10+ Serious relationship questions answered briefly with utmost honesty

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By: Naveen B

Curious if your relationship is built to last? Ditch the sugar-coating! We’re tackling serious relationship questions with brutal honesty – in bite-sized answers.

This is your cheat sheet to navigating commitment, communication, and everything in between. Buckle up, and get ready for real talk.

Questions about relationships with brief answers

Why do people send mixed signals in love?

Answer: People send mixed signals in love because they are either figuring out about themselves or preparing to leave.

However, one thing is for sure – there is no love in it. If you don’t know how to solve this issue, 

I have 2 solutions for you:

1) Communicate with him clearly before losing or hurting yourself.

2) When you realized it’s mixed signals, the only way is to move as far as away from them. Most often people realize their mistakes after they lost some valuable person. If he is really a man, he comes to you, when you left.

Otherwise, prepare yourself to stay single and save your soul.

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Can you ever be your true self if you are in love?

Answer: If I am not myself, perhaps, you won’t see me anywhere. If I am not anywhere, which means I am not in love with anyone.

If I am not in love with anyone, then people didn’t make me feel to be my true self. That’s the worst side of the world and that’s their loss and failure to see the beauty in me.

However, I learned always to be myself Irrespective of seeking anyone’s validation. It’s my choice to be whoever I want to be.

My life is completely in my control. I won’t give a chance to how they should or should not make me feel.

But once, If I find a person worthy to be spent for a lifetime, I give and sacrifice everything else in a good way just to make sure they love themselves before loving me.

I think the greatest relationship is to be in love with oneself. It’s not selfishness. But it’s called self-awareness. 

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How long should I wait to prove to him that I truly loved him?

Answer: Love doesn’t work like that, better be alone rather than proving anything to anyone. I guess you are a brilliant gentlewoman.

As you are sensitive, it’s hard to find why people do not get you. But it’s normal, the more intelligent you are, it becomes more difficult it for people to understand you.

If you are really a smart woman, within 2-5 interactions with a man, you will come to know whether a man is into you or not. That’s not difficult for you as a woman to realize about it. 

So, why do you make yourself complicated when there is not even a beginning of love, how can expect and even dream of more? 

Once, you understand the motive of a man, then consciously allow yourself to open up. Yet, never ever lose yourself. 

I want to say more, but, I want to conclude by suggesting – just have patience, and focus on your self-growth. Once you develop an open mindset, the right people will definitely attract you.

How do relationships work?

Relationships work on trust, period. No amount of love can bring its former essence, once the trust is completely broken.

Even the strongest relationships begin to rip apart, the moment you ignore each other’s existence and take everything for granted.

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How to maintain relationships?

Often the strongest relationships are those which are least maintained. However, psychologically It requires absolute empathy and understanding in order to maintain such a connection. 

Once you touch each other’s hidden depths and nurture the love that already exists. It reflects on how you look, feel and flourish in the presence of your loved ones.

You will keep discovering and learning unique things about each other when actively participating in the communication.

Such newness helps your connection grow stronger and excites you to be insane for years together.

What is the best relationship advice?

Become aware of each other’s individualities. Realize that we all have different expectations, beliefs, and values.

As long as they are healthy for the growth of one’s soul – respect and accept people for who they are. 

The more you understand yourself, the better you realize each other’s needs. Never abandon in the times of hardships.

Give space to each other when necessary and communicate transparently all the misunderstandings. Let the insecurities and fears come through tears or words rather than hiding or ignoring the pain.

Express your heart out and be each other’s biggest support. For sure, then there is only beautiful life ahead of a lifelong relationship.

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How does a relationship start?

Often the best relationships start unexpectedly. If they are not, you need to rethink your motives. 

Having said that, just listen to your instincts and allow yourself to open up if you feel positive vibrations and protective energy.

With each simple act of kindness, the love progress. Generally, relationships are a lifelong process. Better stick to each other’s grounds, overtime everything makes sense and flows flawlessly.

What is a healthy relationship?

Responsibility to protect the partner physically, psychologically, and economically. Whether it is a man or a woman they’re not afraid to take their chance to initiate helping in times of hardships.

A healthy relationship is a well-balanced life full of joyous and suffering moments. No matter what happens their common goal is to stay together irrespective of any end problem may be.

What are the signs of a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is packed with all ideal features which most people find it hard to develop or search for their respective partners.

Very rarely whoever possesses the healthy signs, people often find themselves comfortable spending time with them.

Because It makes them feel valued and considered for who they are: Here are a few signs of a healthy relationship –

  • Even in silence, they read each other’s minds and know how to respond.
  • They value their relationship more than their egos during conflicts or arguments.
  • They possess extreme patience and sometimes over-give their love and affection.
  • Support each other to grow personally and mutually.
  • Even if any one of them gives up on their love or dreams, the other will remind their worth. That gains complete respect.

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What makes a healthy relationship?

Commitment makes a very healthy relationship. Their level of effort in protecting a partner with little actions, love, care, and even risk at times to save their relationship shows a beautiful connection between each other.

Their attachment makes it even more attractive and healthy if they planned to continue their journey till the end.

How to build healthy relationships?

To build a healthy relationship, patience and empathy play a significant role. Without those, you find it difficult to know the person well and end up feeling you are alienated and being misunderstood very frequently.

When you find the right person, it is to fall in love.

However, sometimes people do change and even the strongest feelings might expire. We never know what happens in life, especially in relationships.

Therefore, without any rush, slowly and patiently understanding and planning for a better future helps for long run togetherness. 


What are the healthy relationship characteristics?

Here are a few healthy relationship characteristics.

  • Empathy
  • Understanding
  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Authenticity
  • Respect
  • Support
  • Mutual co-existence in everything they believe and value.

How to improve your relationship?

Strengthen your relationship with love and care. If you really value someone in your life, do whatever you can, not to lose him or her. Rest, it’s their choice. However, a right person will not bring any to the stage of begging. Sometimes, no words define a pure love, their actions convey it all.

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