Patience is a virtue, but for what price?


Patience is a virtue. The more you wait, the better you will become.

“I love old sayings.” There is a treasured meaning veiled in each of its intuition. Before drawing conclusions to its understanding, each word hypnotizes us to discover the possibilities of wisdom which perfectly apt for any given circumstance.

However, everything has limitations in front of time. So does the thoughts, words, acts and as a matter of fact even the life itself.

Time questions everything which has life, to remind- its time has come. And replace with new thoughts, better words, wise acts and with an upgraded function of life.

That said, as we reconsider our very concept of patience, the original idea is timeless. But to alter our belief for better aptitude –

Patience is a virtue, but for what price?

Just to wait is a decision to suffer. But to make it more fruitful, the worth of suffering has to be replaced with passion. That said, consistent efforts results in fortune. Talent can’t help but supports. However, genius that creates an opportunity and leaves the suffering behind. Thus, creativity flows with the presence of righteous mindset. In brief, patience is the compounding love that sets pace in life.

More than patience, the only crucial thing about success lies in our ability to balance. In order to make our dreams come true, the most essential skill in this life is to master the time. Because at the end right timing is what makes the difference.

Naveen Bommakanti.

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Patience is a virtue, but for what price?

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