25 Steps to become successful without getting lucky

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By: Naveen B

Success means many things to many people.

For some, it doesn’t even exist. However, in one way, freedom is being considered a success by many others.

In every field, there are proven steps to become successful in achieving such freedom in life. (Especially financial freedom)

 If you have goals, ambitions, and determination to follow your passion. You need to prepare yourself and be ready for short-term sacrifices for the good cause of long-term vision and achievements.

Furthermore, there are also many ways to become successful. Yet, not everyone has the capacity to balance social and personal life.

That’s why there is so much suffering in the world. But, anyone can develop their talents and abilities to achieve anything they want.


If you dream of how to become a millionaire? How to get rich without getting lucky?

How to become successful and rich in life, in career, as an entrepreneur, in business and as a person to gain wealth.

Surely you can, if you have the will to pay the price to achieve your dreams and then resolve to pay that price back.

Nonetheless, nothing is easy, that’s why life is difficult. But we can make it effortless by using our thoughts and actions in a certain way.

Success demands efforts as simple as that. There is no getting rich quick nor by luck. Success is purely hard work.

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I want to share a list of steps to become successful to achieve financial freedom.  One thing, it is better to keep in mind that, these tips are not for everyone.

But can be applicable and works only when used consciously and put extreme amount of efforts without giving up.

How to become successful?


The one and only way to become successful is by deciding what you want in your life and work on it every single day until you become unstoppable, unbeatable and make impossible things possible. This is how dreams come true.

Let’s discuss the steps to become successful and ways to figure out how to become successful with practical tips and keys to achieving anything you want.

Follow these 25 steps to become successful in life:

1. Create a flexible mindset

Life becomes multidimensional when you begin to see every situation from different angles.

Creating a flexible mindset can help you to become a versatile person. Such a fluid mindset is the basic necessity to become successful.

No matter in whatever field you want to change your life, it may be physically, intellectually or psychologically:

Whether in relationships or in business or career. You have the capability to do anything and everything if you train, sharp, and master your mind tools.

When you develop a multi perspective mindset, you will be always ahead of everyone to grasp the root issues and understand the cause from each person’s point of view.

This approach will help you and take you so far in life as a successful individual.

2. Develop a sense of control over your actions

One of the sensible ways to become successful is to become aware of one’s own intentions and true motives.

Once, you know your thoughts well, then you can work on the nature of your actions.

 Develop a sense of control over your actions. Stop reflecting on the things that don’t matter for your growth

The best way to control your actions is by challenging yourself every single day by avoiding the things that less matter to your success.

3. Set up extremely high goals

Deciding what you want in life is very crucial as everything depends on what you aim for in the beginning.

Whether you have big dreams or not inculcate a habit to dream often and set up extremely high goals.

My suggestion is only one thing, write, write, write, write and keep writing every potential dream and idea if possible.

The only way to turn your ideas into reality is by being too specific of your goals. And that’s only possible by writing.

Because every time you come back to see what you have written, you will realize a new lesson and that helps you to grow in person.

Losing yourself in exploring ideas is good, but they take you nowhere if you just keep them inside your head.

You need to apply them in your life, that’s how your voice will be heard and recognized by the world.

4. Build a skill set

In order to excel in your chosen field, you must be great at every part of it. If you see yourself in that field in the long run, then building skills is one of the most basic steps to becoming successful.

Some great skill set that helps in every field of business and in personal life is, to express oneself.

If you master the art of conveying your ideas, thoughts, and feelings well then you are ahead of many people.

Build the skill of writing. public speaking, presentations and solving complex problems will take you to high positions in your profession.

5. Develop a clear sense of direction

Even if you have vivid visions, dreams, and the ability to see beyond your age. there is no use if you lack clarity.

Confusion creates uncertainty among many choices which are ahead of you. You will be lost in the complexity of dreams if you lack in clear sense of purpose.

You will not understand how to bring your ideas into reality. You struggle with fear of uncertainty and that’s the major reason you hold yourself back before even beginning your journey.

That’s why you need to develop a clear sense of direction. It is by far the most important steps to become successful. Having clarity in life can help you eliminate all the unnecessary trauma and suffering life.

6. Start from the scratch

The key to success in any field is how insightful and wise you are about a certain topic.

If you want to start any business or anything in life, my advice is, always start from scratch. That way you understand the architect of each problem and how to solve it efficiently.

The single most benefit of starting from scratch is – that no matter how many times you fail, you can begin freshly and try over and over again until you become successful as you gain more experience, expertise, and excellence in your work This is essential to become successful.

7. Do what you love the most


Pick one subject or one idea you are most passionate about. Make sure you love it the most and give your best efforts without thinking of any outcome. Just put your ideas into action.

