25 Important lessons in life to be learned before it’s too late


There are no finite life lessons in the path of uncertainty destinies. Purely the experiences, situations, circumstances, the vision and the pain of one’s own draws conclusion about the life.

The endless possibilities help us to understand the life in a broader picture, if we put our mind deep into it and consider every aspect of our breath, perhaps we never come to a definite answer.

Let the questions be questions and answers be answers.

Let the life be a life and leave it to the understanding level of one’s own mind.

If a person is passionate to learn and riddle the layers of this ambiguous path, even in the darkest times of his survival he finds a way to unfold the secrets of his dreams and the very life that he seeks to realize the destiny.

Being stated that, Life lessons learned from experiences is the only way for more maturity and wisdom. Life is truly an amazing journey to explore if we have the will to learn and patience to execute and seize the moments to evolve.

I have my own understanding and realization towards this beautiful journey so far. I would like to share the list of a few insights and the ultimate life lessons that I truly believe they hold timeless wisdom in them, and we cannot ignore any of their beginnings and endings.

5 Important life lessons learned the hard way.

Life lesson 1: Everything is personal

The most important life lesson is to “realize”. To realize inside and outside. And analyze that everything is personal.

Thoughts are personal, actions are personal, love is personal, and pain is personal. From life to death everything is personal.

We humans are complex beings occupied by everything, craved to be understood, desired to be pursued and recognized by the space of our hearts and the depths of our minds.

No matter how much we give, at the end everything will be less. There comes a time we look up to our own skin and seek our own solitude as no one understands us because life is lonely and very personal. That’s the beauty of it.

Life lesson 2: Life is emotional

The other ultimate life lesson our experiences teach us is “feelings”. The greatest strength of a person is to understand the feelings of one’s own and everything that surrounded by him.

“To feel everything is to be a true human.”  When we feel everything, though we can’t know everything, but we share the common thoughts and pain.

We know what not to hurt, whom not to choose, when to speak and when to be silent. When we feel we understand people, when we feel we care, we love, we give and accept.

Choosing to feel is to choose the life. Yes, it is difficult to consume the emotions but the choice of empathy is the nature of life to understand everything and that’s the beauty of it

Life lesson 3: Nothing is permanent

It is not easy to accept the certainty because it is the ‘truth’. And most truths are like daggers plunged right into the core of the heart. Out of many truths one of them is “Nothing is permanent”. This is the life lesson we realize in every stage of our life, if we are paying attention to each detail.

Nothing is permanent, the friends we choose, the love we love, the pain we go through, the life we experience.  “Like a dream this reality also turn into a memory” because everything is temporary, nothing is permanent and that’s the beauty of it.

Like a dream this reality also turns into a memory.

Naveen Bommakanti.

Life lesson 4: Connections bring meaning

If you ask me what the most important thing in this life is? Perhaps I would say one of the most importance thing in this life is “connection.”

Connection means understanding, connection means accepting, connection means allowing, loving, forgiving overall connection means realizing the life to its extremes.

Connections are the attractions to the similar souls, the dreams of our native homes, Connections bring meaning to our existence. It is the important lessons that hold true wisdom in it. That’s the beauty of it.

Life lesson 5: There is no end for anything

The one thing we long for is “unknown.” Searching for something that we are never sure of is the destiny of our life. That’s how life moves on and there is no end for anything. That’s the beauty of it.

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25 Important lessons in life to be learned before it’s too late

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  1. Best part of this article is :
    There are no finite lessons in the life of uncertainty destinies.

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