How to find your soulmate? (Your intuitive and 10 steps practical guide)

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By: Naveen B

Love is one of the most elusive things we can experience.

Everyone’s idea of a “soulmate” is different, and it’s largely subjective. For many of us, however, there are some basic traits that are characteristics or qualities of someone with whom we feel a deep connection.

Knowing how to recognize if that special someone in your life is your soulmate (or if you’re just in love with someone) isn’t always easy.

Some people experience love at first sight, and others wait until they’ve known someone for a while.

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While many people believe that their soulmate is out there and that when they find them, they will know. In reality, very few people are truly able to tell. 

Some people believe that a person’s soulmate is simply their other half or the perfect person for them. Others believe “soulmates” are people who are simply meant to be together.

But there are many theories of soulmates, and each believes a person’s soulmate is someone they’ve never met.

That said, there’s no right or wrong way how to find your soulmate. But there are some practical steps such as intuitive signs, spiritual signs, psychic signs, or soulmate signs from the universe, psychology, and scientific research that can reveal or guide you on how to find your soulmate. 

Once you know what to look for, it’s a lot easier to tell if your romantic partner is your soul mate.

In this complete guide, l will share some practical tips on finding your soulmate. But before that, I will let you clarify what is a soulmate? What is a soulmate connection? How to find your soulmate, signs you found your soulmate, and other frequently asked questions with a step-by-step process.

(This is going to be a long post, but hopefully, you will gain some deep insights and understand the concept of soulmates.)

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Here I shared different versions of the definition of soulmate so that you can develop a concrete idea of soulmate meaning.

What is a soulmate?

The term “soulmate” implies a special affinity, understanding, or powerful bond that exists between one person and another.

What is a soulmate means?

As per Wikipedia, the soulmate meaning is, A soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of a deep or natural bond. This may involve similarity, love, romance, platonic relationships, comfort, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, compatibility, and trust.

Who is a soulmate? (In Psychology)

Who are soulmates? According to psychologist Carl Jung, soul mates are described as being bound together by a deep psychological bond stronger than any line of friendship or romantic relationship.

Soul mates fulfill each other’s deepest psychological needs and they fulfill yours.

So when you choose someone as your soul mate, there is something profoundly rewarding about it because you’ve identified deeply needed spiritual fulfillment in another person.

What makes a soulmate?

Soulmates are the manifestation of your own unfulfilled desire or dream that has been synchronized with cosmic consciousness and vibration.

Soulmates are a mirror image of yourself that has been imprinted with unique qualities enabling you to instantly recognize each other in any situation regardless of distance or time.

Who is my soulmate?

The most popular notion of a soulmate is someone who shares the same deepest stages of love with you. They are those who have the capacity to make you whole, to fill your life with the joy of living and the fulfillment that comes from service to another.

True soulmates are rare. When you meet him/her, the two of you become one. You become one with them. And such a bond is beyond your comprehension of life.

True soulmates don’t just appear out of thin air. It takes a lot of inner work, commitment, and love to find them. The possibilities are fairly limited, but if you take the time to seek them out, there is no limit to what you might find.

For others, it’s really difficult to say who your soulmate is. However, it is your own intuition, experience, and awareness that can help you feel their presence instantly based on your soulmate connection. (My advice is to work on your intuition.)

What is a soulmate connection?


Soulmate connection is an emotional bond felt between two people who meet and fall in love.

A soulmate connection is an intense feeling of knowing or feeling the presence of another; an unexplainable connection. Studies show that soulmate connection also affects how couples communicate. 

For instance, “People who experience a soulmate connection tend to be better at understanding the other’s needs and feelings, and tend to be better at verbalizing their own feelings.”

This seems to allow for greater emotional intimacy, relationship stability, and satisfaction in both partners.

The concept of a soulmate connection comes from Eastern religious traditions, which hold that every human has a soulmate — a person whom one is meant to meet and spend the rest of one’s life with.

This concept has also been widely popularized by New Age spiritualism.

Some couples experience a soulmate connection, while others don’t. But there’s no scientific explanation for why some couples experience this connection and others don’t.

Others believe that soulmate connections occur so frequently that everyone has encountered one.

For example, some believe that soul mates secretly influence events in the lives of those around them — perhaps as a guardian angel or spirit guide.

Some speculate that a connection with a soul mate occurs when two compatible people come together, while others believe soul mates are predetermined.

Ever hear someone say, “God made him for me?” That’s an example of a predestined soulmate connection.

Some believe that a soul mate connection is a spiritual phenomenon, while others believe that it’s a psychological phenomenon.

