70 Simple and easy questions people get wrong (with common sense answers)

By: Naveen B

What are some of the most simple and easy questions people get wrong every time?

For example, Why do we all go to bed? Because the bed won’t come to us. What is worse than finding a worm in an apple? Finding half a worm. How many months have 28 days? All the 12 months; are some of the easy and funny common sense questions that most people usually get wrong.

We, as humans, are born curious and inevitably want to know the answers for the questions.

This is our nature. We don’t even like being unhappy unless there’s some concrete reason for it. What we do not understand, we tend to seek an answer for it.

And yes — we do not mind being uncomfortable with the answers that are coming our way and questioning why there are certain things in life we’re dealing with.

But there comes a time when you simply can’t answer even the easiest questions and always get wrong no matter how basic and obvious the question is.

If you want to know what questions that people get wrong? Then here is a great list that makes your day along with the answers. Enjoy and Have fun.

70+ Easy questions people get wrong


Here is the best list of Simple and easy questions people get wrong always or most usually:

1. Which has more weight-a kilogram of feathers or a kilogram of gold?

Answer: Weighing objects is determined by their mass and by their density. Due to the fact that gold has a higher density than feathers, 1 kilogram of gold is heavier than 1 kilogram of feathers.

2. Which is the only tool that grows sharper with use?

Answer: The tongue.

3. What word is it from which the whole may be taken and yet some will be left?

Answer: Wholesome.

4. How many months have 28 days?

Answer: All the 12 months.

5. How can you go 8 days without sleeping?

Answer: By sleeping at night.

6. What can run but doesn’t have legs?

Answer: A penny! When dropped, the penny starts rolling and moves forward as a result of its momentum.

7. Which man’s business is best when things are dullest?

Answer: A knife-sharpener.

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Simple Questions people Get wrong


Here is a list of Very simple questions people get wrong

1. Why do we all go to bed?

Answer: Because the bed won’t come to us.

2. Why does a chicken cross the road?

Answer: To get to the other side.

3. Why should fish be well educated?

Answer: Because they are so often found in schools.

4. Why would you expect a fisherman to be more honest than a


Answer: Because a fisherman lives by hook and a shepherd lives by crook.

5. What part of London is in France?

Answer: The letter N.

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Funny questions people get wrong


The following are some of the most hilarious and funny questions people get wrong:

1. What is worse than finding a worm in an apple?

Answer: Finding half a worm.

2. What is the reason that carpenters believe glass doesn’t exist?

Answer: Because they never saw it.

3. What would you do if you saw a bird sitting on a twig and wanted to grab it without disturbing the bird?

Answer: Wait until the bird flies away.

4. Which of your parents is your nearest relative?

Answer: Your mother, because your other parent is always father (farther).

5. Can a man marry his widow’s sister?

Answer: No, because he is dead.

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Common sense questions people get wrong


Here is a list of simple common sense questions people get wrong:

1. What makes the Tower of Pisa lean?

Answer: It never eats

2. What most resembles half a cheese?

Answer: The other half

3. When does a man never fail to keep his word?

Answer: When no one will take it.

4. When the clock strikes thirteen, what time is it?

Answer: Time to have the clock fixed.

5. Where is the best place to have a very painful boil?

Answer: On someone else.

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Tricky Questions that people get wrong


Here is a list of Good Tricky questions that people get wrong

1. What kind of money do girls like the most?

Answer: Matrimony.

2. Which is heavier, a half or a full moon?

Answer: The half, because the full moon is as light again as the half moon.

3. How can a girl best keep a boy’s affection?

Answer: By not returning it.

4. In what month do girls talk the least?

Answer: In February, because it is the shortest month.

5. When is a lady not a lady?

Answer: When she turns into a drug store.

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Common Questions most people get wrong


Here is a list of Silly and common questions most people get wrong every time:

1. If you add a syllable to a certain word it becomes shorter. What is the word?

Answer: Short.

2. What is the difference between a sailor and six broken clocks?

Answer: The sailor goes to sea, and the clocks cease to go.

3. Why should a lost traveler never starve in the middle of a desert?

Answer: Because of the sand which is (sandwiches) there.

4. Why is a dog like a tree?

Answer: Because they both produce a bark.

5. When does a black-and-tan dog change his color?

Answer: When he turns to bay.

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Dumb questions people get wrong


Here is a list of Crazy and dumb questions people get wrong:

1. What good quality does the North Pole remind you of?

Answer: Justice (just ice).

2.  What question is it to which you positively must answer yes?

Answer: What does Y-E-S spell?

3. What makes the ocean angry?

Answer: It has been crossed so many times.

4. If Ireland should sink, what would float?

Answer: Cork.

5. What is dumb but knowing?

Answer: Wisdom.

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Trivia questions people get wrong


The following are some of the Best trivia questions people get wrong with answers below:

1. What city is a famous President?

Answer: Lincoln (or Washington)

2.  What city likes to wander about?

Answer: Rome

3. What nut is made from a product of cows?

Answer: Butternut.

4. What words can be pronounced quicker and shorter by adding another syllable to them?

Answer: The words “quick” and “short.

5. Which word in the English language contains the greatest number of letters?

Answer: Antidisestablishmentarianism (28 letters).

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Obvious questions people get wrong


Here is a list of very direct and obvious questions people get wrong even though they are straight forward:

1. What word is usually pronounced wrong, even by the best of scholars?

Answer: Wrong, of course.

2. What roof never keeps out the wet?

Answer: The roof of your mouth.

3. What is smaller than an ant’s mouth?

Answer: What the ant eats.

4. What great benefit is there in a paper of pins?

Answer: It has a lot of good points.

5. What does a hen do when it stands on one leg?

Answer: Lifts up the other leg.

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Weird and Stupid Questions people always get wrong


Here is a list of nonsense, weird and stupid questions people always get wrong:

1. Why is O the noisiest of the vowels?

Answer: Because all the other vowels (A, E, I, U) are inaudible (in “audible”).

2. Why do you think B comes before C?

Answer: Because we must be (B) before we can see (C).

3. What starts with a T, ends with a T, and is full of T?

Answer: A teapot.

4. When is a man like the letter B?

Answer: When he is in bed.

5. What aunt is a sweet-smelling aunt?

Answer: Fragrant.

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Basic Questions people usually get wrong


Here is a list of Most basic questions people usually get wrong and can’t answer:

1. What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place?

Answer: Letter “E”.

2. If there are fifteen crows on the fence and the farmer shoots a third of them, how many are left?

Answer: None. They all fly away after hearing the shots.

3. What is the easiest way to throw a ball, have it stop, and completely reverse direction after traveling a short distance?

Answer: Throw the ball straight up.

4. What is the rudest bird?

Answer: Mockingbird

5. Which is the genuine city?

Answer: Elasticity

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