150+ Thanksgiving wishes to greet those who mean the most to you (2022 Edition)

Thanksgiving is one of the most exciting holidays of the year; at least, it’s exciting to have time off from work and enjoy time with family and friends!

Feeling thankful gives us an opportunity to reflect on the many blessings in our lives and appreciate the things that we tend to take for granted most days of the year.

A lot of people are away from family and friends during thanksgiving. So it’s important to send them warm, heartfelt and very happy Thanksgiving wishes through email and text messages to let them know that you are thinking about them.

Here is a list of 150+ Best Wishes for Thanksgiving day greetings that you can send to your family, friends, colleagues, clients, business partners and those who are away from home this holiday season.

These thanksgiving greetings and messages will help you to make your loved ones feel appreciated on this special occasion. These thankful wishes are also very thought provoking and you can also make use of them as greeting cards on other occasions like birthdays or anniversary as well.

So, share these Cute and short thanksgiving messages with everyone to make their turkey taste even better.

150+ Thanksgiving wishes


The following is a great list of best thanksgiving wishes to send on this Thanksgiving holiday season:

1. May you celebrate Thanksgiving day with love in your heart, prosperous vision in your mind, and gratitude in your being. Thanksgiving wishes to everyone! #happythanksgiving

2. When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. This Thanksgiving day, we wish you a year full of faith, blessings, and gratefulness.

3. May your Thanksgiving be a time of joy, peace, and gratitude. May your family be united by love and laughter and may your table be laden with delicious food and good company. Happy Thanksgiving season. #thanksgivingwishes

4. May all your worries wash away in a tide of gratitude, and may this Thanksgiving be a time of healing and renewal. Happy Thanksgiving wishes.

5. May your Thanksgiving be a time of joy and peace, a time to celebrate the life you have been given and the life you are creating. May all your loved ones be with you on this special day.

6. Happy and healthy Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family from ours!

7. Thanksgiving is a time to come together, to give thanks for all that we have, and to celebrate the blessings in our lives. We hope you have a joyful and joyous Thanksgiving.

8. The Thanksgiving holiday is a time to reflect on all the good in our lives, and to be thankful for all the people, places, things and experiences that make our lives happy. We hope you have a holiday that is full of love, laughter, and happiness.

9.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to ponder upon the great memories and people who came into our lives. Let’s celebrate and spread happiness all around with warm appreciation and wishes. Happy Thanksgiving.

10. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us remember all the people who are struggling around the world.

Let’s be thankful for all that we have, and let’s help others who are less fortunate. Thank you for your love, support and understanding during this holiday season.

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Happy thanksgiving wishes

Here is a list of Happy Thanksgiving wishes for your loved ones:

1. I am very GRATEFUL. For our families, for our friends both old and new. For friendly faces and kind words, and smiles to warm the soul. I am thankful for YOU. My Best Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family.

2. Thanksgiving wishes from across the miles from our house to yours. May your home be filled with laughter and happiness.

3. Thanksgiving wishes for a bountiful holiday season. May all your prayers and blessings be answered. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

4. We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to everyone.

5. Thanksgiving is a celebration of abundance. May we never forget how lucky we are and may we always remember that not everyone has as much as we do.

6. It’s my favorite holiday of the year because it’s about being grateful for everything life has given us and celebrating togetherness.

7. I want to take this opportunity to send out my best thanksgiving wishes to all those who have made an impact on me or those who mean something special in my life-you know who you are!

8. I am forever thankful for my friends and family, who bring joy and love into my life every day. My best Thanksgiving wishes to you all!

9. Let’s give thanks for all of the good things in our lives and work towards making it even better.

10. The harvest was a success, but there was still plenty left over to share with neighbors, friends and family. Let us share what we have and show them just how much they matter to us. Happy Thanksgiving Wishes.

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Best Wishes for thanksgiving

These are some best wishes for thanksgiving Day:

1. Life is more than the sum of its parts, yet it takes each individual part working together to create one cohesive whole. So, On this thanksgiving Eve Let’s together give Thanks To all the peoples around Us, Who help make Our Lives Worthwhile And Joyful.

