77 Questions that make you wonder

By: Naveen B

Questions that make you wonder

1. Do we have free will? 

2. Is there a God who loves us and keeps track of us?

3. Is tomorrow just another day to live our lives as best we can and die an old man or woman one day, or do we all live forever somewhere else after death?

4. Why are there inequalities among human beings despite them all being born equal with no difference in color, social status, gender, class etc.?

5. Are love and hate related at all–or even opposites–or are they something entirely different from each other?

6. When was the last time you looked up at a night sky filled with stars?

7. Are we alone? Are there other planets where life evolved, or are we unique in our existence as sentient beings who seek happiness by connecting with others through love, acceptance and understanding?

8. Would man exist without war?

9. What exactly is a setback?

10. Is there any positive side to negative thinking?

11. Who are you again?

12. Why do things happen at random?

13. Am I a bad person if I don’t care about other people’s suffering as much as I should?

14. Am I weak for feeling lonely sometimes even though I know many people love me and depend on me, while others are alone in life with no one caring about them?

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Interesting questions that make you wonder

interesting deep Questions that make you wonder 77 Questions that make you wonder

15. Why aren’t dogs allowed inside hotels?

16. Are dogs color-blind?

17. Are dogs smarter than cats?

18. Am I a dog person or a cat person?

19. Why doesn’t Disney have a Disneyland for adults—and where can I sign up to work there? 20. Why don’t dogs wear clothes—and why should they wear clothes anyway?

21. Can children keep pets after their parents move away from home?

22. Is a person born a certain way because of their genes, or can he/she also be born with negative emotions because of his/her environment?

23. Would things have been any different if I’d made another choice in life?

24. Is there something out there bigger than us — something we cannot understand yet?

25. Have people become too self-centered today?

26. Why are some people successful while others struggle throughout their lives just to keep up with everyone else’s standards?

27. Do bad things happen for a reason, which we call fate or destiny; or are they just random events — coincidence with no purpose whatsoever?

28. Is it harder for a rich person to enter heaven than a camel through a needle’s eye?

29. Am I more interested in what other people have/do/think/say, or in who God made me to be?

30. Does forgiving mean forgetting?

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Deep questions that make you wonder

31. Did something bad happen because God caused it to happen?

Is being angry an unforgivable sin against God because He commands us not to be angry with one another? 

32. Is our time here simply a dress rehearsal before we go on into eternity, where things will really matter?

33. Why did Jesus have parents but no human children of his own?

34. Am I responsible for everything in my life, or are there things out of my control?

35. Do I have a purpose in life? Is there something bigger than me?

36. Are there certain things in society that are morally right and others wrong regardless of personal opinions about them?

37. Does one person matter more than another because he/she has greater ability or strength?

38. Who are you when no one else is around?

39. How much compassion should we show our enemies?

40. Why are some things considered right or wrong, while other things go without saying (like eating dinner with your family every night)?

41. When I grow up…what will I become?

42. If there were no gravity…would trees still grow down instead of up like weeds do now (because they don’t have any resistance)?

43. Does anyone really know what’s going on here, and why we’re even here in the first place (and not just our purpose; but moreso: Is there a purpose?)

44. Why is there evil in our world?

45. Is God fair?

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Questions that make you wonder about life

Questions that make you wonder about life 77 Questions that make you wonder

46. Why is success not satisfying enough, but failure too devastating to overcome?

47. Why are things not working out for me?

48. Was there a time in my past when I was happy with my situation in life (school, work, relationships)?

49. What’s wrong with letting go of things that don’t matter anyway?

50. Should everything happen for a reason?

51. Is it OK to give up sometimes, knowing full well that I will start over again eventually anyway? 

52. Is it possible to undo a mistake?

53. Why do we die, yet still manage to live on?

54. When will I know that I have lived long enough?

55. Am I happy with who I’ve become as a person after living a full life?

56. Is there a reason for everything – even bad things – to happen in our lives?

57. Is there a purpose to human existence?

58. Does death have no meaning other than just being an end, rather than a new beginning?

59. How long do you think it takes before an individual reaches enlightenment?

60. Have you reached enlightenment yet?

61. Why can’t we ever make perfect decisions?

62. Can science explain human consciousness (feelings)?

63. Are we better off alone or with someone else?

64. Am I truly happy with where I’m at in life right now or am I settling because there’s no better option available at present time (if any options are available)?

65. Do I believe in karma?

66. Will humans ever get along?

67. How would your life be different if you weren’t afraid of failure?

68. If nothing really matters, then what does anything mean? 

69. Can I do it all myself? Or do I need help? Do I accept it when offered help, or am I stubborn and try to handle everything on my own? How important is it for me to learn how to ask for help when necessary? And how good am I at asking for help when needed most?

70. Is there anyone you love more than yourself?

71. When was your last relationship with someone who truly made you feel alive?

72. What do you want to be remembered for after your death?

73. If someone said they’d pay for one day of your life, what would it be?

74. If money didn’t matter, where would you spend all of your time?

75. How can good people still suffer so much tragedy and sadness in their lives?

76. Why are there so many religions in a world with so many different people and personalities?

77. Where is God when bad things happen to good people, why doesn’t he help them or stop their suffering somehow?


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