22 Philosophical and wise quotes on suffering in life

Quotes on suffering: How beautiful it is if everything and everyone on this earth discovers their hidden masks (personas), and makes use of their minds to empower the possibilities of their abilities, and create harmony in this existence!

Perhaps, it sounds like a dream, but it is not. Because, it is the only way, the ways of our lives are.

However, due to lack of clarity, we make up everything, from fear to greed inside our heads. And consumed by the dark power and lost in the endless consciousness in search of the home by suffering to death.

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So, Is suffering evil?

No, I don’t think so.

Suffering is the most pleasurable asset and powerful happening that can trigger positive energy of change.

Which can also be used to transform oneself from a fatal thought to an immortal imagination. But only if we are aware of what we are going through and willing to continue!

In order to inspire you and empower you, I have written a collection of human suffering quotes with my own ideas, self-learnings, observations, understandings, and realizations in life.

I expressed my deep feelings and took the time to write very powerful quotes about suffering in silence.

Hope you will learn some new perspectives from these suffering quotes and apply them in your daily life.

22 Philosophical Quotes on Suffering By Naveen Bommakanti

  •  Choose your suffering consciously. When you choose to suffer for good, you chose to grow righteously. 

-Naveen Bommakanti

  •  One who is not ready to suffer for love, suffers for life. 

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • The righteous path is the ultimate pain. That is why people choose other ways to suffer.

– Naveen Bommakanti

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  • Keep the suffering with yourself but share the clarity in it.

– Naveen Bommakanti

  • Suffering is a choice but none can avoid. 

-Naveen Bommakanti

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  • In the beginning we suffer. But when the time comes, the clock stops and everything makes sense

-Naveen Bommakanti.

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  • Suffering has no power when you are aware of the pain in it.

– Naveen Bommakanti

  • Everyone suffers in their own way and that is their unrealized pleasure.

– Naveen Bommakanti

  • Passion leaves the suffering behind.

-Naveen Bommakanti.

  • “What is suffering? A constant search.”

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • Just to wait is a decision to suffer. Just to act is a decision to suffer. Therefore, suffering is certain.

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • Try to become a being, but until then you better suffer.

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • If you know the source of your suffering, and how to end the pain of your wounds with your own thoughts, then you are enough.

-Naveen Bommakanti

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  • Suffering is the journey between life and death.

-Naveen Bommakanti

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  • In times of suffering remind yourself why you are suffering. It will not answer your question but will lead you to the solution.

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • Suffering makes our lives little humble and understand more about ourselves.

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • Suffering is a choice without any option.

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • The selfish Suffering is the unproductive chaos.

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • If you choose to suffer, create a passion for it. Then everything you feel turns into a creative art.

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • Sensitivity attracts suffering.

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • Suffering has little less value and much more meaning when suffered righteously. 

-Naveen Bommakanti

  • If you connect anything, everything hurts.

-Naveen Bommakanti


Hope you loved my philosophical and wise quotes on suffering in life.

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