2. Give Thanks To God Above Who Grants Us All These Blessings Each Day Of Our Lives. Happy Thanksgiving.

3. Thankful for peace in our homes, love and joy around us, we are grateful that we can be blessed every day!

4. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an important part of my life! I’m so happy that we’re celebrating together on this special day. The world would not be as beautiful without you! My best wishes for thanksgiving day.

5. Thanksgiving has always been a celebration to show gratitude – but if we can’t find anything to give thanks for then how do we have anything?

So, let’s remember to count all those little things like family dinners, years of friendship, love and funny moments too.

They may not seem important to someone else but they sure matter to me! I wish you and everyone a happy thanksgiving day.

6. I hope this year’s Thanksgiving day is inspiring for you. May it make you laugh or just remind you what true thanksgiving is about- giving thanks for everything good in your life- no matter how big or small it may seem.

After all, what other thing do we have going on in our lives at any given moment? I wish you a very happy thanksgiving to everyone in my life.

7. Wishing you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by loved ones. 

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Thanksgiving wishes images

Here is a list of Happy thanksgiving wishes images:

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“Thanksgiving day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks and just giving. Happy Thanksgiving From us to you and your family.”

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“There are so many things to be thankful for – family, friends, health, success and happiness. Here’s to wishing you all of these and more. My best thanksgiving wishes to each and every one.”

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“Thanksgiving is a time to give, a time to love, and a time to reflect on the things that matter most in life. I wish you a very spiritual thanksgiving to you all my dearest humans.”

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“Today be thankful for the food before us and the friends & family beside us. Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.”

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“Be kind, Be Thoughtful, Be genuine but most of all Be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving Eve my kindred spirits of the universe. Be safe and healthy.”

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Thanksgiving wishes for family

Here is a list of Happy Family thanksgiving wishes that make everyone feel extra special this holiday season:

1. I am forever thankful for my family, who bring joy and love into my life every day. My best Thanksgiving wishes to you all!

2. They are the ones that make me laugh when I’m feeling down or give me a big hug when I need it most. They’re the ones that remind me how lucky I am to have them in my life.

I am very grateful for my Mom, Dad, Sister, brother, Grandma, Grandpa and each and every one of my family members.

Let our thanksgiving dinner be your reminder of how much we care about you, this holiday season.

 3. There is nothing more important than family – so please remember that this Thanksgiving dinner is just as much about us as it is about you. Happy thanksgiving to your family from our family!

4. We hope you enjoy your time with your family on this Thanksgiving day. Because our time with Family is what matters most. Happy thanksgiving to all the beautiful families in the world

5. You’re always on our mind and in our heart, especially during holidays like these. To show how much we care, here’s a special thanksgiving message for everyone out there: Thankful?

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. So let’s start being more thankful for what we have now, because there will come a time when none of us will have anything left.

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Good Thanksgiving wishes quotes

Here are some Best Quotes happy thanksgiving wishes:

1. Thanksgiving after all, is a word of action.

2. Give Thanks for a little and you will find a lot.

3. The heart that gives thanks has everything, and the heart that grumbles has nothing.

4. What we give thanks for becomes ours forever.

5. The way to live is to live each day as if it were your last; what we are doing today does not matter so much as what we are becoming tomorrow!

6. Be Grateful for everything you have and haven’t. Happy Thanksgiving.

7. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.

8. Gratitude makes sense out of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.

9. A thankful person attracts positive outcomes in his or her life because he or she is grateful even when bad things happen.

10. If we are going to be thankful for all the good things in life, then let’s also be thankful for some of the less than perfect moments and people who enter our lives.

11. Remember, it is an honor and a privilege to serve others with love at this time of year no matter how big or small the deed may seem.

12. Being kind isn’t always easy but being kind sometimes changes someone else’s entire day-and maybe their week-and maybe their year too!

