How to get someone to like you back? (15 Tips)

By: Naveen B

When you first meet someone and you like them, the odds are against you and even if you are charming, smart, and funny, it’s hard to get someone to like you back.

It might sound harsh, but everyone has an inner circle of people that they consider friends, and it takes years to work your way into that circle.

However, there are tricks on how to get someone to like you back just by knowing a little bit of information about the psychology of human nature in building lasting relationships.

These tactics can be extremely effective. Once you understand how attraction works then you will know what to do on a date or when meeting someone for the first time.

The core principles include knowing how to flirt and being yourself so that it comes across as natural charm instead of forced flirting. If anything seems forced then neither one of you will enjoy yourselves because nothing comes across as sincere or genuine.

Most people need to know how to get someone to like them back. You might be asking yourself, How can I make that person fall in love with me, too?

Before I answer your question, let’s be clear about one thing: Falling in love is not something you do to a person; it is something that happens because of who you are.

So, let’s dig deep into this article on how to get someone to like you back over text or online, or in person.

Read till the end to make use of the psychology of making someone fall in love with you.

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How to get someone to like you back?

How to get someone to like you back online How to get someone to like you back? (15 Tips)

If you don’t know how to get someone to like you back again, there are no rules to say you should or shouldn’t do something in particular.

All you have to do is make them see how amazing and great you are, your potential, and what you can offer them, and then wait to see their reaction.

It’s just like any other relationship in life; it’s about the chemistry between two people where both feel strongly about each other and share the same interests, not just physical attraction.

If the chemistry isn’t there, there’s nothing that can be done about it.

The first step is to realize that there are people out there who don’t like you and will never like you, no matter what you do.

Their attitudes towards you won’t change just because of something you did or said, so don’t waste your time and energy on them trying to win them over.

When it comes to getting people to like you, the best thing to do is to focus on the people who already like you and make sure they still feel that way about you in the future by being a nice person to them every day.

No matter how awesome or desirable you are, there is always going to be someone out there who is more awesome or desirable than you.

The trick isn’t getting people to fall in love with you — it’s getting them to fall in love with how awesome and desirable they feel when they’re around you. So, how do we do that?

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Well, understanding why people like us is a good place to start. If we can figure out what makes people respond positively when interacting with us, then we can replicate those behaviors on command.

Being liked is easy. Being loved is much harder. If a person makes it obvious that they like you, then your job is to try and win their love. But how do you make someone fall in love with you? 

Relationships are built on trust, and if there’s anything that will kill a relationship faster than mistrust, it’s dishonesty.

No matter what your opinion is on whether or not there’s such a thing as guaranteed honesty, there are some important things about relationships that everyone should know. Keep these in mind when trying to attract someone new.

How to get someone to like you back over text?

How to get someone to like you back over How to get someone to like you back? (15 Tips)

Getting someone to like you back over text is really simple in a sense, but not very easy to do. First of all, be who you are and don’t change just because one person doesn’t care for it.

By that I mean, if they don’t care about your weirdness, then they’re probably not worth spending time with anyways.

Begin your chatting by getting to know what kind of personality they possess. So that you will have an idea of how to respond accordingly.

Make friends with him or her as slowly and as naturally as possible; don’t rush anything because, if you do, it’ll be obvious and will come across as trying too hard.

Pay attention to them and ask them questions about their life; that way they’ll think that’s why they are becoming closer.

Once they feel comfortable with talking about themselves and feeling safe doing so, maybe then drop in a question about whether they want to go out sometime-assuming you’re attracted to each other.

Don’t expect them to respond right away though, give them time and space; let both of your feelings toward each other build until he/she is ready for more than friendship.

Remember that he/she may not have any idea where things might lead either – especially if his/her previous experiences have made rejection worse for him/her-so give yourself some time together before asking directly whether he/she wants something deeper from your relationship.

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15 Tips on how to get someone to like you back (Over text or online or in person)

How to get someone to like you back again psychology How to get someone to like you back? (15 Tips)

Here are 15 ways to get someone to like you back again.

1. Smile at them and look them in their eyes when they talk to you:

 Making eye contact is a powerful way of showing your interest in somebody else and that means that they’ll start finding things about themselves that they think are interesting too.

