500 Halloween questions to ask for fun conversation – 2023 (Icebreakers, Quiz and Trivia)

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The holiday of Halloween is celebrated on October 31st each year. It is considered by many to be a cultural and religious holiday.

The origins of Halloween are unknown, but it is thought to have roots in ancient Celtic traditions. The holiday is celebrated in many different ways around the world.

In the United States, it is commonly celebrated through costumes, trick-or-treating, and parties.

It is also that time of year again where we ask each other what our favorite Halloween costumes are, what our favorite foods are, and of course, our favorite spooky questions about Halloween and some ideas for Halloween captions for Instagram.

It is the Best festive spirit moment of the year to ask Halloween questions to your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, and colleagues at work about the history, traditions, party ideas, and costumes associated with Halloween as icebreakers, conversation starters, Trivia or Quiz for a deep discussion with them.

In this article, I have curated some of the best and most Interesting 500 Halloween questions game edition to ask your loved ones along with answers to some Halloween Trivia questions. Enjoy!!

500 Halloween questions


Here is a list of Halloween Questions Trivia to ask:

1. Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Answer: Halloween is a holiday celebrated in many cultures around the world and it has a long history.

Some believe that it originated from the pagan Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter season. 

Others believe that it was created by the Catholic Church to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Over the years, Halloween has evolved into a celebration of costumes, trick-or-treating, and general merrymaking.

2. What is the significance of pumpkin during Halloween Eve?

Answer: Pumpkin is one of the most popular symbols of Halloween because it is associated with the fall season.

Legend has it that during the Middle Ages, people believed that the Pumpkins would protect them from evil spirits. 

Consequently, many families would carve a pumpkin and place it in their windows to ward off bad luck during the night.

Today, Pumpkin is still an important symbol of Halloween and is often used to decorate houses and cars. 

3. Why do we say trick-or-treat?

Answer: The phrase is a subtle suggestion that if a treat (like candy) is given, then the child will not perform a “trick” (mischief) on the owner of the house.

This popular Halloween custom has its origins in the ancient practices of “souling” and “guising.”

4. When did Halloween get its name?

Answer: In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor saints.

Soon after, All Saints Day came to incorporate some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before All Saints Day was known as All Hallows Eve, and later, Halloween.

5. When did Halloween start?

Answer: Most scholars agree that Halloween as we know it originated some 2,000 years ago.

When Celtic people in Europe celebrated the end of the harvest and the start of a new year in a festival called Samhain (pronounced “sow-win”).

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Halloween Icebreaker questions

The following is a list of some Good Halloween ice breaker questions for a deep conversation and discussion with your friends, family, colleagues and others at party or if you are playing any conversation game:

1. What are your plans for Halloween?

Again this is the time of the year when people are just getting into the holiday spirit. The night is going to be so long and spooky.

So this is one of the best Halloween questions to ask to get to know what their plans, fun ideas or traditions that they like to partake in.

2. What are your thoughts on the classic Halloween costumes?

I personally love anything witchy or gothic. But some people are scared of these costumes and don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

So it’s cool to know what people’s opinions are on these classic costumes.

3. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

This is a question that can be tailored to everyone’s individual interests.

Some people might love scary movies, while others might prefer comedies. So it’s fun to get to know people’s personal favorites.

4. Have you ever gone trick or treating?

Trick-or-treating is one of my favorite parts of Halloween. It’s so fun to go out and explore with friends. And it’s always so scary when you’re waiting in line to get your candy.

5. What kind of Halloween costumes do you think people should be wearing this year? 

This is a question that can be divided into two categories. Some people think that people should be wearing more classic costumes, like witch or princess

Other people think that people should be dressing up in something that is more inspired by the season, like pumpkin or fall colors. So it’s fun to get a variety of opinions on this topic.

6. As a tradition, ghost stories are told on Halloween. Do you have any stories to share? 

This is a great question to ask if you’re looking for a Halloween tradition to start.

Some people might have amazing ghost stories that they’ve been told, or they might have made up their own story.

Either way, it’s fun to hear about people’s experiences and to get a little scared.

7. What did you dress up as for last Halloween?

It’s always fun to get people’s reactions when you ask them this question.

Some people might be surprised that somebody else dressed up as their favorite character, while others might be more nostalgic and remember all the costumes they wore.

So it’s fun to get a little insight into people’s individual costume choices and their experiences of previous years celebrations.

8. If you could create your own costume for yourself, what would it look like?

Sometimes for a change we all want to step outside of our comfort zone and dress up in something that we wouldn’t normally wear.

So this is a great question to ask people to get their creative minds working.

Some people might come up with amazing costumes that reflect their interests or personalities, while others might choose something more out of the ordinary.

Either way, it’s always fun to get a little creative inspiration for Halloween.

9. Is there something about the spooky holiday that frightens you?

There’s something about Halloween that makes us all feel a little bit scared.

Maybe it’s the anticipation of all the tricks and treats that are waiting for us, or maybe it’s the thought of all the scary movies that we’re going to watch.

But either way, it’s fun to get a little scared every year on Halloween.