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Funny thanksgiving wishes

The following are a few Funny happy thanksgiving wishes to brighten your loved ones day:

1. The Thing I am most thankful for right now is the elastic waistbands.

2. For those of you who cannot be with family this thanksgiving, please resist the urge to brag. Happy Thanksgiving by the way anyway…!

3. Here’s a sweet little poem: Eat a meal and then eat another, drink water so your thirst don’t get any worse. And make sure not to forget that it’s your thanksgiving day.

4. Sure it’s all about giving thanks but let’s not forget about the whole colonial era thing where we celebrate how grateful our forefathers were for massacring thousands of indigenous people for their land.

5. There is nothing more important than appreciating what we don’t have in life – with those things, some of us would not even be here. Happy Thanksgiving for everything we don’t have.

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Thanksgiving wishes to employees

Here is a list of Beautiful Thanksgiving wishes for employees to make their day even more special:

1. Every day, we count our blessings that we have you as part of our work family. We want to thank you not only for being an amazing human being on the job but also off the job. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving that is filled with love, hope, and blessings!

2. You’re a wonderful person and it’s been such an honor having you as part of this team. You bring so much light into our workplace every day with your personality and friendliness. Happy thanksgiving to you and your loved ones

3. Even though it may seem like things are tough, I just wanted to let you know that there are so many people in this world who care about what happens to you and we are one of them. We are very thankful for you being a part of our company.

4. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at ___ Thank You for everything that you do!!!

5. It’s so nice knowing that you always go above and beyond for everyone around you. It’s important for us to take time out of our days and really appreciate the people around us because life can get hectic sometimes.

The best way to combat all of life’s craziness is by taking some time out once in a while to think about how lucky we are.

We take this thanksgiving as an opportunity to be grateful for all the employees in our company. We wish you a very warm and delicious thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving wishes from business

Here are some Happy and Good Thanksgiving wishes for business: From business to clients, business partners, loyal customers and loved ones:

1. We are counting our blessings this thanksgiving. And working with you is one of them. Our Best Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family.

2. We are grateful for your loyalty and support, as we hope that you have a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving day with friends and family.

3. Thank you so much for being such an important part of our team! We know that your work is not easy, but we do appreciate everything you do.

4. Let’s all be thankful together this year and make each other feel more blessed than ever before!

5. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all we are grateful for. This year, we are especially thankful for our amazing clients and partners, who trust us to help them navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

We are thankful for the continued opportunity to do what we love – helping businesses grow and succeed online. From all of us at____ Our Warm Thanksgiving wishes to you and your near and dear ones.

6. Our entire team would like to extend our warmest thanksgiving wishes to you and your family. We hope you’re enjoying a restful weekend filled with laughter, love and of course… delicious food.

Our offices are closed today but we are looking forward to connecting with you tomorrow. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving to all our Business partners and loyal customers.

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Thanksgiving wishes to friends and family

Here are some Cute Thanksgiving wishes for family and friends:

1. Your family and friends will be super excited to see your happy faces. Be prepared for the Thanksgiving spirit and get ready to “Gobble till your Delicious Turkey Wobble.” Wishing you an advanced Happy Thanksgiving.”

2. I wish that you have a very fantastic turkey day full of love, laughs, and great food! May your families be able to bond with each other more during thanksgiving day because for sure it is going to be fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

3. At this time of year, the most important thing we can do is appreciate everything we have in our lives. Whether it’s good or bad, know that there are people out there who would trade their life for yours any given second.

I am so grateful to have a very special family and friends in my life. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from my friends and family to yours.

4. As this holiday season draws near its end, take some time today to reflect on how lucky we all are to have been blessed with one another’s company in this beautiful life!

5. I am so deeply thankful for being surrounded by some of the kindest, smartest, funniest and best looking friends I could ever ask for.