In your solitude journey, you will realize so many things without anyone’s help. You will come to know what to avoid, and what to consume.

Eventually, you will learn, evolve and adapt to the new changes within you with a successful mindset.

8. Commit to excellence

There is one common thing in all the greatest successful people. That is commitment in what they do. If you really want to achieve success and greatness in life, prepare yourself completely to commit to excellence.

Eliminate all the distractions and focus only on the things that matter to you in achieving your goals. Put your best work and let the whole world praise your brilliance. Keep putting in your best efforts until your results make some noise.

Keep putting your best efforts until your results make some noise.

9. Develop your personality

If you are really a curious person and have a vision to create a name for yourself, Then you will know what to do, to go after your passion.

Meanwhile, however, when things don’t go as expected you will involuntarily reflect on yourself on so many levels.

Your overall personality goes from toxic to beautiful just by bad experiences in your journey.

Once, you begin to focus on your growth and witness little results the right people will attract you.

There is no wrong time to go after what you want. This is the right age and time to completely turn inwards and hustle. We have very less time on this earth than we normally expect.

So, do whatever you can, when you have energy, and accomplish everything that is ever possible within your abilities.

10. Work for yourself

Always keep one thing in your mind. Before doing any work in your life, ask questions to yourself – Why you are doing what you are doing? Why does it matter to you?

How can it help you grow fundamentally either in your psychological growth or financial freedom. If your instincts make sense to you proceed with what you do, otherwise find something else which has a greater purpose.

Never ever waste your precious life doing things that do not reflect on your values, beliefs, and morals.

Work for yourself in any case. Do not let the thought of labor haunt you for the rest of your life. If you do something now, then it should help you to grow and compound itself in the long run.

That’s how one should develop a mindset to become successful in life.

11. Try to solve almost all the problems by your own

Wondering, exploring, and losing yourself with your theories are just the signs of intelligence and creativity. Use your unique gifts to solve all the problems you encounter.

Solving problems on your own help you brainstorm to grasp the depths of situations.

Make your mind sharp analytically, intellectually and psychologically. Eventually, the final goal for this approach is to make you expert in your field.

As far as my observation if you consider in any field – the great philosophers, scientists, and thinkers they all lose themselves in their interesting thoughts. That’s how great ideas were born.

They come with new discoveries. Because they are curious enough to work on their own. Hopefully, you too someday come up with your next game changing idea and phenomenal work.

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12. Seek for help when it is essentially necessary

When we try and act on our goals in every way possible, yet we see no signs of progression in our life.

It’s common to feel stuck and exhausted with so many negative thoughts and depression.

In such cases, my advice is that, whenever you feel that you tried the best of your abilities, do not sit idle or hit your head with pseudo fears. Do not think of quitting.

Instead, seek help. Find mentors in your field who can help you figure out the issues with their expertise and experience.

That could save a lot of time, and you can advance your journey efficiently with gathered knowledge.

13. Take feedback and reflect on your actions regularly

When you crafted an art or a product, or a piece of writing or an important decision you just made.

It’s always a great idea to take feedback from different eyes. Many people have many opinions.

Before seeking feedback, make sure to prepare yourself to take the worse criticism.

Just be open for different harsh truths and false critics. Then reflect on your own judgements and continue to improve your work. This is the best ways to become successful.

14. Prepare yourself for the worse to happen

In the process of success, prepare yourself for the worse to happen. If you come across unexpected situations just remember, difficult days are just the trials to gain little clarity and contentment.

Try not to forget that you’re not alone, we’re all going through the same phase.

Many of those who succeeded in life already tasted the similar experiences and paths.

The one thing that made them overcome the hardships is their strong will and focused vision to succeed in life irrespective of all the catastrophes.

15. See failure as the beginning of success

 If you feel skeptical about your success, you can always have a choice to analyze your work, go back, make adjustments and redesign your crafts every time.

Don’t ignore your mistakes, they are the valuable assets you can use as a reference to your future growth.

Having said that, don’t expect success too early or not at all. Life it’s you hard and test your patience until you have no hope left in your guts.

Failure is one of the first steps to become successful. If you fail in your business or career, just see it as the beginning of success.

Without failure, if at all you succeeded in life, then you have learned nothing at all in my opinion. So, Welcome failures all the time, embrace them and make use of them as a ladder for your success.

16. Dedicate yourself for lifelong learning

If you are really struggling with how to become successful, then perhaps you are missing the most important recipe for success i.e. continue reading, learning, and applying them on your goals.

Gathering information can be the best approach to brainstorm your ideas.

