350+ Questions about love that make you think deep

Love is an important thing to learn, earn and cultivate in any relationship.

I’m a big believer in questions as the way to have deeper conversations about what you’re dealing with.

This can help you reveal your fears, desires, wishes, needs, and quirks. And also make you realize things about yourself that you are not aware of before.

How you express your love can make or break a relationship. And it’s even more challenging if one or both of you struggle with communicating well.

When done right, this kind of communication builds trust and a closer bond. While communication can be challenging in any relationship, using questions can be a great way to communicate deeper and develop intimacy with your partner.

In this post, I will share with you some essential questions about love that make you think and wonder more about life. 

You should take some time to rethink these deep questions. Also ask your girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner.

These love questions are so effective because they are very open-ended, allowing for a deeper conversation to arise and help you to strengthen your connection with yourself and the people you love.

I have also shared some of the surveyed love questions and answers.

Hope they answer a few of your doubts about love and relationships.

Read till the end and ask any questions if you want me to share my perspectives on certain relationship questions.

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Deep questions about love

Be ready for some deep thought time.

These are some Thought-provoking deep questions about love that make you think deeply and feel beyond your imagination.

1. Why people are searching for deep questions about love?

2. Why do people suicide when they fail in love?

3. How much is too much love?

4. What is the difference between a man’s love and a woman’s love?

5. Who is the most loved person ever?

6. Why do most people love based on appearance?

7. Why do people meet and love each other, if there is no way they can be together forever?

8. How can a person love another person?

9. How can a person love oneself?

10. Does self-love the same as selfless love?

11. What makes a person to be loved by one more than the other?

12. What is the greatest thing about love?

13. How many types of love have existed in this universe?

14. Why do people stop loving each other?

15. Why can some people not move on from love?

Unanswerable questions about love


This is the list of deep unanswerable questions about love.

1. Where does love live?

2. Where does love begin?

3. In what form does love exist?

4. Where does love end?

5. What can love be compared to?

6. Which human loved first?

7. How do you measure love?

8. Who loves more, a woman or a man?

9. Why love is called love?

10. How love is created?

Questions about love to ask

These are the list of questions about love to ask that my Instagram followers want to find the answers for.

These are surveyed love questions.

Hope you will learn something new from these love questions and answers.

1. Why do people send mixed signals in love?

2. For how long do you have to wait, to prove to him that you really loved him?

3. Can you ever be your true self if you are in love?

4. How to connect with your loved ones so deeply?

5. Why does love cause depression, anxiety, and fear of loss issues?

6. How long does it to get over someone you love?

7. What makes love so perfect?

8. How to find the right person for a lifelong relationship?

9. Why do I always feel I need someone to feel love me?

10. Why don’t I believe in love anymore?

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Survey love questions with answers.

Love questions and answers: I have answered few love questions asked by my followers on Instagram, Hope these solutions will help you.

Love Question: Why do people send mixed signals in love?

Answer: People send mixed signals in love because they are either figuring out about themselves or preparing to leave. However, one thing is for sure – there is no love in it. If you don’t know how to solve this issue, 

I have 2 solutions for you:

1) Communicate with him clearly before losing or hurting yourself.

2) When you realized it’s mixed signals, the only way is to move as far as away from them.

Most often people realize their mistakes after they lost some valuable person. If he is really a man, he comes to you, when you left. Otherwise, prepare yourself to stay single and save your soul.

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Love Question: Can you ever be your true self if you are in love?

Answer: If I am not myself, perhaps, you won’t see me anywhere. If I am not anywhere, which means I am not in love with anyone.

If I am not in love with anyone, it means people didn’t make me feel to be my true self. That’s the worse side of the world and that’s their loss and failure to see the beauty in me.

However, by time, I have learned to be myself, irrespective of seeking anyone’s validation. It’s my choice to be whoever I want to. My life is completely in my control. I won’t give a chance to how they should or should not make me feel.

That said, Once, If I find a person worthy to be spent for a lifetime, I give and sacrifice my everything else in a good way just to make sure they love themselves before loving me.

I think the greatest relationship in life is to be in love with oneself. It’s not selfishness, but it’s called self-awareness.

Why is it so hard to let go and how to get over someone you love deeply?

This answer is based on my personal experience and the lessons I learned from love, hope it relates to your love and helps you to heal and move on:

Love teaches us many things, especially about life.

Whatever may be the reason for your break up with your relationship – love can leave a memory that no one can steal, but it can also leave a pain that no one can heal.

Life is a tragedy. It is not easy to let go of someone we love. It is too difficult to let go of the pieces of the past.

