“Unfinished love”

The True love story ended unfinished. But How did they rekindled again? – Unfinished love

They married each other, the other day – The lean man who steals other men’s wives and the tall woman who sleeps with other women’s husbands. Both married for the thirteenth time. But none seemed happy.

So, there was certainly a tragedy behind their false face. What it might be? For the reason of their cursed fate.

Ah! There can be many wretched things. Mainly, a man can be unhappy for two reasons. But a woman – God knows whose death she is plotting in her mysterious head. 

I am a man of love and faith. Unfortunately, I am unhappy too. For 2 reasons that are linked to 1000 more. Each reason leads to each question leaving me with the only answer. “Woman.” Yes, a woman. She is the only source of my sadness.

Oh! Have I become such a madman? Judging a woman for no cause, with no proof of grief, and without any respect for a fellow feminine.

For this moment, my sincere apologies for being such a misunderstanding. I do not know what I have become.

Let me confess – Perhaps, my past hit me hard and my woman made me mad – Causing a great deal of pain by leaving my flesh and fresh scars, betrayed to death.

I trust no woman anymore, precisely not that tall one, whom I witnessed the other day. With whom I spent 52 years in the same room under the same blanket – naked, turned, twisted, and loved.

Wishing to make it till the end, with love in my heart and faith in my soul by the blessings of the supreme god. My heart aches to accept that we shared the life in same bed.


But, not anymore. God has forbidden my dreams, he turned my life upside down and twisted my soul inside out.

She is no more a wife to me, not in my 7 lifetimes. I can’t fancy her to be my bride – Not after what I discovered that day – I found her true mask in the same room under my same blanket with another man – naked, turned, and twisted. 

It was a little early that day, not my regular hour.

When the sun was still up in the air conquering the world from the faraway heaven, burning himself to keep awake this two-faced flora and fauna.

 I reached home from the workplace at the time which was not mine, to surprise the love of my life with a beautiful gift in my hands.

But then I witnessed this – she was lost in the lust, feeding her naked breasts to that hungry dog. Riding on her favorite pose to the hell and forth.

Such a shame, such an insult, such and such an ill-fated woman. Words lost their origins, after being faced with that woeful sight.

I forbid myself from the speech by plucking the tongue out of my skull. And poisoned my eyes, as if I was born with a curse.

I did not witness any such barbaric act if I foresee myself in any similar future.

I couldn’t withstand her hideous traits. She possesses no love for me, but for lust and liquor.

She turned my home into a brothel house. I couldn’t continue my unfinished love in a heartless state. Neither I spoke nor reacted. I left and never returned.

How unfair it is! The woman whom I loved for a lifetime, betrayed me and burnt me alive.

How anyone can commit such an unforgivable act? Is it my inability to find the truth or is it too much trust, love, and faith in her?

God knows the truth, since how many ages this cuckoldry has been in the part of her existence? However, it doesn’t matter now. I do not care what the truth is! I am afraid it exists too.

There left nothing in me. I do not know what has consumed my soul. I am so lonely and abandoned to death.

Sometimes I wish she could have understood me. Or I could have loved her a bit more. I wish we should have been together forever.

It seems like she married him the other day, it seems like she betrayed me yesterday. Everything seems like a lie. The days lost their count. I don’t know what my age is now.

Maybe 120 or 150? It doesn’t matter. When life is fully sucked up.

I feel she is with me now, in my heart. All this time she is in my head. I wish she didn’t betray me. I wish I never made it home that day so that I could have never known her truth.

In spite of everything I still love her. Her absence stole my present. She holds something darkness in her that draws brightness in me.

There is more to her than just wickedness, which brings light to my suffering.

It’s been ages, I do not know why I am not dying. But what I know is – My soul is mourning her arrival.

And my heart is bleeding to see her for once. Oh! Perhaps such is the reason for me not dying. 

Oh, mightiest of the mighty! If you exist in the seven heavens, listen to my wishes and free me from this evil curse and take me back to you.

#The chatter stopped inside the head. (“Unfinished love” A true love story)

Right after he went into eternal sleep – There she came into his dreams and said, “Oh, the purest of all my men! Forgive my unforgivable sins.

I suffered more than you suffered. I had no face with the face you. Therefore, I left my body long before and chose hell to purify my soul. Free me from your head and live happily with no remorse left” and she disappeared.

He was supposed to reach heaven, but he chose to go to hell to continue the unfinished love.

There they met again, hugged and kissed. And there they lived in peace and purity by spreading true love with the hell full of sinners.

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