200 Spooky captions for Instagram on this Halloween Season

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By: Naveen B

There’s something about spooky captions that just make your Instagram photos stand out from the rest.

Whether you’re trying to add a little extra creep to your snaps or just want to give your followers a little fright, these 200 spooky captions will do the trick.

From sinister sayings to dark images, these captions will give your Instagram feed a dark and morbid edge. So put on your best Halloween costume and prepare to be scared silly!

200 Spooky captions


The following is a list of spooky captions:

1. I see you even when your eyes are shut.

2. The voices in my head don’t like you. 

3. Your secrets are not safe with me.

4. I only pretend to be your friend.

5. Your house is so quiet at night.


6. Sweet dreams…if you dare sleep.

7. I’m always watching and waiting.

8. Darkness calls and I must answer.

9. They told me I was crazy. They were wrong.

10. I know what evil lurks in the shadows.

11. Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you.

12. Welcome to your worst nightmare.

13. The devil told me your name.  

14. Insanity runs in my veins.

15. I have your soul in my collection.

16. The bugs in the walls know your name.

17. I’m coming for you when darkness falls.

18. My knife is hungry for your flesh.

19. Your room gives me the creeps.

20. I will haunt your every step.


21. Don’t turn around when you hear my voice.

22. We’re not so different, you and I.

23. I’ve been dead before – it’s your turn now.

24. Close your eyes and I’ll be there.

25. I’m the monster that lives under your bed.

26. Careful, or you’ll end up buried in my yard.

27. The asylum couldn’t hold me forever.

28. I know how to make the voices stop.

29. Sleep with one eye open if you dare.


Funny Spooky Captions

Some Funny spooky captions include:

1. Don’t check the closet, monsters hate company. 

2. Careful in the dark, you might get a skeleton hug.

3. Nothing like a graveyard picnic under a full moon. 

4. Some ghosts just want your skin – in their collection.

5. Bats in your belfry? Time to move.

6. Don’t look under the bed. That’s my job.  

7. Spiders spinning webs on your portrait – aww how cute.

8. Try our haunted hayride, you may never return.

9. Coffins and candles make great home decor. 

10. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the creepiest of all?

11. Your face is so ugly, even zombies scream.

12. Grabbing a midnight snack? Don’t mind the ghosts.  

13. Parties in the cemetery are to die for.

14. She saw dead people. They saw fresh meat. 

15. Demons just want to hang out, your soul’s a bonus.

16. Full moon out tonight, lock your doors.

17. Things that go bump like bumping you off.

18. Behold the face that launched a thousand screams.

19. I see dead people, they see an idiot. 

20. Got bit by a zombie, hope it’s contagious.  


21. If my creepiness scares you, my job here is done.

22. I’m only scary 364 days a year, today’s my day off.

23. Brains for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do.

24. Care for a severed hand sandwich? Freshly made.

25. Don’t turn out the lights, you may not turn them back on.

26. The voices in my head want to meet you.

27. I see nightmares, they see a kindred spirit.

28. Ghosts think I’m the creepy one, imagine that!

29. Your worst fears are all true, sleep tight!

Creepy Spooky IG Captions

List of creepy spooky IG captions include:

1. Oogie Boogie, here is my spooky hoodie!!

2. Woe to the one who dares to cross me!

3.  Don’t look at your dark side for too long, it might look back.

4.  Don’t be fooled by the clowns, they’re just trying to get your attention!

5. Spooky but make it a little pretty.

6. Keep away from pumpkin head, unless you’re tired of living, his enemies are mostly dead, he’s mean and unforgiving.

7.  If you’re looking for a scare, look no further!

8. Beware the dark, spooky woods ahead!

9.  Then live in a lonely place, a hidden space, no human trace, then live at a slower pace, in their mountain base; far from grace.

10. Our soul is a special miracle warm rainbow in the autumn night.

11.  They polish their broomsticks, sharpen their hats, catch some spiders, feed the bats, try out some yowls with all the cats. Then witches are ready for; YOU KNOW WHEN.

12. The future and the past; there’s no difference!

13. The witches ride in on the wind, and they take children away to their dark, spooky castles.

14. Sleep tight, don’t let the ghosts get you!

15.  I wondered why it was that places are so much lovelier when one is alone.

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Spooky captions for Instagram


Here is a list of spooky captions for instagram that deserve a spot on your profile:

1. Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

2.  Deep into that darkness peering long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

3. The only way to survive the night is to be as brave as a lion!

4. Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

5. I always try to stay as close to the shadows as I can.

6.  And the little children will be screaming, and the old people will be weeping, and the dogs will be howling, and the buses will be stopping, and everyone will be going to the spooky funeral.

