Let it go, accept it and move on.

Let it go, accept it and move on.

It is too difficult to let go of the pieces of the past. We are too weak to flush the memories of the most loving moments of our lives.
We are weak because weakness represents strength.

We are weak because we are beloved humans. And we are weak as we tasted most of the life’s naked truths.

Still, we are breathing in the bit of hope to experience the clear rays of love as a whole, instead of phases.

If you come across your dark past in the near future, perhaps you tend be still as if you have no feelings left to weave the present. You will be in deep sorrow even your tears fail to express such intense suffering.

In such moments let it go, jut forgive yourself, remain calm and remind yourself. It’s no one’s fault. We are our own choices trapped in our own responsibilities, travelling as a lonely stranger in the path of strange of very strange reality. Accept it and move on.

Yours author.
Naveen Bommakanti.

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