150 Questions that are hard to answer (Very deep, unanswerable, and thought-provoking)

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By: Naveen B

Asking questions is the beginning of every answer and that’s something worth remembering.

When you’re faced with a difficult question, it can be hard to know how to get started solving the problem, but there are an infinite number of great questions that are hard to answer and worth seeking!

What is the meaning of life? Where do we go when we die? These are questions that have been pondered by man for millennia.

While some answers can be found in a dictionary or on Wikipedia, there are many philosophical questions that just cannot be answered. Even if science and technology make huge breakthroughs in the future, these are questions that might never be solved.

Here are a few more unanswerable questions that you find difficult to answer. At least try and provide your unique metaphor if you have any fresh perspective to share.

Questions that are hard to answer


Here are some deep questions that are hard to answer

1. What’s the point of it all?

2. What is going on inside the person?

3. Who are you?

4. How are you feeling now and how do you know it?

5. Where do thoughts come from?

6. What’s the right thing to do?

7. What is right and what is wrong?

8. What you do not know?

9. How do you prove that you are not wasting your life?

10. Are we making our lives simple or complicated?

11. What do you wish you knew about?

12. What’s going on?

13. What’s something you don’t want to happen?

14. Are you human?

15. Why you will marry the wrong person?

16. Why are you hurt?

17. How do the worst moments in our lives make us who we are?

18. Why you shouldn’t fear death?

19. Why do some people succeed and some don’t?

20. Is everything connected?

21. What does dying feel like?

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Questions that are impossible to answer


Here is a list of questions that are impossible to answer:

1. Is death final?

2. Did the past really happen?

3. How do you explain consciousness?

4. Do we see reality as it is?

5. Is mind everything?

6. How people will disappear?

7. Are you a body with a mind or a mind with a body?

8. Is the future yet to be written?

9. What is the ultimate truth?

10. What if you didn’t exist?

11. What if you become a god?

12. Are time and space the same?

13. How many things are there?

14. Why do we get bored?

15. What will we miss if we die now?

16. Where do deleted files go?

17. Why are things creepy?

18. Is anything real?

19. What if you were born in space?

20. Why do we kiss?

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Simple questions that are hard to answer


The following are some deeply simple questions that are hard to answer:

1. What makes a good life?

2. How much money is love worth?

3. Would you sacrifice one person to save five?

4. What color is a mirror?

5. Why do so many innocent people and animals suffer terrible things?

6. Is all fair in love and war?

7. Why do we dream?

8. Why do we ask questions?

9. What makes life complete?

10. How do nature and the biology of life works?

11. Will mankind destroy itself?

12. How much is so much?

13. Why are humans extremely curious?

14. Why do we wear clothes?

15. How many photos have been taken?

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Questions that cannot be answered


Hardest questions to answer. These are the list of questions that have no answers.

1. Why is there an exception to every rule?

2. Why does time exist?

3. Why do humans matter?

4. Why are humans so fallible?

5. Why do logic and reason fail to explain that which is true?

6. Is the universe finite or infinite?

7. Why does anything exist?

8. What is god?

9. Does Evil disprove god?

10. How to avoid death?

11. What is the speed of dark?

12. Why the world doesn’t exist?

13. What animals are thinking and feeling and why it should matter?

14. What do human tastes like?

15. Why are all we here?

16. What to be happy?

17. What is beauty?

18. How do you know if you are truly free?

19. What would it feel like to be a dog?

20. Do fish feel pain?

21. Do insects dream?

22. How do trees talk to each other?

23. Is time an illusion?

24. What is the scariest thing?

25. How to talk to aliens?

26. Which way is down?

27. Who owns the moon?

28. How much money is there on earth?

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Questions that cannot be answered by science


List of unanswerable questions that no one knows

1. Who is God?

2. Do aliens exist?

3. Is there an afterlife?

4. What is the beginning?

5. What is the end of everything?

6. What’s beyond the universe?

7. Are we alone in this universe?

8. How many universes are there?

9. Are we being in a simulation?

10. Why does existence exist at all?

11. Was the big band just an accident?

12. When does teleportation become reality?

13. Why is our universe fine-tuned for life?

14. Will robots become conscious one day?

15. Why is there something instead of nothing?

16. What can you do without a brain?

17. What is Deja vu?

18. Why does science not believe in religion?

19. How old can we get?

20. How long can we live?

21. When do we time travel?

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Personal questions that are hard to answer

List of deep and hard questions to answer about life

1. Why are there no other humans like me?

2. How to deal with self-consciousness?

3. Is there really a plan for my life?

4. Do I have free will?

5. Am I going in the right direction?

6. What is my purpose and destiny?

7. How do you define yourself?

8. What makes you special?

9. Who am I?

10. Why am I lonely?

11. How can I become everything?

12. Who is my other self?

13. How should I fully be aware?

14. Am I real?

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Weird and Funny questions that are hard to answer


These are some Weird and funny questions that are hard to answer:

1. When will we run out of names?

2. Which way is hell?

3. Should you eat yourself?

4. Is your blue the same as my blue?

5. Why don’t any animals have wheels?

6. Will we ever see ourselves without mirror?

7. Would headlights work at light speed?

8. Why are bad words bad?

9. How big does a person get?

10. Why has the pigeon crossed the road by walking when it can fly?

11. What if everyone jumped at once?

12. How much does the internet weigh?

13. How to blow up YouTube?

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Hard questions with answers (philosophy)

List of philosophical questions with answers.


Here is a list of philosophical, hard questions with answers:

1. What’s something you don’t want to happen?

Answer: Death (By Herbert Fingarette – philosopher)

2. What’s the point of it all?

Answer: “No point at all.” (By Herbert Fingarette – philosopher)

3. What is realism?

Answer: Realism means there are right and wrong answers to the questions of life and human values. (By Sam Harris – philosopher)

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