How to improve life to create a better future?


If you are dreaming to make your future better and thinking how to improve life? Slow down to your “Instinctual pace.” 

Because the problem of being fast is – We miss the opportunity to bide the beauty of life to its utmost. And the uttermost life lies in the least possible things in its simplest existence. – Naked, pure, gentle and still. 

If you wonder what is instinctual pace! – Instinctual pace (Instinct – unconscious state) is the innate processing rate of one’s ability to think. 

By active attention to one’s own thoughts and surroundings, it helps us to acquire our unique intuition (Intuition – subconscious state) to develop awareness. 

And give insights radically (Insight – conscious state) about any event happening within our limited consciousness.

With that intelligence and realization we become fully aware of what to do at which time, how to act at what pace and so on. 

In such a way it creates patterns for reference and helps to organize our thinking process methodically or holistically based on one’s personality.

That said, the best solutions comes from the most important questions that matter in all aspects of life and applies universally. And It is only possible by thinking better.

At some point in our experience – we all ask ourselves many important questions that we truly value to our cores. Out of them one essential question is –

How to think?

Honestly, to answer that quest – No one can teach anyone how to think, especially how to think better? It is entirely subjected to one’s own psychological and external experiences – which made them who they are today.

“ ‘Everyone thinks’ because it is inherited and unconscious process. However, not many know how to think. That is why, we often prone to suffer.” 

That’s a major challenge almost all of us are facing today. We fail in how to master thinking. Because, we are successful in ignoring the things that matter the most. 

The truth is, we can’t avoid life. If you notice clearly, everything that is happening to us right now – Only in the aim to make us to think, learn, evolve in awareness and achieve consciousness. 

Therefore, “At first, try to seek how to think. The later will follow the owner of its fate.”

However, that’s not the end of it. Anyone can change for better, think to improve and become best at anything, only if they determined to act so.

Perhaps, no one can teach anyone how to think or act. But one can teach to oneself and change his situation, when he is aware of what’s happening in and out. 

One reaches that conscious state, knows how to think and becomes better at thinking only by “self-realization.”

And It requires your complete life and attention and work to develop that self-realization or establish that amount of self-awareness.

When we achieve self-realization, our own intuition guides us to solve the most unanswered questions or difficulties. And helps us to improve our life. 

How to improve life?

The moment one improves the perception on one’s own life, the world begins to change for better. Life appears better by thinking better, by developing a great vision and with the aim of how to create better future that elevate one’s and other’s standard of living with full fledged efforts.

How to make better future that change one’s own life, others and the world?

By making better life choices and good decisions.

How to make good decisions and better life choices?

By understanding the difference between making a choice and a decision. And acting as per the goals of that particular situation as well as to meet the specified expectations of any dream or vision.


However, to improve our life, as It demands our entire energies to receive that self-consciousness.  But we often tend to ignore the reciprocity of the universal connection. And instead shift our pivotal senses to seek the universal validation. 

That’s where the whole perception misleading the purpose of our time and its timing, creating a noise and becoming the source for the unproductive chaos.

Fundamentally, we were created to discover the life out of us. And recreate the definitions of each entity to improve the status of existed calamities for better and exhibit more creatively.

Nonetheless, any aimless fear compels us to create endless fallacies inside our heads. Due to that we tend to withdraw ourselves from taking the right decisions. And find the safety to be secured inside our little world.

Therefore, end up in imitating the nature and put hold to the possibilities of the possibility. 

The problem with our minds is – we seek comfort in the easy things. And the reason for such otiosity is, we fail to acknowledge that – 

“Everything becomes simple, when we know how to organize the complexity within us.” And understand how to make use of the resources in the most efficient way as possible.   

Having said that, despite all the ignorance and diffidence, more often you need to remind yourself – How tough the situation might be! You should not betray your goals. Never be afraid to make mistakes, realize your dream. Your life is your making. 

If you lost your way to – how to improve life and make it better, do not rush. Be slow, move on your own pace by considering the consequences. Think less, but feel and act more. Be conscious with healthy habits.

Healthy routines help you to be productive and make you better at any profession for long term.

However, it’s not about the longevity. But the level of involvement we keep in, makes us to become better and best at what we do.

If you involved with life, you wouldn’t even realize how far you have reached within the less span. Because when you focus on improving your life, you wouldn’t bother to compare or judge anyone. 

Even if you believed that you started with slow pace. Over time, you would create your own life race for yourself. And you wouldn’t even mind the duration. 

Because the experiences and the personal achievements  makes your journey memorable. And these are the true signs of improved life, a matured life.

 Therefore, If you genuinely want to improve your life and make it better forever – The most powerful secret and a simple truth to live the dream of peaceful, joyous and harmonious life is to balance your existence spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.


 Embrace each second, minute, hour and each significant moment of your beautiful journey. 

If you feel, you do not have time in your life for yourself, borrow it from the nature. But do not put yourself down. Feel good from your depths. “After all, it is life. We all need to feel good.” 

Set a mindset that suits your pace. Do not skip any page from the book of life. Mount every height, mark each substance, run in the lows, walk in the plains. Hold when you feel tired, listen to the echos of the hearts and calculate the function of your biology. And reset your life whenever you think and feel it is necessary.

Don’t force anything, be still, be calm and occupied. Let your silence scream and flow with the content of life.

Watch the flowers bloom and water your soul. Be with yourself or with the person who makes you feel, he is home and build an empire. 

Watch your children grow old and foresee yourself in your desired destiny and act period. Every breath is a novel opportunity to create a better’ better. And eventually, “You become what you make use of yourself.”

You become what you make use of yourself.

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How to improve life to create a better future?

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