A lone wolf and the black sheep.

Hi, I am Naveen Bommakanti. I write short stories, poetry, insights  and quotes on the philosophy of life and love. Today I have written a short story for kids.  Start reading and share the inspiration with your children. 

An Animal short love story for kids.

After losing the authority from its pack with a thoughtful thought, The young wolf which turned into a lone wolf instinctively discovered that the dog is her closest relative. So, one day, while the dog was leading the herd of sheep in the plains of the wild. The wolf approached the dog to seek its advice when the sheep made themselves busy in grazing the grass. 

As the wolf went nearer and began to salute the dog. But it was afraid and started barking to protect its herd from this wild beast.

“Fear me not, my oldest friend.” said the wolf, “We both belong to the same family. I am here to seek your counsel and become your student in matters of friendship.” 

“What master plan are you plotting in your head?” asked the dog suspiciously.

“Nah! You have been mistaken, my friend. At first, kindly listen to my words, later gather your thoughts to judge my appearance.”

But still, the dog couldn’t believe her eyes and said: “Don’t play your good old tricks on me Mr. Wicked wolf.” She adjusted her tone to sound like an arrogant and hard-headed leader, she continued saying, “I have no time to hear your plotted thoughts, It will be safe if you leave my territory before I turn into a wolf and begin a war.”

“Exactly! That was my point why I am here.” said the wolf, “We both have similar features and traits but what is the unique thing that you possess, and I don’t, to earn the respect and trustworthiness from the humans and your herd?”

The dog didn’t respond to it and gave a chance just to observe what the wolf had to say.

The wolf continued saying, “We both almost look alike, physically and psychologically as well — Loyal, faithful, kind, trustworthy and protective towards our loved ones.”

“You are right to your words, but you cannot claim that we are the same.” said the dog, “To talk straightly, we both have a close similarity and also a vast difference as much as a tiger and the pet cat claim.”

“Perhaps, we possess similarities, but we also have our individualities. So embrace those differences.” Added the dog to her previous thoughts.

“See, my friend neither am I here to claim anything nor for any argument.” said the wolf, “As you see my condition I lost my family and the path to. I have no energy to walk and hunt the prey for myself.”

“So, your fate has nothing to do with me.” said, the dog, “I cannot make you young, maybe we have similarities but certainly not any powers to turn you powerful.”

The wolf laughed slightly for the dog’s humour.

“Then, what do you want exactly from me, come straight to the point.” said the dog anxiously.

“I want to become you.” said the wolf, “Teach me more about friendship and the universal love, so that I can also win the love of your master and earn the heart of your dear sheep friends.”

“But why would I do that? How can I trust you? What If, you have come here with a master plan and vanish the entire herd?” The dog asked impatiently.

“What can I do to gain your trust? I am an old wolf, you can see my status. I may die within a year or two. I have no desires left in my blood. Now I am here, just to seek a roof to shelter and leftover food to survive. I lived my entire life in the wild. Maybe you know more about this human world. But, I know what it feels like, to survive in the dark and dangerous beast world.”

“What it would be like to live in the wild?” In curiosity, the dog asked.

“Ah! don’t ask me, you can imagine, life is always feast or famine.”

“Oh, yeah! I understand – I understand.” The dog said.

“I don’t have anything to prove my purity.” said the wolf, “If you are afraid to introduce me to your master, at least I would request you to accept me as your assistance. Every day, as usual, you can lead the herd into the wild and rest your head in the nearby tree. Rest, I will take care of the sheep on your command until the sunset.”

The dog thought it’s a good idea and time to retire from its regular boring job for a few years and take a long holiday. And also he thought that the wolf has more knowledge about the wild, I can learn many tricks and tips from this wolf and surprise my master with my wisdom of the wild. So that he will be impressed and reward me with more meat from his sheep and love from his heart.

“Okay, yah! sure thing, Miss. old wolfy.” Said the dog, “I will trust you, you seem more matured and good-hearted oldy.”

However, as a second thought, The dog was also wary of the wolf’s clever tactics. As it was uncertain about the wolf’s clear intention. It decided to keep an eye on the wolf until it proves its innocence. If not I will run directly to my master and reveal its treachery. The dog listened to the voice of his mind and said.

“But on one condition.” continued the dog in a commanding voice, ” Tomorrow, I will introduce you to my herd. You will proceed only if they feel comfortable and accept you as their shepherd, you should continue to herd them without expecting any incentive for at least a fortnight. Probably then I will get you the meat, each day But only if you behave true to yourself. otherwise, that will be the end of your old life.”

“No food for 15 days?”  Said the wolf. “and that too as an intern. Will I survive for that long? Show mercy on this old flesh, my good friend. I am already about to die of hunger.”

“Remember? Life is always feast or famine.” 

Both laughed innocently.

“All right! You genuinely look weak and your words show that you are trustable. But, I can’t afford you the meat, to do so I have to share my regular plate with you. I can’t do that now. Give me 2 weeks so that I can manage and arrange a good meal every day. But until then What I can offer you is some fruits that will help you to survive .”

