or show your affection. It’s about what makes you happy and fills your life with positivity. 

That can be hard to understand from a place of wanting to be loved in return, but being understanding doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to what’s going on in front of us.

By sharing how you feel, even if those feelings aren’t returned by another person or are returned in an unexpected way, having another person around who understands what you’re going through can make all of the difference in how you process things.

Feeling rejected or rejected by someone else may not make sense to other people—but neither does falling in love with them anyway.

According to psychology, unrequited love happens to almost all of us at some point in our lives. And although it can be difficult to understand if your feelings aren’t returned or are returned in a way that makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

 What matters most is that you acknowledge how much those feelings mean to you and give yourself permission to keep them alive. 

Love yourself enough not to hide who you are from other people. Acceptance isn’t always an overnight process—and neither is heartbreak.

However, if there’s one thing I wish for everyone who ends up falling in love with another person who doesn’t love them back, it’s patience and compassion towards yourself for being brave enough to take a chance on something meaningful.

How to deal with unrequited love?

There are no universal rules about how best to deal with being in love with someone who doesn’t feel that way about you.

Expressing your feelings to that person or trying to move on completely are the only ways of dealing with being in unrequited love. But just because one person decides that’s what works for them, that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone else.

The best thing you can do is explore your options and make a decision based on what feels right for you.

It’s okay to be broken-hearted when someone doesn’t love you back the way you do them, but it’s important to remember that they can’t love you back in the same way if they don’t know your love exists in the first place.

If they don’t even know you’re there and you’re wishing and hoping and begging and pleading to be loved back, that’s not real love — it’s time to move on and find someone who does love you in that same way.

Sometimes, getting support from friends or family members makes all the difference in helping us get through our heartbreak.

Even if we ultimately decide not to go through any kind of formal process like therapy or working through things yourself at home by writing in a journal or blogging or writing poetry helps you to let your emotions flow and makes you feel liberated.

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