10 Ultimate Truth quotes


Truth drives our lives more fascinating than the way it is. 

We learn to advance our existence by the beliefs we develop based on our understanding of the universe, through personal experiences, facts, reasoning, logics etc., 

However, none of them satisfy the ultimate truth of life. 

The curiosity to discover the mysteries of life by understanding the functioning of the universe, keep us more engaged with our minds, hearts and souls.

That understanding creates a strong connection between the life and the realm of universe help us to become limitless.

As everyone has their own truth in their hearts even if they don’t realize. Which make them hold on to it by nurturing it, believing in it, disbelieving it, accepting it and questioning it. Each one of us evolve with it and become better version of ourselves by changing with it. 

The philosophy of life is always about truth. I have my own reasoning and understanding towards the nature of the life I seek. I would like to introduce my thoughts on the truth that we all seek for. Read and share your ideas on the same.

Truth telling quotes on the philosophy of life

“Belief is so personal, but the truth is universal.”

Naveen Bommakanti.


“The highest point of truth is god.”

Naveen Bommakanti.


“The truth evolves only with time.” Naveen Bommakanti


“The aim is not to know the truth, but to realize it doesn’t exist.”

Naveen Bommakanti


“Belief matters more than the truth, but truth makes much more sense.”

Naveen Bommakanti


“Truth is the end of possibilities.”

Naveen Bommakanti


“Belief alters the nature of truth.” Naveen Bommakanti


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“Truth has no limit.”

Naveen Bommakanti.


“Whoever realizes the truth loses everything and nothing.” Naveen Bommakanti.


“Life has nothing to do with the truth.” 

Naveen Bommakanti


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10 Ultimate Truth quotes

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