25 Life questions that make you think twice with answers

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By: Naveen B

Questions that make you think twice

Deep questions that make you think twice about life always yield rich answers and discussions, especially if your friends or family know how to debate well.

Whether you’re trying to learn more about yourself or you’re looking to add some substance to your conversations, I have taken some great time, and effort and put my thoughts into the most life-pondering questions along with their answers.

These deep questions can make you think twice about what you believe and how you live your life.

These questions will help you discover new insights about your personality, relationships, and the world around you.

Plus, once they spark something in your mind, the answers to these questions may keep gnawing at you in a way that can improve your self-awareness in surprising ways.

Who knows what new thoughts will pop up in your head when thinking through these deep questions?

You can ask these mind-blowing questions to yourself or whether it’s with your classmates, colleagues, coworkers, friends, or family members, these deep questions will spark conversations and help you get to know people on a deeper level.

Get smarter, and better by asking and reflecting on these life-changing perspectives. Good luck!

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Questions that make you think twice with Answers

Questions that make you think twice with answers 25 Life questions that make you think twice with answers

1. Why are we here? 

Answer: I know it’s a cliché, but I believe we’re here to help others. We all have our role to play, and my role is to help others with their journey. 

2. Why is there something rather than nothing?

Answer: In every equation, in every theory, there exists a counter-theory. It’s no different for everything has to come from nothing.

The human mind cannot comprehend infinite possibility which is why when faced with something unknown they search for an explanation; no matter how unlikely or impossible it may be.

3. Does science provide meaning to our existence?

Answer: I believe a lot of people see science as a way to understand our existence. In some ways it is.

But I think more importantly it gives us power over our existence. Science gives us answers, even if they’re not always clear ones. 

Science can also give meaning to things in our lives by helping us predict and understand phenomena on a large scale.

For example, forecasting weather patterns helps people prepare for travel and emergencies etc.

4. Do people have souls?

Answer: Let’s consider this question from four perspectives; Spirituality, Science, religion, and Philosophy. 

Spirituality – It’s not something we can prove, but there are billions of people who believe they do exist; some in fact even believe they can feel it (ex. near death experiences).

Religion – Most religions also believe in souls. Although to be fair depending on your religion, you might be able to argue against it (for example if I’m right about reincarnation, which will certainly depend on your religious viewpoint). 

Science – For now at least I would say no; although many scientists are actively searching for an answer to what life is made up of. Although, it says we are all made of Star dust. But, it’s not quite sure of the existence of souls.

Philosophy – This is one we should all be interested in, as we should all want to find meaning and purpose in our lives and consider where we come from and where we’re going after death. 

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5. Are people essentially good? Or bad?

Answer: Depending on your moral standing, there’s a good chance you either see people as inherently good or inherently bad (which they are not).

From my perspective though, people aren’t fundamentally anything…they’re capable of everything.

A person could be doing something horrible right now, yet ten minutes later they could be giving money to charity out of their own pocket…there isn’t any essence defining what makes them a certain way.

6. Why do bad things happen to good people?

Answer: There is no good or bad. One day an act can be defined as one, yet another it can be defined as another.

Good and bad are relative terms, so does it matter if bad things happen to good people? 

Probably not, although I would say it matters more if someone had a bad experience with something or someone because they were perceived as being good.

This isn’t rational thought though, just how our minds make decisions based on emotions.

7. Do evil people get away with it? Do they deserve to?

Answer: What do we mean by getting away with it? If we are talking about getting away without being caught or punished, I’d say absolutely not, almost no one escapes completely unpunished for their crimes.

However if we are talking about people seeing them get what they deserve I think there is a case to be made for some truly evil people escaping punishment after death.

There is also a case to be made for them deserving much worse than what even God can dish out in many instances, but if they’re punished enough in life it might help them become better people when faced with judgment so to speak after death (if there is one). 

8. Is Enlightenment the only solution to human salvation?

Answer: This is a difficult question because it depends on what enlightenment means. Saying we need a perfect knowledge of reality and our place in it would probably be a good definition, but I don’t think that could ever happen.

If people were enlightened would they all agree with each other? Most likely not, as I don’t believe there is one true answer for everything.

9. Should one always tell the truth?

Answer: This depends on what type of question is being asked. If it’s a serious, life-changing question I would always say yes.

If it were a casual conversation where lying could get more people involved or cause problems in some way I would have to say no depending on what was being lied about. 

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10. Should everyone believe in God? Is believing in God necessary for salvation?

Answer: Of course not, some of history’s greatest thinkers had little or no belief in God, yet they still lived good lives and brought new meaning to humanity with their ideas.

Being able to develop your own moral code without worrying about religion is probably necessary for true happiness in my opinion anyway.

11. Why is it better to tell your children Santa is fake? 

Answer: It isn’t always better, but I don’t believe lying to them about anything they are genuinely interested in is healthy for any child.

It prevents them from developing critical thinking skills necessary for real life by allowing them to rely on other people and avoid challenges and uncomfortable conversations.

So telling a five-year-old something like Santa could very well result in him not questioning things as he grows up and one day believing everything someone tells him.

Because his thoughts never changed from when he was five years old. That would be bad, really bad even.

12. Is it ever justified to hate a person?

Answer: That depends on what a person means by justified. I believe hate is emotion-based purely on feeling and not on any real reason, so no one can have a good reason for hating someone else without being irrational.

Does that mean it’s ok to hate someone though? If they do something truly terrible…yes…but I would never want anyone I know or love to be hated even if they deserved it, so try to avoid personal hatred where possible.

Questions to ask that make you think twice about life

Questions that make you think twice about life 25 Life questions that make you think twice with answers

List of questions that make you think twice about life with answers.