10. Do you have any creative Ideas for the Halloween captions for Instagram posts?

The more creative the caption, the better! This is a great way to get your friends involved in the festivities.

Interact with them to come up with some fun ideas and ask them which blog they would look up to for some catchy and spooky Halloween Instagram captions.

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Would you rather Halloween questions

Here is a list of Halloween would you rather questions for kids, teens, adults, or elders.

1. Would you rather Hallowe’en be celebrated every day or never celebrated at all?

2. Would you rather go trick-or-treating with a zombie or a vampire?

3. Would you rather dress up as a zombie or a werewolf?

4. Would you rather visit a haunted house or a creepy graveyard?

5. Would you rather go to a costume party or a scary movie night?

6. Would you rather trick-or-treat in a ghoulish graveyard or a spooky forest?

7. Would you rather have a jack-o-lantern or a Scarecrow for your front yard?

8. Would you rather have a friendly ghost or an evil witch as your neighbor?

9. Would you rather carve a pumpkin or make your own pumpkin spice latte?

10. Would you rather discover a secret haunted house or explore a dark, bat-filled cave?

11. Would you rather be attacked by a swarm of dancing skeletons or an army of menacing mummies?

12. Would you rather be chased by a giant spider or a bloodthirsty monster?

13. Would you rather wear a ghost costume or a zombie mask?

14. Would you rather go to a haunted hayride or an old abandoned cabin?

15. Would you rather turn into a werewolf at the full moon or become a vampire after being bitten?

16. Would you rather be visited by a spooky specter or an eerie apparition?

17. Would you rather walk through a spooky graveyard or a cobweb-filled haunted house?

18. Would you rather have to wear a witch costume everyday or have to dress up as a zombie for a month?

19. Would you rather be scared by a pack of friendly ghosts or chased by an angry witch?

20. Would you rather trick-or-treat in a zombie-infested neighborhood or a skeleton-filled corn maze?

21. Would you rather spend Halloween night completely naked or in your worst nightmare costume?

22. Would you rather have a one-night stand with a vampire or a werewolf?

23. Would you rather engage in a full body paint for your costume or do black magic using your blood?

24. Would you rather make hot apple cider and invite sexy vampires over for a séance or do a striptease at a graveyard?

25. Would you rather invite three sexy witches over for a game of strip poker or a night of blood drinking?

26. Would you rather make love to a ghost or a zombie?

27. Would you rather have a masquerade orgy or a night of spine-chilling tales?

28. Would you rather make a sexy version of Halloween costumes or burn a midnight candle and summon the dead?

29. Would you rather paint your face with a sexy gothic makeup or with the blood of a skull?

30. Would you rather visit a haunted house and freak out your friends or have them join you in a sexy Halloween show?

31. Would you rather like being scared or do you like being surprised?

32. Would you rather meet a vampire or meet a werewolf?

33. Would you rather trick or treat in your neighborhood or a different neighborhood?

34. Would you rather spend Halloween night at a haunted house or spend the night at a cemetery?

35. Would you rather have to wear a costume on October st of the following year, or never have to wear one again?

36. Would you rather dress up as something scary, silly, romantic, or gross?

37. Would you rather go on a haunted hayride or go to a creepy corn maze?

38. Would you rather decorate your own pumpkin with spiders and bats, or just carve it into a jack-o’-lantern?

39. Would you rather hand out candy for free, charge for it, give it away for free if people bring their own bag/candy bucket, or not give out any candy at all?

40. Would you rather always be able to see spirits or always see aliens?

41. Would you rather dress up like a character from an old TV show, such as Scooby Doo, Laverne & Shirley, Bewitched, etc., or would you prefer dressing up like someone from history (like Napoleon Bonaparte)?

42. Would you rather have a dance party until sunrise on October st or stay up until sunrise telling ghost stories?

43. Would you rather set off fireworks every night before November st or every day after November st?

44. Would you rather buy expensive, good quality costumes that will last a lifetime or buy cheaper costumes that won’t last long but are easy to make?

45. Would you rather go Trick-or-Treating by yourself or take a family member with you?

46. Would you rather read classic horror stories by candlelight or watch classic horror movies by candlelight?

47. Would you rather spend time reading scary books about ghosts, zombies, and witches – because those are more interactive than watching them – or spending time watching scary movies about ghosts, zombies, and witches because those are more interactive than reading them?

48. Would you rather receive a surprise gift from your friend this coming Halloween or get the chance to play pranks on him/her throughout the whole month of October?

49. Would you rather put together a puzzle of pumpkins and cats playing together, or put together a puzzle of pumpkins and cats fighting each other?

