How to be friends with benefits without catching feelings? (7 Tips)

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How to start a friends with benefits relationship? How to be friends with benefits without catching feelings? How to end a friends with benefits relationship? Is a FWB right for you? It’s time to understand all about friends with benefits, so you can make smarter decisions for your personal relationships.

Friends with benefits has become an increasingly popular phrase in recent years, as people continue to discover innovative (and sometimes inventive) ways of dealing with their complex social lives.

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From a purely objective perspective, it’s fair to say that a friends with benefits situation is usually far less complicated than more traditional romantic partnerships. Because these sort of relationships tend not to be extremely serious, both parties are able to enter into them freely and play by different rules – rules that suit their dynamic best.


How To Start A Friends With Benefits Relationship: A Step-By-Step Guide

how to start a friends with benefits relationship How to be friends with benefits without catching feelings? (7 Tips)

Friends with benefits relationships can be tricky, but they don’t have to be! All you need is a bit of understanding and know-how, which is why I’ve written up a step-by-step guide on how to be friends with benefits. Follow my guidelines below.

1. Figure out what you want from an FWB:

First things first, take some time to figure out what exactly you want from an FWB relationship . Do you want something more serious? Something more casual? Do you only want physical intimacy? These are all valid questions that need to be answered before starting any type of FWBs situation.

2. Discuss expectations:

Obviously, after coming up with a clear idea of what both parties are looking for in an FWB arrangement , there must now be a discussion about whether or not everyone has similar expectations . Again, don’t forget to be very honest with each other.

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3. Have safe s#x:

This part goes without saying; make sure your s#xual activity is safe and consensual by using protection whenever appropriate.

4. Don’t lead anyone on:

One thing that people seem to forget when entering into a FWBs situation is leading someone on. You may think they’re okay with an open arrangement and you may also enjoy their company outside of bed too.

However, what happens when those feelings start becoming more romantic than friendship ? Suddenly, you find yourself caught off guard because your partner actually expects something more from you than just purely companionship.

Unfortunately, many people who found themselves in these positions end up getting hurt which is why it’s important to tell someone clearly and upfront about where you stand so there aren’t any misunderstandings down the road.

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5. Talk about STD/STI status:

Okay, obviously we’re trying to keep each other safe by having safe s#x during our friends with benefits arrangement, but another important element of keeping ourselves healthy is making sure our STI status is clean.

Whenever you are s#xually active with a new person – especially ones whose STD/STI history isn’t known – make sure you always talk about your STI status before anything s#xual occurs.

For example, ask your partner if they would be comfortable being tested for STIs/STD together or at least use a cond#m every single time even if there hasn’t been any talk about tests yet. 

Also note that different STIs require different testing periods so make sure to understand these timescales and advise your friend accordingly.

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6. Stop if either of you gets jealous:

Jealousy is a strong emotion that runs deeply within us. Sometimes, it’s hard to control. Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing that could be done to quell its flames. We simply cannot help feeling jealous and that’s totally okay.

However, what isn’t okay is allowing jealousy to destroy your friend with benefits relationship. In fact, stop immediately if you ever feel jealous over your friend with benefits.

Just remember that you made an agreement beforehand and stick to it no matter what – at least until you cool off and rethink things more rationally.

7. Stop if either of you starts developing romantic feelings:

Well, it is a situation in which two friends share romance in their relationship without expecting any commitments or monogamy from each other.

Although friendships with benefits are not for everybody, for those willing to try it, it is a great way to experience s#x and intimacy without giving up on your freedom.

Unlike regular partners, friends with benefits don’t demand exclusivity from each other and agree that both of them can date multiple partners at once.

The beauty of such relationship is that you don’t need to bear things you don’t like about your partner including infidelity and possessiveness as you won’t be having any attachments to each other.

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How to be friends with benefits without catching feelings?

how to be in a friends with benefits relationship without catching feelings How to be friends with benefits without catching feelings? (7 Tips)

Friends with benefits relationships do not involve any commitment, therefore no jealousy and they are risk free. Friends with benefits relationship is an arrangement that involves two persons who share s#xual intimacy while maintaining their independence.

Since they are no strings attached, both can indulge in a stress free situation filled with fun and frolic.

The best part of being in a friends with benefits relationship is that you can have s#x anytime you feel like it.

Healthy relationships are based on a foundation of trust, friendship and mutual respect. We have people in our lives we call friends with benefits, who can talk to us about anything and everything under any circumstances.

They aren’t lovers but you like them as people for their outgoing nature, personality, loyalty etc… whom you can consider yourself comfortable enough to be naked around them or hold hands with them.

In most cases it is more of a friendship that can turn physical when both feel attracted to each other and want to get s#xual pleasure from each other’s company for no particular reason but that of enjoying their companionship.

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Here are few tips on how to be friends with benefits without catching feelings and emotional attachment.

 1 . First things first: do yourself a favor and pick someone who makes you happy. The main point of having an FFB is to benefit from each other in some way or another. You wouldn’t want to waste your time with someone you dislike, would you?

2 . Make sure that both parties are comfortable with what they’re getting into before making any moves whatsoever.

Are either of you interested in a relationship down the road?

How many FWBs will there be per person?

When will s#x happen? Will it ever happen?

Do either of you mind going out together in public?

What are your feelings towards PDA ?

These are all questions that both parties must agree upon before anything else takes place.

3. Know your boundaries. This is arguably one of the most important parts of starting an FWB – especially because emotions can start taking over.

For example, while some people may not care whether their FWBs go see other people, others might be very sensitive about that sort of thing. No matter what type of person you are, make sure you know exactly where your limits lie so that no surprises come along later on.

4. Go ahead and get busy! Have fun together! Just make sure that everyone stays safe, using protection wherever necessary and making sure that everyone’s comfortable with everything beforehand.

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5. ENJOY YOURSELF! Once again, FWBs aren’t something to be taken too seriously; they’re supposed to be casual fun times between two consenting adults.

Don’t stress yourself out by worrying too much about everything – just remember to keep your head level and enjoy yourself! If you found these steps useful, please share them with your friends and family – after all, telling others what you learned can only improve their lives as well! 

Final thoughts:

 In conclusion Remember that FWBs are casual relationships – they’re not supposed to be serious or emotionally binding. They don’t have to ruin your friendship either; many of my friends actually have FWBs, and I can promise you that it’s never ruined our friendships.

So even if your partner does something that you didn’t like or didn’t find enjoyable – just remember, there are many other fish in the sea.

Don’t take a fling too seriously because it won’t make you happy in any way, shape or form. Instead, focus on developing healthy relationship habits so that when you do meet someone special one day, your first date will go well.

However, if none of these reasons seem like a big deal for you then go ahead and enjoy yourself!

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