The more interesting people find themselves, the more confidence they’ll have in approaching others and engaging with them; eventually, it could lead to love. 

2. Treat him/her how you want to be treated:

Ask yourself: What makes me feel loved or happy when I’m around other people? Then treat him/her that way and see if he/she responds positively.

If not, work on how you react to each other before giving up completely on getting along together as friends.

3. Compliment them regularly:

When we hear something nice about ourselves, it raises our confidence; even better if you can do so in a sincere manner without trying too hard to make it sound forced.

Compliments are powerful tools in romantic relationships because they show your partner respect and help him/her build their self-esteem; without it, even the best relationships will fall apart sooner than later.

4. Make an effort to learn about what is important to him/her:

This is key for anyone who wants another person’s heart. We all have our own unique needs, desires, and quirks.

The quickest way to a romantic partner’s heart will always be through knowing them on a deeper level.

For example, your partner might really enjoy going out for coffee once in a while; he or she might also really like it when you buy them flowers unexpectedly (so don’t be afraid to try these things out).

Find out their passions, values, and goals in life – All of these can help you connect on a deeper level (and help eliminate disappointment down the road).

In order to have a relationship that lasts, it’s important that both parties are on board with each other’s life dreams.

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5. Be polite with his/her parents and friends:

We tend to take into account how somebody treats those closest to us as an indication of how much they care for us and whether or not we’re safe being vulnerable with them.

Even if he/she has a contentious relationship with one or both of their parents, remember that their family still brought them up right, so show some respect.

Even if he/she is currently single, it never hurts to be kind towards their friends; most people don’t like to talk badly about their friends.

Show your partner’s family and friends what a great person you are by getting along well with all of them – You’ll go a long way towards earning yourself some goodwill (and it just might help keep him or her from spending time away from you!)

6. Give them compliments in private:

People respond well to compliments but saying one out loud carries more weight than saying one privately; if you say it at all.

So don’t overdo it and say something sweet only once every few weeks at most unless they’ve done something amazing; otherwise, you’ll seem desperate instead of appreciative.

And when you do compliment your partner, make sure that your comments are sincere, specific and as non-sexual as possible.

Compliment their personality first before anything else. An example would be I really appreciate how much thought you put into helping me see a problem from an entirely different perspective or your company always makes me feel better.

7. Take things slow:

Don’t expect or force your partner into a serious relationship until you’ve spent enough time getting to know each other first. Go on lots of fun dates and get to know him/her as an individual before deciding whether or not they’re the one.

The best relationships are built on friendship – So take your time. If he/she really cares about you, he/she will be happy to do so.

Even if it’s clear that he or she is interested in taking things further, try not to push for more – Your heart will likely suffer if it turns out that your feelings aren’t mutual.

People usually end up doing what feels good so once trust has been established through spending time together (even if just casual), step back and see how it plays out naturally from there.

It’s definitely okay to have expectations but try not to let them cloud your judgment too much because rushing ahead too quickly can cause two people who care about each other deeply to develop resentment towards one another; a recipe for disaster.

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8. Go out with him/her alone at least once (if possible) before inviting others to join in:

Take some time together before exposing either of you to scrutiny from outsiders; less risk of getting hurt emotionally or unintentionally offending your new crush during these times.

Who knows, he/she might even be more relaxed and interesting when they’re away from all their friends.

If you are already friends with his/her group of friends, it’s okay to invite them along if they think it would be fun too – Just don’t force your partner into a situation where they feel like an outsider or one that makes them uncomfortable.

And if you don’t know each other well enough yet, try not to mingle immediately after introducing yourselves for fear that things might become awkward later on.

Enjoying a meal and drinks is always nice as long as expectations aren’t being put upon either party.

So approach new acquaintances gradually until trust is established, then both parties should decide when taking things further will be accepted without feeling any pressure.

9. Show interest in what they have to say:

Whether it’s stories about their childhood, job, or opinions on a political campaign – Ask them questions, be interested, and show that you’re paying attention; notice his/her body language too: Are they fidgeting a lot or not looking at you when they speak?

If he/she isn’t comfortable enough to look into your eyes while talking, it could be because something is wrong. Don’t focus just on things like what they drive or how much money they earn either; keep an open mind.

