How to get over someone you love deeply? (Step-by-step guide + 50 Tips)

By: Naveen B

Everyone has been in love at least once in our life and for some it’s a peaceful memorable experience and for others a painful journey.

Some couples with a beautiful experience continue their journey together till the end, while others with a painful journey end up with a tragic experience. But also one that ends up leaving you with feelings of despair and loneliness. 

If you’re wondering how to get over someone you love deeply, you need to realize losing the love of your life can be one of the most difficult phases in life.

When that person is special to you, it can even feel like your heart has been broken into pieces that will never come back together again.

But though this feeling of emptiness may be overwhelming, it’s possible to stop thinking about someone you love deeply and move on with your life with time and effort.

Moving on from breaking or divorce needs acceptance and to get through the pain and heartache that comes with this type of loss. You need to make yourself ready for grieving only then there are chances you will heal yourself.

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The Main thing on how to get over someone you love deeply and see everyday, however, is recognizing that it’s not too late to learn from your experience and move on stronger than before. In this complete guide let’s discuss different steps and tips to move on from someone you love the most in your life. Follow each step, reflect on them consciously and apply them to ease your pain and emotions.

How to get over someone you love deeply?


 The key to get over someone you love deeply is to make sure that you don’t actually allow yourself to become a prisoner of your thoughts. 

Having them occupy your thoughts can make you feel as if you are unable to move on. While it is impossible to completely get over someone. And It is important to realize that getting over someone takes time. The reality of not being with someone is always going to be painful at least for some days and months to come.

Nonetheless, the first step to getting over someone you love is to recognize that this breakup isn’t your fault. Your partner may have made it clear that they don’t want to be in the relationship anymore.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t still love you or care about you deeply. This means that there are two people in this breakup equation—not just one—and both of you need to move on if things are going to work out in the long run.

Be patient with yourself and remember that no one jumps from heartbreak straight into happiness; rather, there is a period of adjustment followed by eventual peace.

Allow yourself to experience those negative emotions and learn how to live with them until they slowly start to dissipate on their own. 

There are certainly steps that can be taken to make you feel as if you have made progress.

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10 Steps to get over someone you love deeply

get over someone you love deeply and see everyday How to get over someone you love deeply? (Step-by-step guide + 50 Tips)

Losing a relationship is one of life’s most challenging experiences. If it’s someone who was important to us, we may grieve for a long time. We may need help from friends or family, or from a counselor or therapist.

For many people, however, it can be hard to ask for that help and even harder to know what we should do and say in those first days after a break-up

This can lead us into further isolating ourselves and create an unhealthy cycle that makes moving on more difficult than it needs to be.

Overcoming these feelings is not easy but with some work and effort (and patience!) things can improve soon enough.

The following steps will set you on your way to healing your heart and mind:

Step 1: Acceptance –  Accept the reality that your relationship with them is over.

Though it’s not fair, sometimes relationships end. The question is: Will you be able to accept it and move on or will you torture yourself with a never-ending cycle of what if?

You can’t force a relationship or a person to continue. Don’t beat yourself up for your feelings – after all, they’re yours – but do recognize that what was once there is now gone and being angry about that won’t bring it back.

Acceptance doesn’t mean ignoring your pain or pretending everything is fine, but rather acknowledging that at some point, closure has been reached.

5 tips to accept the reality that your relationship is over.

1. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made in your relationship and realize that while some things are within your control, others aren’t.

2. Remember that everyone has both good and bad qualities, but it’s what makes them special or different from everyone else. Focus on how much they made you smile rather than how many times they hurt your feelings.

3. Learn from your past relationship and use that knowledge to build a better future for yourself.

4. Once your ex moves on, so should you. Accept their new relationship without letting it affect how you feel about yourself or them. If they are happy, then that’s all that matters in your life at that moment.

5. Understand that even though your relationship is gone, it can still teach you valuable lessons for future relationships. You don’t have to let it define who you are as a person or make decisions based on how it ended.

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Step 2: Reflection: Recognize how you feel and Understand That You Will Have Feelings for them.

Understand What Makes a Relationship Last and Understand why things didn’t work out between you and that special person.

With all relationships, there are specific qualities that make them work. You don’t need to know every detail of your relationship – only those relevant – but by taking time to reflect on what happened, how it happened, and what went wrong, you can begin working on building better relationships in the future.

This means understanding why your ex was so important to you – Why did he or she mean so much at one point? What were those feelings based on? When did they start changing (and why)? How were those feelings communicated (or not) during your relationship?

Recognizing where that relationship started breaking down is essential for building stronger ones in its place.

