100+ Deep questions about god that make you think

By: Naveen B

The existence of God is the most debated question in the history of mankind. Despite the fact that it is an unproven and unprovable question, people continue to search for the answers.

The primary reason for this is that the subject matter is a mystery that cannot be solved through science or any other method. The only way to find the answers is to either accept them as truth or not.

There are many questions about God and his existence, but there are some that have been asked time and time again without being answered.

These questions have caused many people to doubt the existence of God, but they are also important because they raise awareness about what we believe in and why we believe in it.

I have compiled a list of 100+ Questions about god that make you think and some deep questions that make you think about god and god’s existence.

A person who believes in God has a foundation of faith in a divine power, which is always working for the good. If you have doubts about God’s existence, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is there any evidence that contradicts the existence of God?

2. Do I really believe that everything is a coincidence and that life has no meaning or purpose?

3. Have I ever felt love, joy, peace, or happiness? Where did they come from?

4. Do I really believe that all the beauty in nature is meaningless?

5. Does the universe control my life, or do I control it?

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Questions about god that make you think

god questions that make you think 100+ Deep questions about god that make you think

Here is a list of questions about god that make you think deep:

1. Does God exist, or does man create God in his own image?

2. If we can create machines that can think and feel like us, does that mean we’ve essentially become gods ourselves because we’ve created living beings that are capable of reproducing themselves through their own offspring (which is ultimately part human)?

3. If God is good, why does he allow his creations to suffer so much at times?

4. Why does evil seem to flourish on Earth even though God is supposed to be all-powerful?

5. If free will exists, why doesn’t God just remove it from us so that we can no longer make bad choices in life?

6. If God really loved us, why would he give us so many chances to mess up and hurt one another when all he has to do is wipe everyone out and start over?

7. If there were no God, no afterlife, no soul, no ultimate justice for good deeds—and you died tonight without an opportunity to tell others what you had learned about eternity—what would happen to you after death? 

8. Did God create man?. If there’s a God, why do bad things happen to good people?

9. Where is God when bad things happen to good people?

10. What about war, disease, natural disasters… could God have prevented all of these things from happening if he wanted to? 

11. Why did God make man before woman?

12. Where did God come from, and why do bad things happen to good people?

13. Did God create them too, or did they appear later (through evolution)?

14. Did God create us equal or did we create God because we’re not equal?

15. Did God create mankind because he loves stories, drama and fantasy…or because he simply didn’t want to be alone anymore?

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16. Does it matter whether God exists or not when doing good things can be just as rewarding as when he does exist but withholds rewards according to his personal agenda?

17. Is there a God who sets out rules that human beings must follow in order to please him/her/it/them/whatever ?

18. Is there a God? Am I alone in thinking so much about spirituality/religion/God/etc.?

19. Where was God when [insert tragic event here] happened? 

20. Why is there evil in the world when there is supposed to be good in God’s world? 

21. Did God create man, or did man create God?

22. Was God always meant to exist…or did He/She/It evolve over time like humans did but never die out like other species did before evolving further into our intelligent design as God(s)? 

23. Why did God give us minds capable of both creating civilizations and building bombs capable of destroying them—and everyone in them? 

24. Is there a God who will save us from ourselves…if we let him into our lives in a real way? 

25. If humans can fly or walk on water, will they ever have any more use for God in their lives?

26. Is God more evil than Satan because he allows pain, misery and death but doesn’t cause them himself?

27. What if God existed, but he turned evil; what could you do about it and should you try anything against Him in case He might retaliate against humanity?

28. How can you prove that God exists or doesn’t exist?

29. What question would you like to ask God if you knew that you could actually get an answer?

30. What makes a god, “GOD”?

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Questions that make you think about god

questions that make you think about god 100+ Deep questions about god that make you think

Here is a list of questions that make you think about god:

1. What is god?

2. Why do we exist?

3. Can we love other people without God?

4. Is there a devil and why does he exist?

5. Is there an afterlife? If so, what is it like?

6. Is there soulmates for us in heaven who are our perfect matches that we will marry in heaven when we go to heaven someday after this life on earth?

