100 Spicy questions for the group chat

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If you want to ask the naughty and spicy questions for the group chat, get ready to spice up your next group conversation with some of these dirty and flirty questions.

These are sure to get you turned on, whether it’s with your best friends or the cute person you have a crush on or someone you’ve been trying to ask out.

And if the person you’re chatting with isn’t into answering them all at once, use them as conversation starters in your group chat whenever you’re in one of those awkward silences that sometimes happen when you first meet someone! So what are you waiting for?

Here is a list of 100 of the best spicy questions for the group chat to get to know someone better and deepen your romantic relationship.

100 Spicy questions for the group chat

The following is a list of spicy group chat questions that turn you both on:

1. What’s your favorite position?

2. What are your turn-ons?

3. Who was the last person you kissed?

4. Where is the weirdest place you’ve had s#x?

5. What’s your secret fantasy?

6. Have you ever treated threesomeone?

7. Have you ever s#xted with someone before meeting them in person?

8. Do you prefer giving or receiving oral s#x?

9. How many people have seen your private parts (including yourself)?

10. Have you ever participated in a foursome?

11. When did you lose your virginity?

12. Have you ever watched p#rn while mast#rbating?

13. What color underwear are you wearing right now?

14. Are you brave enough to send your most hot pic in the group (I mean somewhat sxual)?

15. What’s your size?

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16. Is there anything that turns you off from the other person during s#x?

17. Have you ever been caught cheating on someone?

18. Would you consider yourself bi, gay, straight, or something else entirely?

19. Have you ever met someone online and felt an instant connection?

20. Can two people be friends without hooking up at some point?

21. Do you find it difficult to orgasm when having s#x with someone new?

22. What’s your stance on cunnilingus?

23. Which part of foreplay do you enjoy the most?

24. What are three things that make you nervous during s#x?

25. What is the first thing you notice about someone when they take their clothes off?

26. What are three qualities you look for in a potential partner, especially for romance?

27. If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who is s#xually active, what would it be?

28. If you could tell your teen self one thing about s#x what would it be?

29. What song best describes how you feel about s#x right now?

30. Does the idea of watching your significant other have s#x with another person turn you on or not so much?

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31. If you were given a single chance to sleep with any celebrity (dead or alive) who would it be?

32. What is the wildest s#xual experience you’ve ever had?

33. Has anyone gotten pregnant as a result of s#x with you?

34. Have you ever regretted having s#x with someone?

35. What is the most painful thing that has happened to you during s#x?

36. Have you ever had anal s#x?

37. What do you wear to bed?

38. Do you think society puts too much pressure on women about s#x?

39. Have you ever faked an orgasm before?

40. What is the craziest lie you have told someone just to get them into bed?

41. Have you ever used alcohol as a means to get someone into bed?

42. What type of birth control do you use?

43. What is the longest period of time you’ve gone without s#x or mast#rbation?

44. What are five words to describe you?

45. What is your drink of choice?

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46. What side of the bed do you sleep on to get spicy dreams?

47. What do you think of blowjobs?

48. What are your thoughts on open relationships?

49. What is the dirtiest text you’ve ever received?

50. What are your thoughts on spanking?

51. What is the s#xiest quality someone can possess?

52. What is the kinkiest photo you’ve ever taken?

53. What are your thoughts on friends with benefits?

54. What’s the difference between dirty talk and explicit talk?

55. What is the kinkiest photo you’ve ever taken?

56. What are your thoughts on friends with benefits?

57. How long is your longest streak without mast#rbating?

58. Do you like rough s#x or sweet and gentle s#x?

59. When did you have s#x for the first time?

60. Where do you fantasize about having s#x with someone other than your partner?

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61. What is one thing that really turns you on about a potential partner?

62. Where is your favorite place to be touched?

63. Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?

64. Would you like me to tell you a secret about myself?

65. What is your kinkiest fantasy?

66. When was the last time you mast#rbated, and how did it feel?

67. Who do you imagine everytime you mast#rbate?

68. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever done in bed?

69. Have you ever tried romance with someone of the same gender as yours?

70. Do you prefer being dominant or submissive during s#x?

71. Are there any kinks that really turn you on, like BDSM or age play?

72. Which is better: mast#rbating with your hands or with toys?

73. How long do you usually last during s#x (in minutes)?

74. How often do you have s#x, on average (per week)?

75. Do you use naked Snapchat filter?

76. Which nasty emoji do you use most often on Instagram Stories?

77. How many people have said they love you in the past month and why did they stop talking to you?

78. Would you rather watch p#rn or have s#x?

79. Have you ever been in love with erotic movies?

80. What is your biggest s#xual fantasy that you would love to try on me if you get a chance?

81. Do you like being tied up or tied down during s#x?

82. Have you ever taken part in s#xual rituals on new moon day?

83. What is your craziest s#xual fantasy?

84. Who is the most attractive member of your family?

85. Do you believe in soulmates or love at first sight?

86. What’s the best pick up line you’ve ever heard?

87. Are you more dominant or submissive in bed, on a scale of one to ten (one being submissive and ten being dominant)?

88. Is there anything that turns you off s#xually?

89. Where do you want me to touch you right now if you are near me?

90. Would you rather be able to read minds of seductive people?

91.  If you could be a body part, which would it be?

92. Have you ever made someone come just by whispering dirty things into their ear?

93. Would you call yourself soft and romantic or dirty and rough?

94. Have you ever had an affair with someone from work?

95. If I asked for pictures of your genitals would it change our relationship status from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend ?

96. Can you share your experience when you have an orgasm?

97. Would you like to watch while I mast#rbate?

98. How often do you mast#rbate per week?

99. When was the last time you shaved your private parts?

100. How often would you say there is too much mast#rbation per week? 

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