200+ Cute Halloween Captions for Instagram pictures with friends, couple, family, Babies, boyfriend and girlfriend

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By: Naveen B

Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time to get creative with your Halloween decorations.

Whether you’re going for a spook-tacular or just want to add a little extra fun, these cute halloween captions will have you ready to go.

But first, let’s talk about why you might want to use cute captions for your Halloween posts and that best suit for your spooky season costumes.

For one, they can really amp up the suspense and excitement around your holiday photos. By using captions that are a little darker and more tongue-in-cheek, you can really make your photos stand out from the rest.

Plus, if you’re using them for Instagram Stories, these captions can also act as an extra layer of suspense for your viewers.

By leaving them up until the very end, you can really thrash their nerves until the very end of the story.

So whether you’re looking to add a little extra spook to your photos or just want to keep your viewers on their toes, these BOO-tiful cute halloween captions are perfect for you.

But if you’re still a little hesitant about using them, here are a few examples to get you started.

200+ Cute Halloween captions


The following are a list of cute Halloween captions:

1. Are you more of a spooky Halloween person or a cutesy Halloween person?

2. Bunny, I’m Home!

3. Double thumbs up for a cutesy Halloween.

4. Cute lil moon and stars.

5. Cute little pink colored bat wearing a witch’s hat.

6. “I’m not a witch, but I have a Halloween costume!”

7. Follow the pumpkin, and you’ll get to the sweetest part of the night!


8. If cutesy halloween isn’t your thing, I’ve got you covered.

9. When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, “Spook-tacular Hallween is here!”

10. Sweet dreams, little pumpkin!

11. A little bit of everything makes Halloween great!

12. A spooky night wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of cute face!

13. IDK what this is exactly LOL. A fairy or a Butterfly fairy. “Easyish cutesy Halloween Idea.”

14. “Once upon a time there was a little pumpkin who loved to play in the dark.”

15. A pumpkin, a witch, and a bat. Halloween at its best!

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Cute Halloween Instagram captions

The following are some of the most Cute halloween captions for instagram:

1. Halloween but make it cute.

2. You, me and three hours to go! Witching you a spooky Halloween.

3. Hey girlies Happy HalloQueen Day.

4. Halloween cuties ready for a dip in glaze and a kiln firing.

5. Trick or Treat? I’m so old I’m almost ready for my tombstone.

6. Trick or Treat? I’m so young I can’t even vote.

7. Trick or Treat? I don’t know, I’m busy being dead.


8. Trick or Treat? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

9. Making skulls cute.

10. Trick or Treat from someone sweet!

11. Hey Boo! Tag your Ghoul friends.

12. Meet Garry the Gargoyle.

13. We are so excited about our Halloween outfits we just can’t hide the smiles.

14. Pretty clowns, scary goblins.

15. Pumpkins and mushrooms, bats and witches. October is definitely the month of the spooky.

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Cute Halloween captions for couples

Here are some cute Halloween captions for couples:

1. Let’s go trick or treating, my BOO!

2. Who needs trick or treat when you are by my side?

3. I love you more than candy on Halloween!

4. We’re a team, and Halloween is our time to shine!

5. I’m so excited to go on all of these spooky adventures with you!

6. I’m glad we can celebrate Halloween together, even if it is a little bit scary!

7. I’ll be your light on this dark night, and I hope you’ll be mine too!

8. Let’s go out and show the world how much we love each other on Halloween!

9. With you by my side, nothing can scare me!

10. I’ll be your pumpkin, and you can be my carved jack-o-lantern!

11. Together, we’re to-die-for.

12. Love in the tomb-light zone.

13. Boo-tiful couple haunting the night.

14. Our love is wickedly enchanting.

15. We’re the perfect pair of scare-amours.


16. Partners in crime and pumpkin spice.

17. Haunted hearts, spellbound souls.

18. Love bites, but we don’t mind.

19. Two souls haunting as one.

20. Fangs for being my partner in crime.

21. We’re a match made in the afterlife.

22. Love potion number 9 with you.

23. Our romance is a thriller.

24. You’re my boo-tiful nightmare.

25. Soulmates in this spooky world.

26. We’ve got chemistry like a witch’s brew.

27. Love so strong, it’s spooky.

28. Our love story is a ghostwrite.

29. Partners in haunting and loving.

30. Every day is Halloween with you.


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31. We’re bewitched by each other.