Books are the best way to learn. Read every at least 30 minutes in your filed. Take every course you possibly can and listen to audio programs whenever you travel. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning if you really want to achieve anything in your life.


17. Work every waking hour

Is there anything in the world can replace hard work to become successful? I am 100% sure, though how smart you may look, nothing works unless you work. 

Whether it is a relationship, entrepreneurship or a career job, work on it period every waking hour. Put your heart, soul, and mind into the craft and reap the rewards from your labor.

18. Make powerful connections

Networking is both underrated and overrated business tactics. Wrong connections may ruin your life and one right connection may not just save your life, but change your life for once and forever.

Therefore, do not overlook the power of networking and powerful connections. Keep expanding your circle of wealth. This is one of the best tips to become successful permanently.

19. Work with the intelligent and trustworthy people

Starting a business or relationship or job is a secondary thing. The first and foremost thing in every field is research.

If you do not see yourself with a person or company for at least 2 decades then never even begin any relationship with anyone unless you are just looking for experience and stability to understand how things actually work.

Choose and work with the most intelligent people you will ever know with qualities of energy, enthusiasm, integrity, loyal and trustworthy. Then you can see yourself as much successful in your future.

20. Be conscious of every choice and decision you make

Most people torture themselves with just delusions. The other most important steps to become successful is your judgement about life. Each choice and decision you make impact on your future for sure.

The law of life works only one principle that is on cause and effect. So, be aware of what you think each moment. Your life and success depends purely upon the nature of your thoughts.

21. Take calculated risks and also big risks

If you need your future to be free in all aspects of life, some risks essential. If a particular idea really mean something to you then definitely there is nothing wrong in trying.

Otherwise, it’s not a big deal. Everyone has their unique approach to life. Find your own path and keep suffering.

However, one thing to be considered with an optimistic point of view, the greater the risk the greater the rewards. Therefore, stop waiting for the right moment and act now. This is the perfect to make your dreams come true.

22. Most often go with your intuition and guts

When randomly some interesting or powerful Idea pops into your brain, listen to your gut and intuition with utmost attention.

If you believe that idea has the potential to make your life better. and if you strongly believe something optimistic about it write it down. Act on it immediately before the inspiration vanishes.

Intuition is the inner supreme god. Make sure to have a good relationship with yourself.

The more you like yourself and respect yourself. The better you will be able to cypher the mysterious side of yourself. That helps accurately on every decision you make in your life to become successful.

23. Be an optimist and see possibilities in every opportunity

Some of us are oversensitive towards conflicts and failures. That’s the first reaction we all humans have. However, never ignore your feelings. Emotional intelligence is essential to survive in the world full of intellectuals.

Make a healthy habit to visualize endless possibilities and opportunities from the failures and negative situations you experience.

Don’t get depressed over negative encounters. The other important motivation in the steps to become successful is to develop an optimistic mindset in every situation.

Just try to be calm and do not try to react or respond. Just pay attention and make observations. You will be soon peaceful and more optimistic.

24. Develop the quality of self-discipline and persistence

Do whatever you can, when you are fully alive and accomplish everything that ever possible within your abilities.

Just one step at a time. Develop the quality of self-discipline and persistence.

When you are committed, persistent, determined and put the essential efforts with the right strategies, automatically everything falls into its place. It’s just a matter of time, energy and patience.

Keep moving forward, no matter how slow the progression is. I truly believe that great things take time.

25. Learn to manage your success

Once, you figure out how to monetize your efforts, all these years of hard work pay off within a day and from then nothing can stop you.

If you continue to stay humble and learn from your mistakes, you are your own competition. Make yourself better, by learning from the people you admire.

However, most often, success doesn’t last long, there is a karma for everything. Everything in life depends upon how we respond to the nature.

For example When you go to the gym regularly and built a healthy and fit body after working on yourself for 2 years.

Then you thought there is no need to work on yourself as you are completely fit. Eventually, within no time everything you worked upon goes into vain because of your ignorance.

In a similar way, as it may be a success or anything in life, follows the same philosophy.

So make sure to manage your success and learn to live below your means. That would be a great strategy to attract much more wealth and health to your life.

Keys to success


No matter how slow the progression of your success journey is! I suggest do not give up easily.

Maybe if you didn’t give up on your goals and passion when you feel like, the next day it might turn into your greatest victory.

Therefore, keep pushing yourself in lows and highs. Remember, no one will be there to protect you.

It’s your mission. The complete responsibility of your future is in your hands. So, it’s up to you to decide whether to ruin it or make it.

For sure, if you do not give up you will be very proud of yourself and will make your loved ones proud to have you in their lives. Good luck.

                                    Do not give up on yourself.

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