Some believe that people spend time as soul mates before meeting someone they’re destined to be with, while others believe that soul mates meet each other for the first time.

No matter what preconceived notion it is, you will just have that soulmate connection when you encounter them, whether in your dreams or in reality. Just pay attention to your gut feeling.

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Signs of a soulmate connection

A soulmate connection is a feeling that’s hard to describe. You don’t see these things coming; they just sort of happening. But sometimes you can sense a soulmate connection.

Here are three signs that you’re already connected.

  • A feeling of an instant rush of recognition.
  • A feeling of déjà vu.
  • A feeling of being complete.

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Are soulmates real? And do soulmates exist?

There’s a belief that soulmates exist. It’s an idea that’s deeply rooted in religion, philosophy, and popular culture.

The belief of soulmates is rooted in the idea that we’re born as parts of wholes, and then as we grow up, we grow apart. But we’re meant to find our other half, and when we do, we’re supposed to live a life of the true connection.

While there’s no scientific evidence that soulmates are real, plenty of people believe in the idea. And it’s an idea that’s sticking around. 

A 2010-11 poll from Martist Research in the U.S found that nearly 3 out of 4 residents – 73% – do believe in soulmates, but 27% do not.

In fact, 80% of people under the age of 30 and 78% of those aged 30 to 44 believe in the idea of soulmates.

On the other hand, 72% of people 45 to 59 years old believe in soulmates and 65% of those 60 and older are found to believe in soulmates.

The majority of men — 74% —, as well as the majority of women — 71% —, share the belief in finding the right partner.

Therefore, by analyzing the results, there is no exact conclusion. However, now it’s your time to realize in which category you belong in the matter of believing in soulmates.

If soulmates exist –

When will I meet my soulmate?

In the 21st century, it’s one of the most universal questions: even when you’re not out at a party, someone’s asking you, “When will I meet my soulmate?”

The truth is, finding your soulmate is a journey, not a destination. It’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s a lot more complex than meeting someone at a party or in an elevator.

If you have a partner already, you know it’s not easy. But if you have someone you’re dating, you know it’s even more challenging.

So, if you ask again,

When Will I Meet My Soulmate?

My answer is the same, finding the right person for you is patience and a firm belief in meeting them.

Finding the right person to share your life with can be a long journey. And it can take years to meet that special someone.

But, everyone has that special someone inside them, waiting to meet their soulmate.

So, the real question isn’t “when” will you meet that special someone, but “how” will you meet them?

Nonetheless, just remember –

You are never too old to meet your soulmate. You are never too young to meet your soulmate. You are never too sick to meet your soulmate. You are never too poor to meet your soulmate. You are never too ugly to meet your soulmate. You are never too nice to meet your soulmate.

Your soulmate is drawn to and finds you spiritually, not physically. Your soulmate is attracted to you as much as you attract them.

Somehow if you truly believe in soulmates, then you were already together and eventually will end up together. Because the idea of soulmates itself is predestined.

So, when the time comes, it happens naturally. Meanwhile, keep the fire burning in you and just focus on yourself.

What happens when you meet your soulmate?


As each individual and their experiences are unique, there is no single answer to that question. For some, meeting your soulmate can be the most memorable experience of life.

For others, meeting this person can feel like destiny, as if your whole life had been leading to this very moment.

If your intuition is very strong, then you will instantly know it when you meet your soulmate.

The soulmate meeting is one that very few couples experience, but it’s challenging to describe in words.

When soulmates meet each other, there is a subconscious exchange of similar energy, vibration, and an explainable spiritual bond.

There is a powerful and universal feeling that you feel which is related to the feeling of being complete, loved, and accepted.

The warm feeling of empathy and connection between both of you is so powerful that it can drive you completely crazy without even realizing it.

When you meet your soulmate, you intuitively know that he or she is the right one. You’ll know that it’s the right time to start your life with fresh hopes and faith. 

From then your life will never be the same. You both help each other grow physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

And work on each other’s weaknesses and strengths with a deep mutual understanding.  

When you meet your soulmate, you will feel like he or she is not a person, but much more than a human being. And they will also feel the same for you. In simple words, you both know you were soulmates who were made for each other and bonded to live together forever.

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Can someone be your soulmate and you not be theirs?

Discovering that someone is your soulmate can be one of the most profound experiences of your life. You develop an instant and deep connection with the person and often find yourself living entirely for them. 

The feeling of making a connection with someone is normal. But if the connection does not work for you or if they don’t respond the same way as you, then this raises the question of whether or not they are your true soulmate.

According to several psychics, it is possible that someone can be your soulmate and you not be theirs.

