200 Creepy captions for Instagram | Zombie | Haunted | Scary (Halloween edition – 2023)

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By: Naveen B

If you’re looking to up your Instagram game with some seriously Creepy captions, this blog post got you covered!

Whether you’re a fan of horror movies or simply enjoy a good scare, these 200 creepy captions for Instagram will have you creeping all over your feed.

From eerie quotes to dark warnings, these Dark and haunted creepy captions will ensure that your Halloween photos will leave a lasting impression.

So get ready to jump out of your skin and into someone else’s Halloween party with these creepy Instagram captions!

200 Creepy captions


The following is a list of Short Creepy captions:

1. I’m not going to bed. I’m going to the graveyard tonight.

2. Half Dead and half Scared.

3. If it’s not creepy, it Ain’t worth living.

4. Not yet corpses. Still, we rot.

5. Flesh is weak. The undead are our masters.

6. I am the walking dead.

7. I feast on the living.


8. Death is an inevitable companion.

9. “The dead are not really dead. They are only sleeping.”

10. Life is a graveyard, and the only ones who ever visit are the ghosts.

11. Death is a gentle sleep, from which we may never awake.

12. Oblivion is the sleep of the just.

13. The living are the restless dead.

14. The living are the dead who are still alive and waiting to die.

15. It’s still there, it never left.

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Creepy Instagram captions

Here are some creepy Instagram captions for Bio and feed posts that deserve a spot on your profile:

1. Welcome to my house of horror! I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

2. Nun and ghost are making out.

3. I’m scared. Really scared. Because I think I am the One Who eats children at night.

4. Bubble gum clay brain.

5. Enter the fog and find the monsters waiting for you at the bottom.

6. Did you guys expect this? I bet you didn’t.

7. Just when you think it’s over, it starts all over again.

8. The midnight Witch is coming to get you

9. Fright Night.

10. Beware of things that go blep in the night.

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Creepy Halloween captions

Here are some of the best creepy halloween captions that are perfect for this spooky season:

1. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something new pops up

2. Trick or treat? Not today, I’m staying in.

3. Don’t open the door, it’s just a Boo!

4. Breaking News! It’s officially a spooky season!

5. Witching you a happy Halloween.


6. It’s that time of year again, when the shadows grow long and the creatures come out to play

7. Who else has the worst luck?

8. The witches from my childhood are coming back to get me

9. Tonight I’m going outside. Because I need some blood for the ghost inside me.

10. We must step up our game this halloween.

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Zombie Captions

Here are a few Zombie captions that make your followers turn into ghost mode:

1. Of corpse I’m with my crew.

2. Eat my brains, you undead shits.

3. Undead, I’m your worst nightmare.

4. Dead men tell no tales.

5. I’m undead and I’m Hungry.

6. I’m undead and I’m ready to eat.

7. Undead, I’m the perfect killing machine.


8. I’m undead and I’m a menace to society.

9. Undead, I’ll never stop hunting you.

10. I’m undead and I’ll never stop killing.

11. Dressed to Kill.

12. Better dead than undead.

13. This is my world now, and you’re not welcome.

14. I’m undead and I’m unstoppable.

15. Dressed to Kill Undead. 

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Best Creepy captions for Instagram

Here is a list of the best creepy captions for Instagram:

1. Any plans to go explore haunted places this october?

2. Werewolf by night, vampire by day.

3. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s not right

4. Uncut and uncompromised

5. You think this is bad, just wait until October st


6. I’m scared, but I don’t know why

7. No nightlights allowed.

8. I don’t know that there are haunted houses.

9. My daily horrors.

10. Face your fears, and see what’s waiting for you in the dark.

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Haunted Captions

These are a few Haunted captions that scare everyone who reads it:

1. “Is that a ghost?”

2. “I feel like I’m being watched.”

3. “Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion.”

4.”If one door closes and the other one opens, your house is probably haunted.”

5. “I’m not sure what that was, but it didn’t feel good.”

6. “I think I saw a spirit!”

7. “This place is spooky!”

8. “I’m not sure if this is real or if I’m just seeing things.”

9. In the haunted house, death is always close at hand.”

10. “I don’t like this place. It’s too spooky.”

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Short Creepy Captions

Some short creepy captions include:

1. Eyes watching you sleep. 

2. Don’t turn around. 

3. Something’s under your bed.

4. You’re never alone here.

5. It followed you home.

6. The doll blinks.

7. Shadows move, no one there.

8. Footsteps overhead, you’re on top floor. 

9. Whispers in empty room.

10. Mirrors don’t always show your reflection.  

11. They wait behind closed doors. 

12. It knows your name.

13. Grab your ankle from under bed. 

14. Hears scratching inside walls. 

15. Street light went out, run!

16. Don’t look now. 

17. Mannequin just moved.

18. Rocking chair rocks alone.

19. Clown statue blinked.

20. Behind you!

21. Stuffed animals’ eyes follow you. 

22. Do you hear that tapping?

23. Something touched your shoulder. 

24. Footprints end mid-floor. 

25. Closet door creaking open.

26. Floorboards creek, you’re downstairs.  

27. Eyes in painting move. 

28. It’s under your bed.

29. Don’t turn off the lights.

30. Grab your feet below bed.

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Creepy captions for pictures of social media posts

Here are some creepy captions for pictures and Bios of social media:

1. Spoiler alert: Some Wacky stuff is going to happen.

2. Battered and Broken.

3. Ghosts are all around us. Look for them, and you will find them.

4. Scary clowns, ghosts and goblins.

5. He only lives in the fog where you can’t see him. He doesn’t like faces. If he sees people he will put one of his legs down your throat and stir up your insides. like fruit in a blender.

