300+ Thanksgiving activities that are sure to get you in the holiday spirit (2022 Edition)

By: Naveen B

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends, and to give thanks for all that we have.

If you’re looking for some unique things to do on Thanksgiving Day that will keep everyone entertained and happy, check out these Thanksgiving activities ideas!

Whether you’re hosting a small get-together with family and friends, or hosting an open house for your colleagues or guests, these activities for thanksgiving will keep everyone busy and contained. And if you’re looking to get some activity in with the kids, we’ve got you covered there as well! 

Some of these thanksgiving activities won’t require leaving your house and some are fun outdoor activities that will help make your day even special.

300+ Thanksgiving activities


The following is a great list of Happy Thanksgiving activities for family, friends, kids, guests, colleagues and everyone to make the best of the holiday season.

1. Craft a Family Tree

Craft a Family Tree: A Thanksgiving tradition that can be enjoyed by all is to craft a family tree. This can be a fun activity for the whole family.

Crafting a family tree is the most popular thanksgiving activity around the world. Decide on a structure for the tree, such as starting with the parents and working your way down, or starting with the youngest member of the family and going up.

Once you have your tree prepared, have each family member fill out a blank sheet with information about themselves, their parents, siblings, etc. The tree will come to life as you add more details and photos.

2. Pie Baking Contest

Pie Baking Contest: Pie baking can be a lot of fun, and a great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Organize a pie baking contest and have prizes for the best pies. Have judges determine the best pies based on flavor, presentation, and creativity.

3. Play Thanksgiving Trivia

Play Thanksgiving Trivia: The best part of Thanksgiving is the food, of course, but it’s also the time to spend with family and friends.

Why not challenge each other to some Thanksgiving trivia? This can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get to know one another better.

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4. Harvest Bowling

Harvest Bowling: Who doesn’t love bowling on Thanksgiving? Organize a harvest bowling event and have guests dress up in themed costumes.

Have a fun contest to see who can score the most points by knocking down pins with their bowling balls.

5. Make a Thanksgiving Dinner Together with Family

Make a Thanksgiving Dinner Together with Family: One of the best things about Thanksgiving is getting to spend time with family.

Make sure to reserve enough time to make a Thanksgiving dinner together. This can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get to know one another better. 

Make a Thanksgiving dinner together and enjoy each other’s company. This can be a fun and challenging task, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

6. Wear Ugly Thanksgiving apparel

Wear Ugly Thanksgiving apparel: Ugly Christmas apparel is always a popular option, and Thanksgiving apparel is no exception.

Why not wear something tacky and festive for the holiday? This will get everyone in the holiday spirit, and it’ll be a good laugh. You can Buy the cozy thanksgiving sweater here on Amazon.

7. Serve signature cocktails

Serve signature cocktails: Whether you’re whipping up pumpkin spice martinis or cranberry apple cider, festive cocktails are a great way to get the party started.

Set up a bar in your home and invite your friends over to kick off the holiday season. 

8. Thanksgiving Bingo

Play Thanksgiving Bingo: It’s always a fun time to play bingo, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do it.

Set up a bingo board and have guests write down items that are associated with the holiday. Once everyone has had a chance to play, have a winner and award prizes. You can buy the thanksgiving Bingo game cards here

9. Visit a farmers market for fresh ingredients

Visit a farmers market for fresh ingredients: There are many great farmers markets open on Thanksgiving, so why not visit one for fresh ingredients?

This can be a great way to get your Thanksgiving meal started, and you can also find delicious foods that you may not be able to find at your local grocery store.

This will also allow you to get to know the people in your neighborhood better, and it’ll be a lot of fun.

10. Write Thankful Letters to friends, family, relatives and neighbors

Write Thankful Letters: During Thanksgiving, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the festivities. Why not take a moment to write thank you letters to friends, family, relatives, and neighbors?

This can be a great way to take the focus off of the holiday and to focus on the relationships that you have. When you write these letters, take the time to express your gratitude and assure the person that you appreciate them.