50. Would you rather trick -or-treat alone or in groups?

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Funny Halloween questions

Here is a list of funny and fun Halloween questions:

1. If a vampire decided to open a blood bank, would they still be considered a “sucker” for business?

2. Would you trade your candy stash for a lifetime supply of toothpaste on Halloween night?

3. If witches can fly on broomsticks, do they still need to pay for parking?

4. Could a mummy’s wrapping skills be put to good use in gift-wrapping services?

5. In the world of ghost dating, do you think “haunting” is considered a legitimate relationship status?

6. If zombies eat brains to gain knowledge, what do vegans zombies eat?

7. Would a werewolf’s LinkedIn profile state that they excel in both day and night shifts?

8. If a scarecrow gets promoted, do they become a “terrifycrow”?

9. Can a skeleton ever be accused of being “thin-skinned”?

10. Is it possible for a Frankenstein’s monster to be fashion-forward, or is it strictly “stitched” in its ways?

11. If a black cat crosses your path on Halloween, is it bad luck or just trying to find the best candy spot?

12. Can a ghostwriter actually be a ghost?

13. If a pumpkin becomes a jack-o’-lantern, is it considered a career change or just a temporary gig?

14. Should we be concerned if a witch’s favorite song is “I Put a Spell on You”?

15. If a ghostbuster catches a ghost, do they have to pay ghost bail to get out of ghost jail?

16. If a spider wore a Halloween costume, would it choose to be a human or just go as a more stylish spider?

17. Can a zombie’s favorite dish be “finger food,” or is that just a bit too on the nose?

18. If you dressed as a ghost and someone asked, “Who are you gonna call?” what would be your epic comeback?

19. Is it considered a good pumpkin carving if it ends up looking like your grumpy neighbor?

20. If a ghost wants to go incognito, would it just wear a bedsheet and pretend to be someone’s bedding?

21. When a witch orders takeout, do they pay with credit card or eye of newt?

22. If a skeleton ever loses its patience, does it become a “rattled” bone?

23. Is it acceptable to bring a garlic necklace to a vampire costume party?

24. If a werewolf is having a bad hair day, do they still get to howl at the moon?

25. When a mummy goes on vacation, does it pack itself in its suitcase or just unwind at home?

26. If you meet a zombie who’s also a motivational speaker, would you consider that “deadpan” humor?

27. Can a scarecrow ever get tired of all that “standing around”?

28. If a ghost and a pumpkin had a heated debate, would it be called a “spirited” discussion?

29. What’s the ideal trick-or-treat strategy for avoiding houses that give out toothbrushes and apples?

30. If a monster gets a job at the circus, is it a “freak show” or a “monster mashup”?

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Halloween this or that questions

The following is a list of Halloween This or That questions to ask in this spooky season:

1. Blood or guts?

2. Reviving the dead or Possession?

3. Corpse bride or complete darkness?

4. Haunted house or a ghostly apparition?

5. Cutting out a heart or digging up graves?

6. Werewolf or vampire?

7. Witch or demon?

8. Broomstick or coffin ride?

9. Forbidden knowledge or evil enchantments?

10. Reflection of death or summoning spirits?

11. Mutilated corpses or haunted dolls?

12. Zombies or possessed dolls?

13. Spellbinding potion or Necromancy?

14. Spirits from beyond or Chilling hauntings?

15. Sinister masks or terrifying gelatinous beings?

16. Banishing ghosts or recurring nightmares?

17. Sacrifice or cannibalism?

18. Unforeseen danger or diabolical curses?

19. Severed limbs or glowing eyes?

20. Carving out brains or cursed rituals?

21. Witchcraft or black magic?

22. Horror movie or paranormal experience?

23. Cackling witches or dark secrets?

24. Haunted mansions or cursed artifacts?

25. Run for your life or embrace the terror?

26. Bad witch or Spooky Ghost costume?

27. Halloween Trivia Game or Never Have I ever Game?

28. Pumpkin carving or apple pie baking?

29. Frankenstein or The Mummy?

30. Trick-or-treating or bobbing for apples?

31. Candy Corn or Tootsie Rolls?

32. More Witches and Ghosts or Skeletons and Monsters?

33. Batman’s Batarang, Catwoman’s Whip, or Captain America’s Shield (Captain America)?

34. Horror Movies or Silly Scary Movies?

35. Fake blood stains on your clothes or fake teeth marks on your neck?

36. Lose an eye if you don’t wear a mask, OR lose an arm if you don’t wear long sleeves to cover up what is underneath your costume?

37. Blood or Sweat?

38. Slime or Snot?

39. Hocus Pocus or Casper the Friendly Ghost?

40. Do you like to get candy from people in their homes on Halloween night, or do you prefer going door-to-door with a bag of candy yourself while trick-or-treating?

41. Explore a corn maze or visit a haunted house?

42. Wearing a pumpkin hat or wearing a devil horns headband?

43. Laughing Jack-O-Lanterns or Screaming Pumpkins?

44. Be chased by a ghost or a zombie?

45. light a bonfire or a candle at the graveyard?

46. Never celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving again?

47. Carve pumpkins or eat bags of candy corn?

48. Mostly Boo!’s or Mostly Owls?

49. Old school animatronics or newer animatronics?

50. Running away screaming when seeing something spooky or running towards it?

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Halloween questions and answers

These are a few Halloween questions and answers:

1. Which colors represent Halloween?

Answer: Orange and black are Halloween colors because orange is associated with fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death.