3 Tips for reflection and to be closer to your intuition.

1. Start journaling: write things down and express your thoughts, feelings and emotions through written words.

2. Look at your face in a mirror and tell yourself I am enough every morning for one week. Focus on that feeling, believe it and feel how it is to know your worth as a human being.

3. Tell yourself I trust my intuition every morning for one week and ask yourself what your intuition is telling you about how to move forward, what should be next and if there is anything you can do.

Step 3: Understanding Grief – Take as long as you can to grieve for your loss.

Grief is a normal reaction to a significant loss. If you’ve just been rejected by your loved one, or if that loved one has left you for good, then it’s natural that grief is going to be part of your experience.

There are few universal truths when it comes to grief, but there are some guidelines that can help.

First of all, every person experiences grief differently; what is true for one may not be true for another. Don’t expect yourself to follow a certain timeline—sometimes a year isn’t enough time for somebody to heal from an intense pain, and sometimes two years still aren’t enough.

To begin grieving for someone who has passed away, you have to first accept that he or she is gone forever. In terms of how long it will take you to grieve, that depends on how close your relationship was with that person.

People often say that they never truly grieve until they lose their mother, their father, or a sibling because these people typically play a more prominent role in our lives than do other relatives and friends.

And while children don’t always recognize death right away, many adults see it as a sudden end to life rather than an ending phase of life itself. So, again, only you know how much time is necessary for healing.

For some people, just knowing that others are around to provide comfort and support helps them move forward faster than if they were alone during their grief process.

Most experts agree that talking about your loss helps too; share memories with family members so you won’t feel so alone in your sadness.

But take care not to become defined by grief: let yourself mourn without letting it overtake your life.

7 tips to understanding grief and heal yourself to move on.

1. Let yourself be sad. Let it wash over you, let it drag you down, because that’s how healing happens–in its own time and in its own way.

2. Remember that it’s not your fault: Take care of yourself and work towards self-forgiveness because in order to move forward, you need to let go of blame.

3. Think about what he or she would want: It’s a cliché, but it’s true: When a loved one dies, that person does not die in vain if others remember him or her and take inspiration from his or her life experiences.

4. Ask yourself important questions about your life, like where do I want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and then answer them every day for one week straight. This is good practice for manifesting your goals into reality.

5. Be alone: be by yourself and observe how your thoughts, feelings and emotions are changing throughout your day, one day at a time.

6. Do not feel guilty about getting better: If you start feeling happy again or experience a profound sense of relief, do not let guilt overtake your healing process.

7. Accept that grief is a process, not an event: Your grief will continue to affect your daily life for years to come, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Step 4: Self-care – Take Care Of Yourself Emotionally And Physically.

It’s tempting in a situation like yours to focus on how much your heart hurts and what you’re going through. In reality, it will hurt even more if your body falls apart because you don’t take care of yourself.

Since stress is believed to contribute significantly to illness, try doing things that help relieve stress, such as meditating or exercising. These activities also make it easier for your body and mind to rebound from a stressful situation.

They allow you to relax, which can prevent health problems caused by long-term stress. Plus, self-care helps recharge your physical and emotional batteries so you can better deal with life’s ups and downs—especially after a break up!

Just be sure not to push yourself too hard too fast; engaging in high levels of activity during an emotionally tough time may have negative effects on your psyche due to burnout.

That said, some people find they benefit psychologically from spending more time outdoors than usual (as opposed to indoors alone with their thoughts).

Exercising outdoors allows them to experience something different than their normal routine and offers new visual stimulation that distracts them somewhat from upsetting thoughts.

So whether you choose exercise (for example, hiking or swimming), just be careful not to overexert yourself physically.

7 Tips to self care. Take Care Of Yourself Emotionally And Physically.

1. Socialize with friends who can support and encourage you. Avoid people who will drain your energy with negativity or pity about your situation.

2. Pamper yourself. Get a massage, facial, or other service that makes you feel pampered and special.

3. Start meditating. Meditation has been shown to ease anxiety and other emotions that can intensify feelings of sadness or grief.

4. Take a break from being alone. Reach out to others, even if it’s just for a few minutes or an hour here and there.

5. Read something positive and uplifting, such as a self-help book, inspirational text, or poetry about coping with loss and moving on.

6. Try positive affirmations for one week. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want or are scared of, take action towards it and do it for at least one week straight, even if just for 5 minutes a day.

7. Do meditation, yoga or exercise: meditate on a daily basis for at least one week and see how it is going with a completely new perspective on yourself and your thoughts. 

Practice yoga every day for at least 15 minutes and notice how your body responds differently than before.

Step 5: Get Busy: Work on your future dreams and rebuild yourself.

The worst thing you can do when your heart is broken is dwell on it. The next time I break up with someone, I’m going to make sure not to waste my time sitting around crying.