32. Love is in the eerie air.

33. You complete my creepy side.

34. You’re my spooky better half.

35. Fangtastic love story in progress.

36. Together, we’re a scream!

37. Two hearts, one haunted house.

38. Our love is a graveyard smash.

39. We’ve got a spellbinding connection.

40. You’re the treat to my Halloween.

41. Love so strong, it’s scary.

42. We’re the ghostess with the mostest love.

43. Our romance is a thriller in the night.

44. You’re my wickedly charming partner.

45. With you, every night is fright night.

46. Our love story is enchantingly eerie.

47. We’re the pumpkin spice to each other’s lives.

48. Love that’s spooktacularly sweet.

49. Two souls, one haunted heart.

50. You’re my spellbinding sweetheart.

51. Our love brews in the cauldron of affection.

52. We’re a match made in the crypt.

53. Together, we’re hauntingly adorable.

54. Love as timeless as a vampire’s kiss.

55. You’re my boo, and I’m yours too.

56. We’re a Halloween treat for each other.

57. In the darkness, our love shines.

58. Our love is scarier than the movies.

59. You’re the trick to my treat.

60. Love bites, but I like it.

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Best Romantic and Cute couple Halloween captions

Here is a list of the best romantic and Cute halloween couple captions:

1. Halloween night gram with my BOO-tiful BOO!

2. Loving every minute of halloween with my HalloQueen or Pump-King

3. Trick or treat, with a twist!

4. Boo-oring!

5. Spook-tacular!

6. Have a ghastly good time!

7. Boo-ing for breakfast and Spooking for Dinner!

8. It’s not about the tricks, it’s about the treats!

9. All I really need is my little pumpkin and I’m set!

10. Cozy up with a ghost!

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Adorable Cute Halloween ig captions

Here is a list of Cute instagram captions for halloween (IG edition)

1. Escape from the real world and dive into the Halloween spirit!

2. Just because it’s halloween, doesn’t mean I have to be a Grinch!

3. Have the best Halloween ever!

4. I’m not afraid of ghosts, I’m afraid of boring halloween costumes!

5. The best part of halloween is dressing up like a zombie and a Witch!

6.  I woke up this morning to find that Halloween has already come!

7. Let’s get spooky!

8.  How do you do, creep? I’m doing just fine!

9. Crazy Hair Day meets Halloween in this awesome hair style!

10. All about the vibes! Halloween is the perfect day for a Naughty party!

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Clever Halloween cute captions

Here is a list of clever and catchy halloween cute captions for your posts:

1. “I love Halloween because it’s the only day of the year when I can be totally a little ghost baby.”

2. Endlessly in love with the spooky season.

3. “Walking around town, all I see are pumpkins. I think I’m going to have a pumpkin pie for dinner.”

4. “With my future partner by my side, I can conquer any Halloween fear!”

5. Can’t get enough of all the cute costumes and scary stories.

6.”I’m so excited for Halloween, I can hardly stand it! I can’t wait to go trick or treating and see all of my friends dressed up!”

7. “I love Halloween because it’s the only day where I can be a little scared and a lot fun!”

8. To the moon, and back again…Happy Halloween!

9. My dreams come true on Halloween. I get to be a little kid again and run around in my pajamas.

10. I ship October, November, and December. Halloween is the only month I can stand!

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Most Cute captions for Halloween

Here are a few of the most cute captions for halloween pictures:

1. Thinking about Halloween makes my Halloween costume ideas come to life!

2.  October 31st is the best day of the year because it’s Halloween!

3. I love Halloween because it’s the only day of the year where I can be myself!

4. Trick or treating is the best part of Halloween because I get to get candy from my friends!

5. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about all the fun I will have on Halloween!

6. Halloween photo dump: my favorite costumes from last year!

7. Oh, the things I will get to do on Halloween this year! I can’t wait!

8 Posting more Halloween photos will make up for all the sugar I ate this year!

9. Even though it’s October 31st, I’m not ready for Halloween to end!

10. The allure of Halloween is too strong for me to resist…

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Cute Halloween captions for babies

Here is a list of Cute baby halloween captions for your spooky photos:

1. Wild child at heart, but totally adorable on Halloween!

2. Ready for some trick or treating? I’m the cutest little pumpkin around!

3. So excited for Halloween, I can’t stop bouncing around!

4. Got my costume all ready, now I just need to find the perfect pumpkin to wear!

5. I’m so excited for Halloween, I can’t wait to go out and find some pumpkins to carve!

6.  Soft as silk and sweet as candy, I’m the perfect little pumpkin for Halloween!

7.  Spring is in the air, and so is my excitement for Halloween!

8. Sunshine, smiles, and pumpkins on Halloween – that’s me!

9. Too glamourous for trick or treating, but just as cute as can be for Halloween!

10. Ready for Halloween? I’m the perfect little pumpkin to accompany you on your hunt!

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Cute Halloween captions for best friends

