How To Tell If Someone Doesn’t Like You? (15 Signs)

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By: Naveen B

As humans, we are always looking for some kind of validation from other people on who we are as individuals, whether it comes in a form of praise or admiration.

However, there are also times when you can tell if someone doesn’t like you.

Let’s face it; there will be times when you interact with certain people and they aren’t necessarily friendly towards you or maybe even make snide remarks about your appearance.

Therefore you may want to know how to tell if someone doesn’t like you? Sometimes your gut feeling isn’t enough especially if that person is very good at hiding their true feelings towards others. 

People don’t always know how to react in uncomfortable situations. In some cases, they might even resort to avoidance as a means of preserving their dignity.

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There are several ways in which people show dislike towards another person. This can be in a number of different situations, with a number of different reasons behind it.

In this guide, I have written down a few tips and signs below on how to tell if someone doesn’t like you so continue reading and reflect and apply them if they resonate with you.

How To Tell If Someone Doesn’t Like You?


How To Tell If Someone Doesn’t Like You? The answer to this question lies in how you present yourself and act. There are several behavioral traits that people tend to act out when they don’t like someone else.

While some of these may not be applicable to every situation, they are good indicators of whether or not someone doesn’t enjoy your company.

Think about it – everyone has their own unique personality that makes them who they are, and that is likely to attract others with similar personalities.

Just because someone doesn’t respond positively to your initial interaction with them, doesn’t mean they don’t like you at all.

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However, if a person hasn’t been receptive to being around you in any situation or hasn’t made a genuine effort to be around you then they may not like you after all.

When you feel that someone just isn’t interested in spending time with you (or even talking to you), try asking them what they think of your personality.

Sometimes, people give off negative vibes but may not be aware of how negatively they come across; often times when asked what bothers him/her about another individual he/she will get specific instead of general (and positive) feedback.

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Don’t let rejection turn into resentment. Give each person his/her due respect by trying to understand why they would reject you before looking for faults within yourself.

The more friendly and well-liked you are, the better your chances are of becoming friends with people who initially didn’t want anything to do with you.

It is important to remember that whether someone does not like you back for one reason or another, you will not be able to change their thoughts and opinions on you until they choose to do so themselves.

Remember that just because someone doesn’t like you, that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.

It might just mean that your personalities or behaviors don’t mesh well together and it is best for everyone involved if each goes your separate ways.

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15 Signs people don’t like you (Questions to ask yourself to know if someone doesn’t like you)

Questions to ask yourself to know if someone doesnt like you How To Tell If Someone Doesn't Like You? (15 Signs)

Here are 15 Signs people don’t like you and questions to ask yourself to know if someone doesn’t like you.

1. How Do They Feel About Other People?

We all have people in our lives whom we’re closer with than others. In order to determine whether someone likes you or not, pay attention to how they treat these different groups of people.

If there are particular individuals that they prefer over everyone else, then it’s likely that they enjoy your company also.

However, if everyone gets similar treatment—meaning no one really stands out above anyone else—then it could be safe to assume that maybe they don’t feel so close to you after all.

2. Confirm Do They Really Don’t Like You?

Understanding why someone does or doesn’t like you is an important part of learning how to tell if someone doesn’t like you.

When trying to figure out why they may dislike you, try to look at both your personality traits and appearance.

Sure, sometimes physical attributes can make it easy for people to form judgments about us (what happened?!), but most of the time opinions stem from more abstract ideas of what type of person you are or how well you fit into their group.

A lot of times we make assumptions about other people based on our pre-existing biases. For example, maybe you’re really quiet in social situations.

So another person assumes that you’re not a very interesting conversationalist—even though deep down inside that’s not true at all. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask others why they feel negatively toward you.

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3. Is Their Reaction To You Consistent?

One of my favorite questions to ask people when I want to know if someone likes me is, Does your reaction toward me change based on our surroundings?

This can be a bit blunt, but it’s an important question that’s more genuine than asking them to flat out whether they like you or not.

It’s best to ask in a non-accusatory way—for example, saying something along the lines of Do you treat me differently when we’re in public versus when we’re alone together?