2. What is it called the night before Halloween?

Answer: It is known by a variety of names including Devil’s Night, Gate Night, Goosey Night, Moving Night, Cabbage Night and Mat Night. Mischief Night. Toilet papering is often practiced on Mischief Night. Also called. Devil’s Night.

3. Who brought Halloween to the US Why did they come?

Answer: In the second half of the 19th century, America was flooded with new immigrants. These new immigrants, especially the millions of Irish fleeing the Irish Potato Famine, helped to popularize the celebration of Halloween nationally.

4. Where was Halloween first celebrated in the USA?

Answer: Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine brought the holiday to the United States, where it evolved into its current, more secular, form.

On this day, October 31, in 1920, Anoka, Minnesota became the first town in America to celebrate Halloween.

5. What is Halloween called in Christianity?

Answer: All Hallows’ evening

Halloween or Hallowe’en (a contraction of “All Hallows’ evening”), less commonly known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in many countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.

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Best Halloween themed questions

These are some of the Random Halloween themed questions to ask in Instagram or someone you know:

1. Ever wonder if ancient Druids hosted pumpkin carving contests during their mystical ceremonies, or were they just more into “rock ‘n roll”?

2. Did medieval villagers really believe that black cats were witches in disguise, or were they just seeking an excuse to avoid pet ownership?

3. Could it be that the invention of the jack-o’-lantern was the world’s first attempt at creating a renewable energy source, powered by candlelit gourds?

4. Did Cleopatra’s legendary beauty regimen include a nightly face mask made of mummy wrappings, or was she just ahead of her time in skincare?

5. Were Victorian séance gatherings essentially the precursor to today’s support groups for people who’ve lost their car keys?

6. Did the real motivation behind bobbing for apples involve settling disputes through a wet and slippery version of “rock-paper-scissors”?

7. Were medieval alchemists secretly trying to turn lead into gold, or did they just need something heavy to anchor their Halloween decorations?

8. Could ancient Egyptian pyramid builders have been early pioneers of “extreme mummification,” aiming for maximum preservation just in case of a future costume party?

9. Did the first person to dress up as a vampire genuinely believe they’d be mistaken for one, or were they just ahead of the curve in the “goth” fashion trend?

10. Could it be that Stonehenge was built to resemble giant candy corn, and ancient Druids celebrated Halloween with massive “corny” rituals?

11. Did early American colonists initially mistake Halloween for Thanksgiving, leading to confusion over whether to wear pilgrim hats or spooky costumes?

12. Were medieval knights genuinely frightened of dragon costumes, or did they just need an excuse to brandish their shiny armor?

13. Did the Aztec civilization offer human sacrifices to the gods in exchange for extra-large candy bars on Halloween night?

14. Did medieval court jesters critique the king’s choice of ghost costume, or did they save their jests for less spooky occasions?

15. Could it be that the first person to try a candy apple thought, “Why not combine fruit with a toothache?”

16. Did Renaissance artists secretly doodle jack-o’-lanterns in the margins of their masterpieces, dreaming of a spookier canvas?

17. Did prehistoric cave dwellers discover the world’s first Halloween cave paintings, or were they simply practicing early graffiti art?

18. Were ancient Chinese philosophers experts at delivering ghostly impressions, and did Confucius teach a masterclass in “spook-tacular” philosophy?

19. Did the founding fathers of America hold secret costume parties to draft the Constitution, with Benjamin Franklin showing up as “Electricity Man”?

20. Could it be that Stone Age humans used rudimentary pumpkins as primitive magic eight-balls, shaking them for answers like, “Will I get treats or tricks?”

21. When did Halloween become a holiday in the US?

22. How did Halloween become a holiday in the US?

23. Who started to celebrate Halloween in the USA?

24. Who brought Halloween to the US Why did they come?

25. What does the Bible say about Halloween?

26. What is Halloween called in Christianity?

27. Why don’t Christians celebrate Halloween?

28. What does Christianity have to do with Halloween?

29. What religion does not allow Halloween?

30. What is the actual purpose of Halloween?

31. What is the real purpose of Halloween?

32. Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

33. What city is the Halloween capital of the world?

34. Why do we celebrate Halloween with pumpkin?

35. Is Halloween a pagan holiday?

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Halloween questions to ask friends

These are some Halloween Questions to ask Friends for fun:

1. What kind of food would you bring to a Halloween party?

2. What type of costumes would you want your children/niece/nephew to wear this year?

3. What is your favorite part about Halloween – dressing up, getting free candy, or other stuff?

4.  What scary movie do you think is the scariest ever made?

5. What is your favorite Halloween decoration?

6. What is the most popular Halloween tradition you still follow?

8. If you could have any Halloween costume, what would you choose?

9. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

10. Do you think Halloween is more about the candy or the spooky factor?

11. Who is your favorite Halloween character?

12. What is your favorite Halloween song?

13. Do you think Halloween is a pagan holiday?

14. Who is your favorite Halloween character to dress up as?

15. Do you think that Halloween is too commercialized and people are too commercialized when it comes to the holiday?

16. What do you think of the recent trend of people handing out candy in costumes?

17. Do you think that people should be allowed to trick-or-treat outside of their neighborhoods on Halloween?

18. What is your favorite Halloween memory?

19. If you could change one thing about Halloween, what would it be?

20. How do you think Halloween will be celebrated in the future?

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Halloween questions for kids