Some people just sense the soulmate connection, while others definitely don’t. It could be that the timing isn’t right, that the other person isn’t ready, or that the other person doesn’t have the same desire to be with another.

And it’s possible that even if they feel the same connection, they don’t want to accept it. Because they were still not yet healed from their past traumatic relationship experiences.

If you’ve been in a connection with someone but you still aren’t sure if they’re your soulmate, there are a few things you can do to eliminate the doubt.

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Can you feel your soulmate before you meet them?

It seems impossible, but it’s actually quite common to feel a sense of connection with someone before they ever meet you.

This phenomenon is called “chemistry” or “telepathy.” While it seems impossible, it’s quite common that you can feel your soulmate before you meet them.

As strange as it might sound, this sense is very real. In fact, many people have a sense of “love at first sight,” and studies show that most people do experience it.

Psychologists believe this happens because our brains evolved to recognize emotional connections.

They’re wired to seek out potential mates and mates who could provide resources. This sense is so strong that it’s even been called “soulmate synesthesia.”

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At what age do you meet your soulmate?

According to experts, there is no such thing as “ageless” love. The age when you meet your partner, however, varies depending on the personality type.

Compatible personalities are often found in the same age group, but opposites attract. Age also matters when it comes to chemistry and compatibility, and this is why some couples start dating at a younger age.

Healthy relationships are all about compatibility.

However, studies show that there’s an 80% chance that if you’re 16 & older, you’ve already met the person you’ll marry.

So, exactly at what age do you meet your soul mate or find your true love?

In a survey conducted by a UK-based dating site –, 2,000 people were asked a variety of questions about their relationships, including when they became Facebook-official as well as when they first met their partners.

According to the research, the average woman finds her life partner at the age of 25, while men, they’re more likely to find their soulmate at 28, with half of the people finding their soulmates in their twenties.

Do soulmates end up together?

There is something magical about the promise of finding your soulmate, your other half, or your twin flame. And it’s extremely appealing. After all, you’re born alone, and it’s only natural that you’d like to find a person with whom to share your life.

But is this something you can expect to happen? Is there a magic formula for soulmates to end up together?

The short answer: Yes and no.

While the odds of meeting your soulmate are very low, they’re certainly possible. Statistical studies show that your chances of finding your soul mate are only 1 in 10,000 (0.010%).

And yet, as I mentioned previously, a Marist poll from 2011 indicates that nearly three out of every four people believe that they are destined to find a soul mate for them.

So, instead of searching for the rare 1 in 10,000, my advice is to go ahead and meet someone who shares your goals and wishes for a good life and is willing to learn how to build a good relationship with you. Only then can you say that your soulmate is in the making.

Despite that, if you are very stubborn in finding your soulmate and meeting that rare perfect human being, then follow this guide.

How to find your soulmate?


Finding your soulmate is a process, not an event. It’s a process that entails you finding yourself — and understanding what makes you tick.

Finding the right partner for you is about finding someone you trust, someone who loves you unconditionally, and who you can love in return.

Unfortunately, many people don’t find true love until they grow up. They learn about soulmates from books, and from movies. They learn they have to earn people’s trust, and that a woman/man will expect sex for love.

But that’s outdated thinking. The 21st-century man understands that women and men want to connect first. But they find partners on their own terms, through online and real-life dating.

The most important part of finding your soulmate is understanding that love is a two-way street. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and take risks.

To begin, you have to step back and look within.

Make a list of the qualities you want in a partner, and ask yourself what you truly value in life. What are you looking for, not just now, but five or 10 years from now?

Are you seeking someone stable, mature, and reliable? Or do you want someone who’s fun and spontaneous?
Write it all down, and when you’re ready to meet women, use the list as a guideline.

From there, it’s time to start building your self-confidence.

Confidence is the single most important factor in dating and relationships. If you lack it, you won’t be able to attract the women you want.

When you feel self-assured, you become more attractive, and more attractive women will be attracted to you.
One way to build your self-esteem is to focus on your achievements.
Forget about all the little things that go wrong in your life.

Most people who are seeking their soulmate are also seeking something more. They are looking to transform their lives. They are looking to heal their wounds. They are looking to set themselves free. They are looking to be happy.

If you are searching for your soulmate, you are also seeking your higher self. You are looking to heal and transform your life — and this might be why you are also searching for your soulmate.

Here is the 10 step-by-step guide that would help you how to find your soulmate.

10 Steps to find your soulmate

what is a soulmate How to find your soulmate? (Your intuitive and 10 steps practical guide)

Follow this list of steps to find your soulmate.

Step 1: Look deep within and do self-work.

