How to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back? (14 ways)

By: Naveen B

How to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back?

Love can be very powerful thing. Love can also be quite complicated, especially when you are in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you.

No matter how much you care for them or how hard it is for you to accept that they don’t return your feelings.

There are still things that you need to keep in mind if you want to keep your friendship intact. Here are some ways on how to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

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14 Ways to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you.

how to stop loving someone who doesnt love you How to stop loving someone who doesn't love you back? (14 ways)

1. Understand that it is not your fault:

You may feel like you did something wrong or that there is something inherently wrong with you, but in reality it is not your fault at all.

True love cannot be forced and feelings cannot be created out of thin air just because another person wants them to be there.

The best thing you can do in a situation like this is acknowledge that it wasn’t a mistake and accept reality.

If he or she doesn’t love you back, then nothing can change that fact. It’s okay for you to still have feelings for them, but at some point you need to understand that those feelings will never be returned.

Accepting the truth even if it’s painful sometimes is one of life’s most important lessons; however, once accepted, you’ll also understand that they’re no longer yours to hold on to.

Love is supposed to make people happy when reciprocated; when it doesn’t work out like that, there really isn’t any point in pining after an impossibility anymore. 

2. Don’t let feelings keep you from moving on:

The thing about unrequited love is that it can be extremely painful. As humans, we naturally want to be loved and when we aren’t even though we’ve tried so hard, it really hurts.

But no matter how much you want them or feel like you need them in your life, there isn’t any point in remaining in contact with him or her unless they are an absolute necessity for some reason (like work-related purposes).

Letting go doesn’t mean that you’ve accepted your situation; it just means that you’re finally starting to move on despite how difficult it may seem at first because nothing hurts worse than trying to keep something alive while knowing deep down inside that there’s nothing left anymore.

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3. Be careful not to let feelings blind you:

Even if you’re busy getting over him or her, there is still a good chance that you might run into them at some point.

Unless it’s unavoidable (and even then), try your best not to socialize with him or her as much as possible because no matter how hard you try, they will most likely affect your mood in some way even if it’s just for a brief moment.

That’s why it’s important that you limit your contact with them as much as possible; otherwise, they may cause more harm than good in your life. You’ll never be able to fully move on unless you learn how to set firm boundaries and stick by them no matter what happens along the way.

Because of your feelings, making these kinds of decisions may seem difficult but whether you like it or not, they are necessary for moving forward.

As time goes on, those memories will slowly fade away until all that’s left are empty spaces where pictures once hung on walls and empty places where smiles once used to lie.

While love can hurt sometimes when one party doesn’t feel the same way about another person, eventually those wounds will heal given enough time…or maybe even without enough time.

In any case though always remember that time is a healer of pain – one of life’s truest lessons about which very few people ever get wrong somehow!

4. Know that it’s okay if you still love them:

Even though you should never try to seek out your ex after he or she has rejected you, there is no harm in occasionally thinking about him or her – at least for a little while. Love always deserves some thought, even if it’s only every now and then.

However, too much reminiscing can be damaging; that’s why setting healthy boundaries is so important here.

The truth is that love will always affect our lives one way or another, which means it’s important not to deny what we feel even if he or she doesn’t reciprocate those feelings anymore because by doing so we would be denying part of who we are as human beings.

At any rate, it’s certainly fine to think about love from time to time. In fact, sometimes people fall back in love with an old flame right when they think they’ve moved on from their former partner! So let yourself have these thoughts.

5. Don’t let others make you feel guilty:

It is important not to allow others’ opinions and comments about your situation to affect you because everyone is entitled to their own opinion and frankly, other people’s thoughts really don’t matter all that much when it comes down to it.

What matters more here is how you see yourself, which means being true to who you are by being honest with yourself about your feelings instead of keeping up appearances for other people’s sake.

If anyone tries to tell you otherwise or tries convincing you that there’s a right way or a wrong way in dealing with love, just remember that while some aspects of life will be difficult no matter what happens, accepting reality can help alleviate stress and help us move forward even if we aren’t ready yet!

6. Don’t let your self-esteem get destroyed:

It is very common for people to lose their sense of identity after a breakup, especially when it comes from a person they were really in love with at one point in time.

It’s also normal to think less of yourself and even blame yourself for any trouble that might have arisen during your relationship, no matter how much you loved him or her – and ultimately it is okay not be okay. 

The important thing here is learning how to take better care of yourself so that you can deal with these difficult feelings in a more productive way moving forward.

You can do that by making sure that you learn how to effectively cope with these emotions and feelings because that will prevent you from letting them overwhelm your life and keep your sense of identity intact.

7. Stay away from all things that remind you of your ex:

This is by far one of the most important pieces of advice because even if you don’t want to continue feeling like you’ve lost them, there are certain things about their life that will always be a part of yours – even if it’s hard for you not to see it at first.