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Easy Activities for thanksgiving

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Here is a list of Best and easy activities for thanksgiving:

1. Discuss about the history of Thanksgiving

2. Film a video in honor of Thanksgiving

3. Facetime (Video Chat) with Family

4. Watch Classics like National Lampoon’s Vacation or A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

5. Enjoy the Scents of Your Favorite Home Fragrance

6. Read poetry

7.Thank the Lord for Everything He Has Given You

8. Enjoy a Thanksgiving feast at a restaurant

9. Take a Post-Meal Walk

10. Get into the Christmas Spirit

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Thanksgiving things to do

Here are some good thanksgiving things to do on turkey day:

1. Find the names of three people in your life for whom you are thankful.

2. Take a picture of yourself with your hand over your heart and say thank you for something in your life, or someone in your life, that means a lot to you.

3. Draw or write a letter from one person who is thankful for another person (example: I’m thankful I met my best friend and they became my family.). Share it on social media using #iHeartThankful.

4. Write a list of things you are thankful for.

5. Write out all the things in your life that make you happy.

6. Create a time capsule full of gratitude.

7. Make Thanksgiving dinner by yourself.

8. Make an apple pie.

9. Practice saying thank you.

10. Count your blessings

11. Make a gratitude list of everything good that has happened to you this year.

12. Post your thoughts about what makes you grateful on social media using the hashtag #thankful.

13. Watch It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown or A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

14. Read up on some facts about how Americans spend money during the holiday season; let them inspire how much you should spend this year!

15. Start making handmade cards now and give them out as Christmas presents!

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Thanksgiving activities for adults

Here is a list of Fun thanksgiving activities for adults:

1. Thanksgiving Taboo Cards

Thanksgiving Taboo Cards: This is a great activity for families that want to get together and have some fun.

It’s the exciting game of forbidden words that keeps players on the edge of their seats. Players try to get teammates to say the guess word on the card without using any of the forbidden words in the clues.

If you have never played Taboo or don’t have your own set, you can buy the game here.

2. Play a Game of Candy Corn Bowling

Play a Game of Candy Corn Bowling: This is a festive game that can be played with any number of people. All you need is a few bowls and a lot of candy corn.

Players roll the candy corn down the hallway, and when they reach the end, they bowl it out and the next player takes their turn. The first player to bowl all their candy corn wins the game.

3. Try out a new recipe

Try out a new recipe: This Thanksgiving, why not try something new in the kitchen? There are endless possibilities, from traditional dishes to new and uniqueThanksgiving recipes.

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out some of our favorite recipes:

Eggplant Parmesan: Try eggplant parmesan from Italy! Eggplants are used in many different ways there; this is one of the most popular dishes to make during Christmas time.

Traditional Pie: Bake your own pie following a traditional recipe from England!

4. Craft a Turkey Crown

Craft a Turkey Crown: This is a fun and easy project that can be done in a few hours. All you need is a turkey head, some wire, and some scissors.

You can either make a simple crown or get creative and make a more elaborate one.

5. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter 

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter: This Thanksgiving, why not volunteer at an animal shelter? 

Shelters are in need of volunteers to help out with everything from pet adoptions to sorting donations. If you’re feeling generous, why not donate some food or money to your local shelter?

6. Make a colorful Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Make a colorful Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece: This is a simple and easy project that can be done in a few hours.

All you need is some festive tableware, some flowers, and some ribbon. You can either use a pre-made centerpiece or make your own.

