Soulmate dreams: Signs, meaning, and soulmate connection explained (complete guide)

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There have been myriad interpretations of dreams, but according to science, your dreams are a great indication of your personality and mental well-being.

While sleeping, your brain has a lot of free time to process your thoughts and emotions

Your dreams are a reflection of what’s on your mind and what you’re thinking, and what your subconscious is trying to tell you about yourself.

Dreams can be a clue into your personality, but they’re also a great predictor of your future.

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If you’ve dreamt about a certain person, chances are good, you’re about to meet that person in real life, or you’re just thinking about that person a lot.

In this complete guide, let’s discuss what are soulmate dreams, soulmate dream signs, soulmate dream’s meaning, How to dream about your soulmate, and connecting with your soulmate through dreams. And explore all the soulmate dreams frequently asked questions.

Soulmate dreams

Communicating with soulmate in a dream Soulmate dreams: Signs, meaning, and soulmate connection explained (complete guide)

Soulmate dreams meaning

What do soulmate dreams mean?

Soulmate dreams are dreams in which you find yourself in a romantic situation or sharing a strong connection with someone else.

Some people experience these dreams because they want to be in a relationship. Others may hope to meet their soulmates.

The dreamer’s unconscious mind believes that soulmates exist; that’s what the subconscious is good at doing — it fills in the gaps.

Basically, soulmate dreams mean finding true love or one’s soulmate.

The soulmate dream is widespread, and most of us have had one at one time or another. Many psychologists speculate that the dream is a premonitory dream, meaning that it predicts events and circumstances that will occur in the future.

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What are soulmate dreams like?

The dream is usually preceded by a premonition(intuition), which warns us of future danger or misfortune.

Furthermore, it is often preceded by a dream in which the dreamer sees himself or herself as a victim, helpless or vulnerable.

The dream, therefore, warns us not to remain alone, and to seek strength in numbers, either in a relationship or in a larger group.

The soulmate dreams have a positive side as well. In everyday life, the soulmate often represents a relationship partner who fulfills our innermost desires and fulfills us. It is, therefore, an ideal dream.

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Spiritual soulmate dreams


These soulmate dreams are often linked to the spiritual soul connection.

In a dream, a soulmate may symbolize someone who treats you well and who makes you feel safe. The dream also often contains a somewhat mystical aspect.

The dreamer often experiences a strong feeling of oneness with another person, who seems to know her innermost thoughts.

It may be a spiritual contact, a sixth sense, or a connection with a higher power. It may also symbolize the dreamer’s true emotional self, which may not be realized in everyday life.

The soulmate dream also symbolizes a deep inner connection or a bond that is created between two people.

A soulmate dream often contains elements of fate. And often reflects a deep desire for love, an intimate relationship, and a connection with a higher power.

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Can you dream about your soulmate?


In 2011, Dr. Helen Fisher, a phd researcher and author of “Anatomy of love” shared her findings on “soulmates” during a TED conference.

“I cannot stress enough how simple and clear it is: A soulmate is one person with whom your soul is in perfect resonance,” Fisher said. “That soul resonance is as real as breath.

“It’s that wonderful feeling you get when you’ve met someone, know what he or she wants, and he or she knows what you want and need. You exist in perfect balance, harmony, love, bliss, and empathy.”

These dreams — which Fisher calls “soulmate dreams” — are in fact quite common.

“I have asked hundreds of people about their dreams, and about their souls, and most of them have had at least one dream like this,”

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Fisher said. “Their dreams have been so vivid and so powerful that they’ve awakened them in the middle of the night, or they simply couldn’t wait until morning to tell someone else.”

The driving force behind these dreams, Fisher says, is nature and nurture.

“Our soul, our spirit, and our life force — call it what you will — are inextricably bound up together,”

Fisher said. “So to have a dream like this, your soul is reaching out for perfection. The forces of nature are driving your soul towards perfection, towards wholeness.”
Fisher explains that souls are “eternal”

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Soulmate dreams history:

“Soulmate dreams” is one of those terms that’s often used in popular culture but rarely defined. But it’s a concept that has deep roots in history.

In Greek mythology, Hades is the god in charge of the underworld. In Hades’ realm, souls are weighed and ranked. The righteous — those who are virtuous and innocent — are rewarded with eternal bliss, while the rest are condemned to eternal suffering.

Hades’ daughter, Persephone, was blessed with the ability to see into the netherworld and look upon the souls of the dead.