“Fine! My good friend. I would be grateful for that. As I already have that past in the wild where I survived for days on these fruits.

Some of the sheep were still grazing, others were drinking the water in the not far away river and the rest of them were resting under the shade of a nearby banyan tree.

“It’s time the sun is about to fade. Our master completely put his trust on me and handed over this shepherd position. In any situation, I should not let him down. See you tomorrow, my ancestor. It’s time for the farewell” Said the dog to the good old wolf.


The new day arrived with new light and energy, The wolf reached the shore of the river, the sport where she met the dog the previous day.

Within no time, the herd approached the river lead by the shepherd dog. 

“Bonjour, old wolfy” said the dog.

“Bonjour, my good friend” responded the wolf.

Both greeted each other and hugged with utmost affection as if both distant lovers united after a long gap.

“Come let me introduce the head of the sheep,” said the dog.” she will walk you through the rest of the herd and make you familiar with their faces.” 

The dog gave a long howl and a short whistle — “Daisy! Can you halt your grazing for a few moments and meet our new friend.” The dog called the head of the sheep.

Daisy — The head of the sheep ran near to both wolf and the dog. It scared a bit after witnessing that terrible scene. And ran away for her life in terror along with the remaining her. But a few moments later the dog called the head of the sheep once again and not to worry about the wolf.

Daisy trusts the dog, as much as she believes in herself. Took courage to herself and came near to them. 

“Daisy, meet my closest relative, Miss. Wolfy.” said the dog, “From now on, she will be leading you for a few days only if you agree.”

Daisy completely in shock and scared to death, It whispered in the dog’s ears, Can you please come to the other side. I want to discuss what’s happening, before making a decision.”

The dog and Daisy went back to the rock, “Are you out of your mind? Are you plotting to kill my entire family? I trusted you more than my life. Do you know what you are up to? Daisy gave left and right to the shepherd dog one after another with unending questions until he comes to his senses, 

“Fear not my only friend. Mine was the same reaction as of yours when The wolfy approached me and asked for the work.”

“Work? What work?” Daisy the head of the sheep, the only black sheep showed her other side and turned red for the first time.

“ I get your feelings, my friend.” said the dog, “For once listen to me and give the wolfy a chance to prove herself, Meanwhile if she dares to go against my rules, I will risk my life for you and will pluck the heart out of her breast, Just even if she thinks to betray me.”

The young dog shared the complete conversation with the black sheep, which he had yesterday with the old wolf.

“Be patient, for 15 days, she is old, looks generous and had much knowledge about the wild. I am pretty confident, she will protect the herd more than I ever could. You too, keep an eye on her and I will be noting every move of her.’ Said the dog. “The moment we feel something wrong with her, that’s the end of her ill-fated life.”

“I don’t know, but I trust you.” Said the black sheep.

They both went to the wolf and accepted her as their companion.

“Thank you for acceptance, I will pledge my vows to protect you as long as I reign on this territory. I will risk my life for you and pluck the heart of any wretched beast even if they plot to harm you.”  said the old wolf.

The sun is over clouds and it’s midday, the black sheep joined its herd while the young dog and old wolf rested for some time and the wolf had its lunch which the dog brought from home — Grapes, apples and some leftover sheep milk. And also it shared with the dog.


The days rotated and the nights revolved, soon the time passed by and fortnight approached. Since the past 14 days, as a routine, without a holiday, every day, the wolf waited for the arrival of the herd along with the shepherd dog. As usual, the sheep grazed, the dog rested while the wolf herding and leading the sheep with utmost sincerity with no rest before and after the noontide, whole day she sweated in her duty to earn her midday meal. 

As it’s been months that the wolf had neither sniffed the flesh nor tasted the meat. It lost its posture and worsen the health, breathing to her last by approaching death.

Daisy — The black sheep surprised by the loyalty and the work ethic of the old wolf and fell in love with her traits. While the dog became fat and lost in his daydreams.

One night the black sheep approached the wolf’s den, to share her feelings with him and also the things that’s been happening at the house.

The sheep replied, “ Because you will kill me with kindness. You are a natural killer and expert in what you do. These humans will slaughter me and leave me to suffer to death. But you know my nerves, and weakest spots, you will give me a quick death without pain. You can’t live without hunting. You deserve more. Therefore as I do not have any chance to live, at least I want a death that which I deserve.”

Wolf says I love you 

They will have sex.

And the sheep leaves. Waits for its turn but the wolf do not kill anyone because of love. When the shepherd knows the truth. He leaves the blacksheep with her lover and never kills any animal but just lives by selling the wool.  And also whenever the sheep gets sick he leave it to the wolf because he deserves more than the humans.

When the time comes kill me with kindness. Perhaps, I am the only lover who remains in history to be eaten by her only lover. And that too by my choice.

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