Instead, I’ll keep busy by focusing on things that are meaningful to me and help advance my career. Keeping yourself busy will distract your mind from constantly thinking about her.

It will also give you a chance to reflect on what went wrong in your relationship and what lessons learned that could apply toward your future relationships. In doing so, you’ll be much more likely to prevent further mistakes in your future.

You’ll also be able to identify if it’s even worth getting back together or if he/she’s better off without you (which would be best for both of you).

If he/she really loves you, they’ll want to spend time with you doing things outside of work or school; otherwise there’s no reason why they should put in extra effort into saving something that might already be doomed.

5 list of Tips to work on your future and rebuild yourself.

1. Stay busy with your work, academics, or whatever else you are passionate about in life.

2. Don’t give up on pursuing your dreams/goals that don’t have anything to do with her or your relationship together. The more successful and happy you are, the more attractive and desirable it will be for someone else to come into your life as a partner.

3. Focus on things such as physical fitness and healthy eating so that you can feel physically better about yourself.

4. Surround yourself with positive people who want to see you thrive in your post-breakup phase of life.

5. If something is not working in your life right now, change it, go in a different direction, do what makes sense for you. Focus on staying positive and moving forward with your life, even if it feels uncomfortable or scary at first.

Step 6: Moving Forward – Use Every Memory As Motivation To Move On.

You can either learn from your relationship or you can let it tear apart every other relationship in your life. Instead of using your ex as a benchmark for what you don’t want, use him or her as a reminder of what you do want and work toward getting there.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes; what matters is that every day, you’re moving forward—not backward.  As time passes, you will begin to see yourself differently. You are no longer haunted by memories of your former lover because they only represent pain now.

That pain has taken on a new form as motivation for change, so keep pushing until those memories are replaced with new ones! Don’t ever give up on love again! Hold onto hope and be ready when love finds you once more.

The right person will come along who is truly worth fighting for and then you won’t regret anything. 

When we focus on our future instead of our past we stop letting things limit us, we find strength we didn’t know was there and we connect with people in ways we couldn’t before. 

Learn from everything that has happened but never forget it happened..

5 Tips to move on from someone you love deeply.

1. Focus on Yourself – You can’t be there for others until you are there for yourself first, including taking care of your own needs before anyone else’s needs are met.

2. Practice Self-care – Make sure you’re taking care of yourself by eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. Be sure to take care of your mind, body and spirit equally.

3. Connect with others – Spend time with your friends and family and connect with others that will help you stay positive. Find support wherever possible, whether it’s in a group setting or one-on-one counseling.

4. Set Boundaries – Figure out what is and isn’t acceptable behavior from those around you. Don’t spend time with those who make your feelings worse or feel as if they aren’t there for you in times of need.

5. Have Fun – One way to move on from your ex is to engage in activities that make you happy. Be sure to surround yourself with positive people, which will remind you that there are still good people out there and it’s time for you to find them!

Step 7: Seek Support – Reconnect with your friends, family or take expert’s help.

If getting over someone is not easy for you, seek professional help. They will help you think logically and understand that your ex will only be in your life if it’s meant to be. 

Don’t try too hard: On some days, it might be hard for you to get out of bed because all of a sudden everything reminds you of them.

Do not let yourself wallow in sadness; instead, do what works best for your body and mind – exercise or take a quick trip with friends. You may even consider taking time off work and just spend quality time with family and friends. 

Learn from your past: The reasons behind why you fell in love are always present, but sometimes things change. You can decide to stop wasting time feeling sorry for yourself or hating your ex every minute, as there are many other people who also went through breakups but recovered from their loss much faster than you did.

5 Tips to seek support and be active to get over someone you love deeply:

1) Maintain close relationships with your family and friends. The more support around you, the better chances of getting over your ex.

2) Seek professional help if necessary. Do not hesitate from sharing what you feel. Professionals will help see things from a different perspective so that you can decide what’s best for you.

3) Do something productive – take a trip or visit a friend. It helps distract you from thinking about them as well as put your mind on other things.

4) A good night sleep does wonders. Listen to calming music before going to bed or just have a nice bubble bath.

5) Be positive! If they cared enough, they would have tried harder in order to stay together with you.

Step 8:  Find Meaning in being single – Stay single for a while or getting used to your new single life

It might not feel like it now, but singlehood is a great way to start working on yourself. Take some time away from dating and make more time for friends and family.

Having that extra free time will allow you to reflect on your life and see if there are any things you want or need to change before getting back into a relationship.

Also, as mentioned earlier, taking some alone time can help give you clarity about what went wrong in your last relationship so that when (or if) you find another person, both of you know what mistakes not to repeat.

And having fun with other people won’t be too hard; even though we think we only go out because we’re lonely and wanting to meet someone.

