“The ugly truth of love”

A Break Up Story

There comes a moment in life, when you are in absolute despair for the world, with the terrible nightmares of love.

You hide under the thick layers of silence. Loneliness surrounds your eyes and the darkness blinds your soul.

If you are fortunate, a beautiful human appears out of nowhere, opens her wings, and brings the brightest shine to your darkest scars:

 Breaks the world inside out, saves you from the betrayal of the hearts, and creates a new era of life, fresh hope to breathe, and your own reasons to love.

You correct your mistakes for her as she changes herself for you. Both accept each other’s flaws and features.


Finally, love takes its place and peace reaches its home. You are almost closer to an end, to heal the wounds of your memories.

The moment you realized, you pursued the perfect warmth for your soul, an ideal beauty as your pair-

 When you believed that you both were in each other’s trance, experiencing the intense physical and mental comfort with a higher and deeper connection. 

Suddenly, the past hit you hard and met you again. She, too, left you in the same hell, sank you in the very dirt.

How cruel fate is!                           

Oh, woman?  What a great tragedy my life is! 

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