30+ Tricky common sense questions with trick answers that make you think

By: Naveen B

The common sense trick questions or brain teasers are not only fun to ponder but also serve as a great exercise to sharpen your critical thinking skills.

The clever twists and unexpected answers demonstrate the importance of approaching problems from different angles and thinking creatively.

By engaging in such tricky common sense questions, you enhance your ability to think outside the box and find solutions beyond the obvious.

So, in this blog post let’s explore 30+ Tricky common sense questions with answers to riddles that will put your common sense to the ultimate test!


30+ Tricky common sense questions and answers

Here is a good list of tricky common sense questions with answers:

1. What can you hold in your right hand but never in your left hand?

Answer: Your left elbow

2. What is it that when you take away the whole, you still have some left?

Answer: Wholesome

3. What is the one thing that you can never eat for breakfast?

Answer: Lunch or dinner

4. What belongs to you but is used by others more than you?

Answer: Your name

5. If there are three apples and you take away two, how many apples do you have?

Answer: Two. You took two apples, so you have them.

6. A man stands on one side of a river, his dog on the other. The man calls his dog, who immediately crosses the river without getting wet. How did the dog do it?

Answer: The river was frozen.

7. What is the one thing that increases the more you share it?

Answer: Knowledge

8. What is the one thing that you can keep after giving it to someone else?

Answer: Your word

9. What is the one thing that is as light as a feather but even the world’s strongest man can’t hold for long?

Answer: His breath

10. What is the one thing that can be broken without being dropped?

Answer: A record

11. What is the one thing that can be opened without a key?

Answer: A book

12. What word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

Answer: The word “incorrectly.”

13. If an electric train is traveling south, which way is the smoke going?

Answer: Electric trains don’t produce smoke.

14. If a rooster lays an egg on the roof of a barn, which way will it roll?

Answer: Roosters don’t lay eggs.

15. What weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?

Answer: Neither. They both weigh the same, a pound.

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Best Common sense trick questions with answers

The following are some of the best common sense trick questions with answers:

16. How can you make the word “short” longer?

Answer: By adding the word “er” to it, making it “shorter.”

17. What’s the best thing to put in a pie?

Answer: Your teeth.

18. How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?

Answer: Only once. After subtracting 10, you have 90.

19. How can you make the number 7 even?

Answer: By removing the “s” and it becomes “even.”

20. How far can a dog run into the woods?

Answer: Only halfway because after that, the dog is running out of the woods.

21. What can fly without wings, cry without eyes, and see without a body?

Answer: Clouds.

22. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

Answer: The letter “M”.

23. The person who makes it, sells it. The person who buys it, never uses it. The person who uses it, never knows they’re using it. What is it?

Answer: A coffin.

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24. What is that the more you have of it, the less you see?

Answer: Darkness.

25. A man is pushing his car when he comes to a hotel. He immediately knows he’s bankrupt. Why?

Answer: He was playing Monopoly

26. Why is the letter A love the flower?

Answer: Because a bee comes after it (B).

27. Why do birds fly south for the winter?

Answer: It’s too far to walk.

28. How many sides does a circle have?

Answer: Two – the inside and the outside.

29. How many letters are there in the alphabet?

Answer: There are 11 letters in “the alphabet.”

30. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words “Monday,” “Tuesday,” “Wednesday,” “Thursday,” “Friday,” “Saturday,” or “Sunday”?

Answer: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

31. How many birthdays does the average person have?

Answer: One. You are born only once.

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In conclusion, these tricky common sense questions and their surprising answers have tested our ability to think in clever and unexpected ways.

By challenging our minds, I hope you’ve learned the importance of thinking outside the box and approaching problems from different angles. It’s been a fun and enlightening journey of logical exploration!

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