125 Haunted house captions for Instagram |cute|funny|clever (halloween edition)

There’s something about Halloween that just makes us all feel a little bit creepy.

Maybe it’s the thought of all the things that could go wrong, or the creeping sense that no one is really safe.

No matter why it sets our spooky little hearts racing, we can’t help but find some cute, catchy and funny Haunted house captions for Instagram this Halloween season.

From eerie photos of skeletons and pumpkins to thoroughly creepy quotes about death and the occult, we’ve got just the thing to get you in the mood for all the horror movies, haunted houses, and creepy crawlies you’re going to be seeing this season.

So get ready to feel a little bit spooky, and check out this collection of 125 Haunted House captions for Instagram below!

125 Haunted house captions


The following is a list of Haunted house captions for your posts:

1. “Welcome to my personal hell.”

2. “You’re about to enter the world of the undead.”

3. “This is the last stop before you die.”

4. Death awaits you inside.

5. “Do you think you can get through this? I’ve been through worse.”

6. “Welcome to the dark side of the world.”

7. “You think you can get out alive? I doubt it.”

8. “Welcome to the most terrifying house in the world.”

9. “Welcome to my little slice of hell.”

10. “Welcome to my little corner of the underworld.”

11. “I’m not going to let you escape this alive.”

12. Tomb sweet tomb.

13. Enter at your own risk.

14. Beware the dark shadows.

15. “You think you can outrun death? You’d be surprised.”

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Cute haunted house captions

Here is a list of some Cute haunted house captions that are romantic and fun:

1. This house is not just BOO-tiful, but Spooktacular.

2. We can’t get enough of this haunted house!

3. We’re not going to make it out alive, but we’re so happy we came to this haunted house!

4.  This house is so creepy, we can’t wait to come back!

5. Haunted Houses have real Ghosts spirit.

6. If you ever thought haunted houses were just for old people, you’re wrong!

7.  “A ghost is never truly gone.”

8. “This place is spooky, but I love it.”

9. “This place is so creepy, it’s like a horror movie.”

10.  If not for the ghosts, this place would be boring!

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Haunted house Instagram captions

The following are some of the great Haunted house Instagram captions: (IG or Insta Edition):

1. Step into the ghoulish world of ______

2. The haunted house is exactly one week away!

3. It’s hiding on the ceiling fan.

4. Creepyworld haunted hayride is about to return.

5. Last night checked out!

6. Never answer the door in a haunted house.

7. Sinister sideshow haunted house at _____

8. It’s National Haunted house day. Do you live in a haunted house? Ever been in one?

9. The nightmare factory at _____

10. I have never seen a grown man scream like this before.

11. “This is not a haunted house, it’s a death trap!”

12. “If you think this is scary, wait until you see the attic!”

13. “This is the scariest haunted house in the state!”

14. “Don’t even think about going in – it’s completely terrifying!”

15. “If you’re brave enough to enter, be prepared to scream!”

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Clever Haunted house captions for Instagram

These are such a Clever haunted house captions for Instagram posts:

1. “I’m not scared, I’m #Haunted!”

2. “We’re not going to let the #ghosts get us down!”

3. “We’re not afraid of the #monster under the bed…or the one in the closet!”

4. “Just because we’re in the #haunted house, doesn’t mean we have to be #scaredycats!”

5. “We’re not afraid to get a little #creepy in here!”

6. “We’re not afraid of the dark…or the #ghosts!”

7. “We’re not going to let the #demon get us! Let’s get to the bottom of this place!”

8. “Who’s afraid of the #monster in the closet? We’re not!”

9. “We’re not afraid of the #monster in the dark. We’re not going to let it get us!”

10. “We’re not afraid of the #ghosts. We’re going to show them who’s boss!”

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Halloween haunted house captions

These are a few Halloween haunted house captions for instagram pictures: (Halloween Edition)

1. Happy Hallow Haunting!

2. Come in for a pumpkin bite in this spooky palace.

3. “Trick or treat? I’m afraid I can’t come out from this Haunted Mansion.”

4. “Can’t wait to get into the Halloween spirit House!”

5. “Here’s to a ghastly Halloween!”

6. “Happy Halloween from the Ghosts of Halloween!”

7. “The scariest thing about Halloween is that it’s only Halloween.”

