20 Benefits of friends with benefits

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By: Naveen B

With all of our lives being busy with work, school, and even family obligations, sometimes we need a breather. That’s where friends with benefits comes in. It’s about having someone who can give you their full attention without any strings attached.

When it comes to making choices about your s#x life, there are a lot of options available. And while some may seem like good ideas at first—like playing doctor or doing an impression of your favorite celebrity during s#x—there are better ways to spice up your love life.

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That’s where friends with benefits relationships come in handy. A friend with benefits is someone you can hang out (and have s#x) with whenever you want—no strings attached! In this let’s discuss the benefits of friends with benefits.

20 Benefits of friends with benefits:

what are the benefits of friends with benefits 20 Benefits of friends with benefits

Here is a list of benefits of friends with benefits:

1. FWB allows you to have s#x on a whim

You’re not going through all of the boring BS of relationships—waiting for someone to call you back, coordinating a night out and possibly waiting for them to flake at last minute, wondering if they want something more serious. No endless waiting or mind games! Just pure fun when you want it.

2. It relieves you of dealing with annoying pet peeves

Not everyone can handle a long term relationship because sometimes we want one thing, but our partner wants another and before we know it, issues start creeping up out of nowhere and suddenly we are arguing about every little thing.

3. You can keep it private if you want

 Not everyone is okay with publicizing their personal life, and while a monogamous or serious relationship requires that, a FWB can allow you to keep your private life private.

4. It doesn’t always have to include s#x

Sometimes you just want someone to talk or hang out with that you can relate on a certain level with.

That’s what makes having a FWB so great, you can be s#xually intimate if you choose or just simply enjoy spending time together. It’s all up to what both parties want and how they agree they want it.

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5. Physical health benefits 

Some people actually prefer these arrangements, as they allow them to enjoy their s#xual and emotional freedom without having to worry about drama or entanglements.

Indeed, casual hookups may be less emotionally demanding than committed relationships: since there is no expectation of honesty or trust, there are fewer opportunities for conflict and heartbreak if someone violates that agreement.

Also, some do believe that when it comes to true s#xual compatibility, physical attraction will trump emotional compatibility every time.

Not having s#x regularly has been shown to lower your testosterone levels; too little testosterone can leave you feeling down in the dumps and experiencing muscle loss.

S#x helps keep testosterone up and levels of feel good hormones like serotonin and oxytocin high. Also regular org#sms increase blood flow to all parts of your body which allows oxygen and nutrients to get deeper into your skin, making you look more youthful over time.

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Or at least giving you something nice to think about while getting it on with your BF/GF! So instead many would rather connect s#xually then emotionally so that they don’t get hurt.

But, regardless of how long a relationship lasts (and whether or not it becomes an exclusive pairing), both partners should always remain close friends—there’s nothing worse than losing touch with someone special just because things got hot ‘n heavy.

6. Relieves you of unwanted pregnancy

In friends with benefits, there are certain rules involved from the beginning itself; such as having protected s#x, STD tests and avoiding unwanted pregnancy.

Although you should always practice safe s#x when having a FWB, being with someone who isn’t your main squeeze helps to relieve some of that pressure.

Of course condoms aren’t 100% effective, but they do help prevent unintended pregnancies, STDs, and infection.

Also keep in mind that not every birth control method is suitable for everyone (and their partners), so there’s a possibility that certain methods may be more reliable than others for you and your partner(s).

This is where planning ahead can really pay off! You want protection—be it temporary or long term—that’s right for you and your s#x life.

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7. Can relieve stress and anxiety

The more casual your relationship is, the less it can take over your life! This means you can go back to focusing on important relationships and activities that need attention when you have some free time and are craving physical connection.

A FWB allows you to relax and enjoy each other without getting bogged down in all of those endearing but taxing emotions like jealousy, insecurity, or fear of loss—or hurt feelings when things don’t work out.

8. Experiencing so much fun and pleasure

The thing about being in a committed, monogamous relationship is that s#x can get predictable! With a FWB, you’re less likely to fall into that trap, which will keep things exciting (and hot!). 

Whether it’s one-time hookups or getting busy frequently, you never know what could happen when there are no strings attached. Also if you have multiple partners they all can help satisfy your s#xual needs.

The best part of having multiple casual relationships is that nothing comes between you and your partner(s) — whether it’s work stress or personal issues, there are no distractions when it comes time for playtime.

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9. There is a sense of freedom

Of course you should practice safe s#x and use protection no matter what kind of arrangement you’re in! However, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to break those rules every once in awhile.

A FWB can relieve some pressure by making it so s#x isn’t quite as serious and scary as committed relationships make it out to be. The best part? You don’t have to worry about getting or giving the talk — there are no expectations outside of a good time (or times!) together.

Also both parties usually enter into these arrangements knowing that they’re not looking for anything more than casual hookups, so commitment issues don’t come into play like they might otherwise.

10. You can fulfill all your physical, emotional and psychological fantasies

I mean – no judgement here. Just sayin’ having a FWB (or multiple ones!) can allow you to try out those things you’d always been curious about but are a little shy about asking for in a serious relationship.

Maybe you’re into role play or fantasizing about sleeping with more than one person at once — whatever it is that gets you off, a FWB is typically more comfortable with experimentation and ready for anything.

The point of saying all of that is not to make anyone feel bad if they’re satisfied being monogamous, but rather to acknowledge that we all have our own needs and interests.

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If something feels right, then go for it! But if things don’t work out or something just doesn’t sit right in your gut: trust yourself.

11. It doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment 

You can have a one-night stand or even sleep with someone for weeks before deciding that things just aren’t working out and cut it off before either of you gets too invested in something that was intended to be casual from day one.

