5 Lessons to learn in life

How hard we try to escape from the depths of its unanswerable questions and the lessons to learn in life! It constantly reveals that there are more mysterious layers concealed in each of its profundity.

Once in a while we were bewitched by its unpredictable moves. Trapped in the loop of horrible dreams, feel like victims, lost in the unfamiliar worlds travelling as a lonely stranger having no clue what’s happening in and out. 

We are at extremes with our timeless thoughts, where nothing happens according to our will. Though we try our best to do anything with generosity to keep everything in its line. And everyone around us feel loved.

How come this slightest mind possess such terrible nightmares? How can a modest heart like this, drift away the essence of our inner sensitive beauty?

Regardless of the context, if we determined to riddle the events of our mind: 

Some questions help us to recognize the importance of hardships. Some depths lead us to find the righteous paths and some test us with its unbearable trials, until we realize that life is not that serious to dwell into the matters which are less considerable to fall forward.

However, If we are passionate enough to explore beyond our normal sight. To understand each circumstance that willing to teach us. And what unique lessons to learn in life that will reward us with its ultimate beauty. 

So that we transform our miserable state of mind into a beautiful journey which only access to unforgettable sweet memories.

Lessons to learn in life to become better version of our former selves

1. Stay low-key when everything against you and nothing favors you.

Life is fascinating and mysterious as well, with its own twists and turns. Just learn to be modest with each event of it. Everything will be settled down by itself, when you know how not to disturb your stillness and inner peace.

2. Know when to step back and when to proceed

Never be sad for the unusual hours. If you feel you are lost, step back to your normal state of mind.

Slow down as much as you can. You will get to a stage where you will not be influenced by any odd thoughts. Because the very pain will become your native place. And it will be the major source of our life lessons.

Life is a game of balance. We have to learn, when to withdraw and when to proceed. We need be cold at certain moments and for certain instances we need to be stubborn by accepting the fact that we are going to pass this trial and many others to come.

We also learn to be the weakness. Because weakness represent strength. It validates that we are humane, emotional beings that we empathize and care for others.

We need be warm and occupied by love. Weakness has the strength to carry the void and that makes us powerful. So be ready to face your life without any fear.

3. Stand alone to experience the life very closely.

Life becomes very challenging when you volunteer for your own survival. You blame no creature for the status of your existence. Be responsibility to the every choice you take and the actions you make.

When we are alone and stand for ourselves with a right mindset, we learn everything with a great clarity.

And achieve the ultimate purpose. No matter what the fate might planned for us, we feel like we control our own life by our own will. That’s the beauty of mind.

4. Realize that you are enough and no one is coming to save you.

You are the creator and destroyer of your life. Save your soul from the evil conspiracy of your thoughts.

Never take anything for granted. Life is uncertain but it can be lived profoundly when we have the courage to do whatever it takes to achieve our freedom.

Realize that you are enough and no one is coming to save you. You are the master of your life. You know your values.

No need to answer to anyone what happens inside your head. If you are aware the source of your suffering and how to heal the wounds with your own thoughts, you are enough.

 Pain transforms a weak person into strong and strong person into weak but both are for a good cause and that’s what makes us a better person.

5. Master self-discipline and focus on improving your self identity.

Work on realization. Be real, sincere and true to your own soul. “At first, try to seek how to think. The later will follow the owner of its fate.” 

The Goal is not only to become successful in financial terms or in material terms.

There is always a greater purpose for our unique spirit and that is to improve, learn, realize and become better than previous self to offer our blessed birth to the humanity and it should not stop until our last breath.

Curious to learn and act to evolve is the only goal that bring all together to our life and it is a great meaning that we set to our generation. So, never stop learning and keep evolving.

At first, try to seek how to think. The later will follow the owner of its fate.

Final thoughts on the lessons to learn in life:

These lessons are just minimal as we are nowhere near to the depths and mysteries. Often we feel heavy in our heart occupied by the content of life.

 Still, there is more to learn and much more to achieve. Breathe freely and remind that you are special enough to realize what’s happening to you, why it’s happening and what you are becoming along with it.

The more we cling on to the problems, they will be multiplied by the phenomenon of nature resulting in the unforgettable memories we forever will be lost in the abyss and really hard to be back to the original state.

Most of the problems in our life that we often fight with, not yet existed materially. And the most important lessons to learn in life are always yet to come. 

We humans are trapped in our own thoughts, beliefs and truths. Therefore, be careful how you make use of your mind to reach closer to your ultimate self. Live and breathe full breast. Soon, everything around you turns serene and as beautiful as your soul.

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