Here is a list of Halloween questions for kids:

1. What are your likes and dislikes about Halloween?

2. What is your costume this year?

3. What are you going to do on Halloween night?

4. What are your plans for trick or treating?

5. If you could pick one candy to eat on Halloween, what would it be?

6. Do you have any scary stories about Halloween?

7. What are your plans for decoration this year?

8. Are you scared of anything specific about Halloween?

9. On what day do you think we celebrate Halloween every year?

10. What do you think will happen on Halloween night?

11. If you could become a witch for one night, on whom would you use your magic and why?

12. Have you ever made a Halloween costume yourself? If so, what was it?

13. Do you have any ideas for spookier Halloween costumes?

14. What are your plans for carving pumpkins this year?

15. Do you think that magic really exists? If so, where do you think it comes from?

16. Do you think that Halloween is evil? Why or why not?

17. Have you ever encountered a ghost on Halloween? If so, what did you do?

18. What are your thoughts on trick or treating? Is it scary or fun?

19. What is your favorite Halloween movie or TV show? Why?

20. If you could choose any holiday, which one would you choose? Why?

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Questions about Halloween

Here are some of the Best questions about Halloween to ask:

1. Is Halloween a biblical holiday?

2. Should Catholics Celebrate Halloween?

3. Who is Samhain demon?

4. Why are Lilith’s eyes white?

5. Who invented Halloween?

6. Who is the god of Halloween? (Halloween question of the day)

7. What is the pagan name for Halloween?

8. Who was the original killer in Halloween?

9. What does Samhain mean to pagans?

10. Which Christians do not celebrate Halloween?

11. Do Muslims celebrate Halloween?

12. What is Halloween called in England?

13. What is Halloween called in Germany?

14. Why do Germans put their knives away on Halloween?

15. Is Haddonfield a real place?

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True or false Halloween questions

These are some of the True or false: halloween questions to ask:

True or False Halloween Questions:

True or False: 1. Jack O’ Lanterns were originally made from turnips.

True or False: 2. Halloween is the highest-grossing commercial holiday in the world.

True or False: 3. Halloween is a national Holiday.

True or False: 4. Halloween is a religious festival.

True or False: 5. There is nothing written about Halloween In the Holy Bible.


1 Answer: True

2 Answer: False.  According to the Nation Retail Federation, Halloween is the second largest commercial holiday in the United States and sales reflect that. It comes second to Christmas.

3 Answer: False. Halloween is not an official religious or federal holiday—US employers do not compensate workers for Halloween, and it finds no recognition in any Christian denomination.

Halloween is more of a celebration and officials have not moved to make it a federal holiday.

4 Answer: False. Halloween is a holiday that marks the day before the Western Christian feast of All Saints, or All Hallows, and initiates the season of Allhallowtide.

In much of Europe and North America, a celebration of Halloween is largely non-religious.

5 Answer: True. There’s no mention of the holiday itself since it came into existence centuries after the Bible was written.

(The holiday falls on the Gaelic festival of Samhain, considered the earliest known root of Halloween, and Halloween as we know it today became popular in the 1930s.)

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Halloween Topics to talk about

These are some Halloween questions categories or halloween topics to talk about:

1. Scary Movies

2. History of Halloween – Origin, Traditions, Customs and Myths.

3. Folklore

4. Halloween Costumes.

5. Halloween Party Ideas.

6. Halloween music list and favorites.

7. Disney Halloween

8. Halloween Facts

9. Famous people that celebrate Halloween

10. Trick or Treat Etiquette

11. Halloween Recipes and food

12. Halloween Games for kids, adults and parties

13. Fun DIY Projects (pumpkin carving ideas)

14. Staying Safe on Halloween; children should never go door-to-door without an adult accompanying them and carrying a flashlight.

The flashlight is the signal that they are not carrying any treats with them, so they don’t eat all the candy before getting home.

15. Pumpkin Carving Tips; carve the face off the pumpkin first then scoop out the insides with a large spoon and wipe down all surfaces with a damp cloth or paper towel before you start drawing your design on it.