While sometimes you may want to try for more, if your partner(s) has other plans, then at least you didn’t waste too much time on something that wasn’t right for you.

If nothing else, being in a FWB allows people ample time and opportunity to figure out what they’re looking for — as well as take responsibility when it comes time move on. Again, there’s nothing wrong with staying in a FWB situation indefinitely.

12. It’s more cost-effective

While you might not have s#x as often in a FWB situation, you will save money. By that I mean that typically there’s no need for extravagant dinners or nights out on the town — why spend your hard-earned cash when you don’t have to?

It’s also fun if both parties are under some kind of budgetary constraints: Maybe you’re saving up for a new car or down payment on a house, while your FWB is preparing for their student loan payments; maybe it isn’t always about just enjoying yourself and having fun.

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13. There’s no pressure

One of my favorite things about FWB is that if you don’t feel like talking or hanging out, it’s totally fine! In a serious relationship, sometimes there can be too much pressure on you both to make everything perfect — s#x included.

Since there’s not as much at stake, you can keep things light and casual and save your best moves for when it counts.

If someone offers to go down on you during a movie, but you really just want to watch it in peace, then saying no isn’t going to end in an argument about what his intentions are.

You’re in control of how often and when (and if!) you have s#x: There’s no need for expectations when everyone knows what they’re getting into from jump street.

14. You can explore your personality, discover and rebuild yourself

If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship that didn’t go anywhere (or even one that did!) then there’s a pretty good chance you may have experienced heartbreak:

Sometimes breakups happen for reasons out of your control or because people change — but sometimes it’s because you just don’t know who you are as an individual yet.

Being in a FWB situation means having multiple partners through which you can begin to figure out what it is that makes YOU happy, while also learning how to stand up for yourself and defend what matters most.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old; no matter where in life or love we are… nobody should be afraid of exploring their own boundaries so they can learn more about themselves — that kind of growth is never a bad thing.

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15. You can always renegotiate

Now, sometimes FWB relationships end up turning into something more serious — and that’s not a bad thing! If that’s what you want, then go for it.

You never know what will happen; but if things change and it turns out that your partner(s) no longer wants to be FWB or you’re no longer into their idea of FWB, then you can either mutually decide to stay on as FWB or call it quits altogether.

While many people find themselves disappointed when FWB doesn’t work out like they’d planned, it doesn’t hurt anyone if everyone involved is honest and open about their feelings: Honesty is always much more valuable than keeping an illusion alive.

16. You get a second chance

I mentioned earlier that even if you’ve been in relationships that didn’t work out, being in FWB can be a great way to explore who you are and what you want — but it’s also beneficial for those of us who don’t want anything serious.

For example, if someone was your first love and now they’re back on your radar but you don’t know where things stand, then taking things slowly as FWB is a good way to see if they feel differently about you now than before.

Or, perhaps someone has made their interest in you clear but wants it kept on the DL (i.e., not just yet): In that case, an FWB situation is perfect.

17. Freedom to date multiple FWB at once

A lot of people tell me they’re worried about having a bunch of FWB because it will make them feel overwhelmed and stressed out (plus, it may cause drama!) — but here’s what I say: Not only is that NOT true, it’s totally not necessary.

If you want to be in an open or polyamorous relationship, then by all means go for it! This can work well as long as everyone involved is comfortable with their status and everyone else knows too.

Plus, if you find yourself feeling burnt out or like your time needs to be re-prioritized, then simply end things with one partner (and maybe even let them know why) so you can focus on another.

18. You learn how to avoid communication breakdowns 

This is a pretty big one, especially when it comes to people who have a bad habit of walking on eggshells or worrying about things like how do I let them know what I want? or how can I tell if they’re into me? — because in FWB situations, you get a chance to figure all of that out without any pressure.

Plus, you’ll probably find yourself doing some problem-solving and coming up with creative ways for next time — and even if your FWB situation doesn’t continue on into something more serious, your newfound strategies will always serve you well in future relationships.

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19. You get more comfortable in your own skin

This is one of my favorite reasons for being in FWB! If you’ve ever been interested in someone who wasn’t interested back, then you know how discouraging that can be — and how it can really give a person some confidence issues.

But if that’s ever happened to you, I have good news: You’re about to get way better at dealing with rejection.

Instead of beating yourself up over it, you’ll come out on top knowing that all those awkward moments weren’t such a big deal after all and will make it easier for you next time around when someone else doesn’t feel that spark too.

20. You come out of your shell

When you’re exploring relationships outside of what’s considered a traditional setting, it can seem really scary — and if you’re like me, you may be wondering how in the world is anything ever going to happen?

But one thing I’ve learned is that no matter what kind of connection you have, there are a few ways that things can go: You either stay FWB or it evolves into something more serious; and even if neither of those happens, there’s still great value in just getting out there.

If nothing else, at least you’ll learn that dating doesn’t have to fit within a little box — and who knows where life will take you next.

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Final thoughts

In conclusion, although there are many risks involved in friends with benefits there are also various benefits of friends with benefits which makes them a preferable alternative when one is looking for a fling or casual encounter.

One should always be wise and careful while exploring such relationships as it can end up harming you instead if you do not take precautionary measures. You have heard so many people advice against such relationships but have you ever thought about why? 

If your answer is no then my friend let me tell you that they all will advise against these types of relationships because they lack control over their emotions thus results in disturbances in their personal lives.

But if one has control over his or her feelings then nothing can make him or her feel disturbed as far as making out with someone and even sharing your bed with him or her is concerned. 

Finally, one thing you should consider before getting into a friends with benefits relationship is that, it is not for everyone. So think twice before you initiate one. Good luck.


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