100 Deep questions to ask people

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get to know someone really well?

One way to do that, as recommended by therapists, dating coaches and research experts alike, is by considering some deep questions to ask people.

When you ask people deep questions about themselves and their perspective about the nature of reality, they are more likely to open up and share their true feelings with you.

Getting to know someone requires the skill of being able to ask the right questions at the right time and knowing how to listen effectively.

So, In this article, you will find 100 Deep questions to ask people. Build better relationships with them by having deeper conversations with these mind blowing questions.

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100 Deep Questions to ask people


The following is a list of 100 Deep questions to ask people about everything you want to learn.

1. Why is it so hard to determine what is real and what isn’t?

A lot of times, our perception of reality changes and we’re forced to confront new truths that might change our lives.

Have you ever thought of what exactly reality is? This is one one of the must ask deep questions to people. 

2. Do you think that we are in a country where there are some subjects that should be forbidden to talk about? 

Free speech and expression should be the fundamental part of being in any country.

One thing any great country should build on, was the idea that if someone has something to say, they have the right to say it. So, this should be on your top list of deep questions to ask people.

3. Are there other intelligent beings in the universe?

This deep question has been debated for decades and no-one really knows the answer. 

However, many scientists believe that yes, there are other intelligent beings out there but they’re just too far away for us to contact them.

4. How do we know if there is a God or not?

There is no proof yet and probably we will never be able to answer this mind boggling question. 

However, It is a good topic to have deep conversations with your friends, colleagues, family and strangers.

5. Why does life exist? How did the universe begin? How did we end up here on Earth?

This question can also make for a very interesting conversation starter. We’ll never be able to fully understand how it all began but there’s always room for discussion.

The best thing about these deep questions is that anyone can join in and share their opinions and thoughts.

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6. Is there an afterlife for those who have died before me?

What makes this question fascinating is that it keeps you awake all night long and even days end. It forces you to ponder about what is waiting for us when we die.

The truth is that nobody knows because no human has come back from death and told us the answer.

7. What’s the point of everything?

This is a very deep unanswerable question even the wisest philosophers couldn’t give you a satisfying answer.

Although, this won’t stop people from talking about it over and over again. 

8. Am I an accident or a miracle?

Again you should definitely ask this deep question to people so that it will help them to reflect and see themselves in a different light.

That could influence you both to have a mature and healthy conversation about the existence itself.

9. Do you believe in reincarnation or past lives?

If so, how many times have you lived before this one and what was the best part of each life for you?

Also, did any of them overlap with each other at all or were they completely separate instances (like if someone dies but comes back as someone else)? 

10. What is the nature of consciousness?

Still, science is looking into ways to test whether or not memories can live outside of the brain, which would be evidence of consciousness existing beyond the body.

But there is no proper proven evidence yet. Do ask this interesting question and find out what other people have to say.

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Deep questions to ask people about life, world, universe, existence, space and everything beyond. 


Here is a list of deep questions to ask people about life, reality, world, universe, society, and everything that you are curious about:

11. What is the difference between a conscious and non-conscious brain?

12. Which parts of the brain are responsible for consciousness?

13. How does consciousness arise from these physical elements of a brain? 

14. Is there an upper limit to human intelligence?

15. How can we know what is real and what isn’t?

16. Who were the first two human beings?

17. What is the Universe expanding into?

18. Why are we so mean to each other?

19. What is the absolute true nature of reality?

20. Why do we hurt each other?

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21. What is death and what lies beyond it?

22. How did the universe begin and how will it end?

23. What does tomorrow hold in store for us? 

24. What are we? We are made up of atoms, right? But what are atoms themselves? Are they matter or energy?

25. Can I have a relationship with an angel or an alien from another planet?

26. Is it possible to travel into space and meet aliens from outer space?

27. What do you think of the way we live now?

28. What changes do you think are needed for society to be more fair and equal?

29. How have technology and science changed your life?

30. How have religion and spirituality changed your life?

31. What is the biggest problem facing our world today?

32. What is the best thing about being alive today?

33. Has anything ever made you cry because you understood its meaning more than others do?

34. Is there any subject that interests you, but no one else seems to care about it?

35. Do you believe in God or an afterlife? Why or why not?

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36. What are the worst and best qualities of being an adult?

37. What did you learn from your parents growing up?

38. What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

39. What is the most important thing you’ve discovered about life?

40. What do you want to know about me?

41. What are some of the best things you’ve experienced in your life?

42. What do you think is the biggest social injustice in your country? Why?

43. If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

44. What is something you wish you knew earlier about life?

45. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

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46. What do you love about life?

47. What was the best decision you ever made?

48. What is your biggest accomplishment in life?

49. What is the most valuable thing you have learned and what was the experience in which you learned it?

50. What are some things you have always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?

Deep Questions to ask people to get to know them better and have deeper conversations


Here is a list of some great deep questions to ask people to get to know them better and build an instant connection and a healthy relationship with them:

51. Would your life be better if everyone followed their own interests instead of yours? Why or why not?

52. Have you ever had an out-of-body experience (OBE)?

53. How did it feel like and what did you see/experience when going through one of these “astral projection” experiences (if there even is such a thing)? Were there any emotions connected to it like fear or excitement (if so please explain)

54. How many degrees does a person have to obtain before he or she can call himself or herself an intellectual?

55. How did we get from apes to human beings?

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56. If you could only have one idea for the next thousand years, what would it be?

57. What is the best way to end a life?

58. What is the most powerful force in nature?

59. What do you want? Why do you want it? What will it cost you? How will you get there?

60. Who else is involved in this decision? Who else supports or opposes this decision?

61. What are the consequences if this decision doesn’t work out? What would happen if everyone else made this choice too?

62. Are there any rewards if you succeed in it? If so, what are they?

63. How many people have died from the tsunami?

64. How many people live on earth?

65. Why is fire hot and water cold?

66. What is the difference between religion and science? 

67. Who am I really? 

68. What is my soul purpose in this lifetime? 

69. If I were God, what would I do first?

70. What is the purpose of life?

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71. What makes us different from animals?

72. What does love mean?

73. What is our soul?

74. How do we know what is right or wrong?

75. Do we have free will or not?

Super Deep questions to ask people to learn something about them


The following is a list of some super deep questions to ask people to learn something about them and apply in your life:

76. How do you define happiness?

77. If you could ask one question to the President of the United States about a topic that concerns or interests you, what would you ask?

78. How has the world shaped you?

79. What makes you angry?

80. What does it mean, if you think too much about life, it can drive you insane But if you think too little about life, it can drive you insane too?

81. What is one thing you want to do before you die?

82. If you could ask a question to the universe, what would it be?

83. What do you think is the most difficult part about life?

84. Do you know of any good books, movies or shows that I should watch?

85. What is one of the most memorable conversations you have ever had?

Really Deep Questions to ask successful people


Here is a list of really good deep questions to ask successful people to learn from their lessons:

86. What do you consider “living life to the fullest”?

87. What is one thing you would like to change about society if you could?

88. Do you have a perspective on life that is different than the culture you live in?

89. What are some of your concerns regarding the future; politically, socially, economically?

90. Why do you think people get married?

91. What do you think of the future?

92. Would you rather live in the past or the future?

93. What do you think is the hardest part of being a parent?

94. What do you hope to change in your lifetime? What are your “bucket list” dreams?

95. What is something you’ve never told anyone?

96. What would you ask your parents if you could?

97. What do you feel is the most important thing to teach children?

98. What is your perspective on life?

99. What do you think is the most important thing to remember about life?

100. What do you think about the future of our civilization?

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