7. Is there a heaven or hell?

8. Is it possible for there to be a supreme being with total power and strength that created the universe and everything in it?

9. What does it mean to be spiritual?

10. How do I know that I’m truly spiritual?

11. How do I know if I’ve reached a higher level of consciousness or if I’m just becoming more aware of myself and my surroundings?

12. What does it mean to be conscious or aware of something?

13. How can I use what I learn from my experiences to help me in my everyday life?

14. Is there such a thing as karma or bad luck? If so, why do some people have good things happen to them while others suffer through adversity?”

15. Why does God allow bad things to happen?

16. What is God’s will for my life?

17. Is the Bible real?

18. How can I make my faith stronger?

19. What can I do with all my doubts?

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20. How can I know Jesus better?

21. Who is Jesus, really?

22. Why is prayer so hard sometimes?

23. Why would God want a relationship with me?

24. What is the nature of God?

25. Are miracles real?

26. Does prayer work?

27. Does God create evil?

28. Can I know God personally?

29. How can I be sure of my salvation?

30. What does it mean that we are made in the image of God?

31. How can a god that is all powerful, allow evil to exist?

32. If God is good and loving, why is there suffering in the world?

33. If God loves everyone equally, why are some people born into poverty and others born into royalty? If he loved us so much, why did he allow us to fall into sin in the first place? Why does God hate me if he loves everyone equally?

34. Why does God kill children?

35. Did Jesus change his mind about letting non-Jews into heaven?

36. Who was Cain’s wife or wives since it says that Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters (Gen. :)? How can we reconcile the two verses in Genesis : and 😕 Why is there such a difference between this verse which says that man was made in the image of God and this one which says male and female he created them?

37. Did Jesus really die for our sins? What do you mean when you say he died for our sins?

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Deep Questions About God

deep questions about god 100+ Deep questions about god that make you think

Here is a list of deep questions about god:

1. “Who is God?”

2. “Why did God create the world?”

3. “Where did God come from?”

4. “How was the world created?”

5. “Is there really a God?”

6. “When was the world created?”

7. “How can I know if there is a God?”

8. “Can I see, hear, or touch him? Where is he? How can I talk with him? How can I know if he’s listening to me? Is he listening to me now? Is he watching over me now, and how do I know that?”

9.”Why does he allow suffering in the world? Why do so many people suffer from disease, hunger and war? Why doesn’t God fix these problems?”

10. Why do we have to die?

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11. How am I able to think?

12. Is there a purpose for my life?

13. How did the universe start?

14. What is the meaning of life?

15. What is love?

16. Can God still be loving if he sends people to hell?

17. Is heaven real?

18. Where do our souls go after death?

19. Why does God allow suffering and evil in the world?

20. Is there a God?

21. Where did we come from?

22. Does science prove the existence of God?

23. Why is there something instead of nothing?

24. Do miracles really happen?

25. Does prayer really work?

26. Will I live forever?

27. What is the meaning of life?

28. Who is God and what is he like?

29. How can I know if God exists?

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30. If God didn’t like being lonely what did He do about it?

31. Did God create in order to be worshipped?

32. Did God create everything from nothing?

33. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

34. Why is it so hard to see God or hear Him if He is real?

35. What is heaven like and what will we do there?

36. Why is there evil in the world if God loves us?

37. What happened to the dinosaurs?

38. Who was Cain’s wife?

39. How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they sinned?

40. Why are we here?

41. Can science answer all questions about god?

42. When do we get to heaven?

43. How can I be saved by grace without works?

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Final thoughts

Many of these questions cause people to doubt the existence of god. I feel as if it leaves so many things unanswered.

A really good question that prove the existence of god in my opinion is do we come from dust or do we come from god?

I feel this question has a lot more depth to it than the other ones and has been missed by the majority of scientists, religious people, and non-believers.

The existence of God is unquestionable. There are so many pieces of evidence that lead to this conclusion and it’s truly more a matter of unbelief rather than disbelief.

But in the end, you have to make a personal decision on whether you believe in Him or not.

And I hope that the information above will help you come to an informed decision on this belief, knowing what is and isn’t true about all these questions that are often debated by religious people. May god bless you richly in your search for truth.

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