My mental health experience: The complete process of how to become mentally strong.

My mental health experience: The complete process of how to become mentally strong.

Last updated on March 25th, 2021 at 10:52 pm

Recently I realized, “I am a healthy-minded man.” 

I have to accept, It is not at all easy. The journey is weary and heavy to carry all the unearthly burdens in this well-caged yet free-spirited mind.

After battled a series of tragic events in my life, in order to come out of it, I rigorously practised certain healthy-mind habits. Which helped me to move on to this moment, and this moment continued to stay forever in the rest of my every moment. I am living now and here with absolute mindfulness as a happy human.

Today I will share my healthy mind experience in general terms. Hope they will change your life and will help you to create a better future.

Why you need not to become mentally strong?

Weakness is life’s blessing.

An exceptional case: If the world is really the safest place and predictable and if there is no such thing as suffering I would never choose to become strong. Because, more than strength, in weakness I see the real life. The gentleness, the love, and the whole concept of magical imagination or mysterious surrealism.


Let’s face the reality.

The art of living is truly the most sensitive process: In this journey, there are moments we need to be who we truly are. And there are moments we really need to perform. This is my comprehensive definition of the whole life process.

The times in which we behave with our authentic self is mostly aligned with our weaknesses, That’s why we become more vulnerable with the people we love. Because they understand and we can rely on them.

The definition of Weakness: “The vulnerable representation of one’s true nature.”

It is easy to be who we are, near the people who are like us. If those people are in our surroundings it’s a stroke of luck. otherwise, to find them is really time-consuming and exhausting or long-suffering.

However, if we discover them anyhow, then the question of how to become mentally strong is never an option or a choice for the rest of life. Because they love us by any means for the way we are. So, mental health issues will drastically reduced.

Although, all the time a loved one can’t be there especially when going into negativity or pseudo fears or during any sudden tragedies – In such cases, at least for one’s own survival process it is better to practise healthy-mind habits. Life is uncertain, we never know what happens, and it’s a healthy approach if we were well-equipped for such catastrophes.

One more instance where we have to follow the guts and bring the strength to be strong. Especially when we don’t find the opportunity or chance to meet the right people in life, then it is the time to put work to body and mind.

How to become mentally strong?

Let’s first understand:

The definition of Strength: “Adapting the personalities of the environment to one’s true nature and defending oneself to the survival process.”

There is no magic in real life. Everything doesn’t happen as we wish unless it is in our control to work for it. Otherwise, the only way is to adjust, adapt and evolve. In life, Most of our time we just personify and perform or imitate the lives of our surroundings. 

Mostly, this is just to make them feel comfortable and to show that we feel, care and love as a human innate nature. Though, In some scenarios even if don’t like to behave the way we behave; The sense of uncomfortable within us is due to we are not behaving like our true selves but just to impress or prove something to someone.

Unluckily if we ended up with the wrong person then such a masked persona is like torturing our inner self and becoming someone else in the process. That’s truly a cruel way of life.

Nonetheless, In this case too, if not for people but at times we need strength for ourselves, for our own self-care or wellbeing; The growth mindset plays utmost importance. Therefore, to improve mental health is must.

5 Unique ways to improve mental health and become mentally strong person.

Accept possibilities and act for change.

To become strong is nothing but to accept the change. All the possible begin to happen once open for questions and riddle to evolve. Therefore, acceptance is the sign of a well-matured person.

To become strong is nothing but to accept the change.

Naveen Bommakanti.

Allow pain and embrace suffering:

The more pain we experience, the more realistic we become. Vulnerabilities help us to create better relationships. However, at the same time, those weaknesses repel and shatter the bonds of a lifetime into the raw side of nature. Therefore, expect highs and accept lows. Everything is part of evolution.

The more pain we experience, the more realistic we become.

Naveen Bommakanti.

Wherever you are, give your complete self and start living.

Living in the moment is the simplest choice of joyous life. There are no hidden secrets or mysterious truths for life, There are just moments and that should be lived with every part of our breath. That’s the only beauty of life.

Living in the moment is the simplest choice of joyous life.

Naveen Bommakanti.

Plan: If it doesn’t work, know when to quit yet never give up.

If we have time to sleep, so, we have time to plan. If we have time to waste the time, so, we have time to work. If we have the time to quit, so, we have different approaches to get it. Quitting is never an option yet choose not to give up. Dream, work and achieve. Everything is possible when we have time, patience and energy. So choose your time consciously.

Be yourself to become yourself.

Life is a ceaseless process. Changing never stops, Searching never ends, suffering continues, time stays forever, but the only thing that has limitation is our breath. Until we live on earth. Live Authentic, act righteous, stay honest and just be yourself to become your better self, as long as you have the opportunity to survive on this beautiful planet.

Bonus self-care note:

Out of all the ways to become a healthy-minded person, The hardest part is to accept and open to change. The creative process of life begins with the most surreal imagination and will end up with the most subtle nature of existence.

 Yet we should not destroy the artist in us. It is just a matter of balance. And it doesn’t matter whether weakness or strength. Show each side of your existence when you think and feel it is appropriate. 

The simplest answer to the most difficult questions of life is merely dealt with the “survival-instincts.” It is the time, better we use our mind for a good cause. All the Best.

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