8. “Haunted houses are the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit.”

9. “Pumpkin spice everything!”

10. “This Halloween, I’m going to haunt my house!”

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Haunted house captions funny

These are some Funny haunted house captions:

1. When in doubt, open the door to the haunted house and run.

2. Don’t open that door! It’s just a haunted house dummy!

3. Welcome—I am your ghost host.

4. You look as if you’re about to see a ghost.

5.  Hey BOO, get out of my haunted house!

6.  Just another day in the haunted house of life.

7.  Come on, it’s just a house with Ghost in it.

8. This house is haunted. But not by you but witches.

9. If not about to die, then at least about to get scared in the haunted house.

10. Haunted house, open up! I’m starving.

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Best Captions for haunted house pics

These are some more amazing Haunted house photo captions:

1. If you don’t mind the dark, we’ve got a ghost room for you.

2. Stay awhile and meet our collection of restless spirits.

3. We’re always happy to have a new visitor.

4. If you’re looking for a spooky adventure, we’re the place for you.

5. We’re always happy to have a few ghosts around.

6.  Ghosts gather here.

7. Come meet our resident ghosts!

8. “If you’re not scared by now, you’re not paying attention!”

9. “Haunted houses are the best!”

10. “There’s something creepy about everything!”

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Abandoned places Instagram captions

Here are a few Instagram captions for haunted houses and Abandoned places:

1. “If only this place was abandoned when I was young…”

2. “Witches, ghosts, and goblins, oh my! All at this Abandoned place”

3. “This Abandoned place is making me feel so spooky!”

4. “This Abandoned place has everything I need: mystery, intrigue, and a touch of danger”

5. “This Abandoned place is like a breath of fresh air”

6. “Abandoned places are always so spooky and mysterious”

7. “There’s something eerie and exciting about exploring an Abandoned place”

8. “I love exploring Abandoned places because they always have a haunting, mysterious feeling”

9.  “This Abandoned place is like a portal to another world”

10. Forgotten abandoned home hidden away surrounded by Ghosts.

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Creative Captions for haunted house

Here are some Creative captions for haunted houses:

1. I’m not even going to make it through the front door.

2. Death is no more than passing from one room into another.

3. But what lies on the other side?

4. Sometimes, the scariest things are in our own homes.

5. Don’t be a hero, only enter if you’re prepared to get scared!

6. There’s something about these old hallways that just makes me uneasy.

7. Every turn leads me to another dark hallway.

8. This would be the last time we’d ever see each other.

9. Grab my hand, don’t let me get lost in here!

10. No children under 12 allowed in here alone!

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Good haunted house captions

Here are some Good haunted house instagram captions:

1. “If you’re not scared out of your mind by now, you’re not cut out for this haunted house!”

2. “This is one spook-tacular haunted house – be prepared to get killed!”

3.  “Don’t go in if you’re not prepared to be terrified!”

4. I am such a haunt mess.

5. In ghoul company. Goulish guests welcome.

6. There is no turning back now!

7. Find your way out of here, if you can.

8. The night is dark, and full of terrors.

9. It’s behind me, isn’t it?

10. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

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Haunted house couple captions

The following is a list of the best Haunted house captions for couples (with your boyfriend, girlfriend or life partner):

1. “The perfect date night in – a private tour of our haunted house!”

2. “Our haunted house is the perfect place to scare each other silly!”

3. “Our favorite part is when we get to see each other’s reactions to the spooky sights!”

4. “We can’t wait to see what horrors await us next!”

5. “This is such a fun way to spend Halloween together!”

6. “Our haunted house is the perfect place to get closer to each other!”

7. Hey BOO, we’re going on a haunted house date tonight! 🙂

8. “Our haunted house is the perfect place to get to know each other better!”

9. If not with you then who? – Haunted house with my other half!

10. When in doubt, go to our haunted house! – Our favorite place to be together!

11. Where love lives – Our haunted house!

12. Not all love stories have happy endings – Our haunted house is a perfect place to show us how it’s done!

13. There is no greater love than the love of a haunted house – Our house is the perfect place to show us how much we mean to each other!

14. Our love knows no boundaries – We’re going to our haunted house!

15. Because it’s the only place that feels right – Haunted house with my love!

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