These are a few Cute halloween captions with friends for this spooky season:

1. I didn’t know we were making memories until we started making them together.

2. I love you more than any costume we could put together.

3. You may call us chaos, but we call it our best friend strategy.

4. We never miss a chance to prank each other.

5. We always have each other’s Spooky backs.

6. Halloween is our favorite holiday because it’s the only day we get to be kids again.

7. We’re the best of friends because we know how to have fun.

8. Our friendship is like a never ending Halloween party.

9. We sure know how to set the mood for a spook-tacular night!

10. We’re the best of friends because we know how to have fun together no matter what.

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Cute Halloween captions with boyfriend or girlfriend

The following are some of my favorite cute halloween captions with boyfriend or girlfriend:

1. There he goes, romantizing the pumpkin in his hand. Looks like he’s falling in love all over again. 

2. Halloween is the one night a year when I can dress up like my favorite movie character and he can dress up like his favorite game character. 

3. Dedicating this year’s Halloween to all the couples out there who get to celebrate together! 

4. I love you more than any pumpkin could ever dream of. 

5.  A spooky remainder of our Halloween costume: me, holding you. Just me and you, forever and ever.

6.  Swipe for lots of BOO-tiful vibes on this halloween! 

7. Just because I’m scared of the dark, doesn’t mean I don’t love you to death. 

8. A love so precious, it could light up a whole neighborhood on Halloween. 

9. Holding you close, surrounded by all our Halloween decor. I couldn’t be happier. 

10. Our little pumpkin-loving family. We’re the BEST Halloween ever!

11. Happy haunting, my boo! ?

12. Hey ghoulish girlfriend, you’re the cutest!

13. Rest in pieces with me, darling! 

14. Creepin’ it real with my favorite witch!

15. Trick or treat, we’re so sweet! ?

16. Couples costumes picked, ready to get spooky! 

17. Snuggle up and get scary, babe! 

18. Graveyard picnics are our vibe. 

19. Crafting cute jack-o-lanterns with baes! ?

20. Movie night with my fang-tastic partner! ?‍♀️

21. Cozy sweaters and cider with my pumpkin! ?

22. Soulmate and spine-mate! ?

23. Matching his (her) zombie vibe! ?‍♂️ ?‍♀️ 

24. Couples costumes planned, excitement high! ?

25. Creepin’ together is much better! 

26. Graveyard photo shoot with the best ghoul! ?

27. Crafts, candy, and cutie! Perfect date night! ?

28. Horror movie marathon with my boo! ? 

29. Happy haunting with my honey! ? 

30. Snuggle scary season with my sweetheart! 

31. Cute candy cravings with my darling devil! ??

32. Trick or treat adventure with my soulmate! ?

33. Matching pumpkins with bae! ? 

34. Having a gourd time with my pumpkin! ?

35. Halloweenie hayrides with hunny! ? 

36. Spooky sights with the apple of my eye! ? 

37. Freaky and frightened together! 

38. Witching you a scary sweet Halloween, dear! ?‍♀️

39. Double trouble couple’s costume secured! ?

40. Kissing ghouls and adoring boos! ??

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Cute Halloween party captions

Here is a list of cute halloween party captions with friends, family and everyone:

1. “It’s not a party without a little Halloween fun!”

2. “The spookiest party of the year!”

3. “Witchy Halloween vibes!”

4. “Let’s get ghastly!”

5. “Halloween party goers unite!”

6. “We’re all witches and wizards here!”

7. “We’re all about celebrating the frightful!”

8. “Let’s get our costumes on!”

9. “We’re ready for some Halloween fun!”

10. “This party is going to be {horrorific/horrifically} fabulous!”

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Cute Halloween post captions

Here are some more cute halloween post captions for your social media profiles:

1. “When the moon is full, beware the shadows.”

2. “If you see something, say something.”

3. “Don’t go walking in the dark. You might not come back.”

4. “Are you going to visit the graveyard tonight?”

5. “Are you ready to meet my little friend?”

6. “Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean the ghosts have to be gone.”

7. “Don’t be scared, I’m here with you.”

8. “Is there anything scarier than a ghost with a smile?”

9. “I’m not sure what’s creepier- the fact that you’re here or that I’m alone.”

10. “Did you bring your torch? Because I’m going to need it to find my way out.”

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