6. You’ll always be in my thoughts as I celebrate this Thanksgiving Day without you. But even if we’re miles away, I’m still sending you all the love possible through these words:

7- My deepest gratitude goes to my family and friends who have helped me become a better person over these last few years. Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Cute Thanksgiving day wishes

Here is a list of Happy Wishes on thanksgiving day:

1. Gratitude and appreciation are what this time of year is all about, so be thankful for the love and family that you have today! My best Thanksgiving wishes to everyone.

2. Every Thanksgiving we are reminded to thank the blessings in our lives, but also to look around at those who don’t have enough food or a place to call home this holiday season.

3. Embrace the joy of Thanksgiving without forgetting to reflect on those less fortunate. Giving back is one way to give thanks while sharing with others on this special day.

4. Remember that Thanksgiving isn’t just about giving thanks, it’s also about being thankful for the people and things in your life – your health, your happiness and loved ones too!

5. Take some time out from feasting tomorrow to do something good for someone else in need – volunteering at a local soup kitchen will allow you to enjoy yourself while helping someone else enjoy their meal as well!

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Happy thanksgiving wishes for everyone

These are a few happy thanksgiving wishes for everyone to make this holiday the best ever:

1. May the good things of life bring you cheer. May your plate be full, may your glass be dry, may you have a place to sleep and someone to love you near. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

2. From our house to yours, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving with friends and family!

3. We hope that this Thanksgiving brings joy into your heart and peace into your home. My best Happy thanksgiving wishes for everyone in my life.

4. A big round of applause for all the people who work hard year-round making sure that we all have food on our tables. Happy Thanksgiving day to you and your loved ones.

5. You will never get enough time to count all the reasons why you are thankful. So, just focus on being grateful today and every day. Best Thanksgiving wishes to everyone.

6. As the turkey roasts and potatoes simmer, I want to say thank you for being there when I needed support and encouragement; thank you for listening patiently when I had something important to say;

Thank you for lending an ear when I needed a sympathetic ear; thank you for laughing at my jokes even though they weren’t funny. I am so grateful for everyone in my life. Feasty thanksgiving holiday to you.

Thanksgiving wishes for coworkers, colleagues and team

Here are some Simple Thanksgiving wishes to coworkers, colleagues and your team for the perfect thanksgiving feast:

1. Warm greetings on the occasion of Thanksgiving to our team and coworkers. Give work a break and make the most of this day with your family and friends.

2. The most awaited occasion of thanksgiving is here , so I thank you my coworkers for all that you have done for the growth of the company. Our warm Thanksgiving wishes to you and your loved ones.

3. May this Thanksgiving be filled with joy, love, laughter and good food to our colleagues who are far away from their families. Here’s wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

4. So thankful to have wonderful people like you as teammates, friends and colleagues in our lives! Enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones today!

5. We hope that you enjoy the upcoming holidays as much as we do- take care and we’ll see you soon comrades!

6. After working so hard each and every day, it’s important to pause and appreciate what we have in life. And since nothing says gratitude better than giving back, we want to say thank you for being part of our success story by helping us grow into a company that cares about its employees.

7. Thankful for having such amazing coworkers at _____ Company. It’s time for turkey day- don’t forget to share with your co-workers!

Warm Thanksgiving wishes for cards

This is a list of Sweet, short and Elegant Thanksgiving card wishes to make the turkey taste even better:

1. The Thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Have an amazing day celebrating with all the people you love!

2. No one has ever become poor by giving. So, be thankful for what you have and give generously. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all..

3. Be mindful of how blessed we are to live in this beautiful country surrounded by so much history. Most importantly, spend time with loved ones and friends that are near or far today- because it’s not every day we can say Happy Thanksgiving!

4. As we express our gratitude, let us also remember those less fortunate than us. Let’s make a commitment to share our bounty with those who need it most. Best Thanksgiving wishes to you.

5. If we put more kindness into the world, it will put more out there too! Today is the perfect day to reach out to someone in need. Heartfelt thanksgiving wishes.

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Thanksgiving wishes for friends

Here is a list of Happy thanksgiving wishes to a friend. These loving thanksgiving wishes for friends will bring happiness their beautiful faces:

1. Friends are there when others forget you when things go wrong when you need company or comfort when nothing seems right.