We are too weak to flush the memories of the most loving moments of our lives. We are weak because weakness represents strength.

We are weak because we are beloved humans. And we are weak as we tasted most of life’s naked truths. Therefore, it is hard to get over someone we love deeply.

Still, we are breathing in the bit of hope to experience the clear rays of love as a whole, instead of phases.

If you come across your dark past in the near future, perhaps you tend to be still as if you have no feelings left to weave the present. You will be in deep sorrow even your tears fail to express such intense suffering.

In such moments, let it go, just forgive yourself, remain calm and remind yourself. It’s no one’s fault.

We are our own choices trapped in our own responsibilities, traveling as lonely strangers on the path of a very strange reality. Accept it and move on.

Tricky love questions

Here is the list of tricky love questions to ask someone. if you are more curious then check these tricky love questions with answers too.

1. If you love yourself will you marry yourself?

2. Can you own a person you love?

3. Would you prefer to love a virgin or a non-virgin?

4. Who loves who more?

5. Would you rather love a person of same-s#x or opposite of you or none?

6. Can you love a person and still stay without having sex with him/her for your lifetime? (If yes, then that’s called true love)

7. Who is that person, who always loves you and is with you no matter how dark you become?

8. What is the one secret about love and relationships, you would never share with anyone?

9. If you have a choice to love only one person between a filthy rich and a beautiful heart person whom will you choose and why?

10.  How can you know that a particular person is born only for you to love and be loved?

11. What would you do when the person you love tells you that he/she runs out of love for you? (i.e he/she no longer has any attraction, connection or attachment towards you)

12. What is the love language?

13. What does love have to do with the heart?

14. How deep is love?

15. What stays without love?

16. How many emotions are there in love?

17. What does love bring along with itself?

18. What does love become, if a woman becomes a man?

Psychology love questions

List of psychology love questions that make you think deeply.

These questions will keep your mind elite and wander deeper into the psychology of humans.

1. How does love affect someone psychologically?

2. Can love happen twice?

3. When does love take over?

4. When do love and hate collide?

5. What love does not do?

6. If loving someone breaks your heart then what keeps you alive?

7. How do you love when you can’t see, hear or speak?

8. If love is life what do you name it?

9. How would you make your loved one love if he or she forgets their past?

10. How do you prove that you love yourself within a minute?

Yes or No questions to ask your crush

These are the list of questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend or your crush.

In order to get to know someone deeply and spark connections, these love questions definitely help.

Also, you can learn their perspectives on love and life. Continue reading this List of yes and no love questions.


1. Is self-sacrificing a true love?

2. Is love in the air?

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

4. Do you forgive your loved one?

5. Is loving someone making you crazy?

6. Does loving someone easy?

7. Does love make sense?

8. Does loving worth it?

9. Can you love without fear?

10. Has love been the antidote forever?

Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend

Here is the list of romantic questions to ask your boyfriend when you are bored.

Here are more than 250+ questions to ask a guy (very deep and meaningful)

1. What do you do with the person you love if you are stuck on an island?

2. Can love bloom on the battlefield?

3. How is my love?

4. Why love is fake?

5. Why does love happen?

6. Why does love only break the heart, but not the brain?

7. Why love is blind?

8. Why does love exist?

9. When does love mean nothing?

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Tarot love questions

Best tarot questions to ask about love to yourself and the person you are wishing to love.

Have a soulful conversation with yourself with these mind-boggling love questions.

1. How can you find a virtuous woman in love if her price is far above rubies?

2. How to strengthen my existing relationship with whomever I love in this life?

3. Is the person I love my soulmate?

4. Why do you need to be humble, gentle, patient, and bear in love?

5. What is the greatest love of God?

6. What is Jesus’ love?

7. How loving is Jesus?

8. How to connect spiritually with the love of my life?

9. Why you should do everything in love?

10. When do you submit to one another out of reverence for Christ?

11. How to find the one whom my soul loves?

12. If love becomes sincere, then hate losing its evil?

13. Why you should do to others as you would have them do to you?

Philosophy questions about love

If you want an insightful and meaningful conversation with your partner try asking philosophical love questions.

These are the list of philosophical questions about relationships and love that strengthen your connection and get to know both of you sincerely. 

Check here for 100+ philosophical questions about love 

1. What can love bring to humanity?

2. How long does it take to fall in love?

3. What does love mean to animals?

4. What love is all about?

5. Why does love fade away?

6. What does love mean to a woman?

7. Have you ever thought of breaking up with your partner?

8. How love can change the world?

9. Who loves you the most?

10. What does love mean to a man?

11. What makes love last?

Serious and Deep love questions to ask your boyfriend

Here is a good list of serious love questions to ask your boyfriend.