According to research by Stanford University psychologist Dr. Jonathan Haidt, One motivation for going out is simply ‘seeking entertainment,’ which applies whether you’re coupled up or solo. 

One reason staying single may actually make people happier: those who remain unattached tend to be selective about who they spend their time with.

They’re more likely than their coupled-up counterparts to seek out meaningful relationships and experiences—and less likely than coupled-up folks to put up with bad ones simply because they don’t have anything better going on.

5 Tips to find meaning in being single and enjoy your life to get over someone you deeply love.

1. Reflect on your life and take inventory of what makes you happy. If being single isn’t fulfilling enough for you, then that might be an indication that something else in your life needs improvement.

2. Use every moment as a unique opportunity to figure out exactly who you are (and aren’t) as a person. You may find things about yourself that surprise you; good or bad, they’re worth understanding if only so you can grow from them

3. Find new activities or hobbies that make you feel more fulfilled. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar, now’s your chance

5. Stretching and some physical activity is not just important for physical health – it benefits your mental health too! Working out releases endorphins, improving your mood and helping you relax. When you feel calm and centered, other aspects of your life tend to fall into place.

Step 9: Avoid social media – Don’t stalk their social media profiles.

Social media is a huge trigger for those still grieving a breakup or trying to move on from a lost love. When you feel like crying, don’t head to Facebook.

Remove your ex’s name from your phone contacts: If it’s too hard for you to remove their number, just take off their last name. This is an easy way to nip temptation in the bud without completely cutting them out of your life.

Remind yourself that relationships aren’t permanent: We place so much emphasis on forever and thinking things will last forever with our significant others, but they rarely do.

Remembering that relationships come and go will help prepare yourself emotionally for letting go of yours if necessary.

Give a complete break to to social until you feel yourself again It may be tempting to run back to old friends or old habits, but give yourself time and space away from familiar faces before getting back into social situations.

Be gentle with yourself: Everyone goes through heartbreak differently – some people want nothing more than talk about what happened and be comforted by friends; others want nothing more than solitude and time alone.

5 tips to avoid using phone and get rid of social media.

1. Keep your phone at a distance. If you put it far away from you, it is easier to ignore and not use for one hour than if it is next to your bed and/or in your handbag.

2. Turn off notifications. This stops unwanted interruptions when you are trying to focus on something else or just want some peace and quiet.

3. Turn off your wifi or 4G when not using it so that distractions are limited even more 

4. Try out apps such as Moment which help track how much time you spend on different activities including social media 

5. Use an app like Freedom or Anti-Social (for Mac) to block distracting websites (e.g.

Step 10: Start a new life – Adjust your attitude towards new life with less expectations.

Many of us forget that we can live a happy life even without having a special one with our ex. When we focus on how amazing it would be if our relationship worked out, we ignore what is good about our lives right now.

We assume that starting over would fix everything, but it’s not true. Moving on doesn’t mean putting your past behind you forever. If anything, your past experiences give you valuable perspective and help shape who you are today.

A new life is possible if we allow ourselves to start fresh with less expectations on ourselves, others and life in general. People often expect things that they themselves do not realize or identify clearly.

It could be their own expectation from self, parents’, relatives’ expectation from them, teachers’ or any other person’s expectation from them.

Hence getting into a relation/marriage/friendship helps eliminate most of these undefined expectations from one side and clear some part of self-expectation which is healthy for a relationship.

That does not mean taking responsibility for making yourself happy is wrong, but realizing when you place your happiness in another person’s hands will make you feel free at heart.

With all these lessons learnt from failed relationships people eventually lead happier life ever after singlehood!

The Takeaway: Finding strength when there seems to be none left can be tough, but it can also mark a powerful turning point when something precious ends up being just another thing that happened in your life.

5 tips to start a new life and get over someone you love deeply

1. Remember that your past doesn’t have to define your future: No matter how bad things got, you can always move on and create a new future for yourself. This will not be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is easy.

2. Recognize what went wrong in your last relationship: It might be useful to talk it out with a close friend or family member who’s objective enough to provide some insight into what happened.

3. Get rid of reminders of your ex: Clean out their stuff from your closet, unsubscribe from any social media pages they’re on (or delete them altogether), whatever it takes to make sure you won’t stumble across their name when scrolling through Facebook.

4. Find other ways to feel good about yourself: Instead of constantly comparing yourself to your ex, try setting small goals that will bolster your confidence like learning how to cook a great meal or trying something fun like Zumba.

Just because you’re single now doesn’t mean life has to stop being interesting!

5. Remember that moving on doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting about your ex: Although time does heal all wounds, there’s no reason why you should let them stay open while waiting for time to do its thing.

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