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She saw that her mother’s realm was overcrowded, so she asked to be released. Hades granted her request on the condition that she return to the underworld for six months out of the year, allowing him to distribute food during the rest of the year.

The goddess Demeter was outraged, believing that Persephone was using her power to selfishly escape.

She took revenge by withholding all food from the underworld. When Persephone did not return, Demeter’s actions resulted in a famine.

So perhaps there is some truth in the old adage “what goes around comes around,” and that karma exists.

If this is true, then Persephone’s mother, Demeter, is a modern-day version of Hades, and people may experience soulmate signs in their dreams and in their everyday lives.

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What does it mean when you dream about your soulmate?


Dreaming about your soulmate could highlight your longing for love. It may show you that your relationship is stagnating. It could even signify the end of your relationship.

Also, Dreaming of a soulmate means dreaming about a person with whom you have a deep connection. These dreams can be extremely detailed and vivid, and they can be about someone you are romantically interested in or about someone you really respect and admire.

There are many associations connected to dreams about soulmates.

For example, some people believe that dreaming about your soulmate is a sign that you are on the right path in your life.

Others believe that dreaming about your soulmate means that you are destined for love and that you should focus on finding your soulmate.

Dreams about soulmates can also be associated with other dreams, like dreams of meeting your soulmate. These dreams could mean that you have found your soulmate or that you will meet that person in the future.

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How to know if you dream about your soulmate?

To know if you dream about your soulmate, pay attention to your dreams. Dreams are symbolic, and symbols can be interpreted in different ways.

But dream experts agree that dreaming about your soulmate could be a significant sign.

It can be tricky to decode your soul mate dreams, but the following signs should help you identify them.

1. You’re dreaming of your soulmate. If you dream of the person you most want in your life, it might be worth paying attention to.

2. You’re dreaming about someone you once loved. If you dream about someone you loved in the past, it could signal your longing for that person. This could be the result of heartbreak or it could be an indication that you’re ready for new things.

3. You’re dreaming of a broken heart. If you dream of someone you’ve lost, it could remind you to be open to love.

4. Your soulmate is far away. In your dreams, your soulmate could be far away. It could indicate that you’re longing to share your life with that special someone. It could also mean that you’re closed off to love.

5. Your relationship could be in trouble. If you dream about the breakup or divorce, it could mean that your relationship is in trouble.

It could indicate that the relationship is stagnating or that you need a change. But it also could mean that your relationship isn’t healthy.

6. Your soulmate is nearby. In your dreams, your soul mate could be nearby. It could mean that you’re ready for a new relationship and he or she is thinking about you as well.

Do souls meet in dreams?

Some people say you can meet your soulmate through dreams. But are those dreams really a message from another person?

Sometimes, yes. Some people are naturally awakened and in touch with their intuition. Sometimes, they’re intuitive without having had much practice.

But some people, even those who aren’t naturally intuitive, can learn to hone their natural dream senses.

“I do dream somewhat regularly, and when I do, I always pay attention to the dream characters and messages,” says dream expert Alyce Ames.

“I always write down any messages they give me and I always make notes about its symbolism. Then when I have time, I sit down and work on those notes.

“Some messages I get from dreams can be as clear as day, but some are more subtle. The symbolism in the dreams I dreamed about other people could sometimes be difficult to decipher.” Alyce says.

So, it’s important to pay attention to your dreams. They can provide valuable information, not just from a spiritual perspective, but also from a practical one.

If you’re worried about the health of a loved one, for instance, a dream might give you the answer you need.

Think dreams can be a powerful way to connect to Spirit and try these tips to make your dreams more meaningful:

  1. Keep a dream journal. Write down any dreams you recall.
  2. Become familiar with dream terminology.

Can you dream about your soulmate before you meet them?

Can you see your future soulmate in a dream? Or is it possible to dream about your soulmate you have yet to meet one day?

While many people believe that you can dream of your soul mate, it is commonly believed that dreams about your future soulmate are metaphorical, not literal.

Dreams may be metaphorical, however, that doesn’t mean they are not real. In fact, dreams can be incredibly real, and one of the strongest ways they can reveal our truest selves is by revealing our deepest desires.

For example, you dream about a man (or woman) you truly desire. You know this desire is your heart’s true desire (because you’ve already tried to manifest it by acting upon it), and you know that when you meet him, it will be magical.

In this dream, your soulmate is standing right in front of you, and you feel drawn to him. This dream could be a literal dream, but could also be a metaphor, one that reveals your subconscious desire.