That means avoiding his or her social media account; it means deleting his or her number from your phone and erasing any pictures together from your phone as well, so on and so forth.

8. Don’t try hard to forget your ex:

Even if you want nothing more than for him or her to completely leave your mind, it’s important not to try too hard at forcing yourself since that can lead you down a dangerous path where thoughts of how much you miss him or her can intensify and drive you mad.

Instead, it is vital that you learn how to properly cope with these feelings instead because trying too hard might end up hurting both of you in ways that neither of you were expecting.

While there are no guarantees here, embracing what you’re feeling could be beneficial in helping you move forward faster – plus there are other things like working out (to relieve stress) or attending therapy (if needed) can be great options when it comes to coping in productive ways. So give them all a try; they work wonders! 

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9. Remember why things didn’t work out in the first place:

It is critical that you remind yourself about everything he or she did wrong when it came to building your relationship together.

To be clear, it’s not that you’re doing any of these things now – no one’s perfect! Instead, it’s just helpful for both of you if you consider why there were problems at one point in time so they don’t happen again if either of you ever start dating again in the future.

Take some time to think back on what went wrong so when something similar happens with someone else in the future, chances are good that you won’t let them get too close because there will always be parts of their life where they will inevitably fail in terms of romance – and knowing exactly how someone fails before getting too attached can help prevent more pain from being caused later on.

10. Understand that you’ll always love them:

Let’s be real here; breakups are hard and there’s no way you can go through them without feeling like your heart is being ripped out of your chest.

While it may not be easy, do try to understand that you will never truly stop loving him or her since your feelings toward him or her are an extension of how he or she made you feel during your relationship together.

However, even though you’ll never forget how he or she treated you romantically – nor should you! – it is vital that you understand that while your past mistakes can define who they are today, they don’t have to define who either of you might become in future relationships.

If anything, looking back on all these mistakes could help both of you make better decisions moving forward instead because while some things may have worked in one relationship, others might fail miserably when tried again in another romantic situation – at least if things don’t work out with his new partner.

11. You’ll never replace them:

While your ex might still be on your mind, it is vital that you understand that there is no way you can ever truly replace them because they are one of a kind.

That means even if you do find someone else who makes you feel exactly like he or she did at one point in time, they will always have a special place in your heart that only he or she could ever fill – and that’s okay.

So long as both of you are open with each other about where things stand, things should work out fine without any unnecessary pain being caused along the way. Hopefully that helps clear things up for you!

12. They are probably moving on by now anyway:

Even though it may not seem like it when thinking back about how wonderful your relationship used to be, chances are good that he or she has already moved on from their feelings toward you anyway.

It’s hard enough to build relationships once so chances are good that he or she won’t want anything more than friendship moving forward anyways since love isn’t easy to hold onto over time anyways. 

At least not without working extremely hard to make sure it’s all intact between both parties involved – which takes tons of effort to accomplish; something many people don’t want (or aren’t capable) of putting forth nowadays sadly enough

13. Be rational and move on:

Finally, remember that you need to accept all of your emotions moving forward. That includes happiness if you meet someone new or sadness because your former partner has moved on or whatever else might come up.

However, at no point during any of these feelings is it ever okay for you to act out against your former lover since no matter how hard things were with him or her in the past – they are still human beings worthy of respect just like anyone else.

So long as that is kept in mind, things should go over quite smoothly for everyone involved. 

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14. Realize there’s more than one special person out there:

While it may not seem like it when feeling heartbroken, never forget that you will fall in love again once your ex moves on. In fact, many people report falling in love at least two different times during their life; and if they’re lucky even three or four.

So long as you take all of what we said into consideration though – and remember how much work true love really is – then chances are good that things will go over fine no matter who comes along next in your life…at least until (or if) things go sour again.

Good luck and always keep in mind how amazing true love can be! You deserve happiness! Thank You.

Final thoughts: 

You can’t force yourself to fall out of love, but there are things you can do that might help you accept it. It’s never easy letting go of a love one, especially if it’s someone who broke your heart.

The problem with love is that it only happens when you least expect it, and there are no rules on how or why it happens. For all we know, love could be an illusion of our brain chemistry.

So who really knows what’s going on with us emotionally when we fall in love with someone? Sometimes people fall in and out of love over time without even realizing they’re doing so.

Other times people just wake up one day and realize that they don’t feel anything for their partner anymore. And still other times, people break up but continue living together because they feel stuck. 

These situations are confusing for both parties involved because no matter how hard either person tries to make their relationship work again after breaking up – it never seems to happen. That’s where your personal growth comes into play.

Whether you realize it or not, holding onto feelings of love for someone who doesn’t reciprocate those feelings back hurts both parties involved. The key is knowing whether you should move on completely from them or try once more to win them back.

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