7. I would rather walk through the dark woods alone than go to a party with people.

8.  I’m not afraid of the dark, I’m just afraid of what’s in it.

9. Halloween is the time of year when the dead come to life.

10. When the sun goes down, the monsters come out.

11. Once you see death naked, you just can’t leave her.

12. The wrath of the mistwoods.

13. The dead are rising, and they’re coming for you!

14. It’s better to be a witch than a nobody.

15. If you’re not scared, you’re not living.

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Best Spooky Instagram captions


The following are some of the best spooky instagram captions that are perfect for your scary posts:

1. Who else is Hallow Inside?

2. With loves, and hates and passions just like mine. They were born and then they lived. And then they died. It seems so unfair, I want to cry.

3. The wise old owl sat in an oak. The more he saw the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he heard. Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird? Bezimena By Nina Bunjevac.

4. But sometimes I feel like something’s watching me.

5. Am I paranoid or do you see a ghost too?

6. When I am looking into the mirror, the horrors of the mirror also looking at me.

7. Go and open the door. Maybe outside there’s a tree, or a wood, a garden, or a magic city.

8. And I’m staring to laugh like an animal in pain. And I’ve got blood on my hands and I’ve got hands in my brain.

9. Who is it rides by night, by night over the moonlit road?

10. My soul is old and no one can really come close.

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Spooky Halloween captions


Here is a great list of spooky halloween captions:

1. Beware the dark side of Halloween.

2. Time to get scared!

3. This halloween, I’ll be staying in the light.

4. In the dark of night, all is fear

5. Let’s party like it’s halloween.

6. Halloween is the time of the dead.

7. You are never too old to be Spooktacular!

8. Tonight, I’ll be drinking the blood of the undead.

9. For you, I’ll be shedding a tear or two.

10. It’s Halloween, so let’s party like it’s the last time.

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Spooky season captions for Instagram

Here are some Spooky season instagram captions for Halloween:

1. Deep seas of nothingness marries the face of the moon.

2. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as I felt something brush past me in the darkness.

3. The wind howled, and the trees creaked, and the house shook, and I could hear something moving in the basement.

4. Something was following me, since the spooky season had started.

5. Your eyes are emeralds with a devilish wink

6. Ghosts are all around us. Look for them and you will find them.

7. It’s always fun to haunt only in the spooky season.

8. To someone who feels as old as this. To someone who has seen enough of life to last a hundred years. To someone who won’t ever understand why people live, or what they live for. To someone who has had enough death to last a lifetime.

9. It’s getting a little spooky around here!

10. Bowing into a spooky season! Let’s go!!

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Good Spooky season captions

Here are a few good spooky season captions:

1. Being scared during the spooky season is like being scared of the dark all year long.

2. October is the month of the witch, and November is the month of the skeleton.

3. If you’re not scared during the spooky season, you’re not living life to its fullest.

4. Nevermind the jumpy kids, we’re all scared to death of the spooky season.

5. If we can’t face our fears, how can we expect the monsters to face theirs?

6. Fear is the only thing keeping us alive in the spooky season.

7. In the spooky season, it’s all about surviving, and that’s a good thing.

8. Come along with me on a journey into the dark side of the spooky season.

9. In the spooky season, there’s no hiding from the fear.

10. Crawl out of your comfort zone and slip into the world of the spooky season.

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Cute spooky captions

The following are a few cute spooky captions:

1. You are my cutest pumpkin.

2. I am the pumpkin king.

3. I am the Hallowqueen.

4. You have the prettiest pumpkin eyes.

5. You smell like pumpkin spice.

6. If you were a pumpkin, I’d carve you into my jack-o’-lantern.

7. Lend me your sweet, spooky energy.

8. Can we get lost in the dark together?

9. I love being surrounded by all of your pumpkin spice.

10. You are my autumn love.


Clever Spooky szn captions

Here are some clever spooky szn captions:

1. “A spooky, fun-filled night with friends!”

2. “Nothing beats a good Halloween party!”

3. “A frightfully good time!”

4. “A night to remember!”

5. “Making some new Halloween friends for this spooky szn!”

6. “Preparing for the scariest night of the year!”

7. “A night of fun, scares, and costumes!”

8. “Witching you a BOO-tiful spooky szn!”

9.  “Trick or treating!”

10. “The best Halloween party ever!”

11. “Scary and fun Halloween costumes!”

12 “A night to remember!”

13. “Can you feel the eerie presence of the ghost down there?”

14. Are you ready for a spooky season?

15. Spooky season is here.

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Spooky couple captions

Here is a list of spooky couple captions for instagram that make your followers go in stitches:

1. You make my skin crawl

2. You make me feel like I’m being watched

3. “A heart that is truly broken never mends.”

4. I’m not scared of the dark, but I’m scared of you

5. Who needs trick or treat when you are by my side?

6. When you are gone, the house is just so…empty

7. Never mess with a witch when she’s angry

8. I’m not saying I’m afraid of dying, but I’m afraid of living without you

9.  We are ninja turtles.

10. Just a couple pepper masks hanging out.

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