Dreaming of soulmate before meeting

If you dream about your soulmate, it could be because your heart is telling you how to meet this person.

It also could be because you are subconsciously reaching out to this person, or it could be that this person is reaching out to you.

The myth about soul mates being dreamt about before you meet them comes from the fact that, often, when two people fall in love, they dream of each other before meeting.

However, when you dream about your soulmate, it could be a sign that this person is reaching out to you.

If you dream about your soulmate, it is also likely that this person is already aware of you. Your subconscious could know this person is in your life, but you want confirmation.

Dreaming about your soulmate could confirm your desire, but could also simply mean this person is reaching out to you. Either way, dreams can reveal your deepest desires, and our desires are extremely powerful.

What is a soul connection?

A soulmate connection is any experience you have in which you feel drawn to connect with another soul.

It might be a feeling you get when you see a stranger, or when you meet someone new. Or when you dream, meditate or pray, or fantasize.

Soulmate connections are not necessarily sexual in nature, although sometimes they seem to begin that way. They can be anything that causes you to feel drawn to connect with another soul.

A soulmate connection can be an instant, “lightning bolt” experience, or it can evolve over time. The connection can evolve over time and might include meetings in dreams, meditations, or lucid dreams.

The connection might be the result of something you have done — a conversation, meeting, or reading.

Or it might be something you have done or not done — something someone said, or something someone has done.

The connection can evolve over time. It might be a friendship, a romance, or an ongoing relationship. It might even involve a sexual relationship at some point, but it doesn’t have to.

When does a soulmate connection occur?

Soulmate connections can occur any time, anywhere, and with anyone. They can be triggered by events.

Connecting with your soulmate through dreams

There is nothing more exciting and rejuvenating than connecting with your soulmate in your dreams.

When we decide to walk the spiritual path of our Soul, the universe will provide us with magical opportunities to connect with other souls.

A soulmate connection in dreams can feel like a portal into another plane. It can show us who we are, how we are observing our lives, and what we are learning. The connection can feel like a portal to another plane — a mysterious place called “the other side.”

How to dream about your soulmate?

If you have ever dreamt of meeting your soulmate, you may feel as though you have met that person already in real life. However, this is not necessarily the case. Dream lovers and soul mates are not the same people.

Many people believe that soul mates are the people they were meant to be with from conception, or that they are the only person on Earth who truly understands them. 

However, no one is perfect, and people change throughout their lives. In other words, soul mates may change, too.

To determine if your soulmate has actually appeared in your dreams, you should view your dreams from a different perspective. Instead of seeing your soul mate as the same person you have grown to love, you should look at him or her from a spiritual point of view.

You may meet your soulmate in your dreams if you are opening yourself to new experiences, or you are slowly learning to trust yourself and your own instincts.

By learning to listen to your intuition and your feelings, you will feel more in touch with your true self.

This can help you to see through the illusion of otherness and find your true soulmate in your dreams.

Communicating with soulmate in a dream

The idea of communicating with a loved one, or “soulmate,” in dreams is shrouded in mystery, and there’s little science to back it up.

But according to David Fontana author of “The Secret Language of Dreams,” many people do communicate with loved ones through their dreams, though not always in the same way.

David says there are two common ways to communicate with a soulmate through dreams:

  1. In one scenario, the dreamer envisions the loved one dying. The person’s spirit can seek out the living and haunt them.
  2. In another scenario, the dreamer envisions the loved one alive. The loved one, he says, can call out to the dreamer, either to help the dreamer or to seek help.

“A lot of times, the dreamer will hear a voice calling their name. It might be very faint, but the dreamer will hear it,” he says. “The person could be dead or alive, but the dreamer will know that they are addressed directly.”

Soulmate dreams signs

Here are five signs that you see your soulmate in your dreams:

You’re dreaming about the same person repeatedly.

Dreams often contain clues to messages about your life. If you regularly dream about your soul mate, that’s a strong indication that you’re on his or her mind.

There’s a feeling of familiarity.

In your dream, you may feel a sense of familiarity. For example, you may have dreamed of walking home from the store with a loved one. Perhaps you then saw that person on the street and greeted them before the dream ended.

Your dream starts and ends at the same point.

Your dream may start in a location familiar to you. Then, you and the other person might walk or drive together or exit your vehicle. You may then go back to the same building or location, and the dream ends the same way it began.

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