Importance of pain and drawback of happiness.

Importance of pain and drawback of happiness.

The drawback of happiness, “It makes us to focus only one side of life.”

However, that’s not the end of it. It does have amazing advantages. But what to consider here is the other side of life that is, importance of pain.

Just don’t waste your entire life blindly running after the happiness without a clear understanding. 

If we are running, that indicates 3 important perspectives.

Firstly, we are running because we are chasing something.
Secondly, we are running because we want to escape from something
And thirdly, we are running without any purpose.

To consider the first point, we need to realize whatever we are running after, whether it is happiness or anything. 

Is it worthy to be chased or else can be altered just with a mindset and achieve it with a clarity.

To talk about the second point, especially, if we relate this to pain, does escaping every time really solves our issues?

Understanding its nature and learn to deal with it creates an actual sense of living. Sometimes going through is the only way to survive and revive with wisdom.

To learn about the third point, There are equal amounts of causes and consequences.

I.e. If we want something but moving forward without any vision takes us nowhere but to illness.

However, as long as we have a clear intention that we are running for nothing without any expectations, Just living the life the way it is. It’s a great realization.

Happiness is not that which has to be sought but to be embraced without any reason.

To realize the importance of pain, simply it is the path of strength. Never treat pain as negativity but the source of inspiration. Never take pain as the source of depression but the lesson to be mastered.

Allow every pain of loss, grief, memories, vision, failure as the home to growth, development and transformation.

Happiness is not to be in present or past or future. Happiness is just a positive thought and a good vibration, irrespective of the moment.

Happiness brings us the satisfaction and fulfillment. But those are not completely life, they are the every part of our breath.

If you want to create something, be contented with everything then invent something for the wellness of world not just to yourself. Our life is more than just to be occupied by ourselves.

We need to give as much as we take. We are the creators to the creation as long as we are alive.

If my thoughts make sense, share your perspectives too.

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