It’ll give them room to share their true feelings without feeling attacked. They may get upset with your question at first (Why do you care so much anyway?!), but keep calm and explain why it matters so much to you. When done well, most people will appreciate your sensitivity and openness.

4. Is Their Reaction Consistent with Your Own?

Whether someone likes you or not, their reaction toward you can have a big impact on your own feelings toward them.

For example, if they’re constantly being mean to you, it’s likely that over time your opinion of them will turn negative as well.

This may cause you to start thinking about why they dislike you so much and eventually develop some strong beliefs about whether or not they actually like you. But what happens when their behavior towards you doesn’t match up with your beliefs?

This is where figuring out how to tell if someone doesn’t like you comes in handy.

When faced with a situation in which another person treats us poorly, but we’ve formed strong opinions saying otherwise, we usually end up feeling confused and upset about it all.

Through our confusion, it’s hard for us to accurately decipher their true intentions—which makes understanding how to tell if someone doesn’t like you even more challenging.

So rather than try to work through everything alone, ask an unbiased third party (like a friend) for advice on what you should do next.

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5. Does Their actions Fit with What They Say?

Actions always speak louder than words, which means they can say a lot about how someone feels about you. I know, it’s annoying that sometimes we have to rely on what people do instead of just what they say.

But trust me when I say it’s worth it in situations like these! The next time you’re trying to figure out how to tell if someone doesn’t like you, pay attention to their physical reactions towards you and your conversations.

If their facial expressions don’t match up with your words or if they turn away from you while you’re speaking, take it as a big red flag.

6. Do They Avoid Being Alone with You?

This one may be a bit more difficult to pick up on, especially if you don’t know someone all that well yet.

But if they’re constantly trying to avoid spending time alone with you, it could mean they’re not as into you as you think they are.

And even if there is another explanation for their behavior (like a sudden fear of commitment), there’s still a chance that it means they don’t like you at all.

The best way to figure out how to tell if someone doesn’t like you is by watching your friend or potential partner carefully and noting whether or not their actions match up with your beliefs.

As hard as it may be, try your best to ignore any signs of attraction from them and instead pay attention only to their body language and words.

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7. Is Their body language closed off or open?

As I mentioned above, keeping an eye on someone’s body language is a great way to tell if they like you or not.

It can be especially helpful when it comes to identifying whether or not someone doesn’t like you. 

For example, if their body seems turned away from you while you’re speaking with them, then there’s a good chance they’re not into talking with you either.

And on top of that, some people may even avoid looking directly at you altogether which can be another sign that they don’t want to talk to you—even if they do seem eager for conversation otherwise.

On top of all that, sometimes we miss these signs because we feel so confident in our attraction and skill of flirting—which makes it all too easy for us to overlook warning signs of rejection.

But don’t worry: noticing how another person feels about us is something we get better at with time and practice.

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8. Do They Act Different Around You?

This one can be a bit more difficult than just taking someone’s word for it, but it’s still something that can give you a pretty good idea as to how they feel about you—or whether or not they like you at all.

For example, if someone is acting nervous and anxious around you, there’s a good chance they don’t like you and/or are intimidated by your presence.

On top of that, their emotions may even show through in other ways too: for example, they might blush or stutter when talking with you which shows an obvious sign of attraction.

And if your gut tells you they’re into you even though their actions seem otherwise well then perhaps theirs isn’t quite as into YOU as YOU think.

And on top of noticing their body language towards us, we can also look out for changes in their usual actions and mannerisms.

9. What’s Their Overall Attitude?

We all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to dating or even just friendships—sometimes you can tell a lot about someone from their attitude.

For example, if they seem angry or irritated every time you’re around them, then there’s a good chance they don’t like you and/or aren’t feeling too comfortable with your presence.

And on top of those red flags, if their overall tone seems too harsh and judgmental for your liking then maybe they’re not into you either.

And don’t forget, words matter as well.

Because while we might be able to notice how someone feels about us right away, we still need to communicate our emotions back to others—and doing so means paying attention to what we say as well as how we say it.