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Best Adult thanksgiving activities

Here are some more Best Adult thanksgiving activity ideas that you would love:

1. Play the Truth or dare; Never Have I Ever; Truth or Drink game

2. Host a Thanksgiving Holiday Party

3. Hay Bale Bowling

4. Go on a scavenger hunt.

5. Make a Snowman

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Thanksgiving activities for families

Here are some Free Thanksgiving activities with family to do at home:

1. Start a new tradition with the entire family

2. Preserve family members’ handprints as a memory

3. Play a Board Game

4. Give Thanks at the Table

5. Make Turkey Silly Putty

6. Have a family game night

7. Host a Family Dance Party

Meaningful Thanksgiving family activities

Here is a list of some Meaningful Family activities on thanksgiving. These Family thanksgiving activities will definitely make your day:

1. Bake Cookies or Desserts for Friends and Neighbors

2. Attend a Candlelight Service on Thanksgiving Eve

3. Volunteer at an Organization in Need

4. Visit Old Relatives or Friends During Thanksgiving Season 

5. Handwrite thank you notes for people who helped you through life’s difficult times

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Fun thanksgiving activities

If you are looking for some fun thanksgiving activities, this is a list of the most Fun activities to do on thanksgiving with your entire family and friends.

1. Dress up your pets

2. Sing Thanksgiving songs 

3. Spend the Day out with Friends

4. DIY Wool Pumpkins

5. Watch Silly Cat Videos 

6. Get Your Groove on Holiday Music 

7. Leave a Note of Thanks on a Loved One’s Car Windshield 

8. Wear a Festive Hat or Scarf

9. Wear a Holiday Jumper

10. Go apple picking

Funny thanksgiving activities

Here is a list of some Cute and Funny thanksgiving activities

1. Water balloon fight

2. Musical chairs

3. Have a taste test

4. Have a costume night

5. Film a cooking show

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Unique Thanksgiving day activities

Here are a few unique Thanksgiving day activities for adults:

1. Plant a seedling

2. Support Local Farmers Markets on Thanksgiving Day 

3. Contribute to a Charity Close to Your Heart 

4. Teach children about Native Americans

5. Participate in Global Eats International Food Festival 

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Quick Activities to do on thanksgiving

Here is a list of some quick Activities to do for thanksgiving:

1. Call a Friend You Haven’t Spoken to in a While 

2. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 

3. Perform Random Acts of Kindness 

4. Wear a Turtleneck Sweater

5. Share What You’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving gratitude activities for adults

These are a few Gratitude thanksgiving activities for adults that make you feel thankful for the life you got:

1. Give Away Cookies to Neighbors or the Homeless

2. Gratitude A to Z

3. Be Present in the Moment and Reflect Upon All You Have Already Accomplished

4. Keep a Journal of Your Thoughts and Feelings 

5. Practice Deep Breathing Exercises to Calm the Mind and Body 

6. Stay on Social Media for One Hour Without Complaining or Negativity

7. Send Out Thank You Cards and Gifts to Friends, Family, and Co-Workers

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Hands-on thanksgiving activities

The following are some hands-on thanksgiving activities that keep you busy and contained:

1. DIY paper Turkey

2. Thanksgiving Table settings

3. Get Creative with Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

4. Draw names for holiday gifts

5. Bake pies

6. Paint pumpkins

7. Carve pumpkins

8. Make homemade macaroni and cheese

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Outdoor thanksgiving activities

Here is a list of healthy Outdoor activities for thanksgiving with family and friends:

1. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

2. Go for a Fall Hike

3. Attend a Thanksgiving Parade 

4. Donate Clothes to a Charity 

5. Visit a Cemetery and Memorialize the Ancestors You Lost

6. Go for a Ride on a Tram

7. Take a Photo session at a Historic Site

8. Go for random shopping

9. Give a Gift to a Local Charity

10. Travel to woods or a nature reserve with family as a picnicking destination.

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Thanksgiving activities for work

These are a few Thanksgiving activities for adults at work for employees:

1. Bring in a Thanksgiving turkey to work and prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

2. Employee Appreciation Day

3. Send out holiday wishes to your team members via email or social media.

4. Team building activity: Put Together a Jigsaw Puzzle

5. Give out holiday gifts to your team members.

6. Have a Thanksgiving party and celebrate with your team.

7. Go out to dinner with your team and enjoy a festive meal.

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Best Ideas for thanksgiving activities

Here are some more best Thanksgiving activity ideas that keep you busy while cooking:

1. Have a turkey-themed scavenger hunt.

2. Have a Thanksgiving dessert contest.

3. Give out Thanksgiving-themed prizes.

4. Black friday Planning

5. Learn How to Fold Paper Cranes (traditional Japanese art) With Kids

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Kids Thanksgiving activities

These are a few great Thanksgiving kid activities that keep them entertained, grounded and be thankful for everything:

1. Talk to Your Grandparents About Their Experiences Growing Up on a Farm

2. Record Your Memories

3. Read Books by Authors from Different Cultures/Ethnicities 

4. Eat Foods From Other Countries

5. Make a Top Ten List of Things You are Thankful for 

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Thanksgiving activities for teens

Here is a list of November thanksgiving activities for teens:

1. Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

2. Thanksgiving Icebreaker game

3. Share a Thanksgiving Story

4. Make a Thanksgiving Gift

5. Create a Gingerbread House

Thanksgiving group activities

Here are some thanksgiving group activities for delicious thanksgiving feast:

1. Craziest Thanksgiving Socks Contest

2. Put Together a Jigsaw Puzzle

3. Host a Petsgiving

4. Get creative and have a Thanksgiving-themed photo shoot

5. Host a Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

Thanksgiving art activities

Here is a list of thanksgiving art activities to keep your creativity flow:

1. Decorate your table

2. Draw Pictures That Capture What Thanksgiving Means To You

3. Craft Thanksgiving-Themed Items

4. Make A Thanksgiving Cookbook

5. DIY a Turkey Ornament

Team building thanksgiving activities

Here are some Thanksgiving team building activities for work:

1. Charity donation

2. Gift wrapping

3. Costume contest

4. Host a Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner or Food gathering

5. Social media campaign

Thanksgiving activities for seniors

Here are some thoughtful Thanksgiving activities for elderly and senior citizens:

1. Create Your Own Thanksgiving Songs

2. Have an indoor picnic   

3. Spend Time in Nature, Collecting Leaves, Shells, Pinecones, etc.

4. Invite Strangers over for Thanksgiving Dinner

5. Start planning next year’s celebration

Thanksgiving activities for tweens

Here is a great list of Youth thanksgiving activities for tweens:

1. Create Pies From Your Favorite Pie Ingredients 

2. Host an informal potluck

3. Volunteer in the community

4. Fill up on turkey

5. Go camping

Catholic thanksgiving activities

These are a few Christian, catholic Thanksgiving activities for church youth:

1. Make a special effort to cultivate a closer relationship with God through prayer, thank-you letters, meditation, or Scripture reading.

2. Pray for all the people in your life—whether they are people you know well or people you don’t know as well—and ask Him to help them in their lives.

3. Participate in a charitable activity or event that you know is important to you and your community.

4. Spend time with loved ones, exchanging stories and blessings.

5. Honor your ancestors and ancestors who have passed away by spending time with them in your memories or by dedicating a special day or service to them.

6. Share your blessings with others, through words or deeds.

7. Make a list of all the blessings in your life, and then take time to reflect on each one.

8. Seek out opportunities to give thanks for all the good that has happened in your life and in the lives of others.

9. Offer prayers of petition for people or groups who are facing difficult times.

10. Display a photo or statue of St. Francis of Assisi or another patron saint of thanksgiving in a place where you spend a lot of time—perhaps on your desk at work or in your living room during family time.

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Virtual thanksgiving activities

Here are some virtual thanksgiving activities for kids, family, elders and for work:

1. Send a holiday email to your friends and family. Thank them for their support throughout the year.

2. Join or start a holiday blog and write about your favorite holiday traditions.

3. Make a holiday playlist and share it online.

4. Dare your friends and family to do holiday crafts or activities you’ve never seen before and post them on Social Media.

5. Create a Q&A session on Instagram Stories related to Thanksgiving-theme.

6. Play Virtual icebreaker quizzes on Thanksgiving-themed topics with your friends, family and colleagues

7. Initiate a Thanksgiving-themed Twitter chat with people from around the world

8. Write a Thanksgiving-themed poem and share it online.

Arts and craft thanksgiving activities

These are a few Art and craft activities for thanksgiving:

1. Make a Thanksgiving basket

This is a great way to show your gratitude for all the blessings in your life.

