Can friends be soulmates? (Here is what research says)

By: Naveen B

Do you hold the belief that, can friends be soulmates too?

Often, when two people are deeply in love with each other and share a strong spiritual connection, they may experience the sensation that they’ve known each other before.

In a way, this is true; when we meet someone who sparks our interest and shares our values, it can feel like we’ve been waiting for them all along.

Soulmates are those rare individuals who move us to live more fully, laugh more easily, care more deeply, and be more generous.

We cannot control who will come into our lives as lovers or friends, but we can decide how much time we want to spend with them and what kind of deep connection we want to create.

However, if you wonder can a friend be a soulmate and can best friends be soulmates too? What is a best friend soulmate called? Then it might be time to take some time for yourself and figure out How to know if your friend is your soulmate.

Let’s find out in this article if two friends can be soulmates too backed by research and facts Read on!.

Before that, let’s understand what friend soulmates are called?

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What are friend soulmates?


Best friend soulmates are called “Platonic soulmates.” The word ‘platonic’ means relating to or involving no sexual feelings or desires.

However, this does not mean that there cannot be any sexual desire between two best friends. 

Rather, it means there isn’t any obligation to engage in sexual activity if neither party wants to do so.

It refers to relationships where you maintain a close bond with someone who is like family but don’t want to date them.

For example, your best friend might be your platonic soulmate. You are very comfortable around him/her and you both get along really well.

Can friends be soulmates?


Yes. it’s possible that a friend can be a soulmate. As per an article published in department of social and behavioral sciences by university of Hong Kong, soulmates need not be romantic partners but can be in a platonic relationship; they can be anyone special (e.g., friends, partners, colleagues) who provide a sense of care, comfort, and safety to the person.

In true friendships, people support and care about each other because of who they are rather than what they have. That’s what makes them potential friend soulmates regardless of gender, age and race.

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These sort of relationships can promote greater intimacy, endure hardships, and combat loneliness. Because both parties feel that the other person understands their perspectives and values.

They will listen attentively to each other and they’ll look out for one another even when they’re miles apart. They’ll share intimate details with one another, trust one another with sensitive information and use humor together to cope with difficult times.

The friendship is based on understanding, compassion, empathy, love and spiritual platonic soul connection.

Relationship scientists have long understood about platonic soulmates. Friendship-based intimacy, which is a cognitive and emotional experience comprising psychological interdependence, warmth, and understanding, related to the companionate love that nurtures long-term intimate bonds.

Moreover, A ‘friend soulmate’ is a feeling of deep connection and understanding, without the romance typically associated with the term soulmate. Consequently, platonic soulmates offer each other a soul connection that goes beyond.

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According to the research, it was found that people are more satisfied with friendships than they are with romances. Also, they tend to know each other better and enjoy spending time together without expectation or pressure.

But a soulmate also has to possess some important qualities such as being loyal, compassionate and forgiving in order for the relationship to work out well.

Can best friends be soulmates?


The simple answer is Yes. Soulmates come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, it comes down to what you believe and how you define the term soulmate.

And just because the word ‘soulmate’ is traditionally used to describe a romantic partner doesn’t mean you can only find your ‘other half’ through your significant other. So, two best friends can be soulmates too!

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How to know if your friend is your soulmate?


The best way to know if your friend is your soulmate is through your intuition and a spiritual deep soul connection.

If you are sure that your friend is your soulmate, you should have clarity about what makes a normal friend different from a soulmate friend.

The fact is, platonic soulmates offer each other a soul connection that goes beyond. It cannot be just explained through mere words but can only be possible to experience it through our higher sense.

It’s more spiritual than anything else. In fact in a friendship soulmate relationship, there is no physical intimacy, but there could be intense emotional bonding between the two souls. 

However, in rare cases a platonic soulmate can turn into romantic soulmates. So, can a friend be a soulmate? Yes. If you feel it intuitively and believe that he or she makes a perfect soul connection that makes you both feel whole in each other’s presence.

Because a soulmate connection must be mutual. Only then the soulmate relationship has its spiritual significance.

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10 signs a friend can be a soulmate


Here is a list of top 10 signs a friend can be a soulmate (spiritually and psychologically)

1. You have an intuitive soul connection with them in a platonic way.

2. You feel that they know you completely.

3. You enjoy spending time together without expectation or judgment.

4. They’re always ready to listen when you need them.

5. They support you unconditionally even if they think otherwise on something.

6. Your definition of true friendship is them.

7. You feel you both are destined to be friends and no one can replace it.

8. Even in silence, you both understand each other to the core

9. You both exchange and share the same pain and joy.

10. Your soul feels complete when they are near.

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Final thoughts:

The truth is, we may not have absolute evidence if someone is your soulmate or if your friend is your soulmate for that matter.

Although we may keep searching high and low. We may keep looking left and right. We will never find the love of our life until we stop running away from ourselves.

All the answers lie within us waiting to be revealed. Mostly, it’s our belief in the existence of something and the rest is our personal experiences.

Pay attention to your intuition and feel it in your heart. If something is true it stays with you forever regardless of the spiritual belief or a scientific proof.

Every time we open up to another person by sharing thoughts, emotions or experiences – a new part of ourselves opens up in return.

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That person then becomes part of us: our best friend, confidant and lover – everything that matters most in life.

This explains why every person has their own soulmate. Every single human being needs someone to share themselves with completely, which can only happen once they have met their mirror image – their opposite yet complementary half.

The beauty of having a soulmate is that they help us to learn, grow and develop in ways we would never be able to do alone. There is no shame in finding your soulmate through a friend. It is a beautiful thing indeed! Good Luck!

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