How to express love: Different ways to different people in different situations

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Love is the language of the universe in a poetic sense. Love is the reason we move forward.

Love drives us to live and to be loved. We often crave it, if we miss the feeling of love from our loved ones.

If you struggle to find the ways to show love and are not aware of how to express love in words?

The best solution is to figure out your language of love and using those love languages, express your feelings to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, a partner in different ways to different people in different situations. 

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Today is the time to discover your love languages. Many lovers struggle to show affection in their long distance relationships due to a lack of awareness about their partner’s love language. 

You try not to make the same mistake and learn to master all the love languages which may help you understand more about yourself and your partner’s personality.


How many love languages are there to express one’s love?

In general, theory of love as per an American author named Gary Demonte Chapman – there are 5 love languages as mentioned below:

  1. Words Of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts Of Service
  5. Physical Touch

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How to express love using 5 love languages?

If you wonder what are the 5 love languages? Here are those 5 types of love languages explained, in order to express your affection in different ways:

1. Words of affirmation love language

Words of affirmation is one of the five love languages which involves in expressing one’s love and heartfelt feelings through affirming words such as saying “I love you”.

That creates a positive sense of vibration in the significant other and a feeling of being loved and accepted.

2. Quality time love language

Quality time is by far the most common love language according to a study of dating app named hinge.

The love language of quality time involves spending the most sacred and the best time with loved ones. Being together in times of highs and lows helps them connect, exchange, share, and express their love truly.

The best way to express love is to be for each other in every situation. That conveys deep affection and an eternal bond.

3. Receiving gifts love language

Giving gifts is the most obvious way to show love and express gratitude.

Receiving gifts is one of the five love languages, when a partner expresses his or her love through giving gifts reflects on their inner gentle personality and when you receive it, you will not just be flattered for their generosity but truly connected by the symbolic intent behind it.

Giving and receiving gifts on so many emotional levels affectionately.  

4. Acts of service love language

The acts of service love language is a unique way to express love through simple acts of kindness.

Serving your loved ones even with their little needs makes a huge difference.

This way of approach to love feels so genuine, meaningful, and received as being understood. In relationships, often gentle souls are for sure to be deserved and protected.

5. Physical Touch love language

Physical touch love language proceeds with expressing love through hugs, kisses, or intimate activities.

Physical touch is a good approach to exchanging affection and connection only when the couple is comfortable taking their relationship to the next level. 


How to express love in words of affirmation love language?

Intentions and words are more powerful than certain actions. Using words of affirmation wisely and consciously can elevate one’s mood, creates a close bond, and develops a sense of positive vibration. 

Let’s see with examples how to use words of affirmation in different ways.

Ways to express love using words of affirmation.

  • Inspire to achieve Goals: Be a person who looks up to you and thinks of you when they need to get motivated in order to accomplish their goals. Before your partner seeks your help, inspire them and lead them. That makes you so attractive and inspiring individual.
  • Affirm amiable words: Express love by saying “I love you” when needed the most.  Words like take care, adore you, miss you and I feel blessed to be with you holds magic in them. They create a positive environment and show so much love towards your partner.
  • Empathize with their feelings: In times of hardships just be patient. And try to bring courage to yourself to be strong and visualize how your loved ones feel and empathize with their feelings and say you are with them, that they are not alone. This expression of love really earns respect to you from them and much adoration.
  • Participate in active communication: Have fun conversations, deep conversations, and healthy debates if they are interested in exchanging opinions. These words of affirmation of love language help you understand each other better.
  • Praise and appreciate their work: People love who are supportive and encouraging during their struggles and little successes. Whenever they accomplish their small milestones, praise them with your thoughtful words of affirmations. Your partner really loves that.

How to show love using quality time love language?

In the age of busyness and business, skipping some unwanted schedules and dedicating some quality time with the family is the best way to express love.

Share some happy moments through communication and do small things which your partner loves the most. 

Let’s discuss in a detail way to express love using quality time.

Ways to express love using quality time

  • Plan a date night: Create some memorable moments each weekend or whenever possible. Make sure to create an intimate feeling through your simple actions. Who doesn’t love nights in a world full of romantic dreamers?
  • Take long walks and deep conversations: After your busy day, take some time to reflect on each other personal needs, goals, and future. Take long walks and have deep conversations about each other’s likes and dislikes. This expression of love creates miracles in your relationship.
  • Take a holiday and spend on beautiful vocation: Go on a week long or month long vocation after a year full of hustling and hard work. planning a regular vocation to new cities and even new countries make you closer and connect deeper.
  • Just be with them: Just your presence means a lot to them, if they are really emotionally dependable. Be with them every single day, if not possible text them or have a conversation over phone call. Quality time doesn’t mean to live a lavish life but sharing intimate moments which creates a mutual understanding between both of you. This approach of love languages leads you to be together forever.

How to express love using receiving gifts love language?

Not everyone fond of receiving gifts or surprises. Just understand the signs of the love languages of your partner and proceed with it.

However, whatever you plan to gift, be authentic and with utmost love and affection present yourself based on the values and tastes of your partner.

That way when they receive gifts it makes them feel that you make efforts to understand their beliefs and values. 

Let’s discuss some ways to express your love with gifts

Ways to show love using receiving gifts love languages

  • Consider your partner feelings when choosing gifts: When people are being offered with the things they deeply connect, they show great sense of affection and feel really emotional. They do not just connect with the gifts you present but the person who takes time to show love in terms of gifts. That’s the magic of gifts.
  • Be thoughtful in your taste of gifts: Even if your partner is not that deep, if you make thoughtful purchases and express your affection that resonates them on different levels. They appreciate and give your love back by showing gratitude.
  • Surprise them small acts in a big way: Don’t shock them but be a little funny, joyous and energetic when surprising. Just a small act of your performance makes their day. In such a way you will earn some huge bonus points as a beloved partner for making them happy.