They encourage us to look ahead even when we want to look back.

Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves – just because they care enough to stay in touch with who we really are – deep down inside where few people ever see.

So, I am very grateful for the very few friends who stuck with me through thick and thin.

I wish you nothing more than Happiness and Healthy life. May This Thanksgiving provide everything you wished for very long.

2. Best wishes on this lovely Thanksgiving day that brings together family and friends! I am very thankful to the universe for bringing such an amazing friend into my life.

3. Your friendship has helped me so much over the years, thanks for always being there when I need a shoulder to lean on or just someone to talk to. All my prayers and Thanksgiving wishes are with you my dearest friend.

4. You’ve helped me through some difficult times in my life; you’re one of my favorite people in the whole world! I wish all your goals to be fulfilled this Thanksgiving Season.

5. Happy Thanksgiving my sweetest friend! Thank you for showing up every time I need someone by my side.

6. Happy Thanksgiving my dear one! Thank you for always being there for me even when we don’t see each other often. You’re such a blessing in my life, may blessings come to you abundantly this Thanksgiving Day.

7. It’s been hard without our chats these days – it feels like it’s been forever since we’ve spoken! Happy Thanksgiving my one and only friend.

8. May all the good things of life be yours, not only at Thanksgiving but throughout the coming year. I am very grateful to be your friend and thank you for being a great human!

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Thanksgiving wishes for clients and customers

Here are some more simple Thanksgiving wishes to customers and clients:

1. Thank you for supporting our small business through the trials of this year. We are grateful for your loyalty and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

2. Our gratitude goes out to you and your family this Thanksgiving. Thank you for being an amazing client, we hope you have an awesome holiday season. If there’s anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

3. Thank you so much for understanding and supporting us. You are our valuable customers. We hope that all of your Thanksgiving days are filled with happiness and joy. Be sure to take some time to enjoy yourself on Thursday as well!

4. May God bless all those who walk into our store, whether it’s just once or 100 times – all have been greatly appreciated by us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all our clients and loyal customers!

5. On behalf of our whole team here at XYZ Inc., thank you for making this such a great year for us. We’re looking forward to many more years of growth and success because of you!

6. With thanksgiving in mind, we thank you for your support in this crazy economy. It has not been easy these past few months but we appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and extend to all those who work with us.

Thanksgiving wishes for birthday

If your loved ones celebrate their birthday on thanksgiving. Here are some special thanksgiving wishes for birthday to make their day even more special:

1. Wishing you a very yummy and delicious Happy Thanksgiving Birthday.

2. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to celebrate your Birthday on this special Thanksgiving day with you! We hope that it was everything you hoped for! Happy Birthday Champion.

3. You’re such an important part of our family and we just wanted to take the time to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! And Lucky to celebrate your birthday and Thanksgiving day at the same time. We wish you many more such happy returns of the day honey.

4. We all love you so much and we are thankful that God blessed us with a son like you. I am thankful for your cheerful nature, I am thankful for all the love in your heart, and I’m most thankful that God gave me my son. Happy Thanksgiving day and Birthday.

5. You bring joy to everyone around you because of who you are and what you do every single day! Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving day to you my love.

Thanksgiving wishes for teachers

Here are some appropriate Thanksgiving wishes to teacher as a gratitude:

1. Thank you for all of the time and special attention you’ve given me. It made such a difference in my attitude and grades. I am very grateful for being your student. I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving my favorite teacher.

2. I know it’s tough being a teacher, so I want to thank you for all your hard work and guidance. Happy Thanksgiving Ma’am.

3. You have taught me so much about myself, about other cultures and about different ways of thinking that have helped me grow into an educated and open-minded person.

Thank you so much for everything you have taught me. I would like to take this thanksgiving as an opportunity to send my heartfelt wishes and greetings to you. Happy Thanksgiving season Teacher.

4. I am grateful to be part of your class this year because it has been one of the best parts of my school experience thus far! Happy thanksgiving to you sir.