The first step to finding your soulmate is knowing yourself. The path to finding your soulmate begins with looking within yourself to find love and compassion.

You are worthy of love, and you deserve to be loved. As you search within yourself, you will find your soulmate.

This is the foundation of self-love; it’s what makes you happy and confident. It’s not about giving in to your feelings, but listening to them and taking action on them.

It takes courage to identify your life purpose and follow that path for your soul’s deepest calling. When we fully embrace our purpose, we become magnets for attracting others who support us in our path and who can help us clarify our values.

And that starts with self-awareness. You need to recognize your own needs, wants, fears and dreams, and figure out what you want in a partner.

From there, you can take steps to put yourself in the best position to meet the person who can fulfill your needs.

If you’re looking for love, here are a few tips:

  • Be aware of your fear and insecurities. Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid of conflict? Are you afraid of someone getting too close? “The key is to face your fears,”

Step 2: Trust or develop your intuition.

If you have this gut feeling of something — like, “I suddenly feel this connection with this person” or “I feel an unexplainable spiritual bond with this person, but I don’t know why” — trust your inner intuition and follow it. Your intuition knows exactly what you need.

All of us have the ability to know the right people, find soul mates and live a fulfilling life – if we allow ourselves to be guided by intuition, listen to our heart and take action on those feelings.

Step 3: Lower Your Expectations.

Expectations are everything. We all have undeniable desires, unethereal fantasies, and impossible expectations.

Especially when it comes to soulmates. That’s largely due to the influence of fictional movies or merely by our personal imagination.

Although, as we grow old or with unique experiences, we become psychologically mature.

And also when we get hit by the harsh reality, we become much more practical with our thought processes, and decisions, and give less importance to fancy expectations.

However, it’s possible to meet the person of your dreams in this digital era. But it’s almost rare to meet a person who reaches beyond your expectations.

When you alter your thoughts, improve your perspectives, constantly better yourself, and become more aware of yourself only then you can have a solid judgment and recognize your soulmate or true love or the person who matches your soul.

So make sure you have very few expectations of people and let things happen under your consciousness. Soon you will gain much clarity on who you really are and what you want in life.

Step 4: Be Open to the universe and stay connected.

When you say “yes” to things that align with your values, you open yourself to new possibilities. When you open yourself to possibilities, you open yourself to love.

In order to be truly connected with your soulmate, you have to be open to the universe.

You have to recognize and accept everything about yourself. Only then you can recognize the intuitive signs, psychic signs, and spiritual signs from the universe that your soul mate is coming into your life.

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Step 5: Be Your True Self.

Stop trying to become someone you’re not, and be yourself. Be your true self, no matter what. Just be genuine and the person who is similar to yourself automatically attracts you.

Your soulmate is a mirror. He or she is a mirror of who you are. So, the more you can love and accept yourself, the better you will be able to love and accept them.

Step 6: Stop looking for your soulmate.

When you become very desperate without putting the actual work on yourself, it becomes really difficult and painful to accept the very fact that you may never find your soulmate.

Be wishful but at the same time work on your wishes to come true.

So, how can you achieve that? Stop looking for your soulmate but focus on yourself and when you recognize soulmate signs and the arrival of your soulmate, immediately respond and take appropriate actions to manifest your soulmate.

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Step 7: Start believing.

Make sure your mindset is on the spot. Realize that not everyone’s path is the same. Never compare your current situation of life with others who are in a better position.

Start believing in yourself. Belief, faith, positive affirmations, right intentions, and actions will guide you to the truth that you are believing in.

Just have patience and always make yourself uncomfortable to realize everything from other dimensions. Then you are on your way to meet whatever you are believing in. In this case, the meeting of your soulmate.

Step 8: Ask yourself the right questions.

Stop questioning your fate and start questioning the truth. Instead of asking, “Why my fate is terrible?” “Why I am so unfortunate even though I did no wrong to anyone?” “Do I ever find my soulmate?“

Replace them with “Have I done enough inner work?” “Am I ready for true love and a journey to embrace life?” “How to find my soulmate?” “What kind of love am I looking for?” “What are the best ways to attract and manifest my soulmate?”

Only then, there are possibilities you will find your soulmate as you are on the right path.

Step 9: Embrace singleness.

You do not pour an empty cup. In a similar way, you do not provide your authentic self to your soulmate without understanding the power of your own soul.

Take your own time to be alone, and battle your own fears, insecurities, and false beliefs. Eliminate all the toxic information filled in your head by the external world. And fill yourself with your own reality by embracing singleness.

When you feel whole and complete all by yourself with no one’s help. Then you won’t seek any external validation and it doesn’t make any difference when you are single or with your soulmate.

