How to find your passion? Here are 10 ways to discover yourself.

Discovering the purpose of life

We are all same with our own differences, living in a world full of love and misery. Experiencing the mixture of emotions from heaven to hell and dwelling in our own barren heads, in the urge to become better, from version to version; to alter our perception and change the concept of life in person or as a person of value to add meaning to this life.

Without any awareness much about what’s happening, we are torturing our thoughts. We feel something is not right — We feel everything is suffering — And somehow we feel nothing is at peace.

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When we close our eyes and look inwards, there is a world that is evolving in an inexplicable dimension with a wondrous wonder, marvellous marvel. And when we open the same eyes and look around us, there is another world that is fading away with lightning speed in terms of being and in its time. 

We are lost beings in this vast cosmos. We do not know what the true purpose is!  We do not know where our paths lead to. Neither we are aware of our destiny nor fate of it. But one thing we are sure of — that we are heading straight to the grave. Perhaps, that is life and the purpose behind everything. 

Having said that, If we perceive so deep beyond these recurring thoughts; there is a hidden message — The pattern that connects everything with everything else from its randomness. 

It says — This is not the end, there is more to life and that is to dream while we live. It says — I need to find my passion before I die. I need to learn to fly soon after I master the art of walking. It says –. Run and run to chase your dreams until you fly high in the sky and reach all the heavens above.


How to find your passion?

Perhaps, we are all different with similar features in the search of our own individuality.

If you perceived it or not; If not, just take a moment for yourself and leap into the memories of back in the time and begin to analyze from past to present. You will begin to notice that some dots are connected, leaving the rest of infinite space to its lonely fate. But using that connected dots, creating a path that makes sense to none but just to yourself. 

If it made sense to you, now you understood, without recognizing we are reflecting our inner worlds. Though, we are in a war with ourselves; Without realizing we are becoming what we ought to be. Thus, after all, we become what our spirit desires or dreams.

But the difficult task is to connect those dots and fashion a pattern that creates meaning to our lives. The life we live directly or indirectly relates to the choices we make. Out of infinite possibilities we just choose only that can be accessed in the limited space of our consciousness.

Which tends to appear to benefit us at that particular time and the level of understanding; and the experience that we possess. Sometimes with no concern on external affairs and the incentives they offer, we make choices, decisions and do our duty just as per our core values, morals and virtues to satisfy our inner ghost and to be in peace with it.

However, as an exception, some of us were consumed by social norms. Who stuck to the principles and rules set by others that do not match their personality. that’s where they are punishing themselves by abandoning their inner voices.  That’s how one’s dreams and passions die before its birth. 

Thereafter, they search for meaning that they will never find in their lifetime — By following someone else’s voices.  It is just the result of a lack of self-awareness or fear or tainted by cupidity or based on their circumstances. They will face their own fate if they go against their wit and will of faith.

Otherwise, If you go with the voice of your head, heart and pay attention to the guidance of your higher self — You will prosper with wellness and continue with your purpose. 

No matter, whatever it takes. Because that is what your fate. You are your destiny. If you figure it out as soon as possible your quest will end and the suffering will leave its origin.

The main thing is in discovering one’s potential, before taking the risk for life. To find one’s own weaknesses and strengths, and honing their skills are as important as just daydreaming and wishful thinking.

The successful personalities in the history and at the current time — Whoever became what they are didn’t choose what they wish to become; instead, they just discovered who they were already in their blood and followed it with persistence by self-educating themselves. 

The artist will become an art and the lover will become the symbol of love itself. This process is natural when one understands oneself.

That said, if you have curiosity, passion and the persistence to achieve your dreams, you can create anything out of anything. But if you are looking for something simple yet profound — An everlasting fulfillment. Then it is time to discover yourself.

How to find your passion? Reassure and bring clarity to your thoughts if you already found your dream work or the perfect job to your ideal self. 


10 signs that you discovered yourself and found your why

  • You have the natural and innate ability to communicate your message in this field of work.
  • Your perspective is unique and powerful.
  • You feel you are serving people with your utmost gift.
  • Your quest for meaning ends with this purpose.
  • You care, learn and evolve with itself.
  • You have no regrets or remorse in doing what you do.
  • Every moment you feel this is your true passion and purpose.
  • You feel more comfortable than any other work and you will never get tired of doing.
  • It will drive your life with love, happiness and you feel more fulfilment than anything.
  • It will help you to make a living and earn money in the most satisfying way as possible and you feel it is the only righteous way to do it.

Cheers! If you matched all these signs then you discovered your true passion and purpose of your life.

Final Thoughts:  how difficult it may be to find one’s passion, to aim for success and to overcome failures, a person with a long vision, a good intention and personality to manage any adversity and the will to take the risk when the time comes; These qualities in him will surely find his way to the end of his dream. In the way, he will be rewarded by wisdom for his patience, compassion and the ability to persist to improve himself and make the world a better place to live.

Add your precious thoughts in the comments. Share the message to your loved ones, if you can, I would be happy for contributing your love.

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