10. Can They Talk About anything and everything with you?

Again, everyone’s personality is different but—generally speaking—we can tell a lot about someone from how they act around us.

For example, if they seem eager to talk about their life, it’s likely that they’re into you too. On top of that, we can also look for other signs such as: do they often laugh at your jokes or even offer an opinion when it comes to topics we discuss together?

Because if so then there’s a good chance they like you and feel comfortable enough in your presence to be themselves.

But don’t forget: sometimes people just want to talk in order to try and persuade others into something or win them over which isn’t necessarily a sign of romantic interest.

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11. Are they interested in your personal life and do they care for you deeply?

Again, we should never assume that someone likes us just because they want to get closer and know more about us—but if their interests seem genuine it can definitely mean something.

For example, if someone asks how your day was or whether or not you enjoyed a particular outing, it’s very likely that he or she is genuinely curious.

Plus, if their questions are thoughtful and heartfelt then there’s even better reason to believe things are going well with them.

Of course though, sometimes people might ask these questions simply out of obligation so don’t jump to conclusions too quickly… but generally speaking though: interested parties tend to ask thoughtful questions.

12. Do they make an effort to be with you and spend time with you?

Not everyone has a lot of free time on their hands, but if someone is interested in getting closer—then he or she will likely try and spend as much time with you as possible.

For example, they might not reach out as often as they should if it’s been a while since you two have last talked but that doesn’t mean that their interest isn’t still there.

Plus, if he or she seems excited every time you message one another then things seem promising too.

But of course: things aren’t always cut and dry so don’t jump to conclusions too quickly make sure you wait for him or her to show his or her feelings instead.

13. Does he or she make you feel good about yourself?

We all know that first impressions are everything, but at their core—romantic relationships are all about making each other feel good.

Sure, attraction is often based on physical attributes (like someone’s eyes or their hair!) but at its core; it’s more than just looks—and ultimately; it should be based on how someone makes us feel.

Because if they’re making us laugh then there’s a good chance that things are going well between you two.

14. Do they remember small details about you?

Just because someone’s good at picking up on things doesn’t mean that he or she is definitely interested in getting closer, but if a guy or girl remembers a few little details then it might be worth taking into consideration.

It’s very possible that someone is just being polite when he or she asks how your day was or what you did yesterday—but if he or she goes out of their way to find out information about you then it could be a sign.

Because if someone remembers even small things like your favorite color, restaurant, hobbies, etc, then it means that they’ve put some thought into getting closer to you.

Plus, if their interest in you seems genuine (and not forced) then there’s good reason to believe they’re interested in more than friendship but make sure to wait for them to show his or her cards first.

Because while politeness does play a role in getting people interested; there should still be other signs present too.

15. Do they make future plans with you?

This is often a good tell because if someone likes you enough—then he or she might want to spend time with you on a long-term basis.

For example, they might ask whether or not you have any big plans for spring break.

Of course, though, things aren’t always so cut and dry so don’t jump to conclusions too quickly.

Do some self-reflection first. It’s also important to note that people who are interested in getting closer will almost always try and initiate things too. So when they message you asking what your weekend looks like—take it as a sign of interest.

Because if someone seems excited to see where things go then chances are; it could be more than just friendship.

And: while we all know how much feelings can change over time (for better or worse!) there’s definitely a reason to believe that an interest in romance could be present, but only time will tell how strong their feelings really are.

Final thoughts:

While there are plenty of tell-tale signs about someone’s interest in you, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to read him or her right—so make sure that you’re not jumping to conclusions too quickly.

After all, everyone is different and has different interests, but if things are going well between you two then chances are good that he or she likes you too.

But even if your instincts are telling you one thing… don’t ignore all other signs either.

No matter how certain you are; take everything into consideration before making any big decisions. Because at their core; feelings aren’t always rational.

And while logic dictates that people who make us feel good will want to get closer—it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll want it more than anyone else.

So keep that in mind as well. There’s nothing wrong with making leaps and bounds ahead of time (you just need to know where those bounds lay).

So focus on paying attention to every detail until you can figure out what’s really going on inside his or her head.

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