5. Thank you for teaching me important lessons that will stick with me forever – lessons like how to love others no matter their differences, how to stand up for what I believe in, how to handle tough situations calmly and responsibly, how not to judge people by their appearances but by who they are inside.

Thanksgiving wishes for boss

Here are some of the Warm Happy Thanksgiving wishes to boss:

1. Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to the most inspiring and encouraging boss. May your home be full of prosperity, happiness and smiles.”

2. Thank you so much for everything that you do to make my work days fulfilling and rewarding. Happy Thanksgiving BOSS.

3. You are such a great leader, it is an honor to work with you every day. My prayers and support are with you on this thanksgiving day BOSS.

4. Thank you for teaching me many things about what it means to be great at my job! Happy Turkey Day boss!

5. I am grateful to have someone who has been so supportive of me in my career journey. I hope you enjoy your time off with family and friends, if not eat too much turkey haha ;).

6. Thanks again for all the Inspiring experiences we have shared in these past months and always looking forward to more Encouraging times ahead Boss. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family.

7. Wishing a very happy Thanksgiving Day Boss!

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Free thanksgiving wishes

Here is a list of Free happy thanksgiving wishes to send your near and dear ones:

1. Life is short, eat dessert first. Happy Thanksgiving!

2. Sharing food builds community, brings families together, and reinforces friendships. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

3. I am grateful for my blessings everyday but I am especially grateful on days like today where I get to count them twice, once as they come my way and once as they go away. Amazing Thanksgiving Feast to you.

4. Remembering the good times always makes me smile. There’s nothing like being able to sit back and reflect on everything you’ve accomplished. I am very grateful for everything in my life. Happy Thanksgiving celebrations.

5. You don’t need a holiday to be thankful; simply taking stock of all the things you have (big or small) will suffice. Take this thanksgiving as an opportunity to help yourself grow.

Belated thanksgiving wishes

The following is a list of Late and belated thanksgiving wishes to greet everyone:

1. Thanksgiving greetings! Just a little bit late.

2. Happy Belated Thanksgiving wishes to all my friends in America, Canada, and everywhere else across the globe celebrating today.

3. I hope it’s not too late to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. I hope your day was filled with love, laughter, family, friends, fun and happiness.

4. Enjoy this wonderful time of year with all that you are thankful for because you deserve it after enduring such a long cold winter! By The way, Belated Thanksgiving wishes from me to you.

5. If it’s okay for you to hear me say, “Happy Thanksgiving Feast to you.” even after a day of Thanksgiving then let it be. (Haha..) Hope you had an amazing day and night with your family and friends.

Religious thanksgiving wishes Christian

Here is a list of Spiritual and Religious happy thanksgiving wishes

1. My heart goes out to those who are not able to enjoy a meal today with their family or friends. We can’t always control what happens in our lives, but we can count on others when we need them most.

Hope this thanksgiving provides every opportunity for everyone to grow and heal.

2. Love others just as God loves them because he gives his only son for the whole world- including you and me! My Heartfelt greetings to you on this Thanksgiving day.

3. My best Thanksgiving wishes are for you to always be happy and healthy. Have a wonderful holiday and may God bless you abundantly with joy.

4. God is good all the time, even if we don’t understand why sometimes. He is good because he gave us a gift that is eternal life through Christ Jesus.

Thank you God for all of your blessings this year and thank you Lord for saving my life from Evil.

5. Thankful that I’m alive to celebrate Thanksgiving with my loved ones after such an eventful year full of ups and downs. Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Thanksgiving wishes for Facebook or Instagram

Here are some Unique Thanksgiving wishes to post on facebook as well as on Instagram:

1. Beautiful memories, warm gatherings, and delicious food come to mind when I think of Thanksgiving. It’s a time to reflect on the blessings in our lives and show gratitude for the year that’s passed.

2. I hope you enjoy your holiday with friends and family! May this Thanksgiving season be filled with love and joy!

3. It’s always so great to get together with people we care about – it reminds us how much we have going for us. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

4. The best part of this day is being able to be thankful and grateful for all the things we have in life, big or small! My Best Wishes and prayers to you all.