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Classic Halloween questions to ask

Here are some of the good classic Halloween questions to ask to get to know them:

1. What are some tips for making Halloween fun for children (6+ years old)?

2. What are some safety tips for children when it comes to costumes and treats on Halloween night?

3. What are some traditions or rituals that you and your family partake in on Halloween?

4. What are some creative ideas for decorating your home or neighborhood for Halloween?

5. What are some spooky stories that you or your family have been told around Halloween time?

6. What are some classic Halloween movies that you or your family might enjoy?

7. What are some creative ways to add a little Halloween atmosphere to your day or week?

8. What makes Halloween the most special day of the year for you?

9. If you could recommend one Halloween activity that would be particularly fun for children, what would it be?

10. What if there was no Halloween? Would you still enjoy the holiday? Why or why not?

11. Do people in your community celebrate Halloween the same way that you do? Why or why not?

12. How do you think the holiday will change over time?

13. Why does Halloween have such a deep cultural and historical significance?

14. What do you think is the biggest challenge that Halloween organizations face?

15. If you could recommend one Halloween costume that would be particularly fun and unique, what would it be?

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Halloween would you rather questions for adults

These are some of the would you rather Halloween questions for adults:

1. Would you rather wear a costume of Whore or a Witch?

2. Would you rather be buried in dirt with your head sticking out, or buried alive?

3. Would you rather be the first one on your block to decorate your house and receive trick-or-treaters, or have the last person on your block to decorate their house and receive trick-or-treaters?

4. Would you rather go naked while trick-or-treating or get hit by flying candy from houses that don’t give out treats?

5. Would you rather kiss everyone who comes up to you who is wearing a mask (even if it’s not appropriate) or those who are not wearing masks but want to kiss you?

6. Would you rather carve pumpkins with someone or carve pumpkins alone?

7. Would you rather hand out candies at your door step, front porch, back porch, or just not hand out any candies at all?

8. Would you rather make out with every other person dressed up as a monster or every other person dressed as a clown?

9. Would you rather play scary games by yourself or play nasty games with your neighbors?

10. Would you rather get touched by a zombie or a clown?

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Halloween family feud questions

Here is a list of Family feud halloween questions:

1. When you enter a bathroom, what do you really hope NOT to see in the mirror?

2. What color is your scariest door knob or knob-less door handle at home or work?

3 . Who was there when you got scared of haunted houses as a kid and what did they do?

4. If you were being chased by a zombie, who would be the first person on your list of people to tell you about it when you found safety?

5. If it was Halloween night and someone knocked on your door with their face covered up and wearing all black clothing (i.e., scary costume), would they be allowed inside without hesitation if they promised not to harm anyone inside?

6. If you could only choose one type of candy for your trick or treat bag from now until forevermore, which candy would you choose?

7. What’s your favorite Halloween cookie recipe?

8. Which restaurant do you think has the best atmosphere for dining on Halloween?

9. Which are more important: treats or tricks for kids on Halloween?

10. On which day should children get ready for trick or treating: Saturday morning, Saturday evening, Sunday morning, Sunday evening?

11. How many Halloweens have you been alive so far?

12. What’s your most favorite picture taken of yourself on Halloween when you were a child?

13. Do you ever carve pumpkins?

14. Did you have a pumpkin patch growing up where you would go every year on October 31st to pick out your own pumpkin?

15. Did that pumpkin patch also have hay bales and corn stalks scattered around like an old country farm setting?

16. If you’re female, what costume did you dress up as last year?

17. If you’re male, what costumed character did you dress up as last year?

18. Have you seen The Addams Family movie yet?

19. Did any of these items scare the living hell out of you before this point in your life: dark places, heights, clowns, spiders and bugs, skeletons?

20. Is scary entertainment good or bad for us, in general?

21. When was the last time you felt goosebumps from something that frightened you during a horror film?

22. What’s your opinion on kids dressing up as zombies this year?

23. If you had to choose just one ghost story, which would it be and why?

24. Can ghosts move objects such as pots and pans hanging overhead in kitchens when no human hands touch them?

25. In stories involving curses, can curses come back on you?

Halloween family feud questions and answers

The following are a few Family feud halloween questions and answers:

1. How heavy was the world’s heaviest pumpkin?

Answer: A pumpkin weighing 1,226 kg (2,702 lb 13.9 oz) was grown by Stefano Cutrupi (Italy) from Radda in Chianti, Tuscany, Italy.

2. How long did it take to make the movie Halloween?

Answer: Halloween was shot in 20 days in the spring of 1978.

3. How old is Halloween?

Answer: 2,000 years 

4. What does Halloween actually stand for?

Answer: All Hallows’ Eve

5. Who is the most famous Halloween character?

Answer: “The Wizard of Oz” character Dorothy,

6. Which animal is a symbol of Halloween?

Answer: Owls

7. Who is the main killer on Halloween?

Answer: Michael Myers

Halloween Icebreaker questions for work

Here are some Halloween Icebreaker questions for work to ask your colleagues or employees:

1. What are your thoughts on people who dress up as monsters or witches on Halloween?

2. Will you be dressing up as a character from a movie or book?

3. What will you be serving as your main course?

4. Will you be carving any pumpkins?

5. Do you have any decorations planned?

6. Whom will you be calling on for help with your Halloween festivities?

7. How many Trick or Treaters will you see on Halloween?

8. What kind of candy will you be giving out?

9. Will you be hosting a Halloween party?

10. Will you be going out trick or treating?

11. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

12. What is your favorite Halloween decoration?

13. What is your favorite Halloween party?

14. Will you be wearing anything spooky or scary on Halloween?

15. What are your thoughts on Halloween being celebrated in October?

16. Are you excited for Halloween or scared of it?

17. What are your plans for Halloween night?

18. What is your worst Halloween memory?

19. What are your thoughts on Halloween being a Pagan holiday?

20. What are your thoughts on Halloween being commercialized?

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Spooky Halloween questions

These are some spooky halloween questions to ask anyone:

1.How often do you find yourself thinking about death?