You can consider these existential love questions to have a deep discussion.

  1. Can loving someone makes you sick?
  2. What happens if having a deep love and relationship with wrong person?
  3. How to love someone who has no similar tastes and beliefs as you?
  4. Can you love someone without liking them?
  5. If loving makes you sick why do you kill yourself for more love?
  6. Why loving yourself is hard?
  7. Do you love yourself first or others?
  8. What loving yourself looks like?
  9. What loving yourself mean to you?
  10. Are there any boundaries to love?
  11. Can you love someone without connection?
  12. What lessons do you learn from love?

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Questions about love and relationships

List of interesting questions about love and relationships to ask someone you like, a boy or a girl or your partner.

Make sure you pay deep attention while asking these questions. These love questions will open doors to meaningful relationships.

  1. Do you love to live or live to love?
  2. Can love bites cause cancer?
  3. Does love exist in human form?
  4. Why do people die because of love?
  5. Can you not live without love?
  6. How many times did you feel the love in your whole life?
  7. What do you do if love doesn’t exist?
  8. Does love is the most needed thing in our life?
  9. How long can you live without loving someone or being loved by someone?

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questions to get know someone you love 350+ Questions about love that make you think deep

Love questions to ask your boyfriend

Here are the list of hard questions about love to ask your boyfriend:

These questions that make you think hard about life and understand the deep meaning behind the existence. 

They definitely help you getting to know your person better.

  1. When is the last time did you love yourself?
  2. Does Humans and animals love the same way?
  3. Why it is too complicated to find a perfect person to love and to be loved?
  4. Why love is different in reality from dreams?
  5. What makes a person to love and hate at the same time?
  6. How to find meaning in love?
  7. Is it better to stay single or falling in love?
  8. How to express someone that you love them without showing any signals?
  9. How to make someone to fall in love with you in 1 day?
  10. Why love doesn’t make any sense?

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What if questions to ask your boyfriend

Check these list of what if questions you can ask these love questions not just your boyfriend, but someone like your crush, or a girlfriend, in the times of uncertainty.

Asking these questions will lead you to more clarity in relationships and in life.

  1. What if no one loves anyone?
  2. What if love and life is the same?
  3. What if you never love again?
  4. What if you love just because of yourself?
  5. What if you do not give up on love?
  6. What if you can’t love yourself?
  7. What if love comes when you stop searching?
  8. What if love becomes god?
  9. What if we love each other?
  10. What if love is not enough?
  11. What if love fades away?
  12. What if you never find love?
  13. What if you don’t love god?
  14. What if love is a feeling to believe in?
  15. What if love is all about you and everyone?
  16. What if our love never goes away?
  17. What if love is a poem?
  18. What if love is real?

Random Questions about love

List of random love questions about love that are great to think about.

These questions about love are unique and make you understand more about love.

Here is more list of deep intellectual questions.

  1. Can you love after your death?
  2. Why love is the greatest of all?
  3. Is loving just a waste of time?
  4. Why love is just an illusion?
  5. What if love is the key?
  6. Why love is like owning a dog?
  7. Is love an open door to the heart?
  8. If love exist is it in the form of human or god?
  9. Why love is not for everyone?
  10. Why love is not jealous?

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Questions to ask yourself (love questions)

List of reflection questions about love to ask yourself:

These love questions that make you think about yourself and inspire self-love to lead a peaceful relationships.

More list of personal questions to ask.

  1. How to love myself?
  2. Is self-love being selfish?
  3. What self-love looks like?
  4. Does loving someone makes me love myself?
  5. What does it mean by self-love?
  6. Do I need to love from heart or mind or soul?
  7. How does loving myself help me to love others?
  8. Can self-love be taught?
  9. How do you develop unconditional self-love?
  10. Why is it so hard to accept yourself?
  11. How can I be ok alone?
  12. Is it ok to be alone in life?
  13. Can you happy be alone?
  14. How do I love myself and be happy?

Sad questions ( great love questions)

  1. Why do I feel so sad when I’m in love?
  2. Can being in love make you cry?
  3. Is it ok to be sad in a relationship?
  4. I’m so in love, so why am I depressed?
  5. How to stop being depressed about love?
  6. Why love makes me so emotional?
  7. Why losing someone you love makes you sad?
  8. If love is the cure, so why did it destroy my life?
  9. Why failing in love brings suicidal thoughts?
  10. Does love puts an end to suffering and sadness of the world?