5. All the things that happen during the course of one day (or week) can seem like they’re weighing down on us at times; but looking back at what we’ve accomplished over a lifetime really puts everything into perspective! Hope this thanksgiving keep us grounded.

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Thanksgiving wishes messages

Here are a few Short inspirational thanksgiving wishes messages for a stress-free holiday:

1. Friends are family members we choose ourselves. so happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

2. Friendships and family are precious gifts given to us from God. Take this time to think about all the blessings in your life and be thankful. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season with your dearest friends who love you!

3. May your Thanksgiving day be filled with many blessings, both large and small! My Special thanksgiving wishes to all.

4. I hope that you enjoy a relaxing day with those who matter most.Happy Thanksgiving.

5. Make sure to take time to express your gratitude for all the things that you have been blessed with over these last few months and years, it is not easy but worth it!

Thanksgiving wishes email

Here is a list of some formal Thanksgiving wishes to send through email:


To Team,

Thank you for being such an important part of our life this year. We are so lucky to have each of you in our lives and we’re so thankful to have the opportunity to work with you on a daily basis!

I hope that your Thanksgiving weekend is filled with lots of love and good food, and that we get to see each other again soon!

Yours truly,



To clients,

 It has been our pleasure to serve you and support your growth and we look forward to continuing to build a long-lasting relationship with you and help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for trusting us, we are grateful for every bit of it. Wishing each of you a happy thanksgiving day!

Yours truly,



To Employees,

We are all looking forward to working together as we continue on and all the many years ahead.

Take care of yourself during the holiday season, give back where you can, and be sure to enjoy time with friends and family as well.

Yours Truly,



To Family and Friends,

 On behalf of all of us, we would like to take a moment to show you how much we appreciate you and all that you do for us.

We are so grateful to have each of you in our lives and your support has made a significant impact in our work. So once again, thank you for always being there for us!

Yours lovingly,



To Followers and users,

 The time, effort and faith that you have placed on us is heart-warming. We are extremely grateful to have all of you as a part of our community, and we look forward to continue growing and developing together.

Thank you for being with us. Here’s wishing you a happy thanksgiving day!

Yours truly,


Thanksgiving wishes for boyfriend or girlfriend

Here is a list of Nice and meaningful thanksgiving wishes for boyfriend or girlfriend:

1. The occasion of Thanksgiving is a reminder to me that I am so fortunate to have you in my life. Warm wishes on Thanksgiving to you my love.

2. With lots of love and trust, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say happy Thanksgiving baby.

3. Thank you for bringing so many smiles into my life. I’m so lucky to have found someone who loves me unconditionally. I hope your Thanksgiving day is just as special as you are.

4. Wishing you all the happiness this world has to offer today and always sweetie pie!

5. May all your dreams come true, may all your wishes come true, may all your hopes come true, and may God bless you abundantly this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving wishes for neighbors and relatives

Here is a list of Wonderful thanksgiving wishes for neighbors and relatives:

1. Not only are you a fantastic neighbor but also a par-excellent human being that everyone looks up to as an ideal. I am so grateful to have someone like you in my life.

I hope this Thanksgiving season is full of laughter and happiness for you, your family, and all the people in your life.

2. Thank you for being so amiable and respectful. You’re always willing to lend a hand when it’s needed and even when it isn’t.

You bring out the best in others with your friendly attitude and amazing spirit! May you be blessed abundantly this holiday season!

3. As you embark on Thanksgiving Day with friends, family, and loved ones please know how very fortunate we are to have each other as such great neighbors!

4. We are very grateful for such wonderful neighbors like you who make our lives so much richer and brighter with their companionship.

5. I don’t know what we would do without such soulful neighbors who keep us company and watch over our homes when we’re away. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

6. We love having someone to celebrate special occasions with who understands the meaning of true friendship without question or judgment; thank you for being just that person for us!

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