How to deal with grief? Follow these 5 unique remedies.


How to deal with grief?

Once a person approached me and asked, do I know one word that describes the most emotional painful feeling of human life?

I seized the time, memorized my past, my heart turned blue in pain to deal with grief for a couple of moments. However, I responded to her with my honest opinion of two words, not just one because the context of the words sound differ, but they describe similar depth of pain, they are “Regret and Guilt.” 

I chose especially those particular words as they are independently dependent on individual’s personal choices not on external factors. The choices we make personally impacts directly with such an intense that we never recover from them and take much longer to deal with them, when compares to things which are not in our control.

Are there any other words that deal with grief?

There is also another word, “Loss”. But it is the life’s most painful tragedy. It is inevitable and nothing can be done other than accepting it slowly to deal with grief. 

They are also few words, but they are entirely in the hands of people. We cannot do anything yet pray to fate not to hurt us by breaking our gentle heart.

After listening my words, she struggled to breathe, I felt the bitterness and pain in her eyes fighting really hard to deal with grief which nature caused to her.

For some people life is really hard, it is not because they choose it, but it is just their souls are deeply attached to everything they feel worthy for them.

Once if they are attached extremely, it is almost impossible for them to detach from anything. Often, these people are called emotional empaths. These highly sensible personalities feel the world in detail. These complex beings expect nothing from the world other than kindness, love and peace.

Life doesn’t work same for all…

Yes, Life doesn’t work same for all, no matter how hard one tries to follow someone’s footsteps unless they are completely aware of themselves. One has to discover their own thing and work hard to create a meaning in order to deal with grief.

Life is truly hard, as time flows we get used to it, some people forget the past and keeps move on. Some move on with heaviness of the past carrying it in their hearts for lifetime, that’s alright life doesn’t work similar to all, each one of our births varies, surroundings varies, situations varies, experiences varies, we don’t perceive life in similar to other, and we don’t process the life with same phase.

However, one thing is sure for all, “problems.”  They are interlinked and resonate with one another. That’s what makes life is beautiful. It makes us feel, we are not the only one on this earth who are going through hard times. Everyone deals with their own grief and changes at certain moment in their lives, and they never be the same again.

Time gives answers to all of our problems. As we listen to life with an absolute conscience, it responds to us with its ultimate wisdom.

The only way to deal with grief is to become strong

The key to getting answers to all of our problems is by gaining strength. Though you may think why is it so important to become strong when you have another way if people learn to treat each other with kindness, love and peace world finally achieve its harmony. Right?

Yes, everyone’s goal is to live in peace, happy, without any pain caused by people. However, it is not always about people, there are few external circumstances that not in our control. Some sudden tragedies, accidental catastrophes can cause a lot of damage to our life. 

You have to be ready for them, you need to train your mind, body and soul to withstand by the storms caused by yourself within you and not to go away with it. You need to survive with or without the influence of the outer world by creating inner peace.

Are there any remedies to deal with grief and to start over?

To Some extent, each one of our problems are connects to the only one core value. However, the pain differs, the wider the soul the more pain it feels. The more you allow it, the deeper it gets to deal with grief. So, you need to learn to let go if you really want to be free.

If you are hitting your head how to deal with grief. I share a list of remedies to get over pain and change you to inspire the world.  Follow these steps to deal with grief will surely make a difference.

5 Ways to deal with grief

1) Heal yourself with all the love you ever possess.

Begin by healing yourself because if your heart is not clean, if your intentions are not pure and if your soul is not empty you can’t expect the world to be the way you want. As you are, the world will be.

Firstly, treat your physical health to be wealthy, then make sure your mind and emotions to be in control if they are showing any abusive properties like hurting yourself physically or mentally, be wise enough to retreat all your senses by coming into consciousness and remind yourself that you are a fully grown human. Just respect yourself and don’t bring shame to your existence.


2) Forgive everything that ever existed.

Besides healing yourself forgiving is the act of kindness. Don’t be too cold because that would become another regret in your life, don’t be too hard on yourself or to the surrounding people. The world is truly a beautiful place you will never ever get a life like this even if there are any possible certain lifetimes.

Forgive yourself if your life has not been the way you wanted it to be and forgive everyone for everything. It’s no one’s fault, in the first place it is our choices and expectations results in huge disappointments.

 That’s perfectly all right you have life and you did experiments with it by deciding the life you desire. What was right at some instant may change at another moment. Life is constant change but you have to learn from it use the lessons for your growth there is no other way, other than following your instincts. It is always worthy by trying, testing and experimenting with what you got, Finally the consequences would be “lessons and revelations.” The right way is to listen to your gut, take actions and just evolve.

3) Craft your uniqueness to inspire the world

Even if there are endless similarities within the humans from internal self to the external world but one single uniqueness that you possess makes you an entirely different person, you can create your life much more interesting than the way it is right now and attract the whole world towards you with your magical soul.

In the end, although everything and everyone leaves, you will have the one reason to live and cherish the life, that is the gift you have created for your own. Nothing makes you feel alive other than your self-endurance. So, I hope you found your reason to live happily ever after.

4) Advance your purpose in awareness.

Life’s goal is to keep you humane, make you wise, discover your expression and create your impression on the hearts of this beautiful creation.

Life evolves as stages, if one phase completes go to the past, analyze your evolution, gather all the wisdom from your pain and experience, transcend them into create a new purpose.

Once if you are completely in awareness, you will know how to think, what to do, why to choose, when to act, where you reach and most importantly you will know who you are.

Create your life with the lives of this world, don’t hold on to anything, don’t be victim, don’t wait for sympathy or help of angels. It’s your life, be responsible, wake up and bleed. The only way to shine is to raise with hardships.

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5) Devote your life to help this world.

Your soul should fill the void of this world. It adds great value to your life and becomes much meaningful.

When you have arrived at the destiny of creating your meaning in a few possible ways, you have nothing to do other than giving your precious life lessons to the passionate world.

Accept whoever seeks your help. When they approach you, it represents respect and shows they admire your aspirations. Reach wherever you can to share love, kindness and help them to be themselves and inspire every mind with your creativity. Finally, the world will return your favour even if you expect nothing.

Watch this video to know more about how to deal with grief after a loss?


If you change your life, the world will change by itself for you. That’s the power of an individual. Never give reasons of past and fears of the future. All you need is to create a righteous mind and courage to evolve into the unknown. The honour you earn at the end is unfathomably priceless.

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How to deal with grief? Follow these 5 unique remedies.

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