What is it that stopping you from achieving your dreams?

What is it that stopping you from achieving your dreams?

Is it the nature of reality in which you bound to hold the ground in order to keep your feet warm and support your balance in life?

Or is it the level of your confidence in yourself that is too low or high, making you believe in the limitations of life?

If not, is it that People around you are too discriminating to validate your worth?

If I go further and ask you, is it your own thoughts saying that you are incapable to do anything profoundly?

Or else is it the depth of your dreams itself?

What is it that holding you back from achieving your dreams?

Ask yourself all the necessary questions, if you think you have any.  Great solutions will evolve with the righteous questions and the ability to allow the problems and the mindset to solve them with patience.

At some point in our life we all have to pass the ocean of negativity in order to sense the single lifesaving drop of positivity.

In fact these all are not the reasons to stop ourselves from becoming what we want and meant to be. These unfortunate conditions help us to shape ourselves to be unique with no such question of failure. Indeed these situations motivate us to take bold decisions.

If you think reality is stopping you, yes it is! Because you wanted to be controlled by your thoughts not the world around you. Reality is not the limitation it is an inspiration that makes you think beyond and act fearlessly.

 If you start seeing your problems from the other side of the universe you will realize how small the world is! Which you created in your thoughts.

If you think your Belief is your fate, yes it is! But you need to replace your cynical beliefs with your positive motives, then the faith you keep in your belief will ultimately turn into the fruitful fate that you are desiring for.

We often stand at the top position in considering the negative effects of anything no matter even if people come forward with genuine intentions. It’s not that every person is genuinely inspirational but the real potential rests in the way you perceive and allow the things and transform them into something that can be useful for your growth.

 If you consider every person in your life who makes you feel low but you know how to respond, then people are not your weakness they are the true source of your inspiration to achieve your strength.

So, be aware what you think and how you think. Thoughts are our power and dreams are our future.

That being said, we often cease ourselves to take further steps to reach our goals is by compromising for the things which we don’t intend to. Scarification should have a valid foundation. If you compromise for problems that are temporary there is no point in scarifying your future.

 No matter what we always will have the baggage of issues with us but not the opportunities, the only opportunity we have is the time and the present moment. We have more possibilities than we think we have in everything. So what stops us from achieve our goals is our ignorance.

The grand master of almost all the issues, which pulls you away from achieving your dreams is the fear. Fear of being judged, fear of rejections, fear of success and also the failure itself. Fear of everything is the root cause of the failure of life utterly.

 Be confident enough to visualize your goals and the assumptions are good but know when to stop and act accordingly.

If all these obstacles are not in the list of your issues then you are so ahead of the rest of the world and closer to your dream world. Just keep going no matter what. If you come across any self-doubt,

Check the above obstacles and analyze in which phase you are in?

Once if you realize your issue, you know the answer. There is only way is not to avoid anything that matters but go through it by developing the skills that are necessary to solve with consciously.

Know that you will not be motivated every day. Even if you are not inspired for yourself, think of loved ones and the surrounding people. They need you. They need your unique gift, they need your fresh perspective on life that lift their soul, they need you and you need them. We need each other. So what is stopping you?

You don’t have valid reasons to stop but you have enough responsibilities to take steps and work hard to achieve your dreams. You are matter to this planet and each idea of yours can change the course of the future. So, what is stopping you?

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