13. Is good news sometimes better than bad news? Why? 

Answer: In most cases, I would say yes. In certain cases, though it is better to find out about a problem early if possible rather than finding out at a later date when it may be too late to do anything about it.

For example hearing your parents are getting divorced right before their wedding might be a more difficult situation for a child to deal with, but telling them on Christmas eve when they already expect presents might not be such a shock.

It depends though and some kids might react much worse to either of those situations so in short no one can really answer for sure unless they were in that specific situation themselves.

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14. Should parents hide their s#xual activities from their children?

Answer: Of course not, I don’t think anything someone does in their own private time should be hidden from anyone they are close to once again though there are certain exceptions for people too young to understand or comprehend what is going on around them, but nothing more serious than that.

It isn’t healthy for a child to discover at twenty years old something went on in his parent’s bedroom ten years earlier he never knew about no matter how innocent it was at first either.

15. Should you help someone who is harming themselves?

Answer: This is tricky, no one really wants to see their friend or family member end up in hospital or worse so of course most people will do what they can to prevent it.

But sometimes an outsider’s advice isn’t always taken very well even when it’s given with all good intentions…sometimes it just isn’t possible for anyone to change another person’s mind, especially if it involves something like drug use or abuse of some kind.

16. What does it mean to be free?

Answer: A question I ask myself often. I believe freedom is having no limits on your choices, yet how can anyone truly be free if their every choice affects others whether directly or indirectly? 

What are your thoughts on being able to choose what you want for yourself without being punished or not rewarded for things you have no control over?

For example, why should someone who cannot work because of an illness, disability, accident etc…have to live off government aid while people who got fired for smoking pot in college are making six figures by now? It doesn’t seem very fair.

17. Is it ever possible to truly understand someone?

Answer: I don’t believe it is possible for someone to really know everything about another person, not without literally sharing their brain with them.

And even then there would be some things they wouldn’t know and in most cases couldn’t possibly know without actually experiencing them firsthand.

It is impossible to understand why a person feels and thinks in any way that we do ourselves. We just have to accept we will never fully comprehend anyone else in our lives no matter how close we are with them. 

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18. Is there such a thing as fate?

Answer: If there is fate, I’d like to believe we can change it and prevent it from happening.

I know most people will disagree with me here because there are those who say they were meant to do something no matter what and therefore nothing could stop them from reaching their goal or destiny, but what if they don’t reach it?

What if God has different plans for each of us and our own fates mean we won’t reach our goals?

In my opinion, we should still try our hardest because maybe we will succeed where others have failed before us or fail and learn from our mistakes and move on with life. Either way we should always try to be as happy as possible with whatever life brings us.

19. Do humans have a purpose in life?

Answer: Again, I like to believe we each have our own purpose and therefore there is no one thing we are all meant to do in our lives.

As individuals, we can choose what we want for ourselves, but in most cases, it’s never up to us what will happen in our lives.

Yet if fate is real, then maybe God knows exactly what everyone was born for…yet again why would he give so many people terrible fates while others get good ones?

And even then some people just seem very unlucky when they aren’t doing anything wrong at all yet they still fail where others succeed with ease. Does it really sound fair? My answer is no, but I can’t speak for everyone else.

20. Does it matter where you go after death?

Answer: To me no, I believe it’s all over once we die and if there is an afterlife I hope it’s exactly like life on earth but without sickness, pain, murder, war etc.

Of course who knows what really happens when we die or what comes after or if there even is an afterlife to begin with.

Is it possible to be truly happy on earth knowing that at any second death could come and take us away from our loved ones forever? Wouldn’t that just drive a person insane to know every day they have left could be their last?

It seems there’s really no way around it for anyone no matter how lucky they are because not everyone gets a perfect life.

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21. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Answer: It’s easy to have regrets, especially about something in our past we wish we could change.

But I’ve learned over time to be grateful for everything even if I did make a mistake or life didn’t turn out how I wanted.

I realize everything happened exactly as it was supposed to, things aren’t always great but they are never truly terrible.

If I could go back in time there are many things I would do differently but overall my past mistakes have brought me here today and maybe they were needed for me to become who I am today.

22. Can we truly love and care for other people?

Answer: I believe we can but I also know it’s very hard to do. There are times when we want to help others and really be there for them, but why does it take something extreme like death or a terrible accident before we actually open up and start caring?

On top of that, how many of us actually stick around long enough for someone who is suffering to tell us how they feel?

I don’t mean hang out with them until they feel better, but really listen and let them talk about what happened because I know so many people who could use a shoulder to cry on if only people were willing to listen.

23. How can one person really love another?

Answer: I believe it’s very possible, but for one person to truly love another. I believe they need to be willing to let go of anything in their life that makes them unhappy not just because of their loved one, but because they want to be happy too.

There are many times when we stay in bad relationships or even abuse our loved ones because we don’t want to let go of what hurts us so much.

I mean why would someone stay with someone who makes them so miserable if they don’t have any ties to hold them back? I know it sounds like common sense but trust me people do some pretty awful things when they aren’t happy with themselves either, or their own lives.

24. Is it true, if a relationship is meant to be, then it will work out?

Answer: That’s just something someone tells themselves when they can’t get over someone or don’t know how to let go. 

But how do we know what is truly meant to be and what isn’t? Who really decides if one person deserves happiness or another doesn’t?

Why would someone sit around waiting for something they may never get back while another person loses time with other people who could love them like they deserve to be loved?

25. Do we control our own destiny?

 Answer: I don’t believe we can control everything, but I do believe in controlling what we can and making sure we try to get what makes us happy.

But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way for some people because no matter how hard they try, they just never have good luck with anything.

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