You can either make a traditional basket filled with items like treats, candles, and a holiday ornament, or go with a more creative idea.

For example, make a wooden turkey sculpture, or make a cake that looks like a Thanksgiving feast.

2. Make a Thanksgiving feast

This is a great way to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them. You can make a traditional Thanksgiving feast, or go with a more creative idea.

For example, make a pumpkin pie tower, or make a Thanksgiving quilt out of fabric scraps.

3. Make a Thanksgiving card

The best way to show your gratitude is to write a heartfelt card. Write about all the blessings that you have in your life, and thank your friends and family for being a part of them.

For example, make a card out of paper pie plates, or make a card that looks like a Thanksgiving feast.

4. Make a Thanksgiving decoration

This is a great way to show your thanks for all the holidays around the year. You can make a traditional Thanksgiving decoration, like a wreath or a cornucopia, or go with a more creative idea.

For example, make a Thanksgiving cake topper out of a pie dish, or make a Thanksgiving pie out of cake dough. Make a wreath out of artificial leaves, or make a Thanksgiving cake topper out of clay.

5. Make a Thanksgiving scented candle

This is a great way to relax after a busy Thanksgiving day. You can make a traditional Thanksgiving candle, or go with a more creative idea.

For example, make a pumpkin candle out of wax and spices, or make a Thanksgiving candle out of pumpkin puree.

Thanksgiving activities for couples

Here is a list of romantic and cute thanksgiving activities for couples:

1. Watch a Thanksgiving parade together.

2. Go turkeys hunting together.

3. Drive around and look at Thanksgiving pumpkin displays.

4. Attend a family Thanksgiving feast.

5. Have a Thanksgiving conversation that focuses on gratitude.

6. Enjoy a Thanksgiving stroll around the neighborhood.

7. Give each other heartfelt thanks for being together this holiday season.

8. Make a personalized Thanksgiving gift to each other.

9.  Spend time in front of a warm fire with a delicious Thanksgiving feast.

10. Tuck each other in for the night with a special Thanksgiving memory

Thanksgiving break activities

These are some thanksgiving break activities on your turkey day:

1. Drink hot chocolate and relax by the fire.

2. Catch up on some reading or watch some Netflix.

3. Clean the house, garage, or yard.

4. Spend time with your pets.

5. Start a new project or DIY project.

6. Bake some homemade goodies.

7. Call someone in your life you haven’t talked to in a while.

8. Distribute candy to kids in the neighborhood.

9. Make a Thanksgiving dinner for whoever’s house you’re staying at.

10. Create a Thankful Jar or Wall Scroll to hang in your home during the break.

Day after thanksgiving activities

These are a few Day After thanksgiving activities you should definitely try:

1. Make a necklace out of dried leaves.

2. Make and decorate gingerbread houses with frosting, candy, and peppermint candies to give as gifts or keep for yourself!

3. Take photos of all the Thanksgiving dishes you cooked and put them in a photo album so you can remember them next year when you are preparing them again!

4. Make your own macaroni and cheese recipe by adding cream of mushroom soup, chicken broth, white wine, salt, pepper and cheddar cheese.

5. Get outside for some fresh air.

6. Watch some Christmas movies on TV like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas or Elf!

7. Check out Pinterest boards from other bloggers with even more ideas on how to spend your day after Thanksgiving

Non traditional thanksgiving activities

Here is a list of Non traditional thanksgiving activities for everyone:

1.Volunteer at a soup kitchen to help those less fortunate this holiday season.

2.Visit a nursing home or hospice center and spend time with the residents there.

3. Provide all the fixings for pumpkin pie and invite guests to make their own using whipped cream from a can or condensed milk from a can and canned pumpkin from the baking aisle in your supermarket.