Step 10: Surrender.

When you surrender fully to love, divine forces, truth, and purity, you will be let go of control.

When you let go of control, you allow the universe to work its magic. And, when you allow the universe to work its magic, you allow your true soulmate to come to you.

That’s how the law of attraction and manifestation will work and do wonders in your life.

How do you know you found your soulmate?

The quest for a soulmate can be an unpredictable process. However, intuition is a very powerful tool when it comes to recognizing one’s soulmate.

When it’s over, you’ll know you’ve found your soulmate. When you feel as though you’ve been transported to a peaceful place where everything is right in the world – a place that feels entirely right for you.

You might have a hard time articulating exactly what it is that makes this person a “special person or my soulmate,” but if you ask yourself the following questions, chances are they will help you figure out whether you found your soulmate or not.

What do I like about this person? 

Does this person make me laugh? 

Is there something about him/her that I cannot stand? 

Have I shared with him/her my hopes and dreams? 

Have we ever had the opportunity to talk about our families and childhoods? 

What do we talk about more than anything else?

Have we had any arguments? 

Do we always agree on the things we value the most? 

Do we have the same view of life, especially love and relationships? 

Do I find myself constantly thinking about this person or obsessing over him/her? 

Are there certain things he/she does that make me go weak at the knees? 

Am I constantly thinking of how to please him/her in some way?

If your answers to these questions are “Yes” or “Maybe,” then it is likely that you found your soulmate.

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Recognizing soulmate energy

Recognizing soulmate energy is neither a coincidence nor easy. It requires a high amount of self-awareness, empathy, and the ability to sync with cosmic forces. 

The unification of soulmates represents the eternal connection between a human being and another human being, regardless of gender or age.

There is an unexplainable similar force of energy, vibrations, and spiritual frequency of the law of attraction involved in the soulmate’s connection.

The two entities meet in life and have a continuous, unending bond. This bond is stronger than any other bond known to a human.

And it creates a special connection between two people in that they will always view each other with deep love and respect, even when they differ significantly in age and appearance.

 If you both help each other grow and develop personally and as a person. Then you’ve found your soulmate.

How to know if your soulmate is looking for you?

There is no direct evidence to show that your soulmate is looking for you.

However, sometimes in our life, we receive soulmate signs from the universe that confirms something or someone is thinking of us, missing us, and looking for us. And these signs are,

It could be an intuition, 

a feeling triggered by a person we trust, 

Soulmate dreams or even rare visual events. 

spiritual synchronicities

Soulmate signs from the universe.

When the signal is revealed and you feel an equal sense of euphoria. Both are filled with contentment and gladness that they have understood and been validated by the universe.

The key is to act upon the information you received – consciously or unconsciously – and reflect as soon as possible.

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Signs you found your soulmate.

signs you found your soulmate How to find your soulmate? (Your intuitive and 10 steps practical guide)

Finding love isn’t easy, and it’s even more difficult if you’ve been through a divorce or break-up.

Whether you’re looking to start a relationship or trying to rekindle the flames of an old flame, it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’ve found the right person.

Here are 7 soulmate signs, the signs you’ve found your soulmate.

1. A feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

2. A sense of calmness and peace.

3. Feeling of belongingness.

4. A sense of being complete.

5. You experience spiritual, psychic, and soulmate connection.

6. you feel a sense of freedom and met your destiny.

7. Innate attraction, mutual understanding and goals, trust, loyalty, empathy, acceptance, and respect for each other.

Final thoughts:

The key is to find your soulmate or your true love or someone who is compatible with you not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and financially.

A soulmate is someone you can’t live without. Someone who brings out your good qualities and encourages you to be your best self.

Someone who makes you feel special, no matter what. Someone who understands you.

You can meet your soulmate in a variety of ways. You might see him or her when you least expect it.

It might be at a party, in a yoga class, or walking your dog. You might meet someone online at first, but if he or she isn’t compatible with you, just move on.

Your soulmate might be a little shy, but don’t let that stop you. Shy people often have more going on inside. They are just more reserved about it. Remember: your soulmate is out there. You just have to be patient.

Ultimately, finding a soulmate is about doing what makes you happy. Don’t be in a rush. Rushing into things only sets you up for disappointment.

Give yourself time, but don’t get too comfortable. Keep your mind open to possibilities. Maybe your soulmate isn’t right under your nose. Maybe he or she is on a distant continent. But eventually, you will probably meet him or her.

Once you do, you’ll know. You will know in your heart. And when that happens, you’ll realize that your soulmate’s presence in your life is worth every second of the wait.


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