How to express love using acts of service love language?

Using the acts of service love language, the best way to express love is by connecting on the psychological and spiritual side of your partner. In order to do that, you need to know their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Once you figure out that, then nurture them through the simple acts. Such as caring when they are emotionally draining.

Show your love when they physically feel sick. Be generous enough to make their favorite food item and serve them with your love. This really takes your relationship to much deeper levels.

Ways to express love using acts of service

  • Try to cook their favorite food item: Once in a while, dedicating some time to make their favorite delicious dish and serving with them with your efforts is a great gesture of kindness and acts of service. This love language makes your partner feel loved and contented. They remember it and do the same for you.
  • Create a warm environment: Whenever you are around them, make your presence as radiant as you can. Create positive vibrations with your presence and with simple acts of words and gestures show them your gentleness.
  • Be in touch by asking about their whereabouts: Every day and very often if possible, check their status of emotional and physical needs. Ask if they need any help, and tell them that they are not alone. And show them that you are with them in every high and low situation.
  • Protect them:  When they are going through difficult times, be a guard and protect them. Let them know that you are with them. They feel safe and comfortable. All their insecurities and fears will have vanished once you win their trust, and they feel more loved and connected with you. 
  • Help them in their daily routines: If they cannot do certain tasks, help them in accomplishing their daily goals. Show an extreme amount of kindness through your small yet very significant gestures of love. 

How to express love using physical touch love language?

When your partner is emotionally dependent, try to comfort them by using the approach of physical touch love language.

Hug them tightly when they feel exhausted. Kiss on the forehead and cuddle them with love whispers. These techniques of love languages really work and improve their moods and make them feel better.

Let’s dive into few details and ways to express love through physical touch.

Ways to show love using physical touch

  • Hold hands: If your partner’s love language is physical touch, then always be together. Hold hands to express your love and make them feel that you both are deeply connected.
  • Kiss: Romance is the best way to express love. Kiss them wherever they feel comfortable and make sure they love it. If you figure out that they do not like it, do not force it. Just try to be normal and cuddle them instead. They feel understood and love you more for such mutual understanding.
  • Hug: A right hug at a right time from the right person can really save someone’s day. If your partner’s love language is truly physical touch and the smell of your body. Then they always crave for you to be with them. That’s a great way of showing love from their side.
  • Have Sex if both are ready: When you are thinking to proceed to the next stage of relationship or if you already engaged, then trying out sex can improve both of your moods. It also creates a sense of permanent bond if both are on the same level of madness in love.

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Creative ways to show love:

It’s not compulsory to restrict those 5 love languages. If both partners are Hopeless romantics and idealists.

They always crave some newness in their love. So, there are many other creative ways to show love and feel more connected. Let’s dig into some of those unique ways.

How to express love without words?

If you are the kind of person who is introverted in nature and shy person, and if you do not feel comfortable expressing love with words or verbal communication – Then Writing is the best approach to express your emotions in the form of text messages.

Be courageous enough to bring your romantic side and show your love in the same creative flow. 

How to show someone you love them over text?

Most often introverts are the best individuals who show their true feelings more authentically through letters, poems, and text messages. The unique way to show someone you love them over text is by –

Sending love emojis, GIFs, and videos in a way they connect and understand what you are trying to convey. 

Just be yourself and genuinely express your feelings and how much they meant to you in a simple text. If they respond positively, go with your guts and propose to them with those 3 magic words there themselves. 

How to tell someone you love them without saying it over text?

If you are the kind of person who is a bit confident and charming, then you can plan a perfect proposal date.

Approach them directly before it’s too late. If you want your proposal memorable, grand, and want to experience that awe moment directly, then prepare yourself for a face-to-face proposal challenge and make it happen.

How to express love to a man or your boyfriend?

Men absolutely love it when a girl proposes to them. Because it’s an unusual and rare moment, especially if the girl who is proposing is already their crush.

Just be confident in your approach and gentle enough to show your feminine side and nail it with your intuition. If at all, in any case, you are being rejected, don’t worry. Men are not that mean to hurt you on your face.

They have their ways to make you feel worthy. Just be optimistic. Everything is going to happen for your better future. 

How to express love to your girlfriend or a woman?

Most often women are more sensitive than men. And they are emotionally inclined to rapid reflections to every event they come across.

Their moods and behaviors can go from negative to positive and positive to negative in a very short time However, the point is, we never know the truth about women. 

If you plan to propose to a woman or express your love to your girlfriend make sure they like you in the first place.

And secondly, see if they are in the good mood and go with a flower bouquet, be your best self and express your heart in authentic and genuine tone.

Women are very intelligent to grasp the motive of a man very quickly. So, be good with your intentions and show your love in the most humanly way.

How to express love to your husband in words as well through actions?

Expressing love to your husband shouldn’t be rocket science. After all, he is your wedded man and your beloved better half.

So, be comfortable with yourself first. Plan for his birthdays in advance, give a warm surprise that he absolutely adores for making that happen.

On every occasion try to give greeting cards with written hand note of yours, by expressing gratitude and love for having you as part of his life.

That makes him feel touched and loved. Plan date nights every weekend if possible. The simple acts of kindness create a great and eternal bond. Be with each other in every situation. Together is always better

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