100+ Philosophical questions about love with deep answers

100+ Philosophical questions about love with deep answers

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Thoughts on Philosophical Questions about love: At some point in time, we all begin to reflect. There may be many unreasonable events that unfortunately crossed our paths and lead us to become a ‘person’ whom we meant to be. And that is truly a fortunate outcome.

However, among many of us, life drastically shifts us from a passionate individual to a persuasive personality by some odd experiences with love.

For instance, 

loss of a loved one, 

-a betrayal of the most trusted member of family or close circle,

-a sudden awareness,

– or merely just out of curiosity to know what actually this life all about? 

Despite, all such occurrences we stand still with the help of none. And will be ready to question about love with endless why’s, what’s, how’s etc.,

 Out of purely and passionately curious about life, I wonder about love, connections and attachments with each individual. And lose myself in the endless philosophical questions about love.

So, I have taken some quality time and written some thought-provoking questions about love.

If you are a deep person like me, perhaps our thoughts intersect, and hope to find each other in these philosophical questions about love

Feel free to add your thoughts and opinions in the comment sections:

Philosophical Questions about love:

  • Why does love kill us and at the same time makes us feel alive?
  • Why there is a pleasure in waiting for the perfect kind of love?
  • Is it possible not to fall in love for a lifetime?
  • How love is different from life?
  • Who loves more, a woman or a man?
  • How many times do we fall in love?
  • Does love comes first or trust comes first?
  • How do you measure love?
  • Why do we love someone more after they left?
  • Does true love exist?
  • Why do we love?
  • What is the right age to fall in love?
  • What if there is no such thing as love?
  • Does love happen only once in a lifetime?
  • Is there anything beyond love?
  • Why do people love each other?
  • What makes people to fall in love?
  • Why a person falls in love only with a specific person but not with others?
  • Who loves me more in my life?
  • Can a person fall in love with everyone he or she meets?
  • What is the top trait in a person that makes us fall in love with him or her?
  • Can we not live without loving?
  • How can people have sex without loving each other?
  • Can love stays forever without having sex?
  • Is love at first sight really works?
  • Why do some people love so deeply and others not?
  • Why does love hurt?
  • What is the proof that I love myself?
  • What kind of love is called true love?
  • Who is the greatest lover on this earth?

Profound philosophical love questions that make you think deep and feel touched.


Indeed, love is the strongest emotion and the most subjective feeling that ever exists.  Metaphorically speaking – one who explores into the depths of its beginning will be surely touched by the heavens and the heavenly bodies. 

However, such meeting of true love happens profoundly rare. Because, all that is true is rare and difficult. And that is unfortunately true.

That said, at least let’s explore some of the finest philosophical questions about love that make you think deeply hard.

Here is the list of philosophical love questions, write down your favourite love question in the comment section and feel free to express yourself if you know the answers to any of it.

  • If love didn’t exist what would people talk about otherwise?
  • Why you should not deny the existence of love’s sadness?
  • Where are we today with this question of love?
  • If love can have a creative dimension, what could it be?
  • What perspective does love creates in this existence?
  • If you are true to yourself, why do you need to love others?
  • What goes against the very definition of love?
  • What is the ultimate destination in the adventure of the purest love?
  • Why there is a risk involved in every great love that historically ever witnessed?
  • What is the serious threat to love?
  • Does love considered as an individual or together?
  • Why and how does the philosophy of love linked to the every event of life?
  • Why do we still defend and believe in love even if someone betrays and abandon us?
  • Why love can be perceived as a danger?
  • Do we need to wary of love even if we found right people in life?

Philosophical Questions about relationships

Falling in love is the insanity of the soul. Anyone who is ever fallen in love realizes that it’s one of the most intense experience in their life. Though like every other part of life. Relationships do have its ups and downs. Knowing, loving and unloving and reloving is the continues journey. Continue reading some more, deep questions to ask to understand anyone.

