Sensible solutions to overcome different types of fears

Fear is born from the thought. The thought can be influenced by real threats or merely illusional moments of uncertainty.

Whatever the source of the fear might be, Life will be much easier when we resist adding extra burdens to the existing ones. That can be achieved completely through one’s mindset.

That said, let’s figure out how to fight our most common and unusual fears.

How to overcome fear?

Generally, the best way to overcome any type of fear is to understand where it is coming from.

Once you know the source, reflect on it. If it is a real, sudden and physical threat – act upon your instincts to defend yourself bearing in mind the respective consequences. 

Otherwise, if the fear is merely a thought of uncertainty. Let yourself allow to be free from your own thoughts and see the situation from multiple angles and speculate it as a distant observer.

Then you will be able to see the problem as it is rather than the way you imagined it should be. 

Now, advise yourself the same way you help your closest friend when he or she seeks your advice. 

The other way to solve your issue is – if you know any person who is best at solving problems. Put yourself in his shoes and reflect on what that person might do if he or she is in the same position you are in.

These approaches will lead you to overcome not only your fears but any hardships in your life.

How to overcome the fear of abandonment?

To answer this, the first question you should ask yourself – why would someone abandon you without any reason?

A person is who (s)he is as an individual, irrespective of the thought, movement and situation. A healthy minded person knows the value of relationships.

If he is the right person, he will know you inside out. If he doesn’t know, yet loves you, as you are.

Still, he is the perfect match as he accepts you as a person and understands that everyone deserves to be loved without any reason.

However, if he leaves either he has some issues with himself or else something is wrong with you.

We all have fears and insecurities. We need to accept and allow the hurt to evolve into better human beings, instead of worrying about how to overcome a fear of abandonment and any other fears.

If both are passionately, truly, and equally into each other with the same amount of courage to deal with the problems – no matter what, they stick with each other every time and until last.

Nonetheless, sometimes two individuals are perfect for each other.

Everything is good in every aspect in terms of their mutual understanding and connection.

Yet, due to some tragic circumstances, they ought to abandon each other. To bear such loss is something you should suffer for a bit and move on eventually.

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