2. Do you believe in any ‘mythical’ monsters like chupacabras or shadow people?

3. Does the sight of blood make you squeamish?

4. How would you react if you came face to face with a ghost?

5 . If your house was haunted, what’s one thing that might scare it away?

6. What is your worst nightmare ever?

7. When was the last time you had a nightmare and how long did it last for?

8. Have you ever seen something unusual when awake that made you think it might have been just a dream, but then found out later it wasn’t?

9. Have you ever had a lucid dream?

10. What are your thoughts on astrology?

11. Do you try to keep an open mind when exploring different cultures/beliefs/religions/paranormal activities etc.?

12. Is there anything paranormal that has happened to you before?

13. Are there certain things in life that terrify or give you nightmares (regardless of whether they’re paranormal or not)?

14. Have you always been interested in the supernatural world?

15. Have you ever thought of becoming a sorceress?.

Halloween truth or dare questions

Here is a list of Truth or dare Halloween questions:

1. What three items would you take with you if you had to spend the night in a haunted house?

2. Have you ever seen a ghost?

3. Would you kill a zombie if it attacks you?

4. Would you dare to wear a costume of a whore and go trick-or-treating on Halloween night?

5. How many ghosts have you seen in your lifetime?

6. Is there anything that scares you more than zombies do (i.e., spiders)?

7. Will you be going to any strippers parties tonight?

8. What if you had to kiss a stranger if they choose treats for you?

9. If you could only pick one pumpkin lantern design for this year’s decoration, which one would it be and why?

10. What is your opinion about scary movies like The Conjuring and Evil Dead?

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Halloween conversation questions

These are some great Halloween questions for a deep conversation with people:

1. What should I wear to a haunted house on Halloween night?

2. Can someone really die from being scared too much on Halloween?

3. Did you know that according to folklore, black cats bring bad luck around Halloween time?

4. If I’m allergic to animal fur, how do I avoid getting hives when dressed up like a furry animal?

5. Do you have any good ideas for activities on Halloween night besides watching horror movies?

6. Does anyone have any good tips for how to stay safe while trick-or-treating at night?

7. What would you say is the best part of Halloween?

8. Do you think it’s more fun to watch scary movies on Halloween night than any other time of year?

9. Does seeing creepy decorations at stores every October make you feel happy or uncomfortable?

10. Which pumpkin-based products will you be purchasing for this upcoming season (pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, etc.)?

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Fun Halloween discussion questions

Here is a list of Halloween questions for discussion:

1. Favorite Halloween movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus.

2. Favorite Candy to Trick-or-Treat for? Reese’s Cups and Kit Kats.

3. Favorite Haunted House Attraction? The Haunted Hayride at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California!

4. Do you prefer costumes with masks or without? Masks are awesome but I also love to see the person wearing the costume under their disguise!

5. What is your favorite candy on October 31st? Hershey bars, Twix bars and peanut butter cups are some of my favorites.

6. What do you like to do on Halloween night besides trick-or-treating? My friends and I watch movies like Hocus Pocus and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

7. What is your favorite type of pumpkin carving design? There are so many beautiful designs out there but mine would have to be a spiderweb.

8. What is your favorite thing about October 31st? Getting together with friends, seeing people wear all kinds of spooky costumes, and trick-or-treating are all very cool things about this special holiday!

9. What is your least favorite thing about October 31st? When the evening ends and we all go our separate ways…that can be pretty sad.

10. Will you dress up this year? Definitely yes! You should too; it’s not scary but just fun.

11. If someone were to carve my jack o’lantern, what would you carve onto it? That’s a tough one! Maybe an owl because they’re always watching us from up high.

Halloween quiz questions

These are some Halloween Quiz Questions to ask:

1. What’s the difference between Halloween and Hallowe’en?

2. Where did the tradition of Trick-or-Treating come from?

3. Who invented candy corn?

4. Why do people wear costumes for Halloween instead of masks?

5. When did jack o lanterns first appear on porches in America?

6. Where do pumpkins grow naturally in North America?

7. How many teeth does a pumpkin have?

8. What are the meanings behind trick or treating at night and dressing up in costume?

9. What is the significance of wearing all black clothing?

10. How much money was spent on Halloween products last year?

Halloween quiz questions and answers

Here is a list of Halloween quiz questions and answers:

1. Halloweeen started by which community?

Answer: Celts

2.  Which religion adapted Halloween to fit their own customs in 1000 AD?

Answer: Christianity

3. In which country the Halloween was originated?

Answer: Ireland

4. Which candy has been voted as the worst candy ever?

Answer: Candy corn

5. What do New Englanders call the night before Halloween?

Answer: Cabbage Night

Halloween questions for students

Here is a list of Halloween Questions for students to ask to check their knowledge:

1. What day is Halloween celebrated on?

2. Which fruit do we carve and use as lanterns on Halloween?

3. Which animal can vampires supposedly turn into?

4. What’s another name for Halloween?

5. What’s the origin of the costume of a witch?

6. What is the main dish served at Halloween parties?

7. Why do people think that pumpkins are spooky?

8. How do you make a haunted house?

9. What is the biggest benefit of celebrating Halloween?

10. How do you make sure that your Halloween party is safe?

11. How do you make sure that your child is safe when trick-or-treating?

12. What are some common myths about Halloween?

13. Are there any dangers associated with celebrating Halloween?

14. What are some benefits of celebrating Halloween?

15. How can you celebrate Halloween without getting into trouble?

Halloween questions for preschoolers

These are some easy halloween questions for preschoolers:

1. Which animal is a witch’s best friend?

2. What type of creature is Shrek?

3. How many legs does a spider have?

4. What is a pumpkin’s favorite food?

5. What’s the best way to avoid getting Halloween candy stolen?

6. What’s the best way to get over being scared of Halloween?

7. What’s the best way to make sure that you don’t get trick or treated?

8. How does a witch make her broomstick fly?

9. What kind of trick or treat do you get when you go trick or treating?

10. How can you make a ghost disappear?

11. How do you make a pumpkin pie?

12. How do witches make their potions?

13. How do you make a Jack-O-Lantern?

14. What is a witch’s recipe for turning people into frogs?

15. Where do witches go on Halloween?

Halloween movie questions

Here is a list of Halloween movie questions:

1. What is the very first horror movie?

2. What is the main goal of horror?

3. Who was the first ever horror character?

4. Who was the scariest human in history?

5. Who is the strongest horror killer?

6. Who is the biggest horror icon?

7. Who is the creepiest villain?

8. Who is the smartest horror movie killer?

9. Who is the best Halloween villain?

10. Who is the scariest monster?

11. How many kills does Michael Myers have?

12. Which Halloween character has the most kills?

13. Why Michael Myers is called the shape?

14. Who would win Michael Myers or Jason?

15. Is Michael Myers still human?

Halloween candy questions

Here are some halloween candy questions:

1. Did you know any facts about Halloween candy?

2. What is the most popular candy eaten on Halloween?

3. What is the most disliked Halloween candy?

4. What is the unhealthiest candy?

5. What is the oldest Halloween candy?

6. What is the #1 Halloween candy sold?

7. What Halloween candy is the healthiest?

8. What is the coolest Halloween candy?

9. Which candy has the most sugar?

10. What candy has lowest sugar?

11. Why is candy important on Halloween?

12. Why is candy given on Halloween?

13. How long is Halloween candy good for?

14. How much candy is wasted on Halloween?

15. How much candy is sold on Halloween?

Scary Halloween questions

Here are some scary halloween questions:

1. Do you believe that vampires exist?

2. If zombies and vampires were real, which one would be scarier to meet on Halloween night?

3. Is it bad luck if I see a black cat on Halloween?

4. Is it true that some people dress up like ghosts on Halloween for fun and don’t actually believe in ghosts at all?

5. What’s your favorite scary movie and why is it so scary to you personally?

6. Why do people go trick-or-treating on Halloween even if they know it’s not safe?

7. Where do people usually hang out on Halloween to play tricks and have treats while they’re waiting for Trick-or-Treaters to show up?

8. Are there any dangers associated with Halloween such as getting lost, being abducted, or accidentally running into someone who’s armed?

9. How can parents make sure their child stays safe on Halloween night?

10. How has technology affected how we celebrate Halloween?

Halloween costume questions

These are some Halloween questions about costumes:

1. Why are you dressing up for Halloween?

2. What is your favorite Halloween costume?

3.  What are your thoughts on spooky costumes?

4. What makes a good Halloween costume?

5.  What would you do if you didn’t have a costume?

7. Would you rather choose a costume yourself or have someone choose for you?

9. What’s your least favorite Halloween costume?

10. If a witch costume and a werewolf costume were available to you, which would you choose?

11. When did you first start dressing up for Halloween?

12. What if you could only choose one Halloween costume to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

13. How do you feel about wearing costumes that are too revealing?

14. Do you think it’s important to have a costume that represents your culture or religion on Halloween?

15. Will you be sharing photos and/or stories of your Halloween costumes on social media?

Halloween yes or no questions

Here is a list of Trick Yes or no Halloween questions:

1. Do you consider yourself to be a “seeker of the dark?

2. Do you like to dress up in costumes and go out on Halloween?

3. Are there any spooky things you like to do on Halloween?

4. Do you think there is anything scary about Halloween?

5. Do you have any scary stories about Halloween?

6. Is there anyone else in your family doesn’t like to celebrate Halloween?

7.  Do you think there is anything to be scared of on Halloween?

8. Do you think there is anything fun about Halloween?

9. Can you think of any scary movies or TV shows about Halloween?

10. Do you have any ideas for scary Halloween costumes?

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