Let’s see some list of deep philosophical questions about relationships

  • In a relationship why do we attract to a person who has the ability to evoke a sense of pleasure in ourselves?
  • Do we fall in love just with the idea of how he or she makes us feel than the human being itself?
  • Are relationships all about passion, pleasure, erotic and selfishness?
  • Why relationships face existential crisis?
  • Why in the world should we pursue something that can change from affection to hate at the flip of a switch?
  • Is it a true love or a curse to be in a relationship with someone who is never going to be yours?
  • What is unhealthy attachment and suffering in a relationship?
  • Why there is only one person in the relationship suffers more than the other?
  • How many times the experience of true love goes together with deep desire and the pain followed from it?
  • Do people in a relationship own each other?
  • When two people are deeply in love with each other why do they feel that they want nothing more in their lives?
  • Why do often suffer from fear of separation in a good relationship?
  • Does love comes from a deep desire of being possessed?
  • Is there a way to make two people sustainable in relationship?
  • What is to be experience true love?
  • How can two people become one in a relationship?
  • Why do people seek relationships from a place of lack and hoping that their partner will fill up their emptiness and make them whole?

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Lets' discuss Philosophical questions about love with answers:


Love is the most fancied term in the philosophy of life. Each one of us has our varied understanding about it. 

However, the main subject of love is always questionable. I have taken some time to feel my emotions and put the comprehensive philosophical answers to the deep philosophical questions about love. 

They might make you to think, but hopefully provide great insights of inspiration. 


Add more deep philosophical questions about love if you have any. I will answer with my honest feelings.

Questions and answers about love with deep philosophical insights.

1. What is love?

Love is an exchange of mutual connection and embracing each other’s vast differences.”

– Naveen Bommakanti.

2. What is the purpose of love?

“The Idea of love is to experience the true side of life.”

– Naveen Bommakanti.

3. What is unconditional love?

“Love is only for those who know the essence of life. Those who experience the true side of life express unconditional love.”

-Naveen Bommakanti.

4. Why love fails?

“Love fades when ignorance shines.”

– Naveen Bommakanti.

5. What is more powerful than love?

“If there is anything beyond love, then it is only darkness which is called death. Because there is no life after love.”

– Naveen Bommakanti.

6. Why love hurts?

“We are facing the love, not a life.” That’s why love is painful. However, “As long as we connect to anything, everything hurts.”

– Naveen Bommakanti.

7. Why do we need love?

“Love is the reason that we move forward.” Therefore, as much as we need air to breathe, love is equally needed for physical, psychological and spiritual existence.”

– Naveen Bommakanti.

8. What love means to you?

When I say ‘Love’ – everything else included in it. There is no certain limit, love means everything to me. In short, passion is the perfect word to describe my kind of love. To go further, Personally for me, “To love is to exist.”

– Naveen Bommakanti.

9. How to get over someone you love?

“The best possible way to deal with heartbreak is not to move on but to move in.” Remember, “Whatever breaks us, makes us stronger.” So, raise and shine.

However, the truth is, we never forget entirely the ones whom we love. We learn to go through the pain. With time as well as our thoughts we begin to shut down our feelings. Therefore, be positive. The better our thoughts, the less time it takes to become ourselves.

10. Why is it so hard to move on from love?

Life is a tragedy. It is not easy to let go of someone we love. It is too difficult to let go of the pieces of the past. We are too weak to flush the memories of the most loving moments of our lives. we are weak because weakness represents strength. We are weak because we are beloved humans. And we are weak as we tasted most of life’s naked truths. Therefore, it is hard to get over someone we love deeply.

Still, we are breathing in the bit of hope to experience the clear rays of love as a whole, instead of phases.

If you come across your dark past in the near future, perhaps you tend to be still as if you have no feelings left to weave the present. You will be in deep sorrow even your tears fail to express such intense suffering.

In such moments let it go, jut forgive yourself, remain calm and remind yourself. It’s no one’s fault. We are our own choices trapped in our own responsibilities, travelling as a lonely stranger in the path of very strange reality. Accept it and move on in.

I am Naveen Bommakanti. Hope you loved the questions and answers about love. I write short storiesquotes and shore my insights on the philosophy of love and life.

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