Good questions about love

List of good questions about love that make you best person to fall in love with the right person and create a future together.

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  1. Do guys distance themselves when they like a girl?
  2. What love needs from life?
  3. What love style am I?
  4. Does love remains?
  5. What love should be?
  6. What is eternal love?
  7. What love has taught us?
  8. What is extreme love?
  9. What is love knot?
  10. What kills love?

Psychological questions about love

List of painful and psychological questions about love to ask a psyche or any intellectual deep thinker who understand love.

  1. Why do some people bear so much pain in love?
  2. Why do some people suffer so much in love?
  3. What makes love fail?
  4. Why love hurts?
  5. Why love completely damages people?
  6. How to live after someone you loved died?
  7. Can I love again even after being betrayed by the only person whom I trusted most?
  8. Why love is painful even after I am doing the right thing?
  9. Is there anything sadder than the loss of the loved one?
  10. What is the greatest pain, life or love?

Have you ever questions (deep love questions)

Here are the great list of have you ever questions to ask someone on love and relationships.

  1. Have you ever loved someone so deep that you lost yourself?
  2. Have you ever loved someone so true that you found yourself?
  3. Have you ever fallen in love with yourself so much?
  4. Have you ever dreamt about fancy love?
  5. Have you ever kissed your loved one in front of your parents?
  6. Have you ever risked your life to protect your loved ones?
  7. Have you ever tortured your mind to prove your love to someone?
  8. Have you ever thought of loving someone who is much younger or older than you?
  9. Have you ever lied to your partner?
  10. Have you ever dumped your lover?

Love questions to ask your girlfriend

List of love questions to ask your girlfriend on the topics of relationships that are crazy to have and enter inter her mind.

Ask her these amazing love questions.

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  1. Why does love matters?
  2. Why love actually is the worst?
  3. When love breaks down?
  4. Are love bites dangerous?
  5. Why do love marriages fail?
  6. Who loves you?
  7. Why a person loves another person?
  8. Why does love fade away after marriage?
  9. What makes love so strong?
  10. What can love do to a person?
  11. What is love?
  12. Why love is important?
  13. Where is love?
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Love questions to ask a guy

If you are attracted to a boy or a man.

And want to develop a genuine connection with him ask him these questions.

Here are the list of love questions to ask a guy:

  1. What love means to you?
  2. What do you do to earn someone’s love?
  3. How will you react when your partner cheats you?
  4. How long will take to you to love someone?
  5. Will you love without trusting a person?
  6. What makes you keep loving without any reason?
  7. What excites you in love?
  8. How do you represent yourself to attract someone to love you?
  9. How long do you take to get over someone you love?
  10. Will you sacrifice your life for the person you love?

Couples therapy questions

Therapy questions are very important in love and relationships.

They give meaningful insights to partners who are having issues.

A therapist helps the without knowing how he or she impacts the world.

They are so underrated humans, so does the profession of psychology!

  1. Do you trust your lover?
  2. What do you love most about your loved one?
  3. Why loving made you sick?
  4. What is the major problem you face in your love?
  5. Do you want to stay with your lover?
  6. How often you express your love?
  7. What made you love that person so much?
  8. When did you fall in love?
  9. Can you be more open about your love feelings?
  10. When do you feel more loved?

Love questions game ( ask these love questions for game)

If you are bored and want to have some fun with your friends, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Try these questions for game on the topic of love.

You will definitely have a great time together. Enjoy.

  1. What can love do to prevent hate?
  2. What impact does love have on life?
  3. How will love help a person to remain alive?
  4. Does the presence of a loved one heal persons health?
  5. What is the proof that love exist?
  6. What kind of love is the most superior in life?
  7. What are the characteristics of love that makes a person look attractive?
  8. How to feel loved when everyone betrays?
  9. Is love a logic or an emotion?
  10. Does every person in the world has a desire to love?
  11. How someone’s love can heal a person’s soul?

Truth questions for couples

These are the list of true love questions and truth questions for couples.

Asking these questions that make you love your partner so truly.

Continue reading 200+ couple questions.

  1. Does loving someone truly, makes you truthful?
  2. Does true love really exists?
  3. When was the last time you truly loved someone?
  4. Have you ever made love in an unusual place?
  5. What is your first love experience?
  6. How often you cheat on with your loved one?
  7. Do you love truly or just fake it?
  8. What makes a true love, true love?
  9. How differently true couple love each other than others?

Love questions to ask a girl

Love questions to ask a girl.

This list of love questions for her definitely make them questions about relationships in order to fall in love.

