Love birds: An unusual common love story.

Love birds: An unusual common love story.

Last updated on November 15th, 2020 at 12:22 am

“Once upon a time, there was a woman. And there! His life started with a beautiful end.” – Unlike all love birds, there was an unusual gift behold the couple of such unique relevance. – They were made for each other as if love was named after them. – They lived as such there is no other life left to love with that depth and meaning. 

They were on every face of the earth, leaving their traces on the paths that none yet crossed. Carving their memories with each drop of their blood on every fragment they find. Lost in the abyss of love. Forgot the norms of life, immersed in the pleasures of connection. Tripping, tuning, and dancing in each other’s trance. 

As they were in love, in no time, the life passed soon, and they grew old. Their bodies were tired. He loved, she was loved. She loved and he was loved. They both loved each other as if there was no other trials on earth.

The day has come! In ecstasy, she asked, “My love, I want to go back in time. I want to live for eternity in the dream of your soothing love. 

In madness of love, with his remained few drops of blood, he inscribed on the heart of earth, “My beloved, you will never die. Because the time has no choice, when I am loving you.” 

As he has no time left. Yet, he began to release his final breath. But, she died, and he died too, and they both lived forever, in the names of “Seyyah” and “Janan” as the world discovered them in every substance of life by the traces they left on the earth – To love, be loved.

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