6. If you’re looking for a real scare, check out the basement. It’s always full of creepy things.

7. “In the dark, anything is possible.”

8. “There’s something lurking in the shadows.”

9. “I’ve been waiting for this all day.”

10. “I’m not going to be the only one who sees this.”

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Funny creepy captions

List of some funny creepy captions include:

1. My blood type? Ichor. 

2. I’m not following you, just walking behind menacingly.

3. My hobbies include haunting and possessing the living.

4. I see ghastly things, they see a regular guy. 

5. If you’re scared, my evil plan is working.

6. I only eat organic locally sourced human flesh.  

7. Warning: Contents may be haunted.

8. I’m so creepy, zombies cross the street to avoid me.

9. Things could be worse, you could be buried alive like me.

10. I swear this mansion isn’t haunted, just possessed. 

11. My family tree is full of twisted branches and rotted roots.

12. I’m not creepy, I’m creep-tastic!

13. My nightlight keeps monsters away. I think it’s broken.

14. I see creepy things, they see their new leader.

15. Evil has a name, it’s mine.

16. I’m so scary, even my shadow runs from me.  

17. Wanna play? I hope you like nightmares.

18. My blood isn’t red, it’s black like my soul. 

19. I’m only mostly dead, what are you?

20. Beware of things that go chomp in the night.

21. I see dead people, we have so much to talk about!

22. Things could be worse, you could be trapped in a coffin like me.

23. My middle name is Misery, last name Despair.  

24. If you’re scared, I’ll hold your hand…then pull it off.

25. I swear this place isn’t haunted, it’s cursed.

26. My heart is as black as my sense of humor.

27. I’m so scary, even monsters think twice about approaching me.

28. My face frightens children, my soul terrifies the damned.

29. I’m so creepy, even ghouls avoid eye contact. 

30. My life’s passion is making the living miserable. 

31. I only look dead, act dead, and eat dead things, I swear.

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Creepy clown captions

Here are a few creepy clown captions:

1. I’m smiling on the outside, screaming within. 

2. You won’t float like my balloons when I’m done with you.

3. I promise this’ll only hurt until you stop breathing.

4. Call me cute again, I dare you.  

5. I put the laughter in manslaughter.

6. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll die when I get my hands on you.

7. I’m 98% hilarious, 2% homicidal.

8. You’ll float too once I fill you with helium.

9. I’m only scary to you 364 days a year, today’s your lucky day.

10. Does this nose look funny to you? It shouldn’t.

11. My face paint hides the tears of your loved ones.  

12. I’m not evil, I just clown around with your fears.

13. You won’t find me funny once I skin you alive.

14. I’m smiling thinking about peeling your face off.

15. My balloons are filled with your breath – once I strangle you.  

16. You’ll die giggling once I force feed you my funny gas.

17. I put the SCREAM in ice cream, especially yours.

18. This is ketchup, or is it your blood? Hard to tell.

19. I’m a sad clown, you’ll be a dead one soon.  

20. Come one, come all to your untimely death by my hands. 

21. I know 101 ways to make you die laughing.

22. You’ll float too once I fill you with formaldehyde. 

23. Don’t run from me, it’ll only make your death slower.

24. I used to do birthday parties, now I do funerals – yours.

25. All I want is to watch you die with a smile on your face.

26. Care for a trick? It’ll be your last once I saw you in half.

27. Does my grin look sinister to you? It should.

28. Step right up, your final act is about to begin.

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Creepy Doll Captions

These are some creepy doll captions:

1. I see you when you sleep. 

2. My eyes follow your every move.

3. Don’t turn your back, I’m always near. 

4. I wait patiently for us to play.

5. We’ll be best friends forever and ever.

6. So sweet, so cute, so dead inside. 

7. I know your hopes, your dreams, your fears. 

8. We’re connected now, you and I.

9. Such fun we’ll have, just wait and see. 

10. I’m always watching, even in your dreams.

11. Let’s have a tea party with no guests.

12. Play with me or you’ll regret it. 

13. I’ve got a smile stitched on for you.

14. We’re two of a kind, you and me. 

15. I’m the only friend you’ll ever need. 

16. You can’t break our bonds, they’re too strong.

17. We’ll be together your whole life long. 

18. I’ll follow you, you can’t escape. 

19. Don’t even try to run away.

20. We have so many games left to play. 

21. You’re mine now, there’s no running away. 

22. I wait in the dark until you sleep.

23. We’re friends until your very last breath. 

24. Our playtime will be so much fun. 

25. I won’t stop until we’re finally one.

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