  1. How do you tell if he’s a player?
  2. How do you know if a guy is deeply in love with you?
  3. How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?
  4. How does a man act when he’s falling in love?
  5. How do you test him to see if he cares?
  6. How do you tell if a man is serious about you?
  7. Why do guys hide their feelings?
  8. How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you through text?
  9. How do you tell if a man has feelings for you?
  10. How do you tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you?
  11. What makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman?
  12. Why do guys push you away when they like you?
  13. Why do guys push against you when kissing?
  14. Why do I push away someone I love?
  15. Why do men withdraw?
  16. Why did he stop texting?
  17. Why men pull away when falling in love?

Fall in love questions

Here is the beautiful list of fall in love questions for you that make you curious about life and prepare you for long-term relationships.

  1. How do I stop loving someone?
  2. How do I know if I am in love?
  3. How do I call it is love?
  4. Why do I love him so much?
  5. What Can I say Instead of I love You?
  6. How do I make to feel my man special?
  7. How do I keep her interested?
  8. Should I text a girl every day?
  9. Why am I feeling like not being loved by anyone?
  10. Do I need to live alone if I don’t find the love I am searching for?

Questions to ask your crush

Questions to ask your crush about love, before and after you decide whether he or she is the perfect partner for you or not.

These cute and good lists of questions to ask your crush really makes a huge difference in your perspective about love and about him or her.

  1. How love feels?
  2. How to know whether the person I love cheat on me?
  3. Does love is a trap for humanity?
  4. How actually love works?
  5. How love changes over time?
  6. Why love influences a war?
  7. What are the rules of love?
  8. How love begins?
  9. What love has to do with life?
  10. Love marriage or arranged marriage which is better?

Questions for couple

These are the most asked questions about love in online.

These frequently asked love questions will help you to relate and reflect on your thoughts and emotions and lead you to your own understanding. These are the questions for couples who need to reconsider and think and rethink about love.

They need to ask before they fall in love and before their marriage just for the future sake.

  1. How do you define love?
  2. What is the true meaning of true love
  3. What are the 4 types of love?
  4. What is the highest form of love?
  5. What is the deepest love?
  6. Who falls in love faster?
  7. How many times do we fall in love?
  8. Do we need love?
  9. Is love real or not?
  10. Can true love die?
  11. Is love a choice?
  12. Is love good or bad?
  13. Why is love so stressful?
  14. What is love good for?
  15. Is love good for students?
  16. What are the negative effects of love?
  17. Is love a distraction for students?
  18. Do teachers crush on students?
  19. What loves meant to a man?
  20. What is love in a single line?
  21. What is the best love quote?
  22. How do you express love?
  23. How do you express love in words?
  24. What is the most romantic saying about love?
  25. How do you make someone feel loved?
  26. What are the stages of love?  26
  27. What does a man feels when he is in love?
  28. What a man will do if he really loves you?
  29. What questions make a girl blush?
  30. What are cute things to say a girl?
  31. What to say to get her in bed?
  32. What is the best love message?
  33. How do you make a girl miss you?

Would you rather questions about love

These are the list of would you rather questions about love that make you think about your love and relationships:

  1. Would you rather ask people why do they never get a love they are looking for?
  2. Would your rather love someone who is completely enough of themselves?
  3. Would you rather fall in love without even knowing them?
  4. Would you rather questions people not to love at all?
  5. Would you rather easily give up on love?
  6. Would you rather cheat on your true love?
  7. Would you rather never afraid to show your love?
  8. Would you rather lose yourself in love?
  9. Would you rather always open for love?
  10. Would you rather be so much reserved and wait too long for perfect love?
  11. Would you rather dream of Ideal and true love?
  12. Why you rather fake the love?
  13. Would you rather love yourself so much before seeking for perfect relationship?
  14. Would you rather door slam your love of your life, instead of dealing with toxic patterns?

Truth or dare questions about love

Finally, this is the wonderful list of truth or dare questions about love to have some amazing time with your loved ones.

  1. How many times you cheated on your partner?
  2. Would you leave your boyfriend or girlfriend, if your crush proposes you?
  3. Are you still in contact with your ex’s?
  4. At what age you fell in love; kissed and had sex for the first respectively?
  5. Would you tell the truth or rather goes for a dare, when you don’t want answer the most intimate questions about love?
  6. Do you ever had feelings for your siblings?
  7. Have you ever attracted to the same gender of yours and loved them secretly?
  8. Would you dare to love multiple people at the same time?
  9. Would you tell the truth, when you cheated on your girlfriend?
  10. Who is the most beautiful person you have ever slept with?

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