The most interesting people often have some of these qualities (poor taste in clothing, horrible hairstyles, and so forth). At first glance, you might feel awkward, but chances are high that there’s more substance to him/her than meets the eye.

10. Be sincere, be honest and most importantly, be YOU: 

If a person truly loves another, they will accept them for who they are, quirks and all.

It can be difficult not wanting to change certain things about your new partner but try as much as possible to accept them for their unique qualities.

If a person is worth it, he/she won’t expect any less from you! And speaking of quirks. Even if they have strange habits or say something offensive sometimes – Just laugh it off.

Be yourself and laugh at yourself too; everybody has flaws but it’s just not worth stressing over something that’s ultimately harmless.

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11. Show them affection:

Physical contact is a great way to strengthen bonds and show your feelings towards another human being.

Be it a hug, kiss on the cheek or holding hands while walking down a busy street! These actions should come naturally but don’t overdo it if your partner isn’t comfortable just yet.

If something like that doesn’t feel right at first, then there’s obviously something wrong! Spend time with them and get used to their personalities gradually.

Once you’ve established that your new relationship has long-term potential, there’s no reason not to be physically expressive and loving. Just remember that even platonic gestures mean more when they’re sincere.

12. Don’t let things like outward appearances influence your feelings:

Sure, a new boyfriend or girlfriend might not look like your previous partner – But just because someone is short or bald doesn’t mean that they’re any less lovable than anyone else.

Don’t compare looks or worry about what other people think; at least at first, don’t lose sight of how well-matched you are as friends and companions because it’s these things that really matter.

You should be drawn together by similar interests, emotions and dreams after all; only once these elements have been established can one truly judge a potential couple on their outer shell (or lack thereof).

As long as both parties want to take their relationship seriously – there is no reason not to become more intimate with each other over time.

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13. Talk things through if there’s a problem:

Being honest and open is essential in any relationship; if one person doesn’t feel happy or supported in their current situation then it’s time to talk things out. Just because you’re not feeling 100% satisfied, don’t shut down completely.

Talk about what went wrong, what could have been done differently and why it wasn’t working before deciding whether or not to go on.

If you do decide to end things – remember that most conflicts are just temporary issues that can be solved over time (or with professional help).

And even if your partner isn’t willing to try fixing certain issues – Don’t give up just yet; take some space and see how long your feelings will remain strong enough to move forward despite what they say.

If they’ve made up their mind already, it probably means that they weren’t right for you after all.

14. Appreciate each other and don’t forget to show it:

People often forget how important compliments can be in relationships. If you want your relationship to last, remember that it’s as much about being appreciative as it is about being honest.

Whether you’re talking about a new outfit or a more emotional reaction, remember that simple words like thank you go a long way and will help strengthen your relationship if they come from a sincere place.

Remain optimistic – Eventually, everything will work out in your favor; after all, if it’s meant to be then you’ll find a way.

Don’t overthink things and just enjoy each day that comes your way; because no matter what happens in life, there are plenty of people who feel better when they’re around you.

15. Don’t waste your time if they ignore you every time:

Unlike an actual relationship, not all online relationships are meant to last forever; just because you’ve met a few times doesn’t mean that either of you owes each other anything.

Just because things haven’t quite worked out yet, doesn’t mean that they won’t (or even already have) – It’s just another way for two people to feel good about themselves and enjoy their life for a brief moment in time.

So don’t let it get you down when a potential romance isn’t as exciting as it seemed at first; instead, use them as inspiration for what could happen eventually.

If nothing else, just think of them as one more person who deserves a second chance later on down the road.

Final thoughts:

Relationships can be difficult if they aren’t handled correctly – But if you follow some simple steps, they can also be more rewarding than ever.

Don’t forget that there’s always a way to find common ground even when it seems like things have gotten too complicated; after all, it’s those few unique moments together where we feel truly happy and content.

So don’t give up just yet – Keep searching for answers and using them as lessons for how your next relationship could be improved upon.

And above all else, remember that nobody is perfect (and neither are most relationships); as long as your partner understands that nothing lasts forever then everything will work out in your favor. Good luck and keep at it.

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