4. Invite friends over for an after dinner game night, such as cards, board games, or charades.

5. Make a list of things you’re ungrateful for and share them with someone who could use some cheering up.

6. Watch cooking videos together on YouTube for ideas on how to cook that bird!

7. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city by spending Thanksgiving Day in one of America’s most beautiful places–Sequoia National Park!

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Traditional thanksgiving activities

Here are some historical traditional thanksgiving activities:

1. Dress up as pilgrims

2. Put a wreath on the door

3. Decorate your house with pumpkins and corn stalks

4. Make sugar cookies in the shape of turkey

5. Decorate with gourds and other fall foliage

6. Gobble like a turkey, be sure to go gobble gobble not just gibberish gibberish

7. Hang gingerbread men from the ceiling

8. Wear clothing that represents the early settlers, such as aprons, bonnets, and petticoats

9. Play jack-o-lantern bowling where you knock over jack-o-lanterns by rolling a ball at them

10. Give out candy canes instead of candy corn

Thanksgiving around the world activities

The following are some of the most popular thanksgiving around the world activities:

1. Turkey drumstick eating contest

The turkey drumstick eating contest is an annual event in Ashland, Ohio.

Contestants must eat as many turkey drumsticks as they can while a time limit is counting down, and then they have to put on a rubber nose and try to make as many people laugh as possible within a certain amount of time.

2. Black Friday shopping

Black Friday is one of the most popular days for retailers to offer discounted prices on their products.

Customers will line up hours before stores open just so they can be first in line to get those door-busting deals.

3. Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is when friends or family members gather together for Thanksgiving dinner without any specific host.

It’s usually a casual affair, with friends or family showing up whenever they want to and staying however long they like.

4. Pie baking competition

For some pie lovers, there’s nothing more rewarding than the sweet smell of pies baking in the oven.

5. Pumpkin carving contests

A pumpkin carving contest is a fun activity that families may enjoy doing together this holiday season!

Whether you’re trying to go for intricate detail work or something more abstract, you’ll find plenty of inspiration from these pumpkin carving ideas.

Alongside pumpkins, lots of other fruits and vegetables are great for designing your own jack-o-lanterns (even spaghetti squash!)

Thanksgiving games activities

Here is a list of Thanksgiving games activities that make your holiday even more fun:

1. Monopoly, Battleship, Scrabble, UNO

2. Play a Game of Thankfulness Tag

3. Play a Guessing Game

4. Play a Game of Candy Corn Bowling

5. Pokeno

Indoor thanksgiving activities

Here are some more Indoor thanksgiving activities:

1. Make a traditional dish from another country.

2. Make a craft with imported materials

3. Write your family’s Thanksgiving traditions on a banner and hang it up on the wall

4. Sing Karaoke

5. Ask Your Parents and family members What They’re Thankful for This Year and Why

Thanksgiving party activities ideas

Here is a list of thanksgiving party activities ideas you should host this holiday season:

1. Tell your friends and family something they don’t know about you or they may not have known before.

2. Go around the table and say one thing that you are grateful for each person in the group.

3. Play drinking games where everyone has to finish their drink every time someone fails to answer a question.

4. Take pictures of all of the guests at the party to make a memory book to look back on next year.

5. Dress up as different characters from Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving movie!

Music thanksgiving activities

Here are some unique music thanksgiving activities for music lovers:

1. Music guessing game: Make up a song and everyone guesses what it is! If no one guesses the song, try to describe it in detail so that people can still guess it.

2. What are you thankful for? sing-along: Singing about all of the things you’re thankful for (in other words, songs with thankful or thanks in their lyrics)

3. Create your own music video!: Put on some great tunes and show off your dance moves. You could make it as silly as you want or put some real choreography together – this one’s tons of fun either way!

4. Musical Charades: The classic game where teams act out different musical instruments while someone on the opposing team guesses what they are trying to convey

5. Listen to favorite albums back-to-back: Pick an album or artist you really like and just sit back and enjoy the songs one after another. It doesn’t matter if there’s any kind of theme or connection, just pick something you like.

