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Since childhood, even when we are unaware of the term “True love.” Yet, we all have a fantasy which involuntarily or by intuitively rooted in our brains and in our every nerve that someday we find right person who brings light into our life. 

Who loves every imperfection and accepts as we are and stays with us in hard times as well as in our best days of our lives.

However, as we grow older our dreams and richest fantasies will be crippled by the uncertainty of th reality. and force us to flow with the life with so many disappointments.



How To Find Right Person?

Let’s be practical! When it comes to the matter of marriage and the vision to find right person for lifelong relationship- No one can conclude who stays forever with the similar intensity of love and the equal incense of romance as its beginning. 

Everything that has beginning surely will have a journey to proceed and every journey is not a soothing passage of love and wine. 

Life is full of challenges and love plays a significant role in it. There will be trials to be passed and lessons to be learned. There are many adversities, which are created by external forces and those are not in our control. 

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When we know the causes and consequences of life, and decide to face the uncertainties in it. Then we are ready for life and even to die.

 Whether it is the dream of finding true love for life or an aim to achieve one’s passion with the utmost patience- It is all about the matter of virtuous mindset, as well as the will to act as per the circumstances and stay in content with whatever results the fate throws at us.

That being said, It is obvious that each one of us has expectations, desires, fantasies, dreams and yearning to be loved and cherished by the purity of the heart. 

We all envision our future with finding right person for lifelong relationship or meeting your soulmate who connects to your core with similar passion for love. We’re all in search of that true love who fits exactly in our unique world, fills our void and make us feel whole.

Nonetheless, The question of “Righteousness” is not just about other person, but equally implies two ourselves. 

9 Questions to ask yourself before finding right person.

  • Am I the ‘right person’ for the one who is seeking for me? 
  • Do I have the vibrations and the light to inspire other’s life? 
  • Do I possess the very soul which I am searching in others?
  •  What is right person according to my values?
  • Can’t I live without finding the right person?
  •  Am I able to give my everything yet do not lose myself? 

  • What kind of person do I need as a wife or husband to match my soul for the life I want?
  • Am I ready to take responsibilities and mature enough to lead a family with that person?
  • Can I live a normal life even if I lose the right person?


When do you find right person?

Here the keynote is, never search for the right person. Before validating any extrinsic incentives, the first and foremost thing to do is- to reflect inwards. 

If we focus on improving ourselves, the right questions will emerge and fade away with their respective solutions.

Pay attention to yourself, discover your true potential, raise the wealth of your self-worth, find your origins and be resourceful. Nurture the aesthetic beauty which is blooming from within and spread your fragrance in every walk of nature with absolute inspiration.

When you create the beautiful world within yourself with necessary attributes, your right person or the real people will gravitate towards you -who are parallel to your heart with similar scars, trails, thoughts, emotions and even the universes which they created in their imagination will be resonated with yours.

However, despite that, don’t get carried away by the thought of the right person

Does the right person really exist?

When we say find right person, it refers to the signs of a perfect man or an ideal woman. There are no perfections, there are only understandings. 

Perfection is just a perception. Each perception differs with each individual. Sometimes our own notions do not match with our former ones, and we begin to question our own beliefs.

After considered everything, as per my observation, there are no right people in this world and Every person you meet is the right person. 

The thought of Perfection completely depends on one’s understanding and the level of satisfaction they feel about it.

 So don’t go with that stereotypical way of opinions. It is life, let it flow out of you with freshly evolved logics and wisdom. 

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Why love is not about finding right person? So, What is the secret of perfect relationship?

As said, there are no perfect people or right people but there are better people in our society.

Even here, better varies in different contexts. People are better at many things-  Some are better at status, some look better in outer appearance and others might be better at various distinct acts. But, if you are genuinely looking for love, then here ‘better’ represents in terms of ‘understanding.’ A person who is better at thinking with a well-balanced mindset.

Once again recalling, Relationship is not about the righteousness or betterment of just one person. It’s two individuals self work on each other to stay together. During dating or in deep relationship or after marriage whatever companionship it is! 

Whether it is a man or woman who understands life better with multiple perspectives will have the better sense of empathy and the special ability to feel the emotions of partner’s aspiration and motivations. 

Love is not easy, but it’s flawless when you find right person. 

However, every rose has its thorn. Likewise, the relationship is no different. Every challenge is an opportunity to study each other better. The solution to almost all the issues in a relationship is couples mutual understanding.

If both have the way of sincere approach to grow together with mutual understanding, then it gives raise to the deep connection between them. This is the only simple secret and the truth behind a lifelong meaningful relationship.

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How to choose the right life partner for marriage?

In everyone’s life there comes a time, they start to confuse, feel insecure and a bunch of other fears provoke their thoughts in choosing the so-called right life partner. Because that very decision declares their future and the most difficult part is- It is the beginning of their life, most awaited and excited journey for this one and only lifetime.  

This stage in life where selecting a perfect match for wedding is very crucial because many parts of the world especially people from traditional roots consider, marriage is a spiritual process and that defines everything.


In spite of all, in any respect, choose the person who chooses you. Fall in love with a woman or man who already fell in love with you. That’s the most sensible and right way to choose the right life partner for marriage.

Question your instincts with utmost sincerity and gratitude. You will get a clarity what kind of future you see with your desired person.

After all, The best way to come to conclusion- Not to ask for any advice. Even if you take suggestions, at last it is better to conclude with your own understanding what is appropriate for your life by gathering all the knowledge and wisdom from other sources and experiences. 

Here the idea is- We all have intuition, a voice that guides our life. We just need to listen to that voice, in order to make better judgements about anything. It is the matter of our personal life, we all know ourselves more than anyone in this universe. So it’s our task to choose what benefits accordingly.

How to stop taking someone for granted?

It is also essential to understand, marriage is not compulsory. It is just a matter of a choice. If people do not find the person they search for! In general, they take life for granted, feel upset, disappoint and go into severe depression and think something is wrong about them, or start to feel maybe they do not deserve to be loved and just pile their mind with all evil thoughts.  

Just for assurance, This kind of thoughts comes only when one failed to discover themselves due to lack of morale. As I mentioned earlier 

“Before validating any extrinsic incentives, the first and foremost thing to do is- to reflect inwards. If we focus on improving ourselves, the right questions will emerge and fade away with their respective solutions. Therefore, When we know the causes and consequences of life, and decide to face the uncertainties in it. Then we are ready for life and even to die.”

If we have this understanding, nothing matter anymore. Even if the world collapses we make peace with our thoughts. And this kind of confidence requires an extraordinary level of self-awareness. 

Remind yourself more often that the purpose of life is not to achieve everything that once committed. By time, we learn to make wise choices by going with the voice of the heart even if there is no proof of success. We all have enough love within ourselves and even in the very air we breathe. 

You wouldn’t have to hit your head with pseudo-truths about loneliness or losses or universal injustice. And most importantly, It doesn’t matter whether you find a right person or wrong person, your happiness cannot be defined by the features of others and your joy shouldn’t be driven by any thoughts that has no meaning. 

The main life is within you, which is craving to be realized by you. Create a home for yourself that you would be forever going to be endured, without seeking for any validation. Just live with your own rules and break them as per your comfort.

How to know you are with the right person?

Life has to be free and wild and love from within. Then surely the world introduces you to the world equal to your strength.

You will know it in your heart when you find right person. Your gut feeling will give signs, that you found the right the partner. At such moment, realize and never give up. He or she will do the same if they are your destiny.

If you are being human by carrying the all the virtues of love such as, loyalty, maturity, honesty, true to your acts and good with your intentions- Any woman or man of wisdom ready to dare to fight and choose to suffer passionately without any complaint in the aim to win your love. Because they too carry the same depth of sensitivity and attraction as of yours.

Top 5 Signs to identify your soulmate.

  • In your darkest hours, when you fashion your pain into the love of a mysterious chest, the worthy people will make efforts to access any darkest secrets consuming your soul and bring light to your mood. They he is the right one.
  • Even if you speak in impatience, he listens to you with utmost care. He understands your silence and the suffering behind it. 
  • Sometimes when you step back in misunderstanding, He will come close to you and stay by your side.
  •  When everything falling apart, He returns to you each time to inspire you, be with you, make you better, help you find your true worth. 
  • He will wait because he knows you are his precious soul and to achieve you is his greatest aim.

By any fortunate, if you cross the path of any man or woman carrying these virtues of love- Trust your instinct, seize your moments and go with the decision of your inner voice. Whatever the future may hold in it, hopefully you will learn something from it and love better by becoming better version of yourself. 

Whether in relationship or in life, under any circumstances do not lose your mindful, heartful and soulful state. Just remain calm and make your mind still everything flows on its pace.

Conclusion to find right person: Love grows from the moment when you listen to each other. By listening you are giving the freedom to the other to share their world of inspiration through their speech. 


Love is only for those who know the essence of life. Artlessly, if the connection of both couple reciprocal to each other and generous with one another souls. 

By will, you choose to outreach all the hardships in your journey. And stand out to represent the pair of beautiful birds who conquer the world of love. Thereafter, every dawn is a new beginning and each night ends with a cozy kiss and a deep hug. 


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Healthy Relationship Tips For How To Find Right Person

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