6. Attend a live music concert: Search for concerts in your area or even see who’s coming to town and attend a live performance by your favorite bands and artists.

7. Karaoke night: Grab the mic and sing along to one of your favorite tracks!

8. Learn how to play guitar: Tune into tutorials on YouTube or sign up for lessons at a local studio

9. Compose new songs with friends: Take turns adding lyrics or chords onto unfinished melodies

10. Act out scenes from your favorite movie using only music;

11. Write a song based on the prompt this year;

12. Reminisce through old mix tapes or CDs, find the best memories and share them with friends

Multicultural thanksgiving activities

Here is a list of multicultural thanksgiving activities all around the world:

1. You could make a turkey with your hands and add a face made of dough.

2. Create a pumpkin pie using flowers and leaves in the shape of pie crust to represent the pumpkin filling.

3. Paint paper plates orange, green, brown or any other color you want, then write something meaningful on them and place them on the table around the dinner table as placemats.

4. Play name that holiday games such as ‘I Spy Thanksgiving’ where everyone takes turns saying what they see (without looking). Whoever guesses what’s been seen gets to go next.

5. Volunteer at one of many animal shelters around town that are always looking for extra hands during this busy season!

6. Play a fun trivia game like Jeopardy!

7. Visit an art gallery and look at all the different types of art while contemplating what makes it uniquely theirs.

8. Make a jar full of some type of autumn spice mix – cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg and allspice berries – which is perfect for spreading on toast or stirring into hot cocoa!

9. Bake cookies shaped like pumpkins and use frosting in various colors to paint designs on them.

10. Join an international church service led by a preacher from another country who shares their own stories of thanksgiving with us.

Nursing home thanksgiving activities

Here are a few Thanksgiving activities for nursing home residents:

1. Buy a Turkey for Someone in Need 

2. Adopt a Rescue Pet for the Holiday Season 

3. Engage in Conversation with Strangers and Build Relationships

4.  Give each resident a special gift. This could be something small, like a holiday ornament, or something more substantial, like a book or a gift certificate to a favorite store.

5. Put on a Comfortable Sweater and Enjoy Holiday Movies from the ’50s, ’60s, or ’70s 

Native American thanksgiving activities

These are some native american thanksgiving activities:

1. Make a turkey out of construction paper

2. Make pilgrim hats for kids to wear

3. Paint corn husks and add beads or feathers

4. Create a cornucopia with construction paper

5. Use playdough to create an Indian mask

6. Decorate pumpkin

7. Pretend you are walking in a traditional native American village by playing hide and seek, follow the leader, or red light green light

8. Make a teepee out of sticks, paint it with nontoxic watercolors, and decorate it with fabric scraps

9. Pretend you are part of a hunt by going on a walk through the woods pretending you are looking for food to bring back home

Thanksgiving activities for adults with disabilities

Here is a list of thanksgiving activities for adults with disabilities:

1. Take a family photo.

2. Plant a Thanksgiving tree.

3. Enjoy a special family Thanksgiving meal.

4. Follow a holiday tradition that you enjoy.

5. Attend a disability-related event.

6. Share a Thanksgiving story with family and friends.

7. Get in touch with your inner artist and create a masterpiece to hang on the wall during the holidays that reminds you of this special time of year (and maybe make one for someone you know).

Thanksgiving activities with friends

Here are some of the best thanksgiving activities with friends:

1. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Nostalgic Videos or Photos 

2. Thanksgiving Corn Hole

3. Plan a Fall Decorating Party 

4. Play in the Leaves with Your Friends 

5. Go to a Candle Making Class 

6 Cook or Bake for Others

7. Celebrate Thanksgiving at Work or School 

8. Share a Meal with a Friend or Acquaintance 

9. Design invitations for family get-togethers, as well as thank-you cards after the festivities are over.

10. Have conversations about what traditions from past Thanksgivings were your favorite and which ones